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Director Of Quality Assurance Resume

Southborough, MA


  • Seeking a senior - level Quality Assurance managerial position where I can utilize my skill and experience in commercial, enterprise-level software testing and management, with special interest in data-intensive, analytics-driven, API-rich, multi-tiered web application in a SaaS environment.
  • QA Director/Senior Manager with software developer background. Extensive experience in QA process and automation, Continuous Integration (CI), multi-office (including offshore) resource management.
  • Excellent verbal, written, and analytical skills. Self motivated with reputation for strong work ethic.
  • Software Development Life Cycle (Agile Scrum) QA Process, Test Methodologies, Automation Release Management Continuous Integration (Jenkins/Maven) Budget & Planning / Resource Allocation


  • Selenium (WebDriver), SilkTest, QTP for GUI-driven regression automation
  • SoapUI Pro for SOAP and RESTful web services validation and testing
  • Shell Scripting / Python for Linux/Unix based non-GUI automation
  • SilkPerformer, LoadRunner, WLT ( Confidential ’s real-world cloud-based load test tool) for stress and performance testing
  • C/C++, Linux/Unix shell scripting / Python, Java, JavaScript, VBScript
  • T-SQL/PL-SQL, SQL Server 2012/2008R2, Oracle 12.1/11.2, Sybase 12.5.
  • Subversion (SVN), Perforce, PVCS, VSS for source code repository and management
  • Jenkins/Maven for Build/CI for Java/.NET apps; CruiseControl for C++ and .NET apps
  • InstallShield, InstallAnywhere for desktop installers
  • VMware vSphere 5.5/5.1 - Amazon Cloud, Rackspace (to create commercial load test tool)


Director of Quality Assurance

Confidential, Southborough, MA


  • In charge of Software QA function with focus on next generation platform delivery.
  • Managing QA resources.
  • Instrumental in completing QA automation piece of Continuous Integration (CI) process with Maven as build tool and Jenkins as scheduler.
  • Further advancing QA team with Selenium automation with PageObjects design pattern for UI-Automation.
  • Advanced test and automation of large amount of web services using SoapUI Pro with groovy scripts including DB validation. .

Director of Quality Assurance

Confidential, Boston, MA


  • In charge of Quality Assurance of entire suite of hosted software solution provided to Confidential business. It is built with Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA) centered around Enterprise Service Bus (Mule Confidential ) on Java platform, using DB2 and MS-SQL database extensively.
  • Introduced Scrum-based agile development process into this workplace. Migrated defect tracking system from HP Test Director to JIRA. Managing Scrum projects using JIRA Agile. Successfully introduced Selenium (WebDriver) automation as an integral part of Continuous Integration (CI). Standardized and published a number of QA best practice and processes to effectively mold (used to be) disjoined QA resources in 3 locations into one unified QA organization.
  • Quality Assurance at Confidential encompasses feature/function/API testing, system validation, in-depth performance testing and monitoring. QA automation takes advantage of QTP and Selenium (GUI-regression), LoadRunner (performance), SoapUI Pro (SOAP and RESTful web services), Linux shell / Python scripting for system-level automation. Defect tracking and project management uses JIRA & JIRA Agile. Continuous Integration (CI) involving SVN/Maven/Jenkins/JUnit(Dev)/Selenium(QA).

Director of Quality Assurance

Confidential, Lexington, MA


  • Managed Confidential (later Confidential APM SaaS business line) Quality Assurance function including a large portion of configuration management and release engineering. Entire QA team included 35+ personnel from 3 Confidential sites across Lexington-MA (9), Beijing-China (23), and Detroit-MI (4+).
  • As a key member of Confidential (later Confidential APM BU’s SaaS business line) Engineering leadership team, defined quality goals for Confidential platform (software, system, operation) and corresponding action items, took part in long and short term product roadmap definition. Actively participated and largely defined QA aspect of Confidential ’s software development life cycle ( Confidential -RUP) and its Jira implementation with GreenHopper.
  • As an integral part of one SaaS operation, in addition to working closely with Development team, QA organization had been working closely with Customer Service/Technical Support on escalated issues where Confidential QAs doing a lot more than QAs in traditional software companies, an indication of Confidential QA’s strength and value. QA organization also working closely with Network Operation including NOC, infra-structure, and system engineering teams performing software and system verification, troubleshooting to support various operation initiatives such as meeting SLA and system upgrade.
  • Grew and matured Confidential (later Confidential APM BU’s SaaS business line) QA organization. Headcount increased from 15 to 35+ during my tenure; Quality of QA personnel and productivity had markedly improved.
  • Significantly advanced QA automation for Confidential SaaS business line. Maintained and expanded existing GUI-driven SilkTest regression automation for legacy ASP and ASP.NET web portal. Adopted and expanded Selenium (WebDriver) automation with multi-browser coverage for next-generation Java-based web platform. Introduced and extensively used SoapUI Pro for SOAP and RESTful web services validation and verification. Utilized Confidential ’s commercial cloud-based load test tool WLT to extensively load-test Confidential web platform as well as its various sub-components while using Confidential ’s commercial dynaTrace tool performing bottleneck analysis.
  • Co-managed Confidential configuration and release engineering function with Development team. Improved source code management (SVN), refined build automation process, improved software delivery in SaaS environment using versioning server.

