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Software Test Engineer - Qa Lead Resume


  • A Sr Software QA Professional with over 13+ years of experience in EMC & Confidential ’s Virtualization products and Strengths in Leadership and Project Management skills with excellent Hands on experience.
  • Core QE team member - EMC Confidential , Confidential Confidential & Metro Cluster, EMC Confidential & Invista
  • Strong Leadership, Project Planning, Reporting and Mentoring skills
  • Strong QA process knowledge, Agile Practice & Scrum expertise
  • Experience in developing, executing comprehensive test suites for enterprise software
  • Developing and driving test strategy - Product Feature & System testing, Automation, Web Testing, Application testing.
  • Strong aptitude for learning new technology, deciphering and resolving problems.
  • Strong product design review, debugging & defect analysis skills
  • Ability to influence others to achieve results and collaboratively work in cross-cultural team environment
  • Project Leadership and Team Building Skills, Oct 2010
  • A Risk Focused Approach to Project Management, Aug 2010
  • Effective Project Management, Jun 2010
  • Project Quality and Outsource Management, May 2010
  • PMP Exam Preparation, Dec 2010
  • Six Sigma Fundamentals, May 2004
  • Lean Six Sigma Certified Scrum Master, Oct 2010
  • EMC Technology Foundation, Dec 2008
  • Hyper-V, Jan 2009
  • Clustered Data Confidential, Dec 2013


Virtualization Products: Confidential -Local, Confidential -Metro, Confidential -Geo, Invista, IBM SVC, Hyper-V

Storage SAN Designing and Implementation Background, SAN Data Migration using EMC Confidential and Invista:

EMC Storage Arrays: Confidential, Symmetrix DMX Series, VMAX Series, Clariion CX Series, VNX

Storage Arrays: Confidential AMS series, IBM DS 4000/5000, Confidential USP-VM, 3-PAR, EVA 8000 series, Confidential 9900

Unified Storage Arrays(SAN/NAS): NetApp3XXX Series, Confidential 6XXX Series

NAS OS: Confidential 7-Mode, Confidential C-Mode


Replication Software: EMC Recover Point 5.1 (Local + Remote)

Other SAN Products: Brocade & Cisco Switches, HBA

Knowledge on AD, DNS, Clones, Snapshots, Mirror Volumes, Distributed Raids, Consistency Groups:

Multi-path Software: EMC Powerpath, NMP

Web Application - EMC Confidential Flex GUI, Navisphere, Unisphere, Confidential System Command Manager & Unified Manager, RM Educational Web Application.:

Testing Tools: Mercury Quality Center, Win Runner, Load Runner,Jenkins

Defect Tracking Tools: JIRA, TAS (Internally Developed at EMC), ALM(TD), CSE

Project Management Tool Versionone:

Knowledge on ISO, CMM, Six Sigma and Agile:

Operating Systems: Windows2K3/2K8, Red Hat Linux 5.0, AIX 5.1/4.3/4.2, Solaris 10, HPUX 11.x/10.x, VMware ESX3.5, ESX4.0

RDBMS: SQL Server, Oracle 8i

Scripting & Automation: Perl, Selenium Web Driver

Cloud Experience: AWS, PAAS, SAAS

Ecom Platform: Magento


Software Test Engineer - QA Lead



  • This project was specific to Confidential Music Group, Confidential ’s Client to host their ecom artist store websites. Confidential offers SAAS offering for the purpose.
  • Worked on entire SASS Infrastructure testing - Which involved building the infrastructure from scratch which is hosted on AWS, deploying Confidential Code with Magento Integration & FE Artists store sites hosting, Backing up DB and Recovery from Database.
  • Worked on Magento Cron Testing
  • Ran cucumber automated tests to test front end application tests - Specifically to test Warners Store Website, different browser compatibility etc.
  • Was involved in performing UAT tests with Confidential ’s client - Confidential Music Group
  • Developed test cases, created Zephyr Test Suit for Infrastructure testing, Application Testing and Magento Cron testing
  • Used Jira to report bugs and update the test tickets.
  • Created Confluence pages for Cron Testing and New Hire Documentation

Sr Software Engineer



  • Worked on Confidential Deployment, end to end testing, Bug reporting, Automation run & Enhancements
  • Worked on Confidential Data path qualification - Defragger, Snapshot, Capacity Testing, Cluster Expansion
  • Deployed RPA Cluster Manually, also used DM for Confidential & cluster deployment, qualified RP Cluster with Confidential, Reported issues.
  • Worked on QE Test Strategy & test cases development for Confidential with RP qualification.
  • Performed Confidential with Confidential qualification.
  • Took active part in QC test case cleanup drive to improve test cases
  • Configured ESXi for virtual RPA, configured oracle for application testing.
  • Weekly reporting of Confidential, RP qualification - Project Status, Release Status & Bug Status

