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Pega Sr. Developer/sme Resume



  • Having 9+ years of IT experience in Analysis, Design and Development of applications using Pega PRPC, Java/J2EE, PL/SQL, JSP, and HTML.Well versed with Properties, Reports, Access groups, Flows, Activities, Flow Actions, assignments, SLA, Agents in PRPC.
  • Expertise in developing User Interfaces, screen layouts using, Harness, Section, JSP’s and HTML.
  • Extensive debugging Skills in PRPC using with Clipboard, Tracer, UI Inspector and Rules Inspector.
  • Experience in designing high level class structure, workflows and Rule set management in Pega PRPC based on Pega practiced guardrails.
  • Strong knowledge in implementing various PRPC components like Data pages, Decision tables, Decision Maps, Declarative expressions, Constraints, and Indexes etc.
  • Experience in developing Connectors, Integrations and Services in PRPC using external apps like JMS Listeners and File Listeners.
  • Worked on SMA for debugging, and PAL for performance analysis.
  • SME prompts on the accepted procedures for the update and furthermore gives direction to settling any issues that are found.
  • Expertise in creating Business Rule Engine, Business Process Management Application for Pega Rules Process Commander (PRPC).
  • Hands on experience in writing Pega PRPC libraries and functions.
  • Understanding of Object Oriented Principles and Web application architecture.
  • Excellent understanding of various types of Rules like Product rules, Correspondence rules, Integration rules, Rule set management and associated tools such as Import & Export tools.
  • Strong experience in N - tier and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Experience in RDBMS technologies like Oracle, and My-SQL.
  • Exposure to Insurance, Heath care and Retail.
  • Expertise in Implementation of Agile/Scrum Methodology’s
  • Enhanced excellent communication and problem solving skills throughout my career.


BPM Technologies: PRPC V5.2, PRPC 6.1, PRPC V6.2sp2, PRPC V6.3 sp1, PRPC V7.1.6, PRPC V 7.2.2

Languages: Java, J2EE

Web Technologies: HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, CSS, XML, Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, Restful API

ORM Tools: Hibernate

Application Server: Web Logic, Web Sphere, Apache Tomcat

Database: MS-SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2

IDEs: Eclipse

Operating System: Windows, Unix, Linux, Android


Confidential, Georgia

Pega Sr. Developer/SME


  • Implemented the PICM in Scaled Agile Framework (SAFE 4.5).
  • Participated in Program Increment (PI) planning, Epic feature writing.
  • Initially helped out in refinement of the pega Hardware Sizing document for setting up a new instance within Confidential (pega 7.3).
  • As a OHI member imported all the spreadsheet data into the Tables of MS Access DB.
  • Worked on forms, removing the unwanted fields by making sure the table structure and fields in the forms were same.
  • Created a space in confluence by name Program Integrity Concept Management Train (PCMT) and being a continues contributor for the space making sure all the necessary data in different formats available to the rest of the team.
  • Designed the Working vague solution for OHI & PI teams.

Environment: Pega PRPCV7.3,MSAccessDB,EnterpriseJira,confluence,SAFE4.5, Sharepoint,ServiceNow.

