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Senior Qa Automation Engineer Resume

Detroit, MI


  • Over 8 years of Experience as a QA Test Engineer using Manual & Automation Testing of web and Mobile applications, client/server with specializing in Software Assurance Testing and QA Automation Engineer.
  • Experience in Manual and Automation Testing of Web Services/Mobile Apps, Client Server and Web based Applications in different domains using QTP, SOAP UI, ALM and Selenium.
  • Hands on Experience on testing web services (SOAP, REST) using SOAP UI Tools.
  • Involved in implementing End to End Test Automation Framework using Protractor with Jasmine to handle Angular JS.
  • Worked on multiple domains like Health Care, Insurance, Finance, E - Commerce and Retail Domains.
  • Strong team player with ability to work productively in a team as well as individually.
  • Experience in software engineering methodologies like Agile/Scrum and Waterfall methodologies.
  • Good Expertise at using Selenium Synchronizations with conditional synchronization and unconditional synchronization (Implicit, Explicit) wait statements.
  • Experience in all phases of Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Bug life Cycle and Methods like Waterfall and Agile.
  • Expertise in Manual and Automated testing of applications developed on Windows, iOS and Android operating systems using Appium.
  • Ability to document and track defects as well as produce detailed reports using defect-tracking tools such as Jira, Bugzilla and HP Quality Center.
  • Extensively performed Database testing using Selenium. Generated Production DB reports using SQL queries.
  • Good experience in OOPS using Core Java and extensively used classes, objects, data structures, inheritance, polymorphism, exception handling, packages, collection, reflection and many more.
  • Strong knowledge in implementing test automation scripts for mobile testing using Appium for Android and iOS applications.
  • Excellent analytical, problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills along with a good attitude for learning.
  • Proficient in Automating manual test cases using QTP and VBScript .
  • Extensive experience in Functional testing, User Acceptance testing (UAT), Integration testing, Regression testing, GUI testing, Back-end testing, Browser Compatibility testing, Ad-hoc testing, Black Box Testing, White Box Testing and System Testing.
  • Developed Test scenarios, Test cases, Test data, Test procedures, Test reports and Test Matrices and documented manual and automated test scripts in Java for Selenium.
  • Diverse knowledge in dealing with various open source tools like Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, SoapUI, Cucumber, JUnit, Eclipse and TestNG.
  • Well versed in dealing with Keyboard Mouse Events like Drag and Drop, Right Click, Upper Case, Lower Case, and Underline etc. using Action Class in Selenium Web driver.
  • Good Knowledge on Selenium Cross Browser Testing to check the application functionality and behaviour over various browsers.
  • Proficient in Mobile testing using Appium on real and virtual devices to execute the mobile automation test scripts.
  • Strong knowledge on Core-Java OOPS Concepts.
  • Worked on handling multiple windows and Pop-ups with Selenium.
  • Worked on Selenium grid to run multiple tests across different browsers, operating systems in parallel.
  • Performed Database/Backend testing using SQL Queries for data design, validation and integrity testing. Also established JDBC connection using java programming language.
  • Used tools such as Maven and Ant for automating software build processes.
  • Strong Knowledge in Mobile Testing using Appium for (Android/IOS) applications.
  • Developed new automated test cases using Selenium WebDriver, Java, TestNG, and used Sauce Labs to run them.
  • Reviewed test plans, designs and requirements documents with cross-functional teams.
  • Extensive knowledge in analysing requirements, writing and executing test plans, designing test cases and procedures, preparing test data, setting up test environment, creating defect documentation, requirement traceability matrix and test summary reports.
  • Worked closely with Business Analyst for Requirements Study and developed SQL Scripts for end to end process validation.
  • Executed SQL statements to test the integration between application and database.
  • Efficient in analyzing System Requirements, Use Cases and other documents to gain overall understanding of the new application, to determine the appropriate level of testing required and designing end-to-end testing framework that supports both manual and automated.
  • Expertise in designing Automation Frameworks.
  • Involved in Building Automation Framework for AngularJS, Node.js and involved in testing AJAX components with Protractor and Selenium WebDriver.
  • Experience in performing Back end testing by executing complex SQL queries for validating the data in the backend database tables.
  • Experience in using the JavaScript frameworks AngularJS and Node.js
  • Experience in Test coordination between Onsite and Offshore team .
  • Good experience in testing both SOAP and REST services using SOAPUI and Tested both XML and JSON formats.
  • Experience in functional testing of Web based applications, APIs, and knowledgeable on Automation using Quick Test Professional (QTP).
  • Experience in Defect Tracking, Report Generation, Exporting and Importing of Test Cases in Excel format, Preparation of Requirement Traceability Matrix, Generation and Execution of scripts.


