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Director, Quality Assurance Engineering Resume

College, ParK


A results - oriented and motivated leader with a proven track record of establishing product development initiatives that result in increased efficiency in development cycles, reduced engineering costs, exceeded client satisfaction, and positive trends in overall organizational health. An effective communicator that values transparency and collaboration, and is dedicated to creating work spaces that foster success, creativity, innovation, and job satisfaction. Experienced performer in fast-paced and demanding environments where processes are not fully defined, who has proven that both teams and products can be built to scale. A true team player with exceptional interpersonal skills, who is excited to add new experiences to a diverse background that including quality assurance, software development, production support, project management, product management, pharmaceutical clinical trial, the study of behavioral and life sciences, abstract painting, and photography.


Languages: JAVA, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python

Networking: TCP/IP, DNS Server, DHCP Server, SSL Certificate, HTTP/HTTPS

Services: Web Services, REST, API, JSON, XML, SOAP, XSLD, AWS

Operating Systems: Linux, iOS, Mac, Windows

Server Components: Wildfly, WAMP, NGINX, SQUID, Crossbar, Hardware Bridge, MariaDB/SQL, SALT, Lighttpd, SAML, OAuth, Liquidbase, JSP/Servlets, Hibernate, Microservices, LDAP, AJAX, Nexus, Maven, SaaS

Devices: iPad, Set Top Box, Smart TV, Android

Tools: Selenium Webdriver, SOAPUI Pro, T-plan Robot, intellij, GIT, mySQL, qTest, Jira, Confluence, Testlink, Jenkins, Lucidchart

Testing: Functional, System, Regression, Integration/API, Load/Performance, Security, Automation, Deployment, UAT, Black/Grey/White box testing


Director, Quality Assurance Engineering



  • Served as the single QA Engineer for 6 months after the QA department of 6 QAE’s was restructured. Responsible for independently testing 3 major releases of the enterprise solution, launching a new mobile ambulatory product line, and recruiting new QAE’s during that period.
  • Proactively developed proposals to improve code and process quality, collaboration among DEV/QA/PM, and to advocate for the investment of QA resources in the strategic development of automated tests. Support and partnership from the CTO lead to the establishment of independent and centralized QA department under my leadership and promotion to director, after 3 years with the company.
  • Thoughtful leader of the centralized QA department comprised of 8 talented QA Automation Engineers (QAE’s) and 2 offshore engineering teams, accountable for the execution of innovative software evaluation techniques for technology developed to support patients, families, and caregivers during their healthcare journey. The technology portfolio is responsible for over $80 million in annual revenue.
  • Company authority on software quality assurance, product development, process improvement, release management. Directly reporting to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO).
  • Hands-on engineer who actively contributes to all software and hardware releases for solutions that touch over 4 million patients and families annually. Inclusive of configuration and maintenance of internal VM Farm.
  • Persistent advocate for the inclusion of QA in early stages of Agile Scrum development, serving to elevate cross-functional interactions between DEV/QA/PM, through the standard inclusion of topics such as defect prevention and risk management in all release discussions.
  • Performing scrum master responsibilities, including facilitating agile rituals, for the enterprise product solution team.
  • Establishing a culture of transparency by incorporating tools such as qTest into the QA workflow, and formalizing the investigate of production issue root causes. Additionally, revamping the test case documentation and requirement development strategy to incorporated an approval process that ensures consistent execution of QA standards across all solutions.
  • Managed the QA departments transition from manual to automated testing. Additionally, inherited the functional test automation code assets of the “automate everything” strategy previously owned by development, and transitioned it to one focused on mitigating production defects and gaining efficiency in the QA process. SOAPUI PRO and Postman were formally incorporated into the QA workflow and a small investment was maintained in Selenium Webdriver.
  • Created QA policies in response to team member frustration regarding the lack of job descriptions and expectation setting in product development. The QAE position leveling policy outlines expectations at each engineering level, required skills, and position goals. The quarterly assessment policy includes an assessment form and the completion of an in person interview, during which the team member answers scenario based questions. Both tools have been well received by team members.
  • Creating additional policies that support the larger product development organization on topics such as team collaboration during production issue escalations, establish consistency regarding product roadmap development across solutions, establish client server-stack maintenance windows, automate release asset production, establish meeting health standards and a no meetings day, establish a consistent work from home policy, develop organization values and use them to build a successful and happy organization.
  • Developing proposals that will lead to the strategic place of Confidential as a leading technology company, a necessity to recruit “best in industry” team members in all product development disciplines.
  • Developing measurements to determine the success of a release, by tracking engineering costs associated to resolving defects. Initial measurement showed at least $1 million in engineering costs related to defect investigation, triage, resolution, and client management.
  • Volunteered to participate and lead a cross-functional team tasked with creating a release management process to increase production server update speed, that remained stagnant at one year to update the entire enterprise of 200 client hosted servers. Presented beta process results to the executive team, and was able to report that 90% of the 200 servers were upgraded within 30 days of announcing GA.
  • Leading a cross-functional task force responsible for facilitating efficient production support issue resolution through stakeholder buy-in, establishing shared expectations, and creating dependable communication channels between QA, development, product management, project management, implementations, DevOps, and technical services.
  • Founder of the technical leadership council, responsible for building both people and software bridges between product solution teams. Together we continue to celebrate a positive trend in team member engagement and the lowering of engineering cost with each solution release.

