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Sr. Software Qa/network Test Engineer Resume

San Jose, CA


To obtain a challenging position within a leading and dynamic organization of engineering where I can utilize my knowledge and experience, and has opportunities for professional growth


  • Working as a full - time Sr. Software Engineer in Confidential Systems
  • 10+ years of total experience in IP Networking and communication software testing.


  • 10+ years of total experience in IP networking and software testing of data communication. L3 protocols includes IPv4, OSPFv2, RIPv1/v2, BGP, MPLS, IPSec, ICMP, ARP, PIM-sparse. L2 Protocols includes VLAN, STP, RSTP, Fabricpath, IGMPv2/v3 snooping. L4-L7 protocol includes TCP, FTP, DHCP etc.
  • Have significantly worked with feature/functional testing in Data Center Switching/Routing, L2/L3, Switch/Edge routers, Core routers
  • Confidential Routers/Switches: Confidential 8500, Nexus 7xxx series, 76xx/Cat6K, 7200, 7500, 3500, 2900, AS5300, AS5400, AS5800


  • Data Center Switching/Routing
  • L3 Static and Dynamic Routing
  • L2 VLAN Bridging/Switching Confidential, Fabricpath/Layer 2 Multipath
  • PIM-Sparse, IGMP
  • IPSec (IP Security)


Operating Systems: Linux, Solaris and Windows

Programming/Scripting Languages: TCL/TK, Expect, Python

Traffic generator: Ixia, Spirent Test Center, SmartBits, SmartWindow, TeraVPN

Tools: /Analyser: Sniffer-Pro (wireless and wired), WireShark

Configuration Management: CVS, Clearcase

Defect Logging tool: Bugzilla, CDETS

VMware: ESXi 6.0/6.5, VMware vSphere web Client, vCenter Server, vMotion, DRS/HA etc.


Confidential, San Jose, CA

Sr. Software QA/Network Test Engineer


  • Worked with Confidential - Confidential code based L2 and L3 feature testing in fully populated setup on newly developed 8500 chassis and Potenza (40G/100G) linecards
  • Worked for Confidential - Confidential platform testing
  • Worked with script automation for platform cases (with python) and transferring them to regression
  • Writing testcases in testplan, executing testcases based on testplan.
  • Responsible for recreating and debugging test failures and report bugs to maintain high Confidential - Confidential Quality
  • Leading platform testing to coordinate the team here and offshore. Coordination includes: frequent conversation/meeting on alternate day through webex conferencing, email, instant messaging on daily basis, prioritize workloads among engineers, gather weekly reports from engineers, action items on weekly basis etc.
  • Nexus 7k series switches software feature/functional and automation/regression testing, it includes Confidential (virtual port-channel), emulated switch/fabricpath features/functional and automation testing across different platforms
  • Responsible for recreating and debugging test failures and report bugs to maintain high Confidential Quality
  • Also involve testing on special Customer builds like Saudi Telecom, Comcast, Verizon etc. by creating their setup in house.
  • Write test plans and execute testcases based on the test plans
  • To work with cross-functional teams to resolve various in house and customer found issues.
  • Responsible for recreating and debugging test failures and report bugs to maintain high IOS (using different branches of Confidential IOS images based on customer releases) Quality

Confidential, Fremont, CA

Sr. Network Test Engineer


  • Leading in Stateful Inspection and ICSA Firewall certification testing
  • Features testing/support such as multi-net IPSec, GRE, L2TP, PPTP, Xauthentication (Extended Authentication), policy based routing, VRRP, wireless (802.11b/g) feature testing such as WPA-PSK, 802.1x etc.
  • Working with Customer based SKU testing/support such as Covad, CenturyTel, Megapath.
  • Working with different DSL technology ADSL, SDSL, SHDSL.
  • Prepare test plans based on Product Requirements, Functional Specifications, and Industry Standards ( Confidential etc.) for hardware/software developed in the group
  • Log/track failures and verify fixes/corrective actions using Bugzilla. Escalating systems problems to appropriate internal resources and resolve on a timely manner.
  • Close interaction with the design teams to feed back problems, suggest improvements, and ensure that testing considerations are taken into account during the design cycle.

Confidential, Milpitas, CA

System Network Engineer/Tech. Support Engineer


  • Member of the Network team for Distribution responsible for the configuration, analysis, design, setup, administration of new and current locations, maintaining, change management, repairing and troubleshooting of network LAN/WAN infrastructures and application components.
  • Design test cases, testbed and setup, test execution, problem reporting and analysis of VPNos, VPNRemote Client and VPNManager Software of different Confidential Related Products
  • Lead in support for VPNos features such as High Availability, Default Confidential, Resilient Tunnel, Fail-Over, Pre-shared/Certificate based Confidential, Static/Dynamic Confidential, NAT etc in Confidential Products
  • Lead in Interoperability testing/support for Confidential PIX firewall, Brick Firewall, Nortel Contivity Confidential, Permit Gate, etc with Confidential products. It includes writing test plans, test cases for interoperability testing, execute test cases.
  • Lead in Performance testing/support by using SMARTBITS and TeraVPN for all Confidential products
  • Third party Confidential Client (wireless Movian Confidential ) testing/support for PalmVx with Confidential products
  • Several Customer ( Confidential Docombo, Merryl-Lynch etc) related problems testing
  • Log/track failures and verify fixes/corrective actions using Clarify. Escalating systems problems to appropriate internal resources and resolve on a timely manner.

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