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Qa Lead Resume


I have very strong experience in architecting, designing, implementation, development and post production of large scale consumer productsas well enterprise class applications. Strong problem solver, forward thinking of application and create thinker


  • 19+ Years of software test management, architecting, test lead, development experience on wide range of business domains
  • Excellent skills in test planning, execution, bugs reporting, release management, hot patches, live testing and delivering on time
  • Excellent business knowledge on hEALTHcARE, HR, Set of Box, Retail automation, Search engines, ecommerce, Helpdesk, NMS, EMS, Operating Systems etc
  • Excellent skills in white box(TestNG, Junit), black box, grey box, UAT, automation and Agile/Scrum testing methods
  • Excellent skills in performance, scalability, reliability testing, setting up of test beds and wide range of open source, commercial testing tools
  • Excellent skills on planning resources, building teams, coordinating teams across the globe(offshore development)


Testing Tools: Unix tools and scripting, testNG, Junit, Selenium, SoapUI, HP ALM, JIRA, JENKINS, HUDSON, HttpUnit, WIKI, Ant, Test Director, Clear Quest, Load Runner, Remedy, Bugzilla, TestLink,JIRA, Telelogic, Ghost, makefiles, Maven, Mantis, VMWare, HP Quality Center, Charles, Firebug

Languages: JAVA, Python, Shell, AWK, Perl, SQL, PL/SQL, C++, Junit, TCP/IP, TCL/TK

Web Technologies: Servlets, JSP, JDBC, EJB, HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, SOAP, REST, DOM, DTD, Schemas, DHTML, AJAX, Web Services, CGI, HTTP, OOAD, Hibernate

Web Servers: Tomcat, Web logic, Web Sphere, and Iplanet and IIS

Open source Tools: testNG, Junit, Selenium, Web Driver, ANT, EMMA, JMeter


Visual Modeling Tools: UML (Object oriented analysis, design and system architecture) with Rational Rose, RUP

Development Tools: IntelliJ, Eclipse, Visual Café, Jbuilder, Sun One, TogetherJ, Toad, ATG commerce, ATG Merchandise. ATG personalization

Version Control Systems: SVN, Github, CVS, P4, Clear case, Perforce, VSS

Databases: Oracle, My SQL, MS SQL, DB2, Informix, Sybase

Operating systems: Linux, Windows, MAC, Solaris, SunOS, AIX, HP

ERP: SAP4.5B, Siebel, Clarify, Remedy, Oracle FI, Informatica

Business Knowledge: ERP, ecommerce, OS, STB, NMS, Networking, Helpdesk, CRM, B2B, EAI, Data warehouse, System Application, Automation Tools



QA Lead


  • Responsible for working with New Mexico state policy makers, Obamacare policy makers and understanding requirements
  • Responsible for coordinating requirements with dev leads, PMs and working on use cases
  • Responsible for working with development team on deliverables and coordinating with offshore as well client
  • Responsible for developing Functional, UAT scenarios, system level, Integration testing
  • Involved in doing end to end releases, working with DevOps, writing scripts, SQL
  • Responsible for root causing test failures and working with dev. Reviewing Unit tests and participated JAVA code reviews in root causing issues at UI level, as well backend as well analyzing logs
  • Responsible for deployment, developing tools using shell, python for UNIX environment
  • Responsible for designing, development of monitoring, data parsing using Python
  • Responsible for design and development of testNG scripts, as well maintenance of existing testNG scripts
  • Responsible for developing end to end flows for the Obamacare exchange for SHOP employer, as well individual
  • Responsible for developing end to end flows for Billing System, 834 and 508 compliance
  • Responsible for modification/enhancements of existing SoapUI test scripts and integration to JENKINS
  • Involved in running agile, scrum meetings, and taking care PCI compliances for SAS based application
  • Responsible for development of build, packaging, deployment scripts for QA, stage and prod environments
  • Involved in using JIRA, Jenkins, Python, Bitbucket, Agile tool, Linux, Oracle, Java, Html, Javascipt, CSS, FireBug, Selenium, Junit, Eclipse, RackSpace, Shell script, HP ALM