Quality Assurance Manager and Production Support & Deployment Coordinator



  • First position in software development, joined Overture as an Associate QA Analyst and was promoted to Lead QA Analyst after 2 years. After restructuring of the QA department, was promoted to QA Manager.
  • Actively participated in the validation of mortgage and education loan software solutions, using waterfall methodology.
  • Hired, trained, and managed a team of 5 quality assurance analysts. Additionally, mentored business analysts and project managers on product development best practices.
  • Developed an interest in process improvement that lead to creating a production support and release management process, and the additional title of production support coordinator.
  • Created, managed, and executed the company-wide production support process. Responsible for training and providing troubleshooting assistance to clients and the customer support representatives who were direct reports.
  • Developed and coordinated system implementation schedules with Configuration Managers and Project Managers. Additionally, was responsible for smoke testing all new implementations and coordinating system deployments.
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining workflows in the Team Track defect tracking system.
  • Gained experience in facilitated cross-functional meeting and training sessions, including demonstrations to the executive team and potential clients.
  • Through close mentorship from the COO, gained experience in managing relationships with client stakeholders for high profile clients such as Confidential and Confidential .

D ata Manager



  • Responsible for extracting and analyzing medical history data for oncology patients participating in clinical trials.
  • During this short tenure, followed an interested in software development which lead to the self study of quality assurance methodologies and the start of a new career path.

Senior Research Technician



  • While a full time college student, implemented new protocols in the investigation of the effects of prescribed drugs on human physiology and psychological performance in three research studies. The primary clinical trial was a multi-year investigation on the impact of caffeinated gum on the military’s ability to complete repetitive simple tasks after more than 24 hours of sleep deprivation.
  • Supervised the hiring of research technicians and maintained research data for all clinical trial subjects.
  • Responsible for the development of Standard Operating Procedures focused on the processing of subjects, data collection, data analysis, briefing and debriefing
  • Trained personnel on research equipment and software, as well as study procedures such as conducting physical exams and screenings for potential research subjects, cognitive and performance testing.
  • Study managed 5 civilian personnel responsible for supporting the principal researcher with collection, processing, and analysis of subject data. The multi-year clinical trial investigated the impact of caffeinated gum on the military’s ability to complete repetitive simple tasks after more than 24 hours of sleep deprivation.
  • Assisted in the development and management of resource allocation and budgets for several phase III and phase IV clinical trials.
  • Served as the laboratory manager and was responsible for collecting and initial processing of physiological data including metabolic rate and electrocardiography. Additionally, analyzed biological samples through the use of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) to determine drug concentrations.
  • Served as the environmental control officer for the Confidential, responsible for verifying that all government regulations were being met in the lab.

Undergraduate Supervisor

Confidential, College Park


  • Promoted from community assistant to undergraduate supervisor, for the 24 hour on campus community information desk staffed by 23 undergraduate students.
  • Responsible for maintaining resident key records, packages, and maintenance requests for 14 resident halls housing up to 550 undergraduate students.
  • Conducted motivating weekly staff meetings, and was responsible for hiring, managing, creating work schedules, performance reviews, and validating payroll for the undergraduate staff.
  • Served as a liaison between the professional staff and undergraduate staff

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