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Qa Analyst/ Mobile Tester Resume

West Chester, PA


  • Over 8+ years of IT Experience working as a QA Analyst, testing client - server, web, and mobile applications on Window / UNIX systems.
  • Experience in Analyzing system functionality, implementation of QA testing strategy for various functional domains like Telecom, Mobile, banking, E-commerce and financial applications.
  • Good understanding of Quality Assurance methodologies, Software Development Life Cycle and Software Testing Life Cycle.
  • Experience in working with complex business processes in traditional waterfall, Agile Scrum development environments.
  • Experience in Automation Testing tools such as Selenium WebDriver, TESTNG, JUnit, Appium, Java Selenium Framework, QTP/UFT, SOAPUI and Cucumber.
  • Experience in cloud stack such as AWS (Cloud formation) and VMWARE stack.
  • Design high availability (HA) applications on AWS across Availability Zones and Availability Regions.
  • Used Jenkins and Maven as Continuous Integration Tool to integrate Selenium test results, and run Selenium WebDriver.
  • Expertise in Mobile application testing with I pad, I phone and Android tablets using Appium and IOS simulators .
  • Worked extensively on Client/Server Web, Desktop and mobile applications.
  • Experience in script developing for Selenium Web driver, QTP/UFT and VB script.
  • Knowledge in different automation tools like Load Runner, UFT and QA Load.
  • Strong working knowledge in Java and Web Services (SOAP, WSDL and XML) API testing and test automation in Agile development environment.
  • Experience on black box testing, unit testing, f unctional testing, i ntegration testing, G UI testing, s ystem testing, r egression testing, s moke testing, u ser acceptance testing, and P erformance testing.
  • Experience in developing Test Plans, Test Scenarios, Test cases, Test Scripts and Test reports for manual and automated testing for various applications using Selenium WebDriver and Quick Test Professional.
  • Good Experience in " Behavior Driven Development " ( BDD ) and Test Driven Development ( TDD ) and Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) .
  • Hands on experience with Quality Center for Defect Tracking, Organizing, Managing, Planning and Executing the Tests.
  • Excellent working experience on various Bug Tracker Tools and Test management tools such as HP ALM, Clear Quest, JIRA, Rally .
  • Experienced in Back-End testing to ensure data consistency on front-end by writing and executing SQL queries .
  • Experience in writing SQL queries, Stored Procedures, Views, Functions, Packages, Testing exception handlers, Cursors & tables and objects types.
  • Experience in using UNIX commands.
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills, Analytical skills, Self-motivation, Co-ordination Skills and effective communication skills orally & written, Good Team Player Qualities.


Automation tools and frameworks: Appium, Eggplant, Selenium Webdriver, TESTNG, Cucumber, Flex Automation, Jmeter, JUnit, SOAPUI, Protractor, BDD, TDD,ATTD, QTP/UFT, Postman tool

Defect tracking: Rally, HP Quality Center 11 ALM, Jira

Networking: VPN, Microsoft Remote Desktop, Virtual Machine, N-computing, Burp Proxy, Fiddler, WinSCP

Languages: Core Java, J2EE, SQL, CSS, JavaScript, C#, Python, Gherkin, Groovy

Database: Oracle SQL, MySQL, TOAD, PL/SQL, MongoDB

Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1, Mac 10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10, Ubuntu 11.04/12.10/13.04. Tablets - iOS7/8, Android, UNIX