Dev Manager


  • Responsible for working with Dev, PM for each release, understand features, reviewed PRDs, FS
  • Responsible for developing test plans, test cases for CloudStack back end, front end
  • Responsible for executing functional, UAT, FMEA, business scenario, performance test cases and reporting bugs
  • Responsible for testing web services using SOAPUI
  • Responsible for working closely with Dev, and getting resolution, setting up environments
  • Responsible for design, implementation of API level automation using testNG, SQL, ANT, Python, Java
  • Responsible for setting up test lab, creating templates for bug reporting, escalation process and established QA knowledge base
  • Responsible for working in each release, triaging bugs, monitoring quality, Demos, testing product, communication to across teams( US, INDIA)
  • Involved in initiating, development, maintenance of front end automation using Selenium & Java & ANT
  • Developed tools using Shell script and Unix commands for data creation and environment setups
  • Setting up Agile/Scrum across QA teams(USA, INDIA) and communicating status across
  • Responsible for setting up, putting process, tracking customer escalation team
  • Used SoapUI to test WSDL, REST APIs
  • Involved in using heavily these tools part of testing ( Ant, HUDSON, SVN,WIKI, JIRA, git, github, Linux, Xen Server, VMWare, KVM, Perl, Shell, Java, Tomcat)

Confidential, Mountain View, CA



  • Confidential HR is HR application for entire Confidential employees, vendors, temps, advisors
  • Responsible for working with product development and understand long vision as well each sprint
  • Involved in brain storing of new features with HR, PM and product delivery Head
  • Involved in explaining features, designing with development
  • Responsible for planning, implementing test cases, test process, test environment, deployment for each release
  • Responsible for developing test cases for smoke, integration, functional and system level test cases for GHR
  • Responsible for builds, deployment on to complex GHR environment and doing smoke, functional and integration testing and reporting bugs
  • Responsible for developing WHITE BOX tests using testNG and integrating to build environment
  • Responsible for developing or enhancing selenium UI automated tests for GHR
  • Responsible for doing integration testing against ( Oracle FI, UltiPro, LDAP, Wytson Watt, Hyperion, Smith Barney, Application tracking system, and Remedy)
  • Involved measuring performance of application using JMeter and various native OS tools
  • Responsible for automating deployment, monitoring of application using UNIX SHELL SCRIPT
  • Responsible for build product from P4 using ANT and deploying to LINUX environments
  • Responsible for developing grey box tests using SQL, UNIX commands
  • Responsible for troubleshooting of deployments on 3 - tier environment and fixing
  • Responsible for attending scrum meetings, preparing release readiness check list, arranging demos
  • Responsible for leading different releases from requirements to production site
  • Responsible for mentoring new members of the team, updating WIKI docs, preparing communication reports etc
  • Debugged client using charles, firebug, and server using intelliJ

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

QA Manager


  • Responsible for planning, designing, implementation of build process, source control process, knowledge basis etc(SVN, MANTIS, ANT)
  • Implemented HP Quality center for test plans, test cases, tracking bugs, releases
  • Responsible for working with product marketing, CTO and developers on a daily basis and taking immediate action on testing activities
  • Responsible for planning, designing, development of test plans test cases for Ad Server, STB server, Content policy, Content Ingestion and web portal.
  • Responsible for implementing QA process & measuring periodically
  • Responsible for allocating, monitoring and completion of tasks among QA team members.
  • Developed UNIT test cases using JUNIT for Web portal, t-commerce
  • Responsible for planning, architecting, implementation of automation for backend using JAVA, JUNIT, PERL for STB, T-commerce, AD Server
  • Responsible for doing functional, regression, integration and system testing, performance testing for portal, Ad Server, Content Policy, Content Ingestion and T-commerce side of STB
  • Extensively involved in working on J2SE, Web servers, test beds and production issues
  • Heavily involved in builds, deployment, configuration of production, test servers and monitoring on production, troubleshooting, working with NOC
  • Involved setting up lab & bugs triage, generating reports

Environment: JAVA, Shell, PERL, Junit, ANT, Maven, QA Methodologies, Jdbc, Jsp, JavaScript, Oracle Developer, sql, XML, HTML, SOAP, WSDL, Web Services, Oracle, Tomcat, Apache, Linux, MAC OS X, Windows, Eclipse, Streaming 21, Edgeware, Vertex, Verimatrix, VMWare

