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Quality Analyst Automation Test Engineer Resume

Portland, OR


  • 7+ years of experience as a Quality Analyst, in Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, Pharmaceuticals, Health Insurances, (Healthcare domain) and banking (Financial), Logistics sector and worked as an ETL Tester, Manual and Automation Test Engineer in various Test methodologies (BDD, TDD)
  • Excellent experience in all phases and stages of with Agile (Scrum) & Waterfall, Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with good working knowledge of testing Frontend (WEB), Backend, Database, API, Service Virtualization
  • Involvement in Requirements Analysis, Client Interactions, Test Planning, Test Strategy, RTM, Test design, Test Automation, Test Execution, Defect Reporting, Test Status Reporting, Test Closure Activities.
  • Expert in Testing Life Cycle (TLC): Experience in GAP Analysis, Risk Analysis, Impact Analysis, Test Planning Process, Test Design, ETL analysis, writing Test scenarios, Test cases, Executing Test Results in DEV/SIT/QA/UAT/PROD environments, Defect Tracking, Management and Test Reporting
  • Strong skills in Manual and Automation testing framework using Python (Robot framework), Selenium RC/WebDriver/IDE/Grid, CA LISA Dev/test, HP Quick Test Professional (QTP/UFT), Junit/ TestNG, ANT/Maven, Jenkins, HP ALM, Quality Center, JIRA, Clear Quest, SOAP UI and Version One
  • Experienced in Data Driven and Keyword Driven, Hybrid, MVC framework to maintain Test Suite
  • Experience on Unit Testing, Smoke Testing, Functionality Testing, Integration Testing, GUI Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing, Black Box, White Box Testing, End to End Testing, Performance Testing, Database Testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Compatibility Testing and Product Assurance Testing, Documentation and Reporting for Web based and Client/Server applications
  • Good experience in Web Services testing using Restful, SOAP UI, XML, & WSDL. Providing required input data to request XML & get the required data from response XML & use the response data from another request XML using SOAPUI
  • Expertise in documenting defects with high level of detail, accuracy, and informative recreation steps using Quality Center, JIRA, Rational Clear Quest, Bugzilla
  • Strong knowledge in healthcare industry including Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, Facets, Enrollment, Benefits, Claims, ICD - HCCs Mappings, Models, Hierarchies, CMS Rules & Guidelines, Obama Care, HIPAA standards, EDI transactions (Electronic data interchange), Implementation and Knowledge of HIPAA code sets, ICD-9, and ICD-10 coding
  • Experience with Chart Navigator & Facets Application Groups: Medical Plan, Provider, Member/Subscriber, Parallel Claims Processing, List Management, Medical Record Retrieval, Medical Record Coding, Medical Record Submissions, Audits & QA process, CoderQA, Super Bill Process, Guided Benefit Configuration, Utilization Management, Eligibility, Enrollment modules and Various modules in GUI, Data Structure and Batch Processing in FACETS
  • Collected and documented functional requirements for testing and verification of HIPAA Administrative Simplification X12 standards, 837 Institutional and Professional HIPAA standard transactions, and EDI messages (837) Healthcare encounter claim and coordination of benefits (COB) -Claim payment and remittance advice (835) - Healthcare claim status (276/277), Eligibility for a health plan (270/271) Referral certification and authorization (278), Enrollment & Withdrawal in a health plan (834), Premium payments (820) and Future transactions (identified in HIPAA) knowledge of ICD 9, ICD 10 as well as conversion of 4010 to 5010
  • Experience in automated REST API Web Services Test Scripts using CA/DEV test tool
  • Developed Virtual Services using CA/DEV test tool for doing Automation Regression Testing
  • Strong skills in data analysis, data requirement analysis and data mapping of ETL processes
  • Highly experienced in performing the data quality test, data correctness test, data consistency test, and process interdependency test to determine whether processed data is correctly extracted, transformed, and loaded
  • Proficient in writing advanced DML, DDL Queries to retrieve data from databases for Backend Testing and Debugging and Tuning of PL/SQL code using tools like SQL SERVER & ORACLE
  • Performed Manual Back-End testing to ensure the source data to the target data Mappings & to verify that the data extensively using SQL (SQL and PL/SQL, T- SQL in SQL Server, Access and Oracle Databases) commands to verify the database integrity
  • UAT testing performed along with call center managers to make sure that application meets their requirements and Closely interact with clients for User Acceptance Testing(UAT)


