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Quality Assurance Engineer Resume

New York, NY


  • Software Quality Assurance Process - Development, Implementation and Management.
  • Exceptional leadership skills, including team-building and mentoring, that grow teams internally.
  • Deep and eclectic software development-process knowledge, resulting from diverse QA and Project Management roles within numerous IT and Software development settings.
  • Proven ability to develop and communicate a comprehensive QA-vision that ensures the attainment of company-wide goals and objectives.
  • A proven track record of problem analysis, solution development and timely implementation that has achieved enterprise goals within project constraints.
  • Exceptional strengths in understanding, refining and then meeting the needs of all stake holders, given time and resource constraints.
  • Successful offshore-team management and optimization.


Methodologies: SDLC (various), Agile, Kanban

CI Tools: Jenkins, Confluence, Jira, Leankit

Source Control: Subversion, Git, GitHub

Databases: Oracle9i, 10g, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis

Database tools: Toad, SQL Plus, Oracle SQL Developer, DB Visualizer

Web/App: Node.js, J2EE, Apache, Tomcat, IIS, WebSphere, WebLogic, SharePoint, VMware, Virtual PC

Frameworks: Ember.js, WCF, .Net

Scripting: Python, PHP, MS Visual Studio 2008 (VB)

Modeling: Matlab

IDEs: Pycharm, Eclipse, Selenium, Netbeans, IntelliJ

Testing tools: Behave, Selenium WebDriver, JUnit, JMeter, Fiddler, Team Foundation Server, VS2010, Quality Center, QTP, Load Runner, XMLSpy, Achilles proxy, XML Notepad++, Silk Test, Silk Performer, SoapUI, LoadUI, JIRAProtocols HTML, JSON, XML, CSS, CSV, Fixed-field, BAI, SWIFT

Security: Keepass, Hailstorm ARC, Fiddler

Office tools: MS Office, Openoffice.org, Project, Visio, Lotus Notes, Outlook


Confidential, New York, NY

Quality Assurance Engineer


  • Team member to help build a Continuous Delivery process; Reliable Software Releases through Build, Test, and Deployment Automation.
  • Developed Selenium UI automation testing framework with python-bindings.
  • Designed, built and maintained a 10-node, single-hub Selenium Grid-3 infrastructure to support optimized automation parallel-testing across Firefox, Chrome and IE11.
  • Provided automation UI acceptance test coverage and reporting across several single-page web applications.
  • Conceived and developed a new data-visualization test-pattern using python image-processing libraries that successfully validated data-visualizations within all single-page web applications.
  • The test framework was assessed as “robust” according to an outside-agency, charged with its evaluation.
  • Introduced performance-baseline testing across applications using JMeter to predict horizontal-expansion of capacity, based upon business-provided on-boarding projections (proactive).

Confidential, Canton, MA

Senior Process Improvement Engineer


  • Review and improve the Phase Gate process to ensure an efficient and transparent system.
  • Help implement and improve the Project Server project and related processes.
  • Implement a Work Order system within Engineering to record Work Order Requests so requests are handled efficiently with existing resources.
  • Review and Enhance the QA / Test procedures to provide more reliable and repeatable results.
  • Identify bottlenecks, missing process components, delays, missed deadlines, and miscommunications with an emphasis on root cause analysis and process improvement.
  • Improve all components of the Product/System Development Life Cycle.
  • Develop reports, white papers, systems analysis documents, and report to management.

Confidential, Westwood, MA

Business Systems Quality Assurance Lead


  • Created and launched Enterprise-wide Production Implementation Risk Analysis (PIRA) process for all code implementations to production which virtually eliminated rollbacks and rework.
  • Introduced repeatable open-source automation testing for all customer facing web-portals (Selenium) which improved repeatable testing coverage and allowed daily operational validations.
  • Created and Implemented secure Login ID/Password management-framework using open-source tools (Keepass) which improved IT security and management as demonstrated within improved yearly-audit performance.
  • Performance and load testing for transition from dedicated analog field device to mobile field application - iPhone and Android.
  • Created full end-user documentation for sales force transition to iPad.