Version Control: SVN, Git, Stash

Build/CI tools: Maven, Jenkins

Miscellaneous tools: MS Office, Proctor Cache


Confidential, West Chester, PA

QA Analyst/ Mobile Tester

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Analyzed Business Requirements, Functional Requirement & High level Design documents.
  • Used and applied Agile methodology through risk management and contingency planning.
  • Designing the Test plan based on process flow, HLD and use cases.
  • Designed & developed the test cases and Participated in Project Document walkthrough and Review Test Cases in PM meetings.
  • Creating and managing automation test scripts.
  • Extensively worked on Build verification and validations make sure it works fine.
  • Extensively involved in both Positive and Negative Testing and written Test Cases.
  • Involved in ATDD framework , data driven framework, page object model ( POM ).
  • Wrote and maintained automated test cases and reports utilizing GitHub for code management.
  • Made use of Cucumber in A TDD Framework for the creation of automated test cases.
  • Developed BDD tests using Cucumber by writing behaviors and step definitions.
  • Developed required Selenium support code in JAVA, Groovy.
  • Automation of REST API’s using JAVA and Postman with REST Assured Google libraries.
  • Experience in performing mobile testing (Emulators & IOS Simulators) & Automation Testing using Appium.
  • Identified mobile elements using Appium Inspector, UI Automator Viewer.
  • Used Appium to facilitate mobile testing by creating mobile Driver class with the required Mobile capabilities.
  • Integrated Appium with Sauce Labs for distributing tests on the cloud.
  • Implemented automation using Selenium WebDriver, TESTNG, Python, Gherkin and Jenkins.
  • Worked with the Web programming language HTML5, CSS3, XML , Node.JS and selected web element by using Firebug and Fire Path.
  • Used Agular JS design for single page applications, website design by TDD and development using web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, Node.JS and their styling with CSS.
  • Tested Charles web debugging Proxy application for traffic between Server and Application.
  • Used web-debugging tools like XPath, Firebug and Fire path to locate elements.
  • Worked on Service Oriented Architecture ( SOA ) using Web Services ( SOAP and Restful ).
  • Created and automated test cases using an internal tool Test Automation Web (TAW) which is inspired from Selenium.
  • Executed Selenium tests developed for application built on maven using Bamboo .
  • Used Protractor to run end-to-end tests that are written in JavaScript and run with node.
  • Installed and configured Teamcity Server to support Continuous Integration (CI) of major product releases.
  • Managed servers on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform instances using Puppet, Chef Configuration management.
  • Performed Black-box testing, Integration, System testing, sanity/Smoke testing and End-to-End testing, Regression test to ensure the application is working as expected.
  • Performed regression testing of application for each release and CR Testing.
  • Retested the Reported defects once the Developer resolves the issue in application for every release and once it is passed will close the defect in JIRA.
  • Performed extensive SQL queries for validating data against Source and Target systems
  • Involved in executing different Shell Scripts to validate the batch job’s and also involved in validating the audit logs and Error logs on UNIX servers.
  • Involved in End to End and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for each release.
  • Attended the daily status meetings with the QA team and weekly meetings with the Business Analyst and review the Defects with development team & Users.

Environment: Selenium Web Driver, Jira, ATTD, Java API’S, HTML, XML, PL/SQL, Oracle 10g/11i, TOAD, Teradata, SQL Assistant, Mainframes, Putty, UNIX, Java Servlets, PVCS, JavaScript, Windows XP, SOAP UI 3.5, Jenkin, Maven, Protractor, Gherkin.

Confidential, Monroe, LA

QA Engineer


  • Worked on Client & Server tools end to end testing to ensure the data is being transferred from various sources to EDW database.
  • Participated in all phases of the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC).
  • Implemented Agile best practices like Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Automated build governance, Automated Acceptance testing using Cloud .
  • Designed test plan/test cases for end to end integration testing of data load processes.
  • Managed all areas of Quality Management: processes, test plan and test case creation, bug tracking lifecycle, functionality testing and user acceptance testing (UAT) coordination.
  • Worked with functional managers to obtain necessary requirements and map to their test cases for traceability.
  • Automated Web Application Testing using Java Selenium framework in an agile environment.
  • Involved in the use of Cucumber Step Definition, Scenarios and Features.
  • Created Selenium Test cases for automation using Selenium, Gherkin, JavaScript and Java.
  • Developed and used an in-house Automation Flex tool which was using selenium libraries to automate the Flex components.
  • Created Functional POS automation scripts using Eggplant Functional tool.
  • Developed the Automation Test Scripts using Java Selenium framework .
  • Created scripts using TESTNG and setup with Jenkins to run after deployment is done.
  • Profiling the production/mock software environment(s) using Bamboo Builds and performing security and performance testing.
  • Worked with Teamcity REST API to create branching automation script.
  • Extensively involved in running manual tests on GUI of the applications.
  • Involved in SOAP based web services testing using SOAPUI web services testing tool and Postman .
  • Analyzed, enhanced and executed scripts for web service testing using ParaSoft SOA tool.
  • Used SOAP UI tool to test SOA based architecture application to test SOAP services and REST API .
  • Implemented a Node JS server to manage authentication. Written JavaScript tests with Karma and Mocha .
  • Designed and developed the login module using AngularJS and local authentication module in Angular JS .
  • Setup code repositories like SVN and TFS and managed plugins for Jenkins for scheduled automatic checkout of code .
  • Performed cross browser testing on IE, Firefox, Opera and Chrome browser .
  • Worked with the Web programming language HTML5, CSS3, XML and selected web element by using Firebug and Fire Path.
  • Automation of test cases using Page object Model (POM) , used tools such as Selenium, SOAP UI .
  • Prepared and executed scenarios for the Regression testing on new builds.
  • Performed Regression testing by executing the scripts developed with Java Selenium Framework.
  • Reported the defects to the development team by using JIRA.
  • Wrote and executed TDD (Test Driven Development) , managed test data and utilized test data management techniques.
  • Involved in End to End and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for each release.
  • Performed back-end testing using SQL queries to validate the data in the back-end SQL Server .
  • Reviewed database test cases according to assigned Requirements to validate reports by retrieving data with complex SQL queries from oracle database.
  • Extensively interacted with developers to analyze & resolve issues that were encountered while testing application.

