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Test Lead Resume

Alexandria, VA


  • I have over 11 years of experience in Software Quality Assurance in Automation, manual and performance testing including 7 years of experience as Test Automation Lead. I have also worked as Test Automation SME for over 5 years. I have strong knowledge of complete test automation and performance testing.
  • Developed Test Automation Frameworks using different Test Automation tools such as HP QTP/UFT, Selenium WebDriver, Test Complete, etc. including data driven, keyword driven, hybrid and auto - ready frameworks.
  • Planned, Designed test automation approached and guided different team as SME in Test Automation.
  • I have developed many utility applications for test automation and for frameworks to ease the total Test Automation process.
  • I have strong knowledge of Web Development/ Software quality assurance (QA) principles, concepts, techniques and methods such as Agile, Waterfall, Iterative methodologies.
  • I worked for Federal customers, such as the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), General Services Administration (GSA), Department of Justice (DOJ), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ( Confidential ).
  • Worked closely with developers DBAs and.
  • Worked simultaneously in multiple projects.
  • Provided different Quality Assurance (QA) solutions and approaches to both Test and Developer teams.
  • Setup Test Environments for both manual and Automation.
  • I have also worked effectively as a team member or independently in a project.


Software Testing Tools: HP Quality Center, Quick Test Pro, UFT, Load Runner, IBM Clear Quest, Test Manager, Selenium WebDriver, Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), Rally

Operating Systems: Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP, Windows 7, UNIX

Programming Languages: C, C++, Perl, VB, VB.Net, C#.Net, Java, PL/SQL

Web Tools: HTML, DHTML, Java Script, VBScript, XML

Databases: Oracle, SQLplus, MS-SQL Server, MS-Access

Software Applications: MS Office (Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access), MS Project, Project Server, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

Networking Tools: FTP, TCP/IP, MS SQL Server 2000, NT Server

Source Control Tool: Microsoft Visual Source Safe, MKS, Borland StarTeam

Other: DOORS, JAWS, Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), TOAD, SQL Navigator.


Test Lead

Confidential, Alexandria, VA


  • Selected the proper test automation tool based on USPTOs requirement and CEDR Infra project need.
  • I have designed and developed a Hybrid Framework using Selenium and Java in order to meet the needs of the CEDR Infra.
  • Designed the Framework in a way that it can employ the different concept of SDLC and STLC such as agile, waterfall etc.
  • Created java classes, methods from scratch that constructs the automation framework.
  • Converted java project to Maven project in order to run from SVN slave machines.
  • Created and scheduled jobs on Jenkins to run automated scripts
  • This framework can be used in any projects regardless of SDLC methodology.
  • Ensure the test automation is fulfilling the acceptance criteria and meeting the requirements and details provided in test plan.
  • As a lead, working closely with Test manager in creating tasks and hours and assigning them to TEs.
  • Continuously debugging, enhancing and adding code to Framework to troubleshoot and suffice testing issues.
  • Maintain a test object repository to record all the test objects and update them as the application changes.
  • Create Test Automation Design document to adapt the test plan and test strategy provided by SMEs.
  • Attending weekly planning and review meetings with developers, POs and various levels of authorities in SDLC.
  • Create test sets that can be scheduled to run anytime needed by test team, Dev team or PVT team.
  • Create PPT document for framework demo for Test Manager.
  • Create document on the framework; how to create script using the framework.
  • Creating Test Result Report (TRR) and Test automation result matrix.
  • Creating Defects and Defect Summary Reports.
  • Conducting Defect Review meetings with the Development team, Product Owners (PO) and other teams involved in the SDLC.
  • Created test coverage metrics for over-all test coverage and completion, test cases, both automated and manual.

Test Automation Engineer SME

Confidential, Windsor Mill, MD


  • As a Subject Matter Expert, I was defining strategy for Test Automation, such as, test design, tool selection, defining approach and method, etc.
  • Designed and developed Hybrid Test Automation framework and a Keyword driven framework from the scratch using VBScript and QTP.
  • Attended weekly planning and review meetings with developers and architects
  • Created Automation Test Plan.
  • Setup a complete Test Automation Environment for the framework comprising HP QC, QTP and shared network drive.
  • Creating generic script template for creating automation script using MS Excel.
  • Maintain and update Object Repository periodically.
  • Consistently Updated the Framework/Environment to adopt all new changes/functionalities of the system.
  • Customize the Oracle Forms and other Oracle Object/Components in the Object Repository.
  • Trained the Test team on how to use the Framework to automate the manual scripts using Excel sheet.
  • Created Framework documentation such as, User guide, Step by Step manual, How to Script etc.
  • Created matrix for number of scripts automated, number of test run and pass and fail.
  • Gathered auto-generated test results in MS Word doc and Html.
  • Prepared PowerPoint presentation to provide demos to both the test team and client.
  • Run automated scripts as scheduled and on-demand basis using the Framework.
  • Task assigning and keeping track of progress and re-assigning tasks as needed.
  • Creating schedule to run different test sets in off hours.
  • Gathering and composing results after scheduled test run.
  • Submitting the test results to the client.
  • Creating and submitting Defects/Incidents found in testing.

Test Automation Lead and SME

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Created Test Plan for Test Automation.
  • Designed and built the test Automation Framework using extensive use of VBScript and QTP to meet the client’s needs.
  • Setup and configure Selenium WebDriver to move from QTP to Selenium for test automation.
  • Automated test script using Selenium WebDriver.
  • Trained the test team and other team across the project on how to automate test scripts using the STAF.
  • Create and run the workshops to educate the team and other team on the how to use the Framework.
  • Maintain and update the STAF.
  • Set up the nightly schedule to run the automation scenarios over night.
  • Gather the results to generate the Test Results Report.
  • Attended daily standup and status meetings.
  • Assigned tasks, tracked progress, re-assigned tasks and provided help as needed.
  • Provide PPP demo to the upper management and client on the STAF and test automation progress.
  • Created Framework User Guide and other documentation.
  • Created script repository and script overall matrix.
  • Created Test Execution Reports (TER) and Test Results Reports (TRR) and submitted to the client.