Testing Tools: Selenium Web Driver/IDE/GRID/RC, Cucumber, Appium, SoapUI, LoadUI, Jmeter, LoadRunner, QTP.

Programming/Scripting/Languages: C, C++, Java, OOPS Concepts, C#, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Groovy, VBScript, Ajax, AngularJS, Node.js, and XML.

Frameworks: TestNG, JUnit, NUnit, Data Driven, Keyword Driven, Page Object Model, MVC, SpecFlow, Jasmine, Protractor.

Testing: Integration, Functional, Regression, Retesting, Performance and Load Testing End-to-End Testing, UAT, Manual Testing, Automation, Black Box and White Box Testing.

SOA Technologies: SOAP, REST, Web Services and SOAP UI, XML, JSON.

Bug Tracking Tools: JIRA, HP Quality Center, Bugzilla, TFS.

Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, and Waterfall.

Configuration Management Tools: Tortoise SVN, GIT.

Build Tools: Ant, Maven.

Continuous Integration: Jenkins

Databases Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle.

Operating Systems: Windows

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML.

Networking Protocols: HTTP, FTP, SNMP and SSH, TCP, UDP, ICMP

Packages: MS Office

Development Environments: Eclipse IDE, NetBeans IDE, Turbo C++, Visual Studio

Cloud Testing: Sauce Labs

CRM Tools: Salesforce


Confidential, Detroit, MI

Senior QA Automation Engineer


  • Worked on Selenium Web driver to write automation scripts for functional and regression testing.
  • Developed Test Automation Framework using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, and Apache POI.
  • Experience in Data Driven and Keyword Driven framework to maintain test suite.
  • Able to write Java Test Automation Script (.java) using Java, Selenium and Web Driver which does sanity testing, on every deployment performed in QA Environment and sends Email notification on failure.
  • Experience in using POM designing mode.
  • Executed the test plans on web and mobile (IOS & Android) as per requirements using Appium tool.
  • Implemented simulator for Mobile App Testing in Android Platform using Appium.
  • Developed automation test scripts using Selenium, Java, TestNG and Cucumber as part of Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD).
  • Developed Test Scripts to implement Test Cases, Test Scenarios, and features for BDD (Behaviour Driven Development), TDD (Test Driven Development) using Cucumber with Java.
  • Well versed in configuring the Android SDK, APK Files, Appium and Integrating to Eclipse.
  • Developed and maintained automated regression test cases in Selenium WebDriver using Java programming language and TestNG Framework.
  • Extensively involved in all stages of testing life cycle, Test Driven Development methodologies and Software Development Life cycle (SDLC) using Agile, Scrum methodologies.
  • Performed extensive database testing, wrote SQL scripts to compare the UI results with that in the database .
  • Worked with various JavaScript elements and Involved in development of data-driven framework using Selenium WebDriver.
  • Identifying and creating test data needed for carrying out execution of all functional and regression scripts.
  • Involved in implementing Test Automation Framework using Protractor with Jasmine.
  • Performed Backend testing by extensively using complex SQL queries to verify the integrity of the database .
  • Developed automation scripts for Mobile Native applications on iOS and Android platforms using Appium and Java.
  • Involved in multiple devices and browser testing with Sauce Labs integration, including iOS and Android mobile applications.
  • Involved in tracking, reviewing, analyzing defects using Jira .
  • Extensively worked with GIT Version Control System.
  • Created Selenium web-driver automation scripts using Java to validate functionality on various browsers.
  • Involved in integrating the test suites to Jenkins to execute them automatically after every deployment.
  • Tested Web Services using SoapUI tool, validating WSDL, request and response.
  • Used MAVEN as a build tools on java projects for the development of build artifacts on the source code.
  • Checked the data flow through the front end to backend and used SQL queries, to extract the data from the database.
  • Performed Web Services Testing by creating test case suite using SOAP UI.
  • Performed stress testing and load testing utilizing LOADUI .
  • Tested web services using REST client and analyse JSON response.

