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Qa Lead/onsite Coordinator Resume

Austin, TX


  • 8 years and 5 months of rich experience in Software Quality Assurance revolving around the knowledge of fundamental and significant foundations of Information Technology Service Management along with the use of BMC Remedy. A commendable stronghold on ITIL concepts and best practices, SDLC methodology, database testing, Web based application testing - from a Quality Analysis and Testing/Validation perspective. Industrial and business processes exposure with real-time hands on experience using Incident Management, Change Management, Problem Management and Asset Management. Extensive experience in Functional testing, Sanity testing, Regression testing, System Testing, Performance Testing, Load Testing, Security testing,Webservices testing and building Test Automation.
  • Served as Quality Assurance Lead Engineer for Confidential, Inc. for a span of 7+ years
  • Hands-on experience and expertise on ITSM processes with the usage of the major market share ITSM tool - BMC Remedy
  • Extensive experience with Software Quality Assurance Testing on GUI based Client-Server &Web Based applications, Web Services, ETL, NMS/EMS validation, Database validation, Web-based Applications, API validation (custom environment) and Test Automation
  • Proficiency on Sanity Testing, Integration Testing, Functional Testing, Regression, System Testing and Automation testing.
  • Extensive experience in GUI and functional automation using Java, selenium Web driver integrated with TestNG framework.
  • Experience in analyzing and validating data in different relational databases like Oracle, MySQL, and non-relational database like Elastic Search,MongoDB
  • Good experience on testing Web Services using SOAP UI, Rest Client
  • Good Exposure to all phases of SDLC, STLC from requirement analysis and review, implementation, testing, certifying to production and validating in Production (sanity). Exposure to all phases of Defect life cycle.
  • Good Experience working in Agile methodology which we are following it for the new platform (with non-relational Elastic Search database) transforming from the existing platform comprising Remedy, Portal.
  • Extensive experience working in Waterfall methodology we were following in the legacy platform.
  • Good Experience in leading a team of three members in an Offshore-Onshore model acting as an Onsite coordinator
  • Good Experience with MuleSoft (Cisco Partner) Application and deployment which was a solution designed for establishing the connection between the Cisco ITSM tool to Cisco ServiceGrid which is Cisco's B2B solution for integrations
  • Good Experience in deploying builds to UDS (Elastic Search), CES Adaptor, Migators in BMC Remedy and related components required for testing.
  • Good Experience working in LDAP authentication and Multifactor Authentication (using Confidential ) applications.
  • Designated as an integral part within the Cisco QA vertical - was deeply involved in working with two main branches of Cisco Services - ENTERPRISE and SERVICE PROVIDERS
  • Technical Expertise in Remedy, Oracle, My SQL, UNIX, Linux.
  • Experience in developing automation scripts using Selenium Web driver(Java) with TestNG framework for web based application (Portal)
  • Directly interacted and played key role with Partners and Customers during User Acceptance Testing and validation.
  • Experience in working with HP WebInspect, Nessus Security testing tool
  • Extensive experience validating Science logic’s EM7 which is the EMS(Element Monitoring System) to monitor different networking device like Cisco Foundation Routers, Switches, IronPort appliance and their alerts to the Ticketing System
  • Self-Motivated, Innovative, Hardworking, Dedicated, Problem Solving Skills, Good Communication Skills, Ability to learn new things and Flexible to adapt new business procedures


Operating Systems: MS-DOS, Windows 98/XP/2000 Server, Unix and Linux

Databases: SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Elastic Search

ITSM Tools: BMC Remedy, Cisco ServiceGrid, IPCenter, Shore group’s Case Sentry

Certifications: ITIL V3 Foundation, CCNA

Tools: and Environment: TOAD, CMP Trap/SysLog Tool, Wrsim SysLog Generator, Bugzilla, CDETS,TIMS, EM7, Req Pro, Rally, HP Web Inspect, SOAPUI,, Edit plus, SAPRO, EM7, Elastic Search, Neo4j, JavaScript, angularJS, node.js, REST, Tomcat, Oracle 10g, RHE Linux, Apache, Scala, Akka architecture model, RabbitMQ, Citrix, soapUI, Selenium webdriver, Service grid


Confidential, Austin, TX

Environment: Remedy, Elastic Search, Neo4j, Javascript, angularJS, node.js, REST, Oracle 10g, RHE Linux, Apache Tomcat, Scala, Akka architecture model, RabbitMQ, Citrix, Soap UI, Java, Selenium webdriver,TestNG, Service grid, Rest Client, Confidential Portal(GUI), SPOG Delivery portal(GUI)

