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Senior Systems Test Engineer Resume

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Richardson, TX


  • Multifaceted and experienced Senior Engineer with extensive experience in all phases of software application development.
  • Telecommunication Access Management subject matter expert providing guidance to highly - skilled teams through all phases of a project, and training customer end-users.
  • Extensive ability to analyze customer specifications and existing product specifications to create new software requirements.
  • Highly skilled ability to analyze software requirements to design and develop quality software which meets and exceeds the customer deadlines and expectations.
  • Proven success in software test automation that streamlines QA testing and greatly reduces product test phase.
  • Automated more than 300 test cases during development of telecom access equipment for Confidential, efforts that minimized equipment and software test time by 90%.
  • Provided onsite software expertise training and presentations at more than 20 U.S. and Canadian locations for Confidential Technologies.
  • Defined and implemented software development processes that increased Confidential ' product quality by 80%.


  • Senior Systems Test Engineer
  • Quality Assurance - Automation - Software Analysis
  • Requirements Management
  • Software Development
  • Software Testing
  • Software Test Automation
  • Process Management
  • Telecommunications
  • Access Management
  • Customer Education
  • Employee Training
  • Cross-Team Collaboration


Protocols: ATM, IPTV, TCP/IP, UDP, OSI Model, DSL (ADSL/VDSL/VDSL2+), GE, 10GE, Confidential, 10G PON, xDSL, IPTV, POTS, Ethernet.

Interfaces: TL-1, CORBA, and SNMP v1/v2, GUI.

Testing: Languages:

Platforms: UNIX, LINUX, Windows.


Confidential, Richardson, TX

Senior Systems Test Engineer


  • Connected and configured test equipment such as Cisco switches, Alcatel routers, Dell servers, Linux (CentOS) VMs, and Confidential T1 testers.
  • Created test plans and executed more than 500 test cases based on customer and product requirements using Contour and Jira Test Management System.
  • Reported test case execution results and performed defect tracking with Jira
  • Trained employees on the use of Robot framework and Python for test automation which communicated to other devices via Telnet, Tcl/Tk, SNMP, Selenium, TL-1
  • Implemented automated test software using Robot framework, Python, Git, Spirent iTest; and Spirent STC and Ixia (IxNetwork and IxLoad) reduced manual testing by 90%.

Confidential, Plano, TX

Senior Engineer


  • Partnered closely with customers to understand their management software requirements to launch development, testing, and hardware strategies for R&D group in Shenzhen, China prior to installation.
  • Demonstrated and trained customer on functionality and use of software for lab trials and First Office Application ( Confidential )
  • Contributed to TM Forum to improve standards and best practices for Confidential Networks Management.
  • Created test plans and performed test cases for management software products using Confidential over EPON ( Confidential ) for MSO cable companies.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Systems Engineer


  • Architected server application satisfying customer requirements and north-bound interface specifications for Element Management Systems (EMS) that configure, monitor, and manage telecommunication access equipment.
  • Assessed existing processes to formalize peer reviews, customer and detail requirements consistency, configuration management, formal release, change management, and process audits.
  • Authored and implemented procedures to ensure audit compliance with CMMI and Confidential 9000 and Confidential 9001 standards.

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