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System Test Engineer Resume



Multiple years of experience in SQA / QA and System Test Engineer at Motorola and Arris set - top boxes department. Support system test in manual testing set-top boxes, created test cases development, test execution, bug investigation, field issue reproduction on customer site, defect tracking and result reporting. Expertise in manual for functional and regression/progression testing of the application. Software/System QA (Quality Assurance). Test Engineer experienced as member of Core Networks Division at Motorola and Telecom Division at Confidential . Extensive experienced on Installation, and Configuration as well as Performing and Functional Test. Developed Test Cases, Ran Functional and Performing Test for Motorola IMS, VOIP, SIP, ISDN (Integrate Service Digital Network) and ISUP (Integrate Service Digital Network User Part) on OCMP (Open Call Media Platform). I have earned respect from co-workers and supervisor. I have a strong sense of responsibility and also have a good communication with my teamwork.


System: Windows NT/XP, Linux, Tru64 Unix, HP-UX

Language/Software/Hardware: VOIP, Voice XML, CCXML, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), ISUP, ISDN (Integrate Service Digital Network), T1, E1, CISCO IP PHONE 7960, SJphone, Eyebeam Softphone, Cisco Gatekeeper 3620, Cisco Gateway AS5350, Siemens IP Phone, NetMeeting, Pingtel Phone, PHP, WML, XML, SQL, SIPp Tool, Motorola and Arris Set-Top Boxes such as VMS, IPC and IP815, DAC, TR69, Motorola Gill.

Network: TCP/IP, Cisco Routers, LAN, Printers

Database: MySQL, Access, Oracle


Confidential, MA

System Test Engineer


  • Expertise system integration and system test of Motorola and Arris set-top boxes to drive products into production
  • Performed regression test on set-top boxes
  • Support set-top boxes testing of functional areas
  • Support Confidential and Time Warner set-top boxes
  • Support Confidential APR4.5, 4.6 and 4.7 on VMS, FMS2, IPC and IP815 set-top boxes
  • Support Confidential Alder F 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 on VMS, FMS2 and IP815 set-top boxes
  • Provide requested support to project manager and Solutions staff as needed on these projects to ensure successful development, roll out.
  • Focus on test execution and debug support to meet quality and test coverage for GA (General availability) of set-top boxes.
  • Support Netflix, Youtuble and Wifi IP815 functionality
  • Support Confidential and Confidential on AP (auto provision), CDL (code download), Guide, EAS, DVR, Wifi, 4K TV, 3D TV, Widgets, Live TV, Trick Play, Close Caption, Parental Control, Tuning Channel functional area of VMS, IPC and IP815..
  • Create bugs by log capture and other toish diagnostic commands to provide additional debug
  • Created bugs and enter to Jiras database for develop team resolve the issue.
  • Debug investigations to provide more in depth test coverage which would mitigate escaped defects.
  • Enter test results in test central database such as pass, fail, block, or delete.
  • Support integrate and test Arris set-top boxes application, network, and system performance monitor solution
  • Created test cases and test execution
  • Write the defect bugs and tracking including investigation and verification
  • Support deployment product and troubleshooting issues from customer request
  • Updated test procedures, tooling, and methodologies to help test team run effective