Environment: Selenium Web Driver, HP ALM, Gherkin, DB2, Java 1.5, HTML, XML, PL/SQL, Oracle 10g/11i, TOAD, SQL Server, SQL Assistant, Putty, UNIX, Java Servlets, Harvest, JavaScript, Windows XP, Jenkins.

Confidential, NC

QA Analyst/ Mobile Tester

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Implemented Data Driven automation test framework with Selenium WebDriver and Java .
  • Wrote test cases to handle Alerts on the web page .
  • Worked on distributed test automation execution on different environment as part of Continuous Integration Process using Bamboo.
  • Prepared Test Cases and involved in the Test Data creation.
  • Designed Test Suite, Test Cases and Test Scenarios for functional modules.
  • Executed test cases and participated actively in System Testing , UAT and Regression Testing .
  • Implemented and maintained the monitoring and alerting of production and corporate servers/storage using AWS Cloud watch.
  • Converting production support scripts to chef recipes. And AWS server provisioning using Chef Recipes.
  • Performed testing on both Native and Web mobile versions on Appium and Postman Tool .
  • Android SDK for log file and utilized both IntelliJ IDEA-Maven for end-to-end UI Automation in Appium.
  • Involved in Mobile testing across all operating system IOS, Android and windows.
  • Automate the mobile website of what to expect functionalities with Appium and Xcode .
  • Mobile automation of android and windows app using Appium and Selenium Webdriver .
  • Troubleshoot with Charles debugging Proxy for web and mobile clients.
  • Created and executed automated test scripts using Selenium WebDriver, TESTNG and Database as source of Test Data.
  • Created test reports generated out of Selenium WebDriver and captured the error screenshots.
  • Executed some test cases using Selenium WebDriver parameters, data providers, suites, parallel suites and groups.
  • Involved in the enhancement of Hybrid framework using Eclipse and Java .
  • Performed testing on Web Services using WSDL and SOAPUI to check the communication between different services.
  • Performed Sanity testing and Ad-hoc testing when required.
  • Integrated SVN into Hudson / Jenkins to automate the code check-out process.
  • Found Defects, prepared Defect Reports and Status Reports, performed Bug Triage, Defect tracking using HP ALM .
  • Integrated Teamcity with Sauce Labs using Sauce Connect plugin to enable nightly or on-demand continues test automation.
  • Shared Daily Status Reports with all the team members, Team Leads, Managers and Clients.
  • Configured and executed Maven build jobs for continuous integration of code and deploying the build artifacts.
  • Experience in Analysis, testing, and certifying application-specific software and performed ambiguity reviews of business requirements and functional specification documents .
  • Created test cases and performed Database testing to check whether the data is being migrated properly.
  • Wrote SQL Queries to connect to the database and retrieve data for a specified set of test requirements.
  • Conducted and participated Conflict Management meetings with the team, stakeholders for the better quality outcomes.

Environment: Selenium WebDriver, Appium, Xcode, Eclipse, Java, Jira, XPath, CSS, Cucumber, Oracle, SQL, Maven, HP ALM, SoapUI, UNIX.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

QA Analyst


  • Involved in Business analysis and reviewing User stories.
  • Attend Scrum meetings every day and followed agile methodology in performing effective testing in the give time frame for Sprint release.
  • Participated in all phases of the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) .
  • Involved in the design and development of test plan from business and Functional requirements which includes test objectives, test strategies, test environments etc.
  • Participated in requirements analysis reviews and working sessions to understand the requirements and system design.
  • Created and maintained Environmental variables using UFT .
  • Wrote VB Script, developed Custom Functions, Dictionary Objects, and Descriptive Programming by using UFT.
  • Used Regular expressions in UFT using VB Script programming.
  • Performed regression testing using UFT by modifying and documenting the existing scripts.
  • Data driven testing was performed using a data table and UFT ability of parameterization.
  • Performed comprehensive GUI and Functionality testing using UFT , to ensure conformance to requirements.
  • Automated Backend Tests were developed using UFT Database Check point creating ability.
  • Enhanced Scripts to validate the application by inserting checkpoints, conditional statements, and functions using UFT for any changes or modifications in the requirements.
  • Responsible for testing new features and performing regression testing using UFT.
  • Involved in writing and executing automated test scripts in UFT to automate Smoke and Regression Testing.
  • Generated test scripts for functional and regression tests using UFT .
  • Developed test suite, test cases, execute test cases using UFT API and generate report in SOAPUI .
  • Performed XML data validation using assertion method in SOAPUI .
  • Extensively used Toad and Oracle SQL developer to load the Data, Query the backend database to verify the Data quality.
  • Worked with ETL group for understating mappings for dimensions and facts.
  • Wrote SQL and PL/SQL scripts to perform database testing and to verify data integrity.
  • Experienced using query tools for Oracle to validate reports and troubleshoot data quality issues.
  • Generated commands in Linux for creating repositories in GIT and making appropriate changes in shell scripts.
  • Used HP Application Life Cycle Management (ALM) tool for tracking the defects and extensively wrote test cases, test scripts and executed them and logged defects.
  • Defined Traceability Matrix ensuring that all Business & Functional Requirements are properly represented.