Confidential, Boston, MA

Environment: al Coordinator, Manual and Automation testing


  • Lead SQA Engineer - Security Testing - Cenzic Hailstorm testing/reporting/risk assessment (OWASP top ten web risks).
  • Lead SQA Engineer - Backend testing of federally-mandated fraud and audit XML messaging and storage systems.
  • Write/execute test plans. All deliverables completed on-time or according to closely managed expectations with little or no rework.
  • Coordinate all logistical aspects of testing and development environments to maximize up-time for developers, testers and build implementation teams.
  • Developed automated functional test cases for quickly determining application availability and/ or determination of outage root cause(s).
  • Manage and coordinate testing cycles within a complex set of distributed systems and develop multiple configuration permutations to support a fast moving and dynamic set of testing requirements.
  • Develop comprehensive methodology for simulating location-specific functionalities for bank-branch applications.
  • Perform “soup to nuts “custom configurations of database and test machine configurations to support simulated bank-branch functionality in each representative state.
  • Write DB2 scripts, desktop batch files and make hostname changes within a MS Domain, Active-Directory network environment to support geographically-based application functionality.
  • Developed comprehensive methodology for simulating location-specific functionalities for bank-branch applications.
  • Develop global self-service web-based communication methods for multiple development and test environments, including build scheduling, outage notification and UAT-scheduling and support.

Confidential, Newton, MA

Quality Assurance Manager/Team Lead


  • Managed Multiple Projects with a diverse and geographically distributed staff.
  • Led 3 teams in 2 locations (Headcount - 8).
  • Single point of contact for offshore testing resources (Headcount - 20).
  • Successfully led 12-month QA performance testing effort for new J2EE-ported product.
  • A primary contributor to the development and implementation of the ACI SDLC.
  • Fought for changes to improve existing system and data test strategies to include production-based measurements and modeling of expected user activities and cumulative loads for Performance and Load testing phase.
  • Conceptualized and developed data-mining methodologies to identify and gather correct data-sets for developed usage model. Designed performance testing scenarios based upon this model and measured production-validated user-activity profiles within specified performance criteria. Ultimately succeeded in rescuing the effort for an on-time publication of the performance white paper. This led directly to increased sales of the product.
  • Worked directly with IBM Waltham lab to size and design performance testing system for future testing.
  • Established a performance testing culture that included inputs/outputs with all stake holders including Product, Development and Manual QA.
  • Improved project scheduling process of complex host payment interface testing by defining all needed resources within MS Project. This simple change eliminated historically prevalent delays due to previously and poorly coordinated resource planning processes.
  • “Go-to” Engineer for testing all Oracle, PL-SQL-based parsing-utilities and Entitlement DB conversions.
  • Lead SQA Engineer - Penetration Testing - capture and manipulate client-server packets to reveal server-side validation shortcomings.
  • Worked directly with customers to extract/confirm DB- conversion requirements and managed expectations.

Confidential, Lowell, MA

Senior Technology Officer


  • Implemented Test Director into QA process and work-flow.
  • Performance Testing of Entitlement APIs using J-unit test-harness.
  • Initiated and managed conversion to triple-boot design for all test/workstations in SQA Lab.
  • Rescued the 3 months behind EC Gateway (EDIFACT) Disaster Project--delivered and tested--on time.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Quality Assurance Engineer/Business Analyst


  • Drove Bank-wide Desktop software inventory (Bindview).
  • Loaned-out to Security-team as Lead analysis engineer for MS-Security patch assessment for both desktop and servers.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Quality Assurance Engineer/Software Test Strategy Development


  • Developed and implemented software test strategy that successfully identified software that was not ready for Y2K.
  • Developed and implemented hardware test strategy that successfully identified servers and desktops to be replaced.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

CRE/MIS Manager/Project Manager


  • Successful conversion of dumb-terminal desktops to Windows/Netware computing structure for 8000 desktops.
  • Successful design and roll-out of Windows 95 executive laptop image (Ghost 1.0) with remote connectivity.

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