Confidential, Cupertino, CA

Senior Quality Lead Engineer


  • Participated initial product features requirements meetings
  • Prepared project testing schedules for different phases of testing
  • Developed automation framework for MAC OS X’s server services using PERL, SHELL
  • Developed white box ( UNIT test) scripts for Web Services and online store using JUNIT & JAVA
  • Involved in doing functional, integration, system, performance and acceptance testing for web stack, iChat, Software Update and Online Store
  • Worked with cross functional teams and accomplished the tasks
  • Responsible for setting, configuring of open source and commercial applications( MySQL, Tomcat, Apache, Oracle)
  • Managed schedules for different activities
  • Involved in purchase and setting up of test racks in data center for MAC OS X(Leopard) performance testing
  • Reported bugs, arranged triage meetings, tracking customer issues
  • Worked with AJAX features of online store
  • Worked iPhone software integration kit

Environment: Ant, Shell, AWK, PERL, Junit, QA Methodologies, Java, Jdbc, Jsp, JavaScript, PL/SQL, sql, C, IntelliJ, XML, HTML, SOAP, WSDL, Web Services, MySql, Oracle, Tomcat, Apache, Solaris, Linux, MAC OS X(Leopard) Windows

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Test Architect


  • Wrote Test plans, Test Cases, internal release process, bug reporting process documents. Developed unit tests for EIM application using Junit and grey box tests for EIM client using HttpUnit. Also responsible for implementing the process and tracking the results.
  • Designed and developed Test Automation engine using JAVA, AWK and SHELL, which will setup the environment, executes the tests and reports the results.
  • Designed and developed very complex build system to build VM, Proxy, Java based products both nightly, weekly, on demand and developed adapters to get the source code changes from perforce; It is developed by using SHELL/AWK.
  • Developed White box test scripts for creating disputes, modification of disputes, creating agents, calculating compensation using JUNIT, ANT
  • Responsible for setting up and administration of Web logic, Web Sphere, Tomcat, Apache, LDAP server, Iplanet on Unix (Linux/Solaris) and running benchmark tests against them.
  • Developed Win Runner tests, functions for EIM application UI. Planned and developed Performance, Stress tests using LOAD RUNNER
  • Used Mercury Quality Center for test plans, test cases and bugs
  • Used Informatica ETL to transform data and generate reports
  • Heavily involved in working with development, architects to come up with systems/functional/integration test plans.
  • Developed tools for load, stress testing, reporting of bugs and also responsible for doing performance testing
  • Responsible for bug’s triage, release, customer training, demo setups and implementing predictable QA process across the company.
  • Responsible for ongoing Test Automation, build system, BugZilla changes needed from time to time.

Environment: Ant, Shell, AWK, Junit, HttpUnit, Win Runner, TCL/TK, JunitEE, QA Methodologies, Java, Jdbc, Servlet, Jsp, JavaScript, PL/SQL, sql, C, IntelliJ, XML, HTML, SOAP, WSDL, Web Services, P4, Iplanet, MySql, Oracle, Web Logic, Web Sphere, Tomcat, Apache, Solaris, Linux, Windows, Informatica

Confidential, Mountain View, CA

Senior Software Developer


  • Did C++ and Java API library development.
  • Developed application using XML at server side.
  • Developed C to Java catalog API which creates/manipulates/retrieves catalog, LDAP Schema objects using C, Java, JNI, LDAP, XML, Perl and Shell.
  • Developed C API’s for digital signing and verifying XML documents in B2B/B2C space using C, TIPEM and Confidential Certificates.
  • Developed C API’s for encoding and decoding XML documents in both Rosettanet/ECXpert domains using C, XML.
  • Developed proxy http web server using C, TCP/IP and SQL. Developed subscription management GUI using HTML and Servlet.
  • Developed database connection methods using JDBC to connect database.
  • Developed Shell Scripts for regressing testing. Installed Oracle on Solaris and loaded schema and certificates. The application runs on NES on winNT. Used awk for text processing.

Environment: Java, Jdbc, JavaScript, Servlet, Shell, Perl, JNI, C, C++, XML, LDAP, HTML, PL/SQL, SQL, Pro*C, CVS, NES, Rosettanet, ECXpert, AWK, Oracle, Solaris and Windows

Confidential, Milpitas, CA

Senior Software Developer


  • Designed, implemented and coordinated various modules of IBSN (Intelligent Broadband Services Network) system.
  • Developed Config tool using HTML, Javascript and deployed app at client sites. Involved in customer support
  • Developed Device Manager using TK/TCL

Environment: Java, JavaScript, Shell, Perl, HTML, C++, RPC, TCL/TK, SNMP Toolkit, Clear case, Oracle, Solaris, Apache, Confidential, SUN Sparc 20

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