Confidential, TEWKSBURY, MA

System Test Engineer


  • Understanding and defining high level and low level specifications for IP Multimedia Sub-System (IMS) solutions to customers.
  • Work with a diverse set of product managers, customers and vendors to define the project scope and timeline.
  • Will help evaluate and review vendor equipment and specifications to define basic feasibility of interoperability.
  • Write test plans, test cases, white paper, workshop training, status and test conclusions.
  • Install equipment in a lab environment and perform Interoperability.
  • Testing Motorola IMS product lines with other vendors.
  • Lead system and integration test of Ubiquity Conference and Ringback Tone.
  • Lead regression test and performing test using Cisco IP Phone, Polycom, Eyebeam softphone.
  • Fully documented all test procedures, test plans, test cases and results testing.
  • Completed Ubiquity Speak Conference IOT (Inter-Operability Test) Requirement Analysis and Assessment.
  • Installed, Configured and solve problem with Ubiquity Speak Conference with Motorola IMS 3.1.1 and 3.1.2
  • Developed Ubiquity Speak Conference Test cases titles and Test Cases.
  • Installed and configured Ubiquity Speak Conference with Motorola IMS 3.1.1 and 3.1.2.
  • Developed Motorola IMS and Ubiquity Speak Conference White Paper.
  • Developed Ubiquity Workshop Training
  • Run Ubiquity Speak Conference regression test with Motorola IMS 3.1.1
  • Run Ubiquity Speak Conference End to End regression test with Motorola IMS 3.1.2
  • Upgraded new version of Ubiquity Sip A/S 7.0.14 and Speak 4.2.4
  • Maintain test environment and provide document support for Customer

Confidential, NASHUA, NH

Software/ System QA Test


  • Administrative experienced with Unix, Linux and Windows 2000, XP as well as networks services equipment.
  • Worked on the project Voice Over IP (VOIP)
  • Installed Operation System Linux/Unix on NetCentrex platform and Compaq Alpha Server.
  • Configured and tested on Call Control Server (CCS), SIP Proxy, Cisco Switch, Cisco Gatekeeper 3620, Cisco Gateway AS5350, H323 Siemens IP Phone, CISCO IP PHONE 7960, NetMeeting, Pingtel Phone, NetCentrex Call Generator, Reply Generator, and NetCentrex Switching Unit.
  • Ran Acceptance Test Plan on SIP for NetCentrex platforms.
  • Ran Performing Test using Tru64 UNIX System Performance tools.
  • Worked on Open Call Media Platform (OCMP) Version 2.1, 2.4, 3.0 and 3.1
  • Ran installation and configure SIP, ISDN, and ISUP for OCMP new version release
  • Installed and Configured OCMP on Linux and HP-UX
  • Configured and Tested T1, E1, and J1 for ISUP and ISDN.
  • Configured and Tested SIP for both OCMP base and Voice XML, CCML
  • Ran Functional and Performing Test on SIP, ISDN
  • Developed test cases for SIP, ISDN and Operation Administration & Management (OA&M) Web Interface.
  • Configured Cisco IP Phone 7960 to work with OCMP SIP Platform.
  • Used SIPp Tool as a tester to run SIP Performing Test
  • Installed and Configured Audio Code
  • Developed installation note for OCMP new release. Reported bug to developer.
  • Experienced with execution of assigned projects ensuring complete and accurate solutions with defined schedules in a fast paced environment.
  • Strong communication skills in person as well as over the phone and email, and ability to prioritize, problem solve and work effectively with multiple engineering teams. Good teamwork, interpersonal, and customer-relations skills and strong commitment to customer satisfaction. Troubleshoot and resolved problems for both SIP and ISDN for final release of OCMP.
  • Experienced in a complex IT and systems lab environment. Monitored and documented hardware, software and network configurations for OCMP (Open Call Media Platform) lab environments. Experienced with system lab including maintenance, set-up, configuration management and build management.

Confidential, WESTFORD, MA

QE (Quantity Engineering)


  • Using TDGui to test Lotus Notes/Domino product V6 from Local and Server.
  • Platform: Windows NT, Unix and Linux.
  • Execution Method: Application, Agent and Applet
  • TDGui is the gui front end to the Programmability QE product TestDriver.

Confidential, WESTFORD, MA

Software Engineer


  • Develop new web - based database applications and products. Help in selecting technology and tools to be used in product development.
  • Assist with product specification and product development and testing, Updated Company Website, Build HTML to load XML DATA, Enhance XML functionalities by using Style-Sheet (XSL), Display XML documents using document object model and Java Scripts to generate the link from XML DATA.

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