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Red Team Tester Resume

Norfolk, VA


Security professional with 3+ years of experience, including administration, development, exploitation, and policy practices. This encompasses both offensive and defensive roles.


Languages: Python, Bash Scripting, HTML/CSS, Javascript

Tools: Burp Suite Pro, nessus, Web Inspect, Nexpose, Acunetix, Acunetix, Splunk, ArcSight, SourceFire, Cobalt Strike, Core Impact, SQLMAP,Wireshark, Nmap, .


Soft Skills: Ability to convey technical details to a non-technical audience, training and mentorship, Attention to detail, analytical mindset

Other: Source Code Review, Vulnerability Assessments, Network Penetration Testing, Web Application testing, Wireless Penetration Testing, Log analysis, OWASP Top 10, Patch Management, Cisco Routers & Switches, Windows Server, Linux/Unix Server, TCP, Tradecraft, Social Engineering, Security Research, Cryptography


Red Team Tester

Confidential, Norfolk, VA


  • Tasked as a SME for penetration testing and vulnerability analysis.
  • Conducts Adversarial assessment and cooperative assessments on various networks and in - house applications.
  • Assisting with the development and vetting of tools to aid in Penetration Tests.
  • Review and update TTPs according operational needs and capabilities, along with a team of individuals.
  • Assisting in the continual revamp of policies and procedures, and giving expert opinion on each matter.
  • Conduct security research for enhancement of organizational capabilities.

Software Security Tester

Confidential, Houston, TX


  • Creating Test Cases.
  • Code Review
  • Testing for common vulnerabilities and Fuzzing possible bugs in pre-production applications.
  • Suggesting course of action, based on test findings, to a wide knowledge base.
  • Server maintenance, installation, and administration.
  • Continued Education

Security Analyst

Confidential, Pensacola, FL


  • Review and correlation of raw log files.
  • Analysis of network packets via network monitoring tool.
  • Creating and running task oriented scripts.
  • Incident Response and digital forensic responsibilities.
  • Working with both Windows & Linux from the command line.
  • Research of attack vectors, threat tactics, and attacker techniques in order to thwart possible attacks.

Security/Network Administrator

Confidential, Fort Eustis, VA


  • Utilized Confidential Vulnerability Scanner for the purpose of resolving network vulnerabilities.
  • Patching and Updating Systems, based on CVEs reported by Vulnerability Scanners.
  • Installed and configured various network and software applications.
  • Updated and configured Active Directory regularly.
  • Utilized Remedy Action Request system for the purpose of tracking and quickly troubleshooting user issues.
  • Worked with a variety of network peripherals, including: laptops, desktops, printers, and servers.
  • Performed computer imaging with CD and through PIXI server.
  • Helped Establish remote or VPN connections for clients.
  • Utilized (STIGs) Security Technical Implementation Guides in order to fully harden network nodes and devices.

IT Specialist

Confidential, Norfolk, VA


  • Installed, configured, serviced, and repaired, and maintained Information Technology systems in both a stand-alone and client-server environment.
  • Troubleshoot and maintained software and hardware components in an enterprise environment.
  • Integrated multiple information systems in a network environment.
  • Evaluate and addressed customer information system problems.
  • Provided support for various IT services to over 300 users.
  • Installed and configured workstation hardware and software on critical and mission essential IT assets.

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