SDLC Methodologies: Agile (Scrum), Waterfall, SDLC, STLC

Databases: SQL Server, MS SQL Server 2008-2014, Oracle 9i/10g, Sybase

Testing tools: Selenium (IDE, RC, WebDriver), CA LISA DEV TEST, QTP/UFT, SOAP UI, Postman

Test Framework: Junit, TestNG, Data Driven, Keyword, Robot, MVC

Programming Language: JAVA, Python, XML, CSS, HTML, C, C++

Bug Tracking Tools: JIRA, HP ALM, Quality Center (QC), TFS, Rally, BugZilla

Operating System: Windows98/XP/ NT/ 2000, DOS, UNIX, LINUX, Mac

Data Modeling: UML, E-R Diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams, Data Dictionary, Data mapping

Web Debugging: Tools Firebug, FirePath, XPath, Webdebugger

Reporting Tools: Crystal Reports, Cognos, Microsoft Reporting Services

Healthcare Knowledge: MRC, MRR, MRS, HIE, EMR/EHR, PPACA, ICD9, ICD10,HCCs, HIPAA4010-5010, Claims


Confidential, Portland, OR

Quality Analyst Automation Test Engineer

Environment: Agile, JIRA, Confluence, SharePoint, DB2, Oracle, Quality Center, CA LISA DEV/Test, Selenium Web driver, Test-NG, Junit, Jenkins, Restful API, TIBCO


  • Working on System Integration project that includes Integration of Success factors (Enterprise Applications, SAP) with that of line of Business Application built on multiple platforms like java, AngularJS, Rest API's and TIBCO, Mainframes, DB2 & CICS
  • This project scope includes verification of content Migration from PeopleSoft to Success Factor, Functional testing scope, selection criteria identification, built test strategy & Data validation Mechanisms
  • Extensively worked with multiple Integrations having different type of Data Requirements, Understanding the Business Workflow, Automation of Middleware, UI, Extensive use of SQL and Working with Offshore in delegating and Managing
  • Performed Risk Analysis and Impact Analysis. Analyzing the systems and documenting the details of the current and state of the application and documenting the future state of the application once implementation is done
  • Performing the Manual & Automation testing, Database, Functional, Integration, End- to -End testing, Regression testing, API testing, Smoke Testing, Performance Testing and User Acceptance Testing(UAT) for all the Web based and Client/Server Applications
  • Responsible for executing the test scripts, test cases and Capturing the test Results and retesting the Defects code fixed (Pass/Fail strategy, Entry& Exit criteria) in Development (DEV), System Integration Testing server (SIT) and user accepting testing server (UAT), PRE-PROD & PROD test environments and coordinating with other team members using Selenium, CA/Dev test tools
  • Automation framework development & testing is performed for all the Navigator applications using Selenium/WebDriver and Service virtualization using CA Dev/test tool
  • Developed Automation framework and test scripts using Selenium Web-Driver for multiple platforms and browsers testing. Execution of test scripts using Selenium WebDriver using Test-NG framework
  • Design, develop and implement Page Object Model Pattern based Keyword Driven automation testing framework utilizing Java, Test-NG and Selenium Web-Driver
  • Experience in application deployments and continuous integration system like Jenkins
  • Performed compatibility testing of applications for dynamic and static content of browsers using HTML Ids and X-Path in Selenium Web-Driver
  • Hands on Experience in Automated REST APIs/web services using CA ITKO LISA (Dev Test) tool by using Properties, Assertions, Filters, Data sets and different Elements to achieve automated Regression, Functional & Performance Testing through the API Gateway
  • Developed Automated Virtual Services Test Scripts using CA ITKO LISA (Dev Test) tool and Used the VSE Recorder to grab the TIBCO JMS Messages from ETS Queues for Automation of Regression Testing
  • Maintained API-Test Suite Automation using CA DevTest Tool for Regression, Functional & Performance Testing in all different environments like DEV, SIT, UAT, PRE-PROD
  • Creating SQL queries and procedures in DB2 for data storage and retrieval of database validations for the Navigator Applications
  • Wrote extensive SQL queries for data validation, analysis and manipulation, and maintaining the integrity of the database, Source to Target Mappings, etc. Used SQL to validate backend database changes, deletes and update.


