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Sr Qa Automation Lead Resume

Sunrise, FL


  • Over 15 years of diverse and progressive experience in the field of Software Engineering in Biotech, Insurance, Financial, Wealth Management and product technology domain
  • Currently working as Test Automation Architect/SR SDET in an open source DevOps environment using C# and selenium in an AWS, Dockers,Golang, Containers, Kubernetes, Node Js, Angular, Ansible, Jenkins, GIT, JIRA and Linux enviornment
  • Extensive experience in Leading End to End Design, Development and Implementation of testing methodologies and automation on Cloud Environment in Amazon AWS and Windows Azure In Waterfall, Spiral and Agile SLDC Environments.
  • Extensive experience in Automation Framework development using C#, JavaScript, node.js and Selenium in a continuous Integration Enviornment using TFS/Jenkins
  • Extensive experience in Performance Engineering and performance enhancement of web applications.
  • Extensive experience leading and coding in automated testing for Functional and Performance tests including tools like VSTS (Coded UI, C# MTM), QTP, WinRunner, LoadRunner and VSTS Load Test.
  • Strong hand on expertise of high level programming languages including C#, C++, C, VB and Java.
  • Experience in leading Performance testing data warehouse/ETL Projects in Informatica, Actuate, SSIS, SSRS, Oracle/SQL Server for BI and Web based reporting
  • Extensive Experience in automation of RESTful API’s, Operational requirement of monitoring tools like Apdyanmics,splunk
  • Experienced in creating high level project plans, automation test plans, automation strategy, scheduling test cycles and guaranteeing deliverables with target Automation and Defect Maturity levels
  • Experience in managing and maintaining test /QA documentation to validate product requirements and pushing quality upstream
  • Highly experienced with project scoping, test effort estimation, test scheduling, risk analysis and quality management.
  • Lead engineering team’s size of 3 - 7 team members onshore, offshore for End to End Enterprise Automation with concept, design, development and maintenance done through Automation Feasibility Study.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, tighter schedules and on cross-functional applications concurrently. Ability to quickly master new concepts, applications and a team player with people skills
  • Possess problem-solving skills, ability to follow industry standards and procedures. Strong communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to interact with customers with ease and professionalism.


Testing Tools: Selenium, Visual Studio Ultimate/MS Test Manager (MTM), Coded UI, QTP, TestComplete(BearSmart), SILK, LoadRunner, Visual Studio web test, VSTS Load Test, WinRunner, AstraLoadTest, NUnit

Languages: C#,GoLang, C, VB6.0, C++, Java, JavaScript PL/SQL, PERL, Matlab

Database: SQL Azure, MS SQL Server 2008/2012, Oracle, MS Access, PostgreSQL

Platforms: Amazon AWS, Ubuntu Windows Azure, Win 2012, Windows 8, Hyper-V, Windows Terminal Servers, UNIX, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS, Mainframe, Tandem.

Version Control: GIT, GITLAB, VSTS, Product Studio, TFS, MKS, DOORS

Continuous Integration (CI): Jenkins.

ETL: SSIS, Actuate Reports, Powercenter (Informatica)

Scripting Language: BASH,VBScript, Korn Shell, Windows PowerShell

Development Tools: VSTS

Web Technologies: Angular, HTML 5, Silver Light, .NET 3.5/4.0, ASP, ASP.net, WCF, SOAP, XML, CSS, Web Logic, Apache Tomcat, Web Sphere, and MS IISDefect Management: JIRA,MTM, Quality Center, Test Director

Project Management: RALLY, Confidential Project 2013, Excel

Software/Other: Dockers, Containers, Ansible, Ansible jobs,ReviewBoard, Kubernetes, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), Office 365, SharePoint 2012, Visio 2012, BMC Control-M, SiteScope, MKS, Integrity, ScrumWorks, TeamViewer, RESTful, SOAP


Test Automation Architect/ SR SDET (DEVOPS)

Confidential, Oaks, CA


  • Created End to End Automation functional and unit test strategy document with automation test efforts.
  • Created Automation framework in C# and Selenium using a three layer architecture and page object model for the Angular UI application for smoke and functional and build verification tests in Visual Studio 2015
  • In charge of code review and code chekin for extension of C# automation libraries and exception handling from automation engineers.
  • Created Continuous Integration CI environment using Jenkins for continuous build and version control through GIT/Gitlab on a daily basis triggered by check-ins.
  • Created bash Scripts using open source BATS automation architecture for automating the CLI application on Ubuntu and continous integration in Jenkins.
  • Provided Automation Testing learning and best practices to different teams on boarding to the devops platform in terms or continuous testing and continuous development team.
  • Enabling End to End Integration of Jenkins and HP ALM for Continous testing for Amgen test teams.
  • Created Unit Test Coverage through functions using code in GoLang using Intelli J
  • Automated postgresSQL DB back through Ansible and bash scripts for backup( S3) and recovery.
  • Resposible for DEVOPS server ( Ansible tower,Docker, PosrgresSQL &Webservices) monitoring and performance through SPLUNK
  • Leading server upgrades, qualification and validation for FDA Requirement of the DEVOPS Server stacks through DTR ( Docker Trusted Registry).
Environment: .Net, C#, Selenium,AWS, Dockers, Containers, Ansible Kubernates, GIT, Golang, Python, bash, Jenkins, Nexus, Angular, Javascript, Node js, Angular,ReviewBoard, IntelliJ,PostgresSQL,S3, HP ALM, UFT, COTS, Splunk