QA lead/Onsite Coordinator


  • Responsible for representing QA in the Scrum team
  • Responsible for representing QA by active participation of reviewing the User Stories defined in Rally
  • Define a Plan and Tasks in Rally for the Defined User stories
  • Responsible to assign test case to the team members and assisting when required
  • Reporting and tracking of issues till closure
  • Handling/Actively participating in different meetings with scrum team and other Cross functional team like partners
  • Responsible for deploying builds in QA/SLT environment.
  • Involved in developing the automation framework using Selenium WebDriver/TestNG for the GUI based Delivery portal
  • Responsible for automating major regression test cases of the new platform GUI based Service delivery portal Incident, Change, Problem request pages with java using Selenium WebDriver in TestNG framework.
  • Automated multiple browser compatibility testing using Selenium WebDriver
  • Generating automation test report after each run after every sprint.
  • Experienced in backend testing using complex SQL queries , and elastic search query dsl.
  • Experienced in Web Services testing using SoapUI, Rest Client
  • Experienced in load and performance test of the backend application process.
  • Certifying the build to production.
  • Responsible to document the Release notes and socializing it to wider management and users.
  • Supporting build deployment to Production and performing Production Sanity.
  • Support building the new environment/platform for conducting User Acceptance Testing
  • Support Customers in performing User Acceptance testing

Confidential, Austin, TX

Environment: Remedy, EM7, NFX, Java, IIS, Oracle 10g, RHE Linux, and Service grid, Soap UI,Apache Tomcat, TIBCO, Windows and Citrix, Confidential Portal(GUI Java based webapplication)

QA lead/Onsite Coordinator


  • Responsible for representing QA by active involvement in SFS review session by understanding and Reviewing the Functional specs
  • Responsible to design a strategy and plan to validate the entire integrated architecture
  • Organizing peer review /external review meeting with the proper stake holders on the Test documents
  • Day-to-day involvement in testing of various patches, fixes and enhancement in the network management software. (EM7, Remedy running on Unix Solaris boxes)
  • Responsible for leading the QA team in providing effort estimation, task allocation and consolidating the Execution report and a detailed status report to the internal/external and the cross functional stake holders.
  • Effectively use Oracle queries for backend testing
  • Have done usability testing for the customer portal (IIS).
  • Used SoapUI to test the web service interface between components
  • Performance benchmarking of the product by using in-house tools
  • Was responsible for certifying Remedy upgrade program from 7.0 to 7.5 . It includes testing of all customizations and features to ensure smooth migration.
  • Responsible for certifying GUI based legacy Confidential portal (webapplication) .It includes testing of all new features and regression of the old features.
  • Responsible for performing Migration database testing , when Remedy database server got migrated to the new database after upgrade
  • Responsible for validating the ETL jobs , when Remedy database server got migrated to the new database after upgrade
  • Done Extensive functional validation of Oracle Financials billing and reporting software used in RMS system for billing
  • Have done performance test on the processing layer which is a Java application, and has web services.
  • Involve in setting up the test environment for testing
  • Responsible for doing Sanity, Functional and Regression testing of the delivered RMS features
  • Involved in validating Science logic’s EM7 which is the EMS to monitor different device like Cisco Foundation Routers, Switches, IronPort appliance (which scans email inbound/outbound traffic). EM7 will receive asynchronous (Traps, Syslog) and synchronous (defined through dynamic apps) alarms from IronPort devices, which will be then published to northbound applications (Ticketing applications).
  • Responsible for assigning tasks and assisting the team when required.
  • Responsible to ensure the milestones are met as per the project requirement. This includes handling the project risks and issues that may arise and escalate to the management at the right time.
  • Knowledge transfer to new project team recruits for manual testing members. Preparing KT plans for new team members and measuring KT effectiveness by means of reverse KT document and reviewing them.
  • Reporting and tracking of defects till closure.
  • Organize a Bug Scrub meeting with the respective stakeholders in prioritizing the defects.
  • Prepare BAT test case, Test plan, Test Execution Tracker, Defect summary report, Test Execution Summary report and UAT defect analysis for all releases.
  • Conduct Onsite -Offshore status meeting
  • Review weekly status report with the client and offshore QA team
  • Consolidating the detailed test report and Updating weekly status to the PM and Client Manager, Updating status to the Client Manager and Product Management.
  • Conducting a review meeting of Open defects( if any ) to the users while certifying the build to production
  • Certifying the build to production.
  • Responsible to share the Release notes and socializing it to wider management and users during release.
  • Responsible for supporting the build deployment to Production and perform Production Sanity .
  • Support Customers in performing User Acceptance Testing


QA lead/Onsite Coordinator


  • Responsible for performing Regression Testing
  • Responsible for testing Confidential Smart Cards and Confidential Secure ID
  • Responsible to test the Confidential Multifactor Authentication and the Single Sign On.
  • Tracking and Reporting Defects to the Client using Bugzilla
  • Attending weekly Client Status Calls for updating status.

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