Environment: Selenium Web driver, TestNG, Java, HTML5, Protractor, Gherkin, BDD, POI, POM, Appium, JavaScript, Cucumber, Jira, GIT, GitHub, Jenkins, Maven, Load UI, SOAP UI, REST, JSON, Data driven, Mobile Testing, Sauce Labs, Backend testing, Windows, Agile.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Sr. Automation Engineer


  • Used TestNG Annotations in Selenium WebDriver and executed a batch of tests as TestNG suite.
  • Developed user-friendly and flashy XSLT reports using TestNG .
  • Integrated Automation scripts (Selenium WebDriver API) in Continuous Integration tools (Jenkins) for nightly batch run of the Script.
  • Used Java language and Junit framework for scripting.
  • Used ANT for building the WebDriver project.
  • Design & Develop data driven framework using Selenium Web Driver, TestNG and Apache POI API.
  • Performed Data driven testing using Junit functions and Selenium WebDriver which examines the data properly from XML files.
  • Implemented POM (Page Object Model) automation framework using JAVA, Selenium Webdriver and Cucumber.
  • Integrated Appium with Sauce Labs for distributing tests on the cloud.
  • Developed Selenium scripts in TestNG for parameterization using Data Provider annotation.
  • Installed and configured the Android SDK, APK files, Appium and integrated to Eclipse.
  • Developed effective, comprehensive automated tests that encompass pre-conditions, data setup, assumptions, and document test steps in a fast-paced agile environment.
  • Developed and executed SQL queries in the database to conduct data integrity testing by checking the data tables on the serve .
  • Wrote Test Scripts by using Cucumber tool with BDD Framework using selenium in Java and prepared automation test framework.
  • Used TestNG framework to write scripts in selenium java.
  • Implemented mobile automation frameworks using Appium.
  • Extracted the required .apk file for the Appium automation.
  • Logged Defects in HP ALM with priorities and co-ordinated with Development team for fixing.
  • Used Tortoise SVN to maintain current and historical versions of files such as source code, web pages, and documentation.
  • Validated website Mobile version on different types of devices (iPhone, Android).
  • Involved in pushing the automated test code into CI (Continuous Integration) and monitored the test execution in Jenkins once the code is pushed into CI.
  • Developed ANT Build scripts to run Sanity Test scripts developed in Selenium WebDriver.
  • Performed Stress and Load testing using JMeter - used Thread Groups, Samplers, Plans and Proxy recording with listeners to calculate the average response time.
  • Integrated Web Services testing by using Cucumber as the UI for the tests.
  • Automating RESTful Web Services test case using Java libraries like REST-Assured.

Environment: Selenium Webdriver, TestNG, Java, Junit, POI, Appium, JavaScript, HTML5, HP ALM, Cucumber, Tortoise SVN, Mobile Testing, Performance Testing, Jenkins, ANT, JMeter, REST-Assured, Windows, Agile.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Test Automation Engineer (Selenium).