Environment: HP ALM, Linux, GIT, SVN, Eclipse, Toad 9, TFS, Oracle SQL Developer, PL/SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, XML, SOAPUI, VBScript, QTP Beyond Compare, Surveyor, Windows 2007.


QA Analyst


  • Involved in Analysis of the requirements of the LPC (Loan Purchase Contract) sub system.
  • Developed Test Plan, Test Cases based on Requirements.
  • Involved in Functional, Black-box, Regression, Integration, System, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of the Web-Application.
  • Acted as the single point of contact between Development Team and Testing Team for testing and deployment activities.
  • Created automation scripts using QTP , Executed and Analyzed test results.
  • Performed Load & Stress testing to check the system behavior and resolved the performance issues using HP Load Runner (11.0).
  • Created and executed Automated Test Scripts in QTP using Business Process Testing (BPT) concept , and Key word driven Framework .
  • Used Checkpoints, Descriptive programming and Data Driven Test Scripts in QTP .
  • Used different types of Check points i.e. Standard checkpoints, Table checkpoints, Database checkpoints using Quick Test Professional .
  • Used Quick Test Professional for automating manual Test cases for regression testing and for storing, execution of Test cases and reporting results.
  • Automated Integration and System Test environments using VBScript in QTP .
  • Responsible for Testing Web Services requests using SOAPUI .
  • Developed Automation Test scripts for Functionality and Regression testing of web application using QTP .
  • Involved in writing and executing automated test scripts in QTP to automate Smoke and Regression Testing.
  • Responsible for creating Test Data.
  • Performed extensive SQL queries for validating data against Source and Target systems. Extensively used SQL for data validation during back-end testing.
  • Maintaining Automation Flex scripts during every release.
  • Extensively used TOAD to execute SQL Queries as well as to access database objects.
  • Worked on different UNIX commands for user access, file management and compression.
  • Implemented Quality Center for Test Planning, Test Case writing, Test Execution and Requirement Mapping with Test Cases.
  • Used Clear Case for version management.
  • Participated in User Acceptance Testing and with Business Analysts.

Environment: Quality Center, Mercury Test Director, Java, JSP, Servlets, J2EE, EJB, JNDI, XML, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, DB2, SQL, TOAD, WebLogic8.1, Clear Quest, Clear Case, Windows, Rapid SQL, Putty, UNIX.


QA Analyst


  • Knowledge on business requirements, documented business requirements specifications, wrote Test Plans and Test Cases.
  • Involved in analyzing requirements documents.
  • Developed test strategy, test plan, test cases and test scenarios based on requirements Document.
  • Performed Functional testing manually.
  • Involved in performing extensive back-end testing to make sure data is properly reflected on the web Application.
  • Executed the test cases manually and automation as necessary and worked on XML.
  • Performed Manual Testing and regression testing activities for new releases as an end-to-end testing on Different platforms like windows with different web browsers.
  • Responsible for documenting errors, their resolution, as well as performing extensive Regression Testing.
  • Experience in testing end to end implementations of e-commerce solutions which include the integration with Order Management System etc.
  • Prepared Traceability Matrix to make sure all the functional and Design requirements are covered under test scenarios.
  • Performed Regression Testing of code modules after performing functional / system testing.
  • Involved in back end database testing (MS Access / Oracle / DB2) by writing SQL queries using TOAD and SQL Plus .
  • Used Quality Center as a defect management tool.
  • Performed Manual Testing and regression testing activities for new releases as an end-to-end testing on Different platforms like windows with different web browsers.
  • Responsible for documenting errors, their resolution, as well as performing extensive Regression Testing.
  • Involved in weekly walkthrough and inspection meetings to verify the status of testing and to discuss defect and like scenarios.

Environment: Manual Testing, HTML, MSOffice, Quality Center, SQL Server, Windows.

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