QA ETL Test Automation Engineer

Environment: Agile, CRA, MRA Coding Extracts, ETL Jobs-2014 SSIS package, Confluence, GitHub, Jenkins, Rally, TFS, SQL Server, Selenium, Java, Junit, JIRA


  • Involved in Gathering Requirements, Requirements Analysis, BTRD, BSD, Client Interactions, Test Planning, Test Strategy, Test Automation, Test Execution, Defect Reporting, Test Status Reporting, and Test Closure Activities using Sprint Tracking Tool Rally and documented them in Confluence and GITHUB
  • Hands on experience with Agile (Scrum) Development Life Cycles (SDLC) methodologies
  • Experience in Writing Test Strategies, Test Plans, Test Scripts, Test Scenarios, Test Cases and Test Summary Reports for both Manual and Automated Testing based on the Design Documents and maintaining the documentation in Confluence
  • Extensively involved in identifying test cases to automate. Automate those test cases using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG and Java (Eclipse IDE)
  • Automation Testing using Selenium for Designing and executing test scripts for Frontend testing of all the Chart Navigator Applications
  • Involved in setting up configuring the testing environment with Eclipse, Junit, Selenium RC and Selenium Java client driver
  • Responsible for implementation of Hybrid Test Automation Framework build using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG and Maven technologies under Java platform
  • Involved in Manual Testing of Designing and Developing End-to-End ETL (Jobs) process using SSIS 2014 Package. Worked on writing SQL queries to validate the Store procedures, validated the data is loaded into the SQL server databases to make sure that Extracted Data is loaded correctly
  • Experience in Testing the MedicalRecordImages Coding Charts/Images of different Members, Plans, and Providers load of various modules like FPC, SPC, LM, RM, SR, Medical Record Vault for different clients like HCAZ, CGHC, BCBS, Excellus, Aetna, Coventry of both Commercial & Medicare LineofBusiness to test the Before-After, Functional, Acceptance Conditions in the ChartNav Application
  • Worked on Member (800), Plan (830), LM/Chase(180), Provider data files(CIF & Legacy Formats) and validated them using SQL Queries, coded few MedicalRecordImages to go thru Retrieval and Submissions and pulled the Extracts
  • Involved in the Forward & Backward Mapping analysis of ICD 9 - ICD 10 Conversion for CM (Diagnosis Codes) and PCS (Procedure Codes) also Involved in GEM (General Equivalence Mapping) tools for forward mapping of ICD 9 - ICD 10 codes
  • Tested the CMS Released ICDs Diagnosis Codeset for every ICDEffectiveDates and Effective Year and also mapped to HCC’s Labels, Model Types(CRA,MRA, ESRD), Hierarchies to every HCCEffectiveDates and PaymentYear and validated using SQL Queries to ensure data is correctly populated into tables and also Coded Some MedicalRecordImages to ensure that the ICD9& ICD10 codes are correctly Populated to the right HCC’s
  • Worked on Frontend Testing (WEB) of coding the MedicalRecordImages to go thru different modules like Project Management, List Management, Retrieval Management, Coding& Review, Submissions Review, Medical Record Vault, Parallel Claims, Super Bill Process and CoderQA Accuracy for Member, Plans, Provider data validations in the ChartNav App based on test scenarios and documented them
  • Experience with HIPAA specific EDI transactions for claims, member enrollment, billing transactions. Worked specifically with 837, 835, 834, 270/271, 276/277
  • Tested ETl Jobs 2014 SSIS Packages to produce Commercial & Medicare Risk Adjustments Extracts and executed SQL Task, Data Flow Task, and Execute Package Task etc. to generate underlying data for the reports and to export data from Excel Spreadsheets, Text file, MS Access and CSV files
  • Responsible for executing scripts, test cases and prepared release notes to build DEV, STG, UAT & PROD environments for all deployments and coordinating with other teams during Smoke and Regression and Load testing
  • Developed Data warehouse ETL test case based on ETL mapping documents and Created Source and Target SQL query for data comparison loaded by ETL process
  • Extensively used DWH ETL for testing and supporting data extractions, transformations and loading process in a corporate-wide-ETL Solution using Informatica
  • Wrote extensive SQL queries for data validation, analysis and manipulation, and maintaining the integrity of the database, Source to Target Mappings, etc.
  • Performed both Manual & Automation for Unit Testing, Smoke Testing, Functionality Testing, Integration Testing, GUI Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing, Sanity Testing, End to End Testing, Performance Testing, Database Testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) on all the ChartNav Applications
  • Created Test data Extract files for both the Commercial & Medicare (CRA, MRA) LineofBusiness for different clients like Aetna, Anthem, BCBS (MI, HMO, PPO), Excellus, Oscar, FMI and Coventry
  • Developed, assisted in various production plan (release plans, HotFixs, roll-back plans) for different production releases.