Confidential, New York

Pega Senior consultant


  • Took the sole responsibility from onsite for project design as per clients need, development, tracking, Split & assign work to offshore and giving regular presentations to stake holders etc.
  • Interacted with Project Managers, Business Leads, and Business Analysts to define business requirements for designing, testing, and building applications to meet those requirements.
  • Attending daily & weekly scrum calls.
  • Getting requirements from client & passing to offshore team.
  • Preparing HLD, LLD & preparing sprint plan along with client.
  • Involved while creating Pega Direct Capture of objectives along with Pega Architect
  • Involved in creating activities, activity step methods, when rules and decision rules.
  • Involved in creation of validation rules to implement business logic validation.
  • Involved in PRPC flow diagrams using Visio, Interpretation of complex flow shapes for business scenarios.
  • Involved in Creating Composite Portal, Activity, Work Flow, Construction of Business validation Rules, Data Modeling and Class Structure Design
  • Provided detailed analysis using Microsoft Access queries, troubleshooting and correcting issues utilizing Microsoft Access, SQL and Excel. Reporting and updating Facets data to ensure proper configuration process.
  • Development using PEGA7 according to the Business Requirement.
  • Prepared user interfaces (section, harness, and flow action) for portal representation.
  • End to end Integration testing of the application.
  • Designed SQL connector rules to get data from the external database.
  • Implemented Portal for Business to access data to verify/add client specific information.
  • Created Agents for updating work object status.
  • Used the TRACER to examine the rules and to minimize the execution time
  • Involved in testing and troubleshooting the issues of application using PRPC tools like Clipboard, Tracer and PAL
  • Have a working knowledge of the following PRPC design and implementation topics: (Work Object Relationships, Specialization techniques, Reporting, Routing (Skills based), Rule
  • Resolution/Inheritance/Circumstancing, Class Design, Locking, Persistence, Authentication, Agents, Functions/Java API, Services, Connectors
  • Responsible for making release notes & workbook.

Environment: Pega PRPC V7.2, HTML, JavaScript, XML, Oracle SQL, Web Services.

Confidential, Memphis, TN

Pega Senior Application Developer


  • Implemented and lead Claim Creation functionality, Operator Security and hashing functionality, Blended intake, VOE Web Intake service, Update on incident from Claim and sending updated values, lead Duplicate search functionality.
  • Prepared high level design documents from the requirements
  • Revise the Requirement Specifications with the users for better customer service and feasibility.
  • Extracting the business rules from the analysis done.
  • Involved in Facets 5.30/4.81/4.41 , with deferent modules like Subscriber/Member, Open Enrollment, Claims Processing, Billing and Providers Applications.
  • Tested the enhanced FACETS/AMISYS system, evaluating claims adjudication needs and creating HIPAA-compliant business rules configuration.
  • Design and develop front-ends in Harness, Harness-Section, and Flow-Actions.
  • Involved in performing validations using PRPC.
  • Involved in mapping roles to object access for various case types.
  • Involved in integrating with web services for business processing.
  • Implement changes in business flow using PRPC and manage them
  • Creation of Class Structure in Pega PRPC, Properties (Data types) using Data Pages, Embedded Pages and Correspondences.
  • Working with the various business teams to gather business requirements, designed prototype of the system and presented to the business users/managers.
  • Followed the UML methodology to Create UML Diagrams including Use Cases Diagrams, Activity Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Collaboration Diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams and MS Visio and thus defining the Business Process Model and Data Process Model.
  • Involved in developing hierarchal Class Structures, Workflows, Flow actions, Rule sets as well as data integration between systems.
  • Provided technical leadership for the development team. Offered technical and architectural support to customers, during product & roadmap definition in particular.

Environment: Pega PRPC V7.1, HTML, Oracle SQL, Web Services.