Systems Integration/Test Engineer - Test Automation Lead/Developer

Confidential, Arlington, VA


  • Analyzed BRD and FRD to design test scenarios and test plan.
  • Created Test Plan based on the BRDs and FRDs
  • Designed and built the test Automation Framework using extensive use of VBScript and QTP to meet the testing needs of present and the future.
  • Created Database for the Framework using MS SQL Server Express Edition.
  • Created Function Libraries, Modules and Classes for the Framework.
  • Configured the Framework with QTP, Quality Center and File system so that it can run both in QC and File System (FS).
  • Analyzed Performance requirements and created performance test plan.
  • Run tests as sets in QC and scheduled nightly runs.
  • Gathered framework results and create reports (TER).
  • Analyzed Performance requirements and created performance test plan.
  • Created and run Load test scripts and scenarios in both test and production environments.
  • Gathered analyzed the load test results to detect bottle-necking.
  • Created Test Analysis Report (TAR) and provide the reports with suggestions.
  • Created User Guide and other documentation for the Framework.
  • Provided training to the test teams
  • Provided multiple presentations for both the client and test teams.

Senior Test Engineer/Performance Tester/Automation Framework Developer

Confidential, Bethesda, MD


  • Analyzed the functional requirements and updated existing Automated scripts (QTP) to meet the requirements.
  • Analyzed the Performance/Load Requirements and developed Performance Test Plan.
  • Created and enhanced the VUser scripts.
  • Created the performance Test Plan and Test Scenarios based on performance requirements.
  • Created Function Libraries using VBScript for QTP automation.
  • Updated Data sheets (Excel) with new updated data (for parameterized testing).
  • Scheduled nightly run of automated script from QC.
  • Gather results and created Test Results Report (TRR).
  • Run Load/Performance Test and gathered results and created Reports.
  • Analyzed the Report and find the bottle-neck.
  • Provided with final report suggesting the necessary improvements to make.

Senior Automation Test Engineer/ Automation Lead/Framework Developer

Confidential, Herndon, VA


  • Analyzed application requirements and created the Test Strategy and Test Plan
  • Designed/ developed the Test Automation Framework.
  • Developed Function Libraries for the Framework using VBScripts.
  • Create Data Script template (MS Excel) to convert existing manual test cases to automation tests.
  • Created Automation Test Template.
  • Build Test Scheduler using VB.NET to schedule the test run from the File System.
  • Created the User Guide and Installation/Configuration document for the Framework
  • Trained team members how to use the Framework and debug the Data Script including Shared Object Repositories
  • Created Power Point presentation for upper management.
  • Assigned tasks to testers.
  • Kept track of progress and provide with help need in order to accomplish tasks on time to meet the schedule.
  • Created regression threads and scheduled nightly run and verify the result
  • Updated/modified present QTP framework capabilities to meet the upcoming enhancement of the application
  • Installed Automation Framework in Govt. Client site and trained Govt. Client to use the framework for the dynamic capabilities of GCSS

Environment: Windows XP, Quick Test Pro, Mercury Quality Center, Windows .NET, VB.Net, MS Excel, MSWord, VBScripts, Internet Explorer 7.0

Senior Systems Engineer

Confidential, Bethesda, MD


  • Analyzed application requirements and created the Test Strategy and Test Plan
  • Created Auto-ready Framework for test automation utilizing Quick Test Pro and VB Scripts.
  • Created Object Repositories.
  • Created Data Scripts in Microsoft Excel for the Framework.
  • Created Shakeout scripts (smoke test) in QTP.
  • Created Performance Test Plan.
  • Running Shakeout (smoke test) scripts in QTP.
  • Created Test Execution Reports (TER) for smoke test results.
  • Creating and Reporting Defects in QC.
  • Created and executed automation scripts using the Auto-Ready Framework.
  • Created schedule to run scripts daily and Test Results Report (TRR).
  • Created VUser Scripts and Scenarios in HP LoadRunner Controller.
  • Scheduled and executed performance test scenarios.
  • Analyze the results in LR Analysis tools and find bottle-necking.
  • Provided the Test Analysis Report (TAR) to the customers.
  • Debugged and updated scripts as the system changed.
  • Maintaining and Enhancing the Framework.
  • Setup Training Lab for HP QTP, QC and LoadRunner.

System Assurance Engineer

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Analyzed functional requirements and new System Change Request (SCRs)
  • Developed Test Strategy, Test Plans for Unit Testing, Integration Testing and Regression Testing.
  • Developed Test Automation Framework.
  • Created Automation Scripts using VBScripts and QTP
  • Created Manual Test Steps (Test Case) using MS Excel for QTP
  • Created and Maintain Shared Object Repositories for Automation Test Procedures
  • Run the Automation Test using Manual Test Steps stored in MS Excel
  • Created Test Execution Report (TER).
  • Created TPR (Test Problems Reporting) using Defect found in Test Automation
  • Used Merant Tracker of PVCS to store Defects/Test Problem Reporting (TPRs)
  • Updated Test status in the PVCS Tracker.
  • Wrote SQL Quires for Back-end Testing and to add/update data for test purpose using TOAD
  • Created Manual Test Cases when required to help reduce the load on Manual Testers
  • Participated in Weekly Team meeting, Technical and Design Review meetings
  • Participating in Design Review Meetings with Developers, DBA and Requirements Group

Software Test Engineer