Confidential, Costa Mesa, CA

QA Automation Test Engineer

Environment: Agile, Dyanamo DB, AWS Environment, Confluence, GitHub, Jenkins, Rally, SDLC, Python, Quality Centre, Java, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Maven, Jenkins, SQL


  • Responsible for Requirements Analysis, Client Interactions, Test Planning, Test Strategy, Requirement Traceability Matrix, Test design, Test Automation, Test Execution, Defect Reporting, Test Status Reporting, Test Closure Activities using Sprint Tracking Tool Rally
  • Experience with Agile (Scrum) Development Life Cycles (SDLC) Methodologies
  • Automation Testing using Python and Selenium Tools for Designing and executing scripts using Robot Framework
  • Wrote Python Script, developed Custom Functions, Dictionary Objects, used Descriptive Programming by Selenium automation tool and executed test scripts
  • Responsible for creating the Automation testing framework using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG and Java (Eclipse IDE)
  • Performed GUI, Smoke, Functional, System, Integration, Regression, Performance, End-to- End testing testing by automated using Selenium, TestNG, Maven, and Jenkins
  • Used Page Object Model, Firebug and CSS, XPath for the web based application testing with selenium for the commands and locator application
  • Wrote SQL and PL/SQL scripts to validate the database systems and for backend database testing & Executed Test Cases with respect to Source and Target database tables
  • Developed and ran Table pair, SQL view and lookup view tests using Informatica Data Validation Option to test data across different environment
  • Prepared Test Plan, Test Cases, and Test Scripts for Manual and Automated Testing based on the Design Documents and maintaining the documentation in Confluence and GitHub Repository
  • Created and executed Manual and Automation Test scripts to verify complex system requirements and Database Testing. Transaction verified through Data Verification of Backend Testing Database, as well as API Testing to create and deploy resources in the Development of AWS Environment
  • Automated Test cases documentation, Issue Tracking, pull request with Code Reviews, Comments and Commits History is maintained using Github Repository
  • Responsible for prepared release notes to build DEV, INT, STG and PROD environments for deployments and coordinating with other teams during regression testing
  • Log defects using JIRA application and communicate the defect status updates to the responsible analysis and implementation teams
  • Working on Agile environment and extensively used Version One -Defining project requirements by identifying project milestones, phases, and Monitoring project progress by tracking activities, resolving problems, publishing progress reports, and recommending actions to write user stories, create tasks and estimated time to complete the story using Rally.

