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Senior Quality Assurance Analyst And Test Lead  Resume

Rockville, MD


  • 6+ years of Experience as a QA Specialist in Manual & Automated Testing of Web and Mobile applications;
  • 2+ years of Experience as a Senior QA Analyst & Test Lead in Automated Testing of Web and Mobile applications;
  • Strong experience and understanding of Waterfall, Agile(Scrum, Kanban) and Post - Agile methodologies;
  • Detailed and proficient knowledge of Selenium and frameworks built on top of it(Selenide, NightwatchJS, WebdriverIO/JS, Protractor, SeleniumBase);
  • Deep expertise in Large-Scale Automated Test Suite architectures with scheduling, reporting, and execution on Continuous Integration platforms in DevOps;
  • Strong experience and understanding of Continuous Integration/DevOps software environments and platforms, such as CircleCI, TravisCI, Docker, AWS;
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of QA documentation such as Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Suites, Test Reports, Test Architecture, Test Matrix, Device/Platform Matrix, QA Process Establishment, etc.;
  • Strong experience in automated testing of UI-heavy frameworks (React, Angular, React Native);
  • Expertise in creating and executing functional, integration, regression and back-end test cases;
  • Expertise in performing Black Box Testing, Functional testing, Usability Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing, System Integration Testing (SIT) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Extensive expertise in all phases of testing deliverables including creation of Test Strategy, Test plans, RTM, Test case specifications, Test execution, Defect tracking, Resolution, Documenting and Reporting.
  • Experience with UAT testing along with data setup, Environment setup and coordination between users, Development, Business Analyst and Product Management teams.
  • Deep and proficient knowledge in Github/Zenhub from both Quality Assurance and Development perspectives;
  • Strong knowledge of Bugzilla and JIRA for bug tracking, reporting and monitoring software defects;
  • Self-motivated, interactive, hard-working, energetic, organized and detail-oriented;


Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux/Ubuntu;

Mobile Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone;

Programming: JavaScript, Java, NodeJS, ReactJS, Python, HTML, CSS, XML;

Database: Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, SQL, DynamoDB;

Browser Testing Tools: Firebug, Chrome/Safari/Firefox/IE Dev Tools;

Bug Tracking: JIRA, Bugzilla, Github;

Networking: HTTP, HTTPS, HTTP2, Proxy, Web-sockets, TCP/IP, FTP, Internet, Intranet;

API automation frameworks: SoapUI, Runscope, Postman, Assertible;

Web UI Automation frameworks: NightwatchJS, WebdriverIO, Cypress, TestCafe, Selenium WebDriver(Java & NodeJS), Cucumber, Ghostinspector, PhantomJS, CasperJS, jUnit, TestNG;

Mobile Automation frameworks: Appium, Detox;

Java Build tools: Gradle, Maven, Ant;

IDEs: Eclipse, IntelliJ, WebStorm, AtomIDE, VS code;

SDLC tracking tools: Github/Zenhub, Asana, OmniPlan;

DevOps: CircleCI, TravisCI, AWS, Docker, Selenium Grid.


Senior Quality Assurance Analyst and Test Lead

Confidential, Rockville, MD


  • Large-scale automated test suites architecture for web and mobile projects and further usage in DevOps;
  • Testing in Continuous Integration systems;
  • Developed a Custom test reporter;
  • Build a Test suites scheduler using AWS tools;
  • Everything noted below.

Quality Assurance Specialist

Confidential, Rockville, MD


  • Structured, built and executed scalable automated test suits using Ghostinspector, NightwatchJS/NodeJS, Phantom&CasperJS; Eclipse with Selenium Web Driver(Java) and Selenium standalone server;
  • Used NodeJS, Javascript for automated testing and building testing utilities for automation;
  • Build web crawlers with Java test scripts for local and CI execution;
  • Structured, scaled and build an automation testing framework based on Selenium&Appium for testing React Native mobile application on both Android and IOS devices;
  • Performed audits on a client side for planning, building and future execution of requirements for web application on multiple projects;
  • Executed load and stress testing using JMeter tool;
  • Performed End-to-End testing of ReactJS/Python-based web applications;
  • Structured, built and executed internal Quality Assurance process;
  • Wrote Test Cases and test suites for the new functionalities;
  • Conducted Usability testing on all most popular mobile devices;
  • Run regression testing for multiple clients web and mobile applications;
  • Structured and built project set-ups for multiple projects in Github/Zenhub with further tracking and execution;
  • Collaborated with interactive leaders of the agency to create a sitemap for multiple projects;
  • Contributed in the process of structuring and executing the wireframes based on the business requirements with UX team lead and future handling to design team for executing into different design layouts on multiple projects;
  • Created and managed the process of planning, structuring and building the automated test suites for the projects in Agile environment.

Software QA Tester

Confidential, Redwood City, CA


  • Performed Black Box Testing for mobile and web applications;
  • Build testing framework based on Selenium&Appium for automated testing of mobile application on both IOS and Android devices;
  • Run load and stress testing using JMeter tool;
  • Performed Exploratory testing from customer's point of view;
  • Performed Smoke Test/Build Verification Test;
  • Tested Confidential Petitions app components by creating Test Cases and reporting issues to Bugzilla;
  • Structured, built and executed scalable automated test suits using Ghostinspector, NightwatchJS/NodeJS, Phantom&CasperJS; Eclipse with Selenium Web Driver(Java) and Selenium standalone server;
  • Wrote Test Cases for the new functionalities;
  • Strong working experience in using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript;
  • Conducted Usability testing on the mobile devices;
  • Run regression testing for thepetitionsite.com and Confidential .com;
  • Tested the calls to web-services and responses forms to make sure that user's info was sent to back-end was correct using Firebug;
  • Performed Negative testing.

Software QA Consultant

Confidential, San Bruno, CA


  • Performed Black Box Testing for mobile application;
  • Tested web/ mobile application developed for monitoring family members ’ location/whereabouts;
  • Studied business requirements and technical specifications to create test strategy;
  • Created and maintained Valid Data Definition document;
  • Performed Functionality, Integration, Browser Compatibility and Regression testing in QA and/or pre-production environment;
  • Performed cross-browser compatibility testing using Firefox (Android), Chrome, Safari; Worked on different dynamic UI Screens using HTML, JSP, and JavaScript;
  • Participated in regular project team meetings to discuss testing procedures and resolve issues;
  • Coordinated between product and development team at the time of feature releases.

Software QA Tester



  • Tested mobile application on Android and iOS platforms/devices;
  • Served as Product Owner for several mobile platforms;
  • Created and executed test cases by application components on Android and iOS devices;
  • Tested the localization issues for international customers;
  • Worked with offshore development teams. Communicated with QA team members and developers to resolve testing issues;
  • Analyzed software defects, reported issues to Bugzilla and performed verification of fixed bugs.

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