SR Performance Test Lead/ SR SDET

Confidential, Sunrise, FL


  • Created Performance Test Strategy and Performance test plan outlining the scope, development and KPI’s to be measured
  • Designed Load Test Scenarios in the Performance test plan after querying the production Databases for functionality break down
  • Created VSTS Web performance tests (WPT) in VSTS for end to end functionalities and parameterized them to drive from CSV and SQL Server database tables.
  • Created Extraction Rules and threshold violation rules in C# classes.
  • Created Load Test Rig including Test Controller and Test Agents hosted on Windows Azure Cloud.
  • Executed Constant User Load to capture Metrics for the web (IIS, .net), and SQL Server( CPU, Read/Write, I/O, Lock) at the backend
  • Executed Step, Constant and Goal Oriented Load test scenarios and Measured KPIs on Incremental Basis.
  • Captured Performance test metrics for various scenarios for identifying bottlenecks and live monitoring of Server metrics, Spikes and deadlocks in IDERA Tool
  • Analyzed Test Results and published the results to the team and made recommendations especially in Deadlocks caused to Entity Framework of the application.
  • Created C# Classes in VSTS 2013 with Page/Object pattern injected with Selenium web drivers for end to end automation of the web application
  • Create C# Classes, helper Methods, Contributed to the Automation framework model on release by release basis and version controlled code check in TFS.
  • Code Re write of Coded UI Methods into Selenium web drivers to achieve execution time optimization.
  • Created Console test application for Testing Web services and RESTFUL API’s.
  • Maintained the automation test rig on the cloud environment for automation and performance test efforts.
  • Integrated MTM/TFS/Virtual Machines to create CI Environment using Confidential ALM for continuous build/deploy/test.
Environment: Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate, TFS 2013, VSTS Load Test, C#,.net 4.0,IIS, Biz Talk, JQUERY, Windows App Fabric, JavaScript, JSON, asp.net, Entity Framework, SQL Server 2102,Shareporint 2012,Windows Azure, Confidential Test Manager (MTM),IDERA.


Confidential, Tampa, FL


  • Created End to End Automation and Functional Test plan for the Client application for migrating and code rewrite in .net
  • Created Coded UI Automation Test Framework in C# using VS 2012, including Libraries, Utilities and helper functions in C#
  • Integrated End to End Test case in TFS to Automation Suite in MTM Test Plan and Test Lab.
  • Integrated Automation Test Project with the main project in a Continuous Improvement Environment and source Controlled by TFS server.
  • Created Automation Test Rig, which includes Test Controller, Test Agents in a VM ware Environment plugged through TFS server and MTM.
  • Created QA Builds on TFS server that runs nightly and triggered in a continuous Improvement Environment, also integrated automation build with the main development build.
  • Setup TFS SharePoint Reporting Server along with SMTP for test automation status and reporting project metrics and test execution status.
  • Executed Performance testing with VSTS Load/web tests to validate the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for current and forecasted peak volume Transactions.
  • Collected Perfmon counters, IIS, .net, SQL Tracing for analysis and benchmarking threshold limits for 350 concurrent users in QA Load Test Rig.
  • Conducted brown bag Seminar VSTS/MTM and Automation Adoption and Best Practices and uploaded Knowledge base and sharing learning on department sharepoint.
Environment: ALM, Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate, TFS, Coded UI, C#,.net 4.0, VSTS Load Test, WCF,VB, SharePoint 2012,T,ASP.net,VMware,Oracle,PL/SQL Developer, QTP, UFT, Confidential Test Manager (MTM), JBOSS, Ontime Scrum, Agile


