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Sr. Qa Engineer Resume

Hyattsville, MD


Confidential is an IT Quality Assurance specialist focused on managed software testing and IT quality management with consistent processes to deploy applications faster with confidence. Integrate software quality assurance and testing to simplify test management across multiple tools and projects for reduced cost and increased quality .


  • Interpretation of Requirements Analysis and Gathering (Agile and Rapid Development) for quality assurance testing.
  • Testing Functional, Integration, Certification, Navigation, Behavior, Persistence, Performance and Section 508 Testing (Automated and Manual) of Mainframe, Web and Client Server Testing.


Confidential Rational Team Concert (Quality Manager, Functional Tester, ClearQuest, LoadRunner), HP Quality Center (HP Quick Test Professional, Mercury Test Director and WinRunner), Borland Delphi (Caliber, StarTeam), SCRUM,, SQL Developer, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, PVCS, JAWS, Adobe Reader X, AccVerify, HTML Validator, Unix, HTML, XML, JAVA, Oracle9i, Oracle7.0, Oracle SQL*Net TCP/IP, Adobe Reader, Confidential AIX, Confidential DB2, Services - oriented Architecture (SOA).


Sr. QA Engineer

Confidential, Hyattsville, MD


  • Assisted with the development of project schedules for testing activities.
  • Developed test plans, approaches and procedures; this included unit, functional, certification, navigation, behavior, persistence, performance, and user accessibility testing.
  • Developed Statements of Work and Work Breakdown Structures for various IRS projects.
  • Assisted in the coordination of Fiscal Year 2014 and Fiscal Year 2015 Performance testing activities,

Sr. Business/QA Analyst

Confidential, Frederick, MD


  • Developed requirements (functional/non-functional/operational/data quality) with System Matter Experts (SMEs) and Stakeholders. This included creating use cases, process diagrams, and written reports, whitepapers and briefings to executive management and project stakeholders.
  • Developed business rules spreadsheets (BRSs) to document data movement/data transformation rules.
  • Created and executed project work plans to meet changing needs and requirements.
  • Developed test plans, approaches and procedures; this included unit, functional, certification, navigation, behavior, persistence, performance, Section 508 compliance, and user accessibility testing.
  • Prepared project resource allocation, project work plan documents for delivery to project management and the government COTR
  • Created and migrated test data and created tools and scripts as needed to support testing activities.
  • Coordinated system level testing activities including test-planning, execution, and reporting for a team of six people.
  • Identified defects and created traceability matrix to match defects to specific requirements.
  • Facilitated system-level design meetings in order to address testing issues early in the software development process.
  • Facilitated Daily SCRUMs.
  • Created technical papers for operational users guide, help files, and disaster recovery plans

Configuration Build Manager and Test Lead

Confidential, Herndon, VA


  • Coordinated software deployments for multiple development, test and production environments. Lead a team of five to coordinate the development of the deployments.
  • Authored the delivery of quarterly build validation and verification release artifacts and configuration management plans to project managers.
  • Performed unit, functional, integration, and 508 compliance tests.

QA Requirements Manager

Confidential, Arlington, VA


  • Lead individuals in the use of the Rational Tools Suite; how to write Use Case Models, Use Cases, Test Plans, Test Cases and Test Scripts.
  • Leveraged requirements gathering, process automation and tracking through Rational Suites specific to the clients business environment.
  • Developed test plans, approaches and procedures. This included navigation, behavior, persistence, and IEEE system certification testing.
  • Responsible for ensuring ClearQuest had the latest code checked in to facilitate testing efforts.

Senior QA Analyst

Confidential, Morristown, NJ


  • Prepared test plans and test matrixes for unit, system, integration, and performance testing in Windows and UNIX platforms.

Business Analyst

Confidential, Baltimore, MD


  • Identified and maintained project scope, features and core requirements by authoring business use case models and use case documents.
  • Elicited business needs and requirements from SMEs and stakeholders by defining and detailing business processes.
  • Maintained business and functional requirements within UML models.
  • Developed iteration plans consisting of detailed intra-iteration milestones/deliverables and evaluation criteria for the iteration.
  • Derived and evaluated progress and quality indicators against project plans.
  • Developed test plans, approaches and procedures.
  • Developed presentations to deliver testing statuses to client.