Confidential, Wellesley, MA

Quality Analyst

Environment: FACETS, Medicare, Medicaid, Claims, QTP/UFT, Agile, JIRA, SOAP UI, XML, SQL, ALM/Quality Center


  • Processes, conducted and moderated JAD sessions with business users to gather requirements and worked with the Functional Specialists and SMEs to document high level workflows for the Claims processing, EDI, and Reporting
  • Hands on experience with Agile (Scrum) Development Life Cycles (SDLC) methodologies
  • Developed the business requirements and use cases for Facets batch processes and claim payment batch and Tested the changes for the Frontend screens in FACETS related to following modules, test the FACETS batches (membership, Billing, Provider)
  • Tested syntax and business rules & Up-gradation for X12 HIPAA 4010 and 5010 for loops, segments, elements, qualifiers and code sets using EDIs 270, 271, 276, 277,824, 835, 834, 837, 997 transactions and the ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversions
  • Involved in Claims processing, EE, and CM Subsystem as part of UAT and Worked with stakeholders in UAT environment to ensure Business requirements are tested properly
  • Adhered data transition of the enrollment process, COB, Claim Status and Eligibility as per the EDI standard 834, 835, 837, 277 and 271 & Extracted 837 & 839’s files using Quick Test Pro(QTP/UFT) and converted them to ICD-10 compliance code
  • Strong skills in working with automated testing tools (HP Quality center) and developing test scripts using Test Script Language (TSL) to manage the entire testing process
  • Used to develop whole life cycle of QA Methodologies starting from Test Plan, Test Strategy, Capturing, Creating Test Cases, Executing, reporting, and Tracking the defects using HP (QC/ALM 11.0)
  • Developed Descriptive Programming and Maintained Local and Global Object Repository in QTP, synchronization functions, wait functions, different functions and checked for different properties for the recorded objects in the scripts
  • Created Regression suite for various test scenarios. Tested and executed the suite whenever a code was changed & also performed Data Driven Tests, Batch tests and performed Exception handling using Quick Test Professional (QTP)
  • Performed claims data pull back within Quick Test Pro (QTP/UFT) for testing needs requested by Claims department for Professional and Institutional claims
  • Prepared test plan and test cases for EDI 837, 835, 820, 834 in phase 1 (version 4010/4010A), phase 2 (version 5010) using Quality Center
  • Build test data using CSR for new enrollments and create SQL statements to query DB2 database for test cases require existing data
  • Developed and executed SQL queries to validate/update Diagnosis / Procedure code for ICD9 & ICD 10 Reviewed database test cases per assigned Requirements to validate reports by retrieving data with complex SQL queries from SQL Server
  • Performed manual testing executing all the test cases in Quality Center before switching to Automation Testing
  • Log defects using JIRA application and communicate the defect status updates to the responsible analysis and implementation teams
  • Performed SOA testing for Payments API's using SOAP UI for Web Services testing
  • Tested request and response XML's based web services interfaces using SOAP UI
  • Assisted in writing test strategies, test plans, test cases, test scenarios, and performing UAT (User Accepted Testing) along with the User’s tester and resolved the issues Log Defects, Track Defects, and Track Progress Status

Confidential, Houston, TX

Quality Analyst

Environment: Facets 4.71, Member, Provider, Claim and Pharmacy Claim Information, HP Quality Center, SQL Agile, XML, SOAP UI, JIRA