Director of Quality Assurance

Confidential, Cambridge, MA


  • Directed 4 small groups of domestic QA, offshore QA, release engineering, and documentation.
  • As a key member of MAK’s engineering leadership team, participated in defining long-term technical roadmap and contributed to short-term product design, development, and release management.
  • Managed and coordinated various quality related programs and projects. Some were internal and some collaborated with external partners and customers.
  • Jump-started MAK’s quality assurance initiatives. Educated stockholders the value and importance of quality assurance especially as software vendor for many of the world largest defense contractors.
  • Represented QA, release engineering, and documentation to communicate with rest of the company as well as existing and potential customers.
  • Defined software QA and release process. Applied industry best practice such as Six Sigma concept to product development.
  • Hiring, career development, and performance review for QA/Release/Documentation engineers.
  • Maintained internal QA web portal. Researched software QA automation tools, defect tracking and feature management system.
  • Participated hands-on QA test work whenever available, more of a ‘pinch-hitter’ role in baseball term.

Visiting Instructor

Confidential, Framingham


  • Manager of QA team consisting of 8 QA and 1 Release Engineer. Defined software release standard.
  • Managed and successfully delivered 3 releases of two products in 5 languages. Coordinated in-house and oversea testing effort with Canon in Japan.
  • Redesigned software bug-tracking system.
  • Represented QA to effectively communicate with Development and Tech Support. Grew the team and hired 4 new QA engineers in my tenure. Set budget for training and growth within the organization.
  • Designed an automated regression testing framework for eCopy product using WinRunner including some hands-on coding work by myself.
  • Re-configured QA lab of 3 windows domains and 40 servers/workstations.
  • Tested eCopy Java client on J2ME platform. Tested eCopy IAB in SQL Server 2000.
  • Conducted performance test for eCopy application.
  • Created internal QA website using Confidential ’s Dreamweaver.

Principle QA Engineer (QA Team Lead)

Confidential, Reading, MA


  • Team Lead of 5 QA, 1 Release Engineer, and 1 Technical Writer while reporting to Director of Engineering.
  • Defined software release standard, coordinated QA work using internal QA website (which I designed and maintained) and weekly meeting, provided technical guidance to other group members, annual performance evaluation, used SEI CMM to better QA process, set QA budget and spent it wisely, provided QA testing progress to development and upper management.
  • Web-tier (JSP on iPlanet) and backend (Sybase 12.5 on AIX and SQL Server 2000 on Win2K) testing of the multi-tier web presentment of document solution. Rebuilt entire QA infrastructure (hardware, QA automation tools, and internal QA website) all by myself. Used SilkTest 5.5 and SilkPerformer V extensively to create and maintain regression & performance test suite (much more than just record and play back).
  • As a SaaS (hosted service) operation, worked closely with NOC (Network Operation Center) resolving customer-facing as well as internal system issues.

Senior QA Engineer

Confidential, Newton, MA


  • Participated in entire QA process of Allaire's two web application servers - JRun and ColdFusion.
  • Performance and functional testing across Windows, Solaris, and RH Linux platform.
  • JRun 3.0, 3.1, 4.0 - using SilkPerformer and LoadRunner load-test JRun server. Work including creating test plans, generating test scripts, writing/modifying (small) test Java application (JSP, Servlet, and EJB), writing SQL statements, optimizing database (SQL Server 7.0 & Sybase SQL Anywhere 6.0), evaluating different JVMs and JDBC drivers, analyzing results (throughput vs. response time, CPU & memory usage, threads, database connections).
  • White-box testing JRun API in JUnit. Performed Java code coverage and analysis with JProbe including automating JProbe coverage using combination of Windows scheduling service, batch files, and configuration files. Automated JMC regression suite using Segue’s SilkTest (4Test). Created and maintained internal QA website QACentral using Dreamweaver 4.0.
  • ColdFusion 4.51 - used SilkPerformer and LoadRunner load testing ColdFusion server. Work including creating test plans, generated test scripts, writing/modifying test samples (CFML web application), modifying database (SQL Server 7.0), conducting load tests, analyzing results (throughput vs. response time, CPU & memory usage, threads, database connections, and so on).
  • As senior member of the QA team, provided technical guidance to other QA engineers coordinated with developers, provided feedback to management.

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