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Selenium / Appium Tester Resume

San Francisco, CA


  • Over 8 years of experience in Software Manual and Automation Testing for Web based and Client/Server applications.
  • Experience and thorough understating of Software development process including Agile, Waterfall Software development life cycles .
  • Developed and maintained Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Procedures and Test Scripts for Manual and Automated testing .
  • Experience in Ecommerce, Health care and Banking Domains .
  • Experience in developing and executing test cases Manually and developed Automation script with Selenium IDE, Grid, Selenium RC, Selenium Web driver, Jenkins.
  • Expertise in Automation tools such as Selenium WebDriver, Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, Java, Jenkins & UDeploy (Continuous integration, Regression tests), Maven (Regression tests), Cucumber, TestNG (Regression tests), Eclipse, Junit and JMeter.
  • Used Web - debugging tools like XPath, Firebug and Fire Path to locate elements.
  • Experience in testing Mobile Web applications and performed the Apps testing on iPhone, iPad and Android Devices.
  • Experience in back end Database testing writing and executing SQL queries and other database operations with databases like SQL Server and Oracle .
  • Experience in validating Regular and Ajax control using Selenium locators like XPath, CSS, id and name .
  • Experienced in reading the test data from excel spreadsheet using API and TestNG Data provider .
  • Expertise in different types of testing like Automation testing, Manual testing, Integration testing, System testing, Regression testing, JUnit testing, Black box testing, Functional testing, Compatibility testing, Database testing, GUI testing, Web / UI and (UAT)User Acceptance Testing.
  • Experience with build tools like Maven and GIT .
  • Experience in working with build tools like TestNG, Jenkins, Ant and Maven.
  • Tested the Mobile Applications on Windows and Mac.
  • Effectively communicated and reported bugs / defects which are identified in different phases of testing.
  • Experienced writing and executing CRUD SQL statements.
  • Generated defect reports, bugs validation with tools Test director / Quality center .
  • Developed strategy to move test cases Cucumber for existing and new test cases.
  • Thorough understanding of Bug life cycle using bug tracking tools HP ALM and Clear Quest .
  • Attended project meetings, QA status meetings and daily stand up meeting.
  • Experience in working on Linux, Windows platform.
  • Acquired knowledge of the SDLC and Quality Assurance lifecycle .
  • Involved in all the phases of Testing Life Cycle and Bug Life Cycle .
  • Worked closely with Business analysts, Developers, Support teams to promote successful delivery of products and services.
  • Automation scripting experience in Intranet/Internet applications using S elenium Web Driver and SOAPUI .
  • Actively participated in regular QA Team meetings to discuss testing process and resolve issues with local and off shore teams.
  • Interacted closely with developers, environment people, client, team manager, team lead and team members for feature issues and discussion.
  • Strong experience with MS Word, MS Excel for writing Test Plans, Test Cases, weekly status reports.
  • Possess good communication skills, analytical skills, self-motivated, pro-active, task oriented, good team player, and quick learn at new technologies and systems.


Testing Methodologies: Manual and Automated Testing, User Acceptance Testing, White/Black box testing, Regression Testing, End-to-End/Integration Testing.

Test Approaches: Waterfall, Agile/Scrum, SDLC, STLC, Bug Life Cycle

Testing Tools: Selenium Web Driver/IDE/GRID/RC, SOAPUI, Eclipse, Appium, JMeter, Firebug

Frameworks: TestNG, Page Object Model, Data Driven, Hybrid Testing, TDD, BDD, JUnit, log4j