Confidential, Richmond, VA

Application Developer


  • Understanding the specs given by Business.
  • Involved in designing the Technical Design Documents for the Workflow development team.
  • Good at whole Pega implementation cycle, including business process modeling, development, testing and deployment.
  • Worked in scrum/Agile team and deliver the code with in sprint time.
  • Involved in design and development of Data Model, Class structure, Access Group, Process flow, Activities and UI properties.
  • Helping manage offshore resources with regards to design, delegation of tasks, and explanation of client requirements on deliverables.
  • Worked on delegating rules on Pega.
  • BIX (Business Intelligence Exchange) to extract PEGA BPM case data and other information from multiplier systems for advance Business Intelligence and Analytics.
  • To schedule an extract from within Designer Studio
  • Create an agent that periodically invokes the pxExtractDataWithArgs activity to run a BIX Extract rule.
  • Extensive Usage of application preflight tool, PAL, DB Trace, Profiler tool, SMA console, Pega AES.
  • Created rules management and associated tools such as export & import tools, skimming and bulk processing tools
  • PPRC configurations such as MQ, File, email server, Scan station and other configurations
  • Design and development of Harness rules, Layout and sections.
  • Involved in creating activities and conditional expressions.
  • Created Operators, Workgroups, Workbaskets, Data tables, Database Name Objects and Database Table Objects.
  • Designed and developed an n-tier architecture that included Presentation, Business and Data Access Layers using C#.Net, ASP.NET and SQL
  • Performed integration by developing rules pertained to rule-connect and rule-service. Major tasks involved integrating with SQL databases to fetch data and with SOAP/Web services to review particular data.
  • Implementation of Decision tables, Decision Maps and Declarative expressions.
  • Used Tracer, Clipboard, Performance Tool, System Management application, and the log files for debugging.
  • Assist with planning and execution of unit, integration and user acceptance testing.
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer of PRPC functionality and application functionality.
  • Involved in debugging application using Pega Tracer tool, performance testing using PAL tool.
  • Worked on Scheduling agents at application level.
  • Involved in bug fixing activities as a Production support.
  • Created new classes and mapped them to new tables and developed SQL scripts to create the tables and expose the columns to improve the performance.
  • Migrated data instances and rule sets from development to UAT & Performance environment when needed. And generating reports using list view and summary view rules of PRPC.

Environment: Pega PRPC V6.2, HTML, JavaScript, XML, C# .net, ASP .net, Oracle SQL, Web Services, ALM, Facets.


System Architect


  • Interacted with key business users to collect requirement and business process information.
  • Understanding the very complex business process in Banking domain and deliver the knowledge with team members in short span of time.
  • Creating rapid prototypes of interfaces to be used as blueprints for technical development.
  • Contributed positively to the overall team dynamic; participated in stand-up meetings, planning and design sessions and other business-development working.
  • Elegant implementation of page designs in standards-compliant HTML and CSS.
  • Coordinating with other vendors like Pega team on identifying technical approach, resolving complexities during development phase.
  • Coordinating with offshore team members on project delivery, Defect fixing & effective contribution in performance tuning.
  • Integration with external system requiring Soap connectors, which is compatible & reusable in the existing application.
  • Prepare High level design and Low level design documents.

Environment: PRPC v5.5, Oracle 11g, WebSphere, Java Script and JSP.


Java Developer


  • Involved in the complete SDLC including design of System Architecture, development of System Use Cases based on the functional requirements.
  • Used IBM RAD for modeling the software artifacts
  • Experience working in AGILE development environment.
  • Knowledge of integrations using MQ and Biz Talk
  • Implemented MVC architecture.
  • Spring framework features such as Interceptors and Data Access support implementing Hibernate were extensively used.
  • Experience on generating XML to send the request to the server.
  • Experience on working with XSD, XML Schemas.
  • Used Ajax and JQuery to dynamically load the content into the web pages without reloading the pages.
  • Implemented server side application using SQL and PL/SQL. Used Ajax and Jquery to dynamically load the content into the web pages without reloading the pages.
  • Understanding of web caches as part of maintaining system performance. Implemented Web Services (JAX-WS) to communicate with other applications. Implemented Spring ORM with Hibernate taking advantage of Java5 features like annotation metadata and generic collections using HQL.
  • Worked on JSF components like data table, menu bar, calendar and tree.
  • Experience on internationalization and localization techniques.
  • Worked in deadline driven environment with immediate feature release cycles.
  • Provided extensive pre-delivery support using Bug Fixing and Code Reviews.
  • Used Spring Framework to initialized managed beans and services.
  • Implemented JUNIT test cases for unit testing and Suites for end to end testing.

Environment: J2EE, Oracle, AJAX, JQuery, XML, MS Visio, UML, Web Services, CSS.

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