Business Analyst

Confidential, Reston, VA


  • Administered the creation and configuring of the Rational RequisitePro database; integrated the RequisitePro database to TestManager and XDE databases for the US Bank Banking and Financial solutions product.
  • Imported documents from client’s pre-existing document management database into the Requisite Pro requirements database. Specific duties included importing historical requirements documents, creating the hierarchy for the requirements and generating SODA documents related to the requirements documentation.
  • Mentored a staff of 5 individuals in the use of Rational products and how the tools were integrated.
  • Identified requirements for either automated or manual testing.

Business and Test Analyst

Confidential, Vienna, VA


  • Created and maintained project schedules, SOW's and estimates by evaluating project tasks, scope and risks.
  • Gathered business requirements, data requirements and integration requirements for the Confidential Inventory Control and Purchasing program.
  • Gathered business requirements, data requirements for one of the many Bureau of Labor and Statistics databases.
  • Communicated Managed quality by assessing projects at the end of each phase, iteration and artifact delivery.
  • Evaluated project metrics to ensure completion, compliance and estimates were met.
  • Developed iteration plans consisting of detailed intra-iteration milestones/deliverables and evaluation criteria for the iteration.
  • Responsible for the transfer of object-oriented and component development technologies to emerging development organizations. Specific duties include hands-on mentoring of the Rational Software Lifecycle, OO modeling, and implementation techniques. Specializing in application of the Rational Unified Process and various web-centric technologies to gather requirements.
  • Mentored Rational TestManager and Rational TeamTest tools, installation and management of tester's working desktop, used to plan, design, implement, execute, and evaluate all functional and performance testing.
  • Software testing and evaluation experience on all levels: unit, integration, system, acceptance, and regression testing.
  • Performed performance and load testing; gathering statistics to present to the client.

Project Manager

Confidential, Mechanicsburg, PA


  • Prioritized, assigned and delegated work to developers in accordance with the overall project schedule.
  • Conducted business and technical reviews.
  • Created documentation to define the roles, responsibilities, testing strategies and procedures for implementation of vendor developed content to the core Learning Management System platform.
  • Managed a small team of 2 individuals
  • Developed Test Plan template for the Content Certification Team.
  • Developed a Status Report template for communicating status updates to management team.

Senior Business Analyst

Confidential, McLean, VA


  • Developed business and functional requirements for vendor billing and mortgage applications.
  • Defined system solutions for enhancements as documented in User Requirements documents, creating detailed system specifications, and interface agreements.
  • Investigated production problems (including analyzing source code and evaluation of multiple system interface agreement documents) to identify solutions that will meet the user’s needs and bring the production system back into working compliance.
  • Developed test plan and test conditions for interactive web and client server billing and mortgage applications.
  • Coordinated meetings with development and business teams to verify technical development conformed to my business specifications.
  • Performed quality assurance testing of the new process prior to its release to the internal departments for User Acceptance testing.

Test Lead and CM

Confidential, Rockville, MD


  • Developed test cases and scripts from requirements and functional specifications including identification of expected results.
  • Prepared test by creating and manipulating test data in a UNIX work environment for systems and user test executions.
  • Executed tests to ensure the system met requirements and that modules and components functioned together.
  • Documented and analyzed the test results generated by comparing expected to actual results.
  • Recorded initial result analysis’s in bug tracking tool and communicated test status, observations to management, project team, internal users and our clients.
  • Gathered program promotional changes from developers to package and release to operations team.
  • Ensured version control of promoted programs for develop, test and production servers.

Business and Test Lead

Confidential, Roslyn, VA


  • Investigated technical processes, documented business requirements and identified potential hardware, software, personnel and business needs developing a process allowing communication with external entities via email.
  • Coordinated initiatives to redesign the business processes to support new product and corporate methodology strategies.
  • Designed GUI environment for Help Desk Systems processing team that allowed for improved customer service and increased telephone efficiency.

Business /Test Analyst and CM Lead

Confidential, Rockville, MD


  • Developed business and technical specifications for various systems components, including GUI, voice response system, payment process, event processing, data loads and feeds, and document, report preparations.
  • Coordinated financial and procedural audit reviews for federal government agencies (Federal Insurance Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the National Flood Insurance Program).
  • Developed user acceptance testing strategies and test procedures.

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