  • Designed Test Cases and the Test Data.
  • Developed automation test scripts using Selenium Web Driver.
  • Actively involved in the preparation of the Test Plan.
  • Developed test code in C# language using Visual studio and NUnit framework.
  • Followed the Agile methodology throughout the SDLC. Analyzed and understood the business requirements to convert them to Test cases and Test scripts.
  • Participated in daily SCRUM Meetings to ensure Sprint delivery stays on track and helped Development & Testing teams in issue clarification & resolution.
  • Involved in testing the database and data validation using SQL Queries.
  • Used TFS (Team Foundation Server) for defect logging and tracking.
  • Performed UI testing and frontend testing using Selenium.
  • Developed and Executed Test Scripts using Selenium WebDriver, and analysed Test Results.
  • Experienced in making DataDriven and MVC Framework to maintain Test Suites.
  • Wrote code-behind files in C#.Net server-side processing of pages and test cases using SpecFlow.
  • Verified Web services API request, response data validations in REST, SOAP protocols.
  • Responsible for estimating required resource and components for SOAP testing.
  • Used Load Runner for writing the test script for performance, load and regression testing.

Environment: Selenium Webdriver, C#, NUnit, Visual Studio, SQL, TFS, UI testing, HTML, SOAP, REST, Datadriven, SpecFlow, Performance testing, Load Runner, Windows, Agile.


Automation Tester


  • Understood the Client Requirements and converted them in to Test Requirements.
  • Analysed the dependencies over the End User Requirement.
  • Extensively involved in various phases of manual testing.
  • Developed the project by using waterfall methodology.
  • Created all Test Plans, Test Cases and Manual Scripts to create greater coverage for all initiatives assigned.
  • Automated manual test cases using QTP and VBScript .
  • Involved in testing such as Functional, GUI, and Regression using Quick Test Pro.
  • Automated high priority test cases using QTP tool.
  • Reported the defects through Quality Center and various matrices using MS Office.
  • Involved in Functionality, Black box, Integration and System Testing of the application using QTP.
  • Responsible for Generating, Executing Scripts and Analysing results using QTP.
  • Reviewed the reported Test Cases.
  • Involved in Regression testing, End-to-End Testing, Acceptance testing (UAT), Stress testing, Smoke testing, API testing.
  • Participated in status meetings and prepared documentations.
  • Reported status to the client in various matrix forms.
  • Responsible for Data setup for System testing.
  • Developed and executed test cases for XML using SoapUI Tool.
  • Was responsible for Bug Report generation and defect tracking using Quality Centre.
  • The messaging formats included SOAP over HTTP& REST based clients with XML Payload.
  • Wrote MSSQL queries to interact with the database and test/validate the data.

Environment: QTP, VBScript, Manual Testing, Quality Center, SoapUI, SOAP, REST, MSSQL 2000, Windows, Waterfall.


Manual Tester


  • Prepared Test Plan and Test Cases based on the business and functional specifications.
  • Prepared test cases and test scenarios for manual testing.
  • Analysed code to perform white box testing.
  • Coordinated and worked closely with business analyst and stake holders during gathering requirements for the product and documented test cases.
  • Reviewed and implemented Business Requirement Documents.
  • Developed the project by using waterfall methodology.
  • Reviewed the test cases written for Unit and Integration level.
  • Analyzed test specifications and converted them into Manual Test Cases.
  • Reviewed functional specification documents, design documents, requirements traceability matrix and involved in developing test plan document.
  • Attended Weekly Status Meetings, discussed and interacted with team members.
  • Managed Test results and defects using Bugzilla defect tracking tool.
  • Performed End to End Testing and involved in User Acceptance Testing.
  • Performed Security Testing (Authorization Testing, Access Control Testing).
  • Used SOAPUI tool to test SOA based architecture application to test SOAP services and REST API.
  • Tested web services using REST client and analyze JSON response.
  • Reported and tracked bugs using Bugzilla tool.
  • Worked on SQL statements in checking the validity of the Backend.

Environment: Manual testing, Bugzilla, JAVA, XML, HTML, SOAPUI, REST, JSON, MySQL, SQL, Waterfall.

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