Defect Tracking Tools: JIRA, HPQuality Center, APM

Test Build and Integration tools: Jenkins, Maven

Programming Languages: C, Java

Scripting Languages: Java Script

Markup Languages: HTML, XML, Xpath, CSS

Databases: MySQL, Oracle 10g/11g, SQL Server, DB2

Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8

MS Office Tools: Word, Power Point, Excel, Outlook


Selenium / Appium Tester

Confidential, San Francisco, CA


  • Analyzed the Business Requirement Document (BRD) and Functional Specification documents (FSD) to prepare Test Cases based on the Test Plan and Use Cases and attended Reviews meetings to better understand the applications.
  • Frameworks created using tools like Selenium Web Driver, Java JACOB, Attachmate Extra API, RFT, RPT, RQM, Soap UI, XML, JSON, JavaScript, MS Access reporting frameworks, Transaction Object Model, Test Driven Development and Data Driven frameworks etc.
  • Participated in walkthroughs with Team lead, System Analyst, Project Coordinator and the Development team to discuss the outstanding defects and scope change requests.
  • Analyzed test data and Conducted Database or Data driven testing under certain business rules for data population in DB.
  • Developed automated tests using Selenium WebDriver with developers for Continuous regression testing (Jenkins & UDeploy) and reducing manual testing using Selenium, TestNG and Maven.
  • Attended triage meetings to understand and consider the scope changes for the release during the test execution phase.
  • Extensive experience in Selenium WebDriver, Selenium RC and Selenium Grid.
  • Migrated scripts from Selenium IDE to Selenium WebDriver and created framework scripts from scratch.
  • Used Selenium core to quickly record and play back the tests in the actual environment that they will run the web browser.
  • Exported Test Case Scripts (Java - Selenium RC) in Eclipse IDE and modified the Selenium scripts and executed.
  • Implemented test automation scripts for mobile testing using Appium for Android and iOS applications.
  • Developed automation scripts for Mobile Native applications on iOS and Android platforms using Appium and Java .
  • Integrated Appium with Sauce Labs for distributing tests on the cloud .
  • Implemented real device mobile app testing using Test Object on the cloud .
  • Performed tests on emulators and simulators over Charles Proxy .
  • Experience in setting up test environment for automated script execution using Java, Appium and TestNG.
  • Performed concurrent executions on emulators and simulators over Sauce Labs and using real devices over Test Object.
  • Used GitHub as version control tool.
  • Identified mobile elements using Appium Inspector, UI Automator Viewer .
  • Used Appium to facilitate mobile testing by creating mobile Driver class with the required Mobile capabilities.
  • Good experience in mobile testing using Appium in both IOS and Android applications using simulator and emulator.
  • Automation scripting experience in Intranet/Internet applications using Selenium Web Driver and SOAPUI.
  • Execution of test suites and HTML report generation using TestNG.
  • Executed cross-browser and parallel testing using TestNG.
  • Prepared automation test framework.
  • Created and executed Selenium test script suites using Selenium Web Driver.
  • Designed and developed Automation Framework (Hybrid, Keyword-driven) using Selenium Web Driver.
  • Implemented Selenium Grid to run Regression Tests on multiple platforms and browsers in parallel.
  • Used Selenium Grid to execute test cases on multiple machines.
  • Tests developed in Eclipse to start and to stop the Selenium server and to execute the tests in browser.
  • Written and executed test cases in HP Quality Center for the release.
  • Performed during the execution phase.
  • Implemented automation using Selenium Web Driver/IDE for performing browser Compatibility Testing.
  • Sole performance of API testing with different sub-systems as a part of Back-end test.
  • Followed Agile testing methodology, participated in daily Scrum meetings and tested each Sprint deliverables.
  • Uploaded and executed the Functional Test cases into HP Quality Center.
  • Extensive involvement in performing Data Driven test using parameterization technology.
  • Involved in writing the Project test plans for this test effort by using the Confidential template and attempted in collecting the team meeting minutes.
  • Integrated Automation scripts (Selenium WebDriver API) in Continuous Integration tools (Jenkins) for nightly batch run of the Script.
  • Used Rational Clear Quest Bug Reporting tool to log the defects and reporting purposes for developers to fix the defects.
  • Developed White box and Black box (System Testing) test cases.
  • Performed JUnit framework testing and created Traceability matrices.
  • Suggested/Created application scope changes in this release.
  • Worked closely with the Development team to analyze the application at the backend level and to describe the defects.
  • Trained and assisted new team members on data analysis using the API tools.

Environment: HP ALM11.0, Selenium 2.4, Selenium RC, Selenium IDE, Selenium Web Driver, Selenium Grid, Selenium Web Driver API, HP Quality Center 10.0/9.0, Appium GUI 1.6.5, Sauce Labs, Test Object, Charles Proxy, Manual Testing, Agile, Eclipse, Windows NT/7, Java, XML, XML SPY, HTML, JSP, VB Script, MS SQL, DB2, Toad, Teradata, Oracle 11g, SQL Server 2008, Test Director, Jira, PL/SQL and Windows2007.

