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Test Lead, Test Analyst, Ssg Qa Resume

Columbus, OH


  • Over 7 years of experience in software support, Testing, Quality Assurance, Supply Chain Management with good exposure to Retail and Ecommerce WMS and Manhattan Associates WMOS in integration with applications such as DOM, BBR, MIF, RMS, Unyson, etc.
  • Good understanding of end to end flow in warehouse management system
  • Ability to work independently with or without supervision
  • Understand the business needs & functional requirements
  • Ability to communicate effectively and influence internal and external customers
  • Extensive experience of working in all life cycles of product development
  • A highly motivated individual & team player
  • Excellent communication, relationship and management skills to relate with people at all levels


  • Applications and Specialties
  • Supply Chain Applications - Manhattan WMi (PKMS), WMOS
  • Order Management (Retail and Ecommerce)
  • Manhattan Retail and Ecommerce DOM
  • Manhattan Integration Framework (MIF)
  • TradeStone Bamboo Rose
  • Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI) reporting tool
  • EMS Control System (Dematic)
  • Omni-Channel
  • Multichannel
  • Data Base
  • Oracle, SQL DB
  • Tools
  • HP ALM Quality Center
  • MS Excel, MS Access, MS Power Point
  • XML
  • Jira
  • Testing
  • SIT, Regression, BUAT, BAT, UAT, End to End


Confidential, Columbus, OH

Test Lead, Test Analyst, SSG QA


  • Support Ecommerce Outbound order processing in WMS for different DOM teams
  • Communicate effectively with different teams and processing orders created on DOM side based on scenarios provided and making sure invoice messages, shortage, cancelation, consume cases, and inventory control PIXs are sent and the system is responding as expected
  • Inventory management, SKU Slotting, providing data availability list to DOM team based on test scenarios requested for
  • Picking, Packing, Downloading Chua file and Placing in the Emulator Server to resemble communication with Eurosorter Dematic system and validating MHE and Host Interface messages accordingly
  • Being assigned as ANN Taylor Brand Owner in Greencastle DC respective PKMS environment and providing support and fulfilling all the scenarios requested by ANN team and updating the progress list and providing Execution Summary report on a daily basis and creating a mutual communication between WMS and DOM teams.
  • Building an effective communication with Offshore team and assigning task to team members Onsite and Offshore and following up with their progress and keep tracking the problems and queries and making sure every team member is in the same page and in case of issues reporting and discussing directly with development team and trying to get the proper response to resolve the issues in the appropriate time frame
  • A project in which 5 legacy brands and ANN brand will have both their Retail and Ecommerce merchandize fulfilled from 3 different DCs based on geo-proximity of the stores and shipping addresses with different go live dates to apply the changes step by step. In this approach all the DCs will have both Retail and Ecommerce SKUs for all brands and each brand will be treated based on its specific requirements regarding fulfillment options
  • Actively participating in Business Requirement Meetings to acquire a detail understanding of the new project and having long discussions over the expectations and assumptions and participating in testing framework setup based on the assumptions in over two months before the project start date and continuing to update and adjust TCs in case of new changes and new requirements during the project
  • Active participation in Test Scenario, Test Case, and Test Steps Writing and Presentation to business team, Ascena Team, Project Manager, QA team and Management during test review meetings
  • Being assigned as a brand owner (Test Lead) being responsible for Test execution and reporting in different cycles of SIT, End to End, Retail Regression, and BUAT and Managing Offshore Testers covering all the Testing phases and all DC processes as the primary responsibility and supporting DOM as the secondary responsibility.
  • Executing test cases and scripts assigned through HP ALM and documenting the test results and taking screenshots out of all the steps taken and attaching to the corresponding test case and reporting and logging possible defects and assigning to respective BA or Developer or Manhattan Team;
  • Placing orders and inventory sink in Ecommerce DOM and ATG environment and processing in WMS and validating invoices in DOM and creating return orders, etc.
  • Validating Master Data Feeds including Item Feed, Vendor Feed, Store Feed, Inbound Process including PO request from Host, Creating Vendor ASNs in Bamboo Rose Application and creating Shipment ASNs, Receiving, Quality Maintenance, Transfer and Transload, Inventory Control, PIX flow validation, Outbound Process, Waving, picking, packing, Manifesting, Shipping, etc.
  • Validating PIXs flowing from PKMS to MIF and from MIF to DOM and vice versa
  • Validating Wave Header, Item Update, Case Content, Case Maintenance, and other MHE messages in Putwall Dematic Emulator and LDP
  • Validating Allocations and invoices in Retail DOM based on TCs
  • Execution of Retail Regression Scenarios including setting up appropriate data and request Allocations from Host team for both SIT and E2E TCs, Consuming TRG files, Releasing Allocations from DOM and bridging and executing type I and II allocations in WMS
  • Attending regular daily meetings and discussing the defects in Triage calls and sharing priorities and requesting ETA/ETF

Environment: /Tools/Emulator: Retail DOM, Ecommerce DOM, ATG, MIF, WMS PKMS, Bamboo Rose, Dematic EMS/Remote Desktop Emulator, Putwall, LDP, Eurosorter

Confidential, Seattle, WA

WMOS QA Analyst


  • Test SCI Report generation functionality
  • Outbound control dashboard (Basically validating the data related to Each Pick, Case Pick, Pallet Pick, Remaining Pick etc.);
  • Wave planning dashboard (Validating data related to wave summary, header details, unwaved, partially allocated etc.);
  • Testing the UI functionalities based on the Solution Document requirements and Shared points on the Inbound flow i.e. Pre-receiving and receiving flow including bridging ASN to system, verification of ASN and receiving LPNs, Putaway, etc.;
  • Testing the UI functionalities based on the Solution Document requirements and Shared points on the Outbound flow such as Bridging DO and running the wave with different templates, and loading and shipping flow;
  • Testing RF functionalities Using UI and Putty;
  • Running complex queries on toad for Oracle to fetch necessary data from Database to match the test cases.
  • Executing test cases and scripts assigned through HP ALM and documenting the test results and taking screenshots out of all the steps taken and attaching to the corresponding test case and reporting possible defects in the same manner;
  • Attending regular daily meetings and discussing all the defects and problems reported and sharing priorities and perspectives.

Environment: WMOS 2010, WMOS 2015, SCI Reports, Oracle, Putty, XML, Excel

Confidential, Duluth, GA

WMS and QA Analyst and Consultant


  • Executing all the test cases assigned to different functionalities as a part of a testing team;
  • Functional, smoke, integrated, system, and production testing;
  • Validating end to end flow functionalities from receiving, Putaway, storage, returns, Task Management, assigning task groups, inventory control, to scheduling appointments, checking in and out, and loading and shipping.


WM Receiving Manager


  • Receiving shipments via notice or at the dock door with appropriate paperwork;
  • Scheduling appointments and tracking local transit shipments;
  • Checking for hazardous shipments for appropriate handling and storage;
  • Leading multiple groups of associates working in receiving department;
  • Documentation and reporting all the required paperwork either manually or through the system using Excel sheets;
  • Reporting and summarizing all the daily schedules and expected, delayed, etc. shipments to headquarters;

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