Confidential, WA


  • Created Automation Testing Framework, test methods, test scripts in Coded UI for Functional and Regression Test cases using VSTS 2010/2012(C#, Vb scripts) for web app, and stand along scripts for WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) components of Windows Server 2012.
  • Contributed with test methods/ functions to a common automation shared platform/library called Test Community Framework using VSTS 2010/2012 using and TFS
  • Created Automation Test Rig with test agents in MTM Test lab, with automated build deploy feature for CI.
  • Created Master Test Plan, Performance Test Strategy, System Test plan and UAT sign off document and Complied with Engineering Excellence Levels to meet the Target Maturity for Defect Management (DM) and Automation
  • Effectively tested a test bed of 300 test cases and 80 test scenarios in premise and Cloud Environment with a team of 3-5 test engineers.
  • Implemented Shared Steps Concepts for Manual and Automated Test cases in MTM resulting in 40% Savings in Manual Test documentation.
  • Created Proof of Concept(POC) for Data Backup for Disaster Recovery via Worker Role in Azure storage using C#
  • Successfully conducted Security testing, XSS( Cross site Scripting) testing, Operational, Security Requirements testing and WCF Web Services testing of the project
  • Successfully lead Side Projects for SFTD (Scenario Focused Test Design) Automation of converting Test flows in Visio to test cases in excel
  • Designed and presented performance testing approach on Windows Azure, and shared learning’s with different engineering groups.
  • Pivotal in reducing cycle times through automation on Regression and Functional test scenarios.
  • Created and participated in multiple POC’s on the testing scenario hosted on Windows Azure ( Compute, Storage, CDN, SQL Azure)
  • Achieved Zero Sev1 and Sev2 Bugs leakage from Test to UAT/Production by keeping the quality upstream.
  • Implemented SFTD to push quality upstream and Meet high Maturity target levels for Defect Management and Automation for Engineering Excellence.
  • Presented slide decks on Business value realization and Go /No-Go Meetings with Stake holders across the globe.
  • Effectively managed vendor team size of 7 members by coaching and re-skilling on cross functions and technologies.
  • Efficiently collaborated with development, product, operations, project management and UAT teams on cloud testing scenarios and providing support for sustenance engineering groups.
  • Evangelized Adoption of SFTD and Test community Framework for test and Engineering Excellence consistency across business groups.
  • Participated and contributed Process Improvement Initiatives for Knowledge Management which resulted in Efficient on boarding of test vendors.
Environment: Office 365, Windows Azure, SQL Azure, VSTS 2010/2012/2013 Ultimate, Visual Studio Test Manager, Asp.net, C#, net 4.0, SharePoint 2010/2012, TFS, Confidential Silver Light, WCF RIA, RESTful, SOAP, Confidential SQL Server 2008 R2/2012, Confidential Project, Windows TS, Sharepoint 2012

SR QA Automation Lead

Confidential, Rockville, MD


  • Created and Presented POC ( Proof of Concept) along with automation test strategy for end to end automation including design, execution and justification to QA Director
  • Designed and Developed Enterprise Automation Framework Structure in collaboration with the central automation team located in NY, Singapore.
  • Created Object Repositories, Function Libraries and Configuration scripts in Compliance with the central automation team standards in a descriptive programming framework in VBScripts(VBA and WSH)
  • Created and standardized I/O File systems for QTP in XML format.
  • Analyzed the applications and created Automation task summary list with milestones for project management
  • Created automation scripts from scratch as per the requirement and management expectations identifying best candidates to automate
  • Created End to End functional and performance test scripts for the book management
  • Created Error Handling, Recovery Scenario and Reporting (Excel) accessible to everyone in the organization.
  • Developed scripts/functions that are reusable with little or no minimum maintenance in future.
  • Developed complex error handling functions and data checkpoints for nightly runs including regular expressions in a 100% descriptive programming approach
  • Re designed existing silktest approach to a complete backend driven test ( ADODB)
  • Assigned execution of automated test cases in QC to QA Team for regression testing after QA, Production Drop
  • Developed Test plans in QC as BPT, remote executions as per the test plan on remote machines in QC lab followed by defect tracking in Quality Center.
  • Worked with Java Automation Team in creating Hudson Slave Servers in Continuous Improvement (CI) environment for Version control (VSS).
  • Contributed to Knowledge update on wiki for the central automation team, and knowledge transfer for execution and Debug of automated test cases
  • Weekly update to QA Director on the automation strategy and modules automated.
Environment: QTP 10.0, LoadRunner 8.0, Silktest, SILK Performer, C#, Asp.net, VB.net, Informatica, HummingBird, TFS, Oracle 11g, Java, HUDSON, Doors, VSS