Selenium /Mobile Tester

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI


  • Involved in interacting with the project development team to understand the project requirement.
  • Analyzed and reviewed the software requirements, functional specifications and design documents.
  • Involved in Preparation, Reviewing and Execution of test cases.
  • Executed Automation Testing for Java applications using Selenium IDE and Selenium RC.
  • Frameworks developed from scratch using Selenium Web Driver.
  • Automation using Behavior driven development tools and frameworks.
  • Responsible for planning, designing, building reusable and scalable automation frameworks for various Web applications and Web Services.
  • Working closely with integrators to automation integration scripts for Regression and System suites.
  • Involved in writing Test Plan for the web application after analyzing the specifications and business requirements.
  • Performed GUI functional and sanity testing Manually for each new build of the application.
  • Performed Gray Box Testing, Regression Testing, Manual Testing, Functional Testing and Usability testing.
  • All the issues that came up during the testing process were tracked and logged in Clear Quest as defects.
  • Analyzed system requirements and develop test plan for End-to-End testing.
  • Involved in Black box testing for the entire project.
  • Input the requirements in Quality Center and trace the requirements for the test cases.
  • Used Selenium IDE for testing various web applications.
  • Tested the application using Agile testing methodology.
  • Written test cases in Selenium IDE by inspecting elements with the help Firebug.
  • Designed Test Cases using Selenium Web Driver and TestNG.
  • Used Selenium Web Driver APIs for writing JUnit test suites and test cases for testing functionality.
  • Configured Selenium Grid for parallel execution on multiple browsers with 10 VM's.
  • Implemented Continuous integration using Jenkins and Selenium Grid to execute the automation scripts.
  • Used JUnit Framework for creating Selenium scripts.
  • Preparation of Selenium Web Driver corporate Material.
  • Used Selenium RC to run test cases in multiple browsers and Platforms.
  • Used Component based approach to develop automation scripts, this approach reduces the cost of maintenance and maximize the re-use of existing test scripts.
  • Performed Cross browser Compatibility testing using Chrome, Firefox, IE browsers.
  • Installed and configured SOAPUI using WSDL file, setting up the database connection, used Java and groovy scripting for creating test scripts.
  • Extensively worked in Regression testing using Selenium Webdriver in TestNG.
  • Develop SQL queries for backend testing.
  • Performed backend database testing by writing SQL and PL/SQL scripts to verify data integrity.
  • Developed SQL Stored Procedures and Queries for Back end testing.
  • Used XML to set up the application environments for automation scripts.
  • Tested Subscribers/Providers and claims in Facets.
  • Tested the Membership and claims files (XML) in Facets.
  • Hands on Experience on Test cases, Automated Tests and Test Data and expertise in reviews of various Testing Documents.
  • Defect Management using ALM, JIRA and Conflict Management.
  • Monitored the defect tracking process using Clear Quest, trouble shooting and generating customized graphs and reports for the client.
  • Maintaining status reports and communicating with the Management regarding progress of work.
  • Prepared the Manual test cases that was not covered under Automation process.
  • Reported defects in Quality Center.

Environment: Selenium 2.39.0, Selenium RC, Selenium IDE, Selenium Webdriver, Selenium Grid, Selenium Web Driver API, HP Quality Center 10.0, HP ALM 11.0, Jira, Agile, Rational Clear Case, Rational Clear Quest, Remedy, VB Script, MS SQL, SQL Server 2008, DB2, Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, Java, Microsoft Office, WindowsNT4.0/2000.

Selenium QA Tester

Confidential, Plano,TX


  • Developed and maintained automated test scripts for Regression testing using Selenium tool.
  • Interpret application architectures and identify areas for automation.
  • Developed Automation Scripts for Regression using Selenium Selenium Web Driver and Java using JUnit framework.
  • Developed and executed SQL queries in the database to conduct Data Integrity testing by checking the data tables on the server.
  • Involved in performing Functional testing, Regression testing, System testing, Integration testing, Security testing, Configuration testing, GUI testing and User Acceptance testing.
  • Created Test plan, High level scenarios, test case construction and test estimates, resource estimates and weekly status reports.
  • Conducted Test Case walkthroughs to achieve consensus on Test Case correctness & completeness ensuring width and depth of test scenarios.
  • Recorded and managed defects.
  • Created Java based scripts for Selenium Web Driver with Junit as automation frame work.
  • Performed Regression testing for new builds and every modification in the application using Selenium Web Driver and RC.
  • Analyzed test results and prepared test/defect summary report for Senior Management.
  • Worked on integration of Selenium RC/Web Driver with existing API to test Framework.
  • Implemented Agile/Scrum methods for testing approach.
  • Performed Compatibility testing of applications for dynamic and static content of browsers using HTML Ids and XPath in Selenium.
  • Updated framework functions& developed test scripts using Selenium Web Driver.
  • Tracking using App Dynamics.
  • Conducted Cross browser testing in IE, Chrome and Firefox using Selenium.
  • Managed Test results and defects using Bugzilla defect tracking tool.
  • Proficient in creating queries in TFS to validate results of TFS reports.
  • Prepared user documentation with screenshots for UAT (User Acceptance testing).