  • Responsible for interacting with client for requirements gathering, analyzing requirements, and creating detailed specifications
  • Experience with Agile (Scrum) Development Life Cycles (SDLC) methodologies
  • Validated various applications with Memberships of Enrollment, Cancellation, Termination, Reinstatement etc. for Commercial, Medicare, Medical and Billing in Facets
  • Worked on billing and accounting modules to consolidate all a patient’s outstanding balances - inpatient and clinic bills - into single statements
  • Worked in Facets Reconfiguration Data Element Definition and Usage (Working) with values and completed configuring FACETS Applications like Related Entity, Parent Group, Groups, Subgroups & Member/Subscriber
  • Worked closely with Providers to gather requirement for FACETS Provider Subsystem
  • Served directly in configuring Provider, Pricing, and Claim applications in Facets 4.71 while consistently meeting project plan deliverable dates
  • Involved in testing the conversion of the application into web application using XML web services
  • Analyzed and worked with HIPAA specific EDI transactions for claims, member enrollment, billing transactions. Worked specifically with 837, 835, 834, 270/271, 276/277
  • Initiated with a comparison report of migration of 270 Eligibility Coverage or Benefit Inquiry (V4010X092A1) vs. 270 Eligibility, Coverage or Benefit Inquiry (V5010X279), 278 Prior Authorizations.
  • Involved in testing the ANSI X12 Version 4010 / EDI transactions (HIPAA) like 270, 271, 276, 277, 278 837P, 837I, 837D, 835 remittances
  • Involved in Forward Mapping from ICD-9 to ICD-10 and Backward Mapping from ICD-10 to ICD-9 using GEM
  • Successfully implemented ALM for Requirement Management, Test Design, Test Plans, Test Execution, Defect logging (JIRA), Requirement Mapping with Test cases, for UAT (User Acceptance Testing), Smoke, Functionality, Regression Testing
  • Performed Requirements Management, Test Planning and Test Execution and Defect Tracking, Reporting with HP ALM
  • Involved in Load & Performance testing of the Healthcare application and identified different test cases
  • Good experience in testing web applications using SOAP UI
  • Developed production plan (release plans, roll-back plans) for different production releases
  • Wrote SQL Queries to extract Data from Tables to verify the output Data of the reports

Confidential, Woodland Hills, CA

Quality Analyst

Environment: QTP, Agile, JIRA, HP QC, XML, SQL, Windows, LINUX, Rational Clear Quest


  • Responsible for gathering the functional requirements for the health insurance benefit claims receiving and processing system and performed client demos, presentations, and training
  • Hands on experience with Agile (Scrum) Development Life Cycles (SDLC) methodologies
  • Identified various business processes and developed Process Flow Diagrams for the business processes and validated the processes with SME that the system adheres to project standards, performance criteria, and functional specifications
  • Performed HIPAA Analysis and Testing on 4010/5010, including Claims handling, with Payer and Provider experience and EDI file generation and testing
  • Facets provide administrative capabilities, such as group enrollment/billing, product/network management, customer service, and health event/claims
  • Involved in Up-gradation of HIPAA X12 4010 transactions to HIPAA X12 5010 and ICD 9 to ICD 10
  • Performed Requirements planning and analysis of the different requirements and validate them with the HIPAA. Worked with MEDICARE Part A, B, C, D systems
  • Experienced in software testing which involved development of Test cases, Test plans, Test Scripts and resolved the Issues Log Defects, Track Defects (JIRA), and Track Progress Status. and System Testing, Integration testing and User Acceptance Testing
  • Wrote QTP scripts to generate XML which was used to create input data for automation
  • Create transaction sets requirements, usually with Microsoft Excel, for transactions such as: HIPAA 270/271, 276/277, 278, 820, 834, 271U, 835, 837-(I, P, & D), 835 Remittances and others. Resource for UB04 and CMS1500 billing formats, transaction sets requirements, EDI development and Design, X12 protocols through Version 5010 and Errata; conversion needs and understanding of legacy EDI formats
  • Maintained Traceability Matrix to track the requirements to the test cases to ensure complete test coverage in the QTP
  • Connected to database to Query the database using SQL for data verification and validation
  • Performed back end testing on oracle database by writing SQL queries
  • Created SQL views to aggregate data before moving to targeted database from legacy database to simulate results
  • Created Automation Test Scripts, inserted functions, checkpoints and Prepared Reports and test results after each release cycle for management and further test planning using Automated Tests with QTP
  • Participated in and conducted Sprint Planning, Sprint Grooming, Sprint Retrospective and weekly meetings to validate and verify the testing process

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