Sr QA Lead/QA Analyst II

Confidential, Tampa, FL


  • Reviewed user stories for testing scope in SCRUMWORKS and documented tasks for daily Scrum meeting and Sprint Kickoffs
  • Wrote testing methodology, setting standards for test documentation, test requirements and test procedures
  • Executed, tested, validated DB change packages as per the user stories in Toad
  • Certified internally developed front end and back end data validation tools.
  • Reviewed manual testing method, developed and executed automated scripts and test suites.
  • Developed PL/SQL queries including JOIN for testing the Packages, Stored Procedures & Functions.
  • Met with potential users and obtaining the business requirements and ensuring that the goal and quality are achieved.
  • Designed and executed test plans, test cases and test suites. Generated Test Scripts and Test Scenarios in test director
  • Planned and scheduled testing for various Load test Scenarios
  • Load Scenarios were created to simulate real time scenarios
  • Installed SiteScope licenses, remote load generators and monitors for LoadRunner controller
  • Gathered specifications and requirements from development personnel prior to System Testing
  • Parameterized the Vuser scripts to point to QA, UAT and production environment.
  • Analyzed the test results, created performance reports and graphs for 250 Users on QA servers and made recommendations to the developers, IIS admin and DBA’s
  • Benchmarked transaction response times for various reports for baseline future enhancements and load testing.
  • Created VB Functions Libraries, Object repositories Recovery scenarios for End to End Automation
  • Created, Debugged enhanced existing and new QTP Scripts for backend and front end checkpoints.
  • Designed and planned execution of end to end functional nightly run before production rolls.
  • Manually tested, Updated the development queries in Toad to troubleshoot QA backend and environment issues to ensure appropriate Integration and System testing.
  • Coordinated and Integrated subscripts from junior QA engineers to build a central repository for present and future testing efforts.
  • Set up QA environment, queuing (Control-M) and generating reports in Actuate reports for QA, UAT and Production Operations.
  • Conducted weekly meetings with developers and maintaining progress reports about the testing process
  • Followed up with escalation of critical post production defects and issues in Test Director
  • Tested Informatica mappings for the source and target tables, validated the queries manually in toad to certify the data reconciliation
  • Worked with Tandem team for creating comprehensive test plan for new merchant boarding Purposes.
Environment: C#, ASP.net, VB Script, C++, XML, ORACLE 10g, TOAD, Windows NT/XP, UNIX, Quick Test Professional(QTP), LoadRunner 8.0, WinRunner, Quality Center, Actuate Reports, Agile methodology (SCRUM), MKS, Powercenter, Tandem, UML, Eclipse

Sr QA Lead/QA Analyst II

Confidential, Tampa, FL


  • Designed the testing methodology and test schedule using Test Director.
  • Created custom and complex queries for back end testing and data integration.
  • Worked with DBA’s to set up custom data schema for nightly regression automation scripts.
  • Developed complex database queries for testing the existing DB functionality with the new mappings for data loads
  • Developed automation scripts to validate and update DB checkpoints for dynamic backend data.
  • Load tested with load runner for 400 Vusers with remote client generators to simulate real time IP Spoofing.
  • Analyzed the bottle necks in the load test analysis in the IIS servers and suggested to the DBA’s to optimize queries.
  • Benchmarked the transaction time of the existing reports in QA and production and parameterized the scripts to point to different servers.
  • Interacted with developers and end users and act as a catalyst to obtain the requirements and perform end user testing.
  • Created VBScript library files containing VBScript function modules to associate the files with test environment
  • Automated the testing process to test the functionality of various modules of the Client/Server version of the application using Quick Test Professional
  • Conducted Unit Testing ( Nunit), System Testing, Functionality Testing, including both manual and automated testing
  • Designed and executed test plans and test cases.
  • Manually tested end to end PERL and Shell scripts
  • Generated and tested ad-hoc, scheduled reports with Actuate 7, scheduled via Control M

Environment: C#, ASP.net, VB Script, C++, XML, ORACLE, Windows NT/XP, UNIX, QTP, LoadRunner 8.0, WinRunnerQuality Center, Actuate Reports.

QA Engineer



  • Designed manual test cases as per the requirements and executed test cases end to end in Test Director
  • Manually conducted functional and regression web app testing.
  • Developed and executed PL/SQL Queries in Oracle for back end testing and documented execution results
  • Developed high level descriptive automation scripts using TSL in Winrunner for regression and Functional testing
  • Worked with Performance engineering team for scripting and executing load and volume testing using Astra Load Test
  • Created backend and front checkpoints for the front end apps and seeded the automation test bed in test lab module
  • Investigated bugs, maintained reports, tracked defects, interacted with the programming team to resolve technical issues.
  • Conducted System Testing, Unit Testing, Integrity Testing and Regression Testing.
  • Participated in weekly team meetings with the development and QA Team

Environment: VB, Oracle, HTML, DHMTL, ASP, Java, JavaScript, WinRunner, Astra LoadTest, TestDirector

Gradaute Assistant


Environment: VB, HTML, ASP, ORACLE, MS Access, windows 2000

  • Worked as graduate assistant with department on Engineering technology in designing and maintaining the content departments web page. The Backend was oracle and UI was developed in ASP hosted on IIS win 2000 web server.

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