Environment: Selenium, JUnit, SVN, JIRA, JMeter, Quick Test Pro, Quality Center 9/10, PL/SQL, Agile, TFS, HP Load Runner 9.1, XML, Java, Microsoft Visual studio, Web Services

Selenium - Manual Tester

Confidential, Hartford, CT


  • Worked on automated acceptance testing using Selenium Web Driver in QA team.
  • Part of the QA Engineers were responsible for testing a Suite of Web Applications that were used by Health Insurance Subscribers, Doctors, Insurance Brokers and prospective customers.
  • Set up a GIT repository to version control the Automated Tests.
  • Implemented Test Driven Development (TDD) framework.
  • Worked on Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD), agile testing methodologies by completing releases ahead of schedule.
  • Extensive expertise in designing test framework for ATDD for System test and TDD for Unit test.
  • Understanding and working knowledge of Automation Testing Frameworks - Cucumber, Data driven, Behavior Driven Development (BDD), Keyword driven and Page Object Patterns.
  • Creation and Development of functional libraries and Test scripts in Ruby.
  • Developed Selenium test scripts for identified test cases by using data driven, keyboard driven and hybrid framework.
  • Using Eclipse developed and executed JUnit Test cases.
  • Wrote a test data generation program in Java that can create any number of test members in any desired configuration to support all test scenarios.
  • Introduce the Page Object and Page Factory patterns to the QA team to reduce maintenance costs for our Selenium based automated scripts.
  • Familiar with Cucumber and BDD test automation frameworks.
  • Experienced in Behavior-Driven Development, Advanced Automated Acceptance Testing with Restful Web Service Testing using JBehave.
  • Used JSON, XML types in Restful Web Services.
  • Expert in developing Java Selenium Web Driver/RC/IDE/Grid test scripts and Test Frameworks using TestNG/JUnit, ANT/MAVEN build tools.
  • Automating the test case framework using SOAP UI and Groovy.
  • Used GIT to check-in the code and Jenkins to build new jobs.
  • Worked on App Perfect App Test to perform Functional testing and Regression testing of Windows/Java/GUI applications.
  • Recorded all the activities performed in windows application and then repeat those activities automatically using app test manager.
  • Developed and implemented testing strategies and documents results.

Environment: Agile, Scrum, TDD, ATDD, BDD, Selenium Web Driver 2.0, TestNG, XML, Oracle, Windows, JAVA, Ruby, Java Script, Eclipse, Python, Tomcat Server, Jenkins, JMeter, SOAP, REST.

Manual Tester



  • Developed Manual and automated test cases to test the functionality of the application.
  • Developed Automated test scripts from Manual test cases for Regression testing based on the requirement documents using Quick Test Professional.
  • Knowledge of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of Waterfall and Agile Methodology.
  • Prepared Defect Report as per severity and Priority.
  • Performed the browser Compatibility testing for employee stock portal (IE9, Firefox, Safari, Google chrome).
  • Design, deliver and execute high quality test cases under direction of a Test Manager.
  • Designed Test cases and executed Test cases and reported the Bugs using Quality Center.
  • Experience in System Integration Testing of web based application, time tracking through electronic gadgets (devices and mobiles).
  • Performed Regression Test execution based on the priority of the Test cases in Mercury Quality Center.
  • Interacted with developers to follow up on defects and issues.
  • Responsible for providing the status updates to the team on daily basis.
  • Generated the Test Status Reports from Test Director and regularly presented to QA Team lead and Project team lead.

Environment: Manual Testing, Test Director, MS-Word, MS-Excel, Java, Java Script, SQL, Oracle.

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