Lead QA Engineer



  • Lead the cross functional NDO (Non-Disruptive Operations) QA team for the Confidential releases
  • Developed the NDO focused engagement & QE Test Strategy for NDO QA.
  • Prepared the content for NDO VOD, which would be used by Confidential University for NDO Course for senior engineers across Confidential .
  • Worked with team on “effective hardware utilization”, help strategize effective test bed sharing. Test bed sharing trial was successful.
  • Took part in customer connect program which dealt with talking to customer, learning the environment & Confidential product implementation to identify testing gaps in terms of config, feature testing close to customer like. .
  • Worked with NDO TME’s, PM Etc. & built an NDO questionnaire to get the customer feedback on Confidential NDO experience. This was an effort to strengthen the NDO Coverage & experience for customers.
  • Used the customer feedback, identified testing gaps. Prioritized the gaps based on feasibility, built a strong strategy for upcoming release, which was well accepted.
  • Worked with Technical Director & Program managers to build a strong NDO goals & areas of improvements.
  • Developed a common Disruption Analysis Strategy. Tracking all the customer disruption analysis, AI’s, tracking improvements targeted to a particular release & projecting accomplishment became easier with this strategy.
  • Along with other leads, took active interest in building the team goals.
  • Monitored product & customer escalations bugs through the release and took active part in customer focused test improvements
  • SME for SAN. Active participation in SAN protocol automation discussion across.
  • Participated in QE Architects committee.
  • Performed automated Confidential Confidential & Metro Cluster testing. Was responsible for both the Confidential CLI & Confidential Web Application (Oncommand System manager, Unified Manager) testing.
  • Directed Confidential tests in scaled environment.
  • Improved automation efficiency.
  • Mentored Junior Engineers

Sr Software Quality Engineer



  • Lead the Confidential & Invista releases and managed 16-18 local, overseas QE engineers over different time zones successfully. Managed smooth collaboration with team members across locations, which helped achieving release dates.
  • Addressed all the concerns and product related issues, helping debugging or providing necessary support to the team collaborating with multiple teams across EMC.
  • Achieved success in pulling up the execution rate graph by effective management of resource and assignments. It was well appreciated from the management and deadlines were successfully met on time without any slip.
  • Actively did the QE project planning, arriving at QE lifecycle dates, Test Case Designing effort timelines considering the buffers and scope change.
  • Organized demos for the concerned release introducing the new features coming up with the release. Ensured all the slides were ready and reviewed before time for a smooth demo.
  • Worked on Confidential & Invista installations for the internal customers and Partners
  • Managed the lab relocation activity. Coordinated with the lab management team and ensured the lab SAN design was as per the QE teams requirement. Also ensured to list out the Storage requirement and Host Requirements.
  • Performed Array Interop Qual and qualified Confidential AMS series, IBM DS 4000/5000 series, IBM Confidential USP-VM, 3-PAR, EVA 8000 series, NetApp3240, Confidential 6080, Confidential 9900 with Confidential . Added value to EMC Confidential support matrix.
  • Set up and configured EMC and non-EMC arrays for the Array Interop Qual and wrote procedures for Confidential Procedure Generator to configure non-EMC arrays with Confidential .
  • Configured Windows2K3/2K8, Red Hat Linux 5.0, AIX 5.1/4.3/4.2, Solaris 10, HPUX 11.x/10.x servers and tested with Confidential .
  • Create Volumes using Volume managers like VxVM, HP LVM and AIX LVM based on the platforms and create file systems and mounted the same.
  • Configured ESX 4.0 and 5.0 servers and tested sanboot with Confidential virtual Volumes.
  • Extensively used Quality Center for writing and uploading test cases. Assigning test cases to others and monitoring results, reports.
  • Worked on Brocade and Cisco switches managing the SAN, zoning etc.
  • Performed Confidential scalability test and got awarded for maintaining and monitoring performance which added value to the Confidential as a product.
  • Mentored the contractors, New Hires and provided feedback. Helped bringing them to speed by guiding them.
  • As part of entire product lifecycle testing of Invista, was responsible for UAT, Nightly Sanity Tests, Feature functionality tests & System test (Including the scalability test).
  • Worked on Game Testing on gaming platforms such as PS2 / PS3, Nintendo Gameboy Advance, Xbox
  • Tested games such as NFS (Need for speed), Sonic Heroes, Sonic Advance, Grand Tourismo, Final Fantasy, Prince of Persia etc
  • Tested RM an UK based client’s Educational application over ICT network - C2k/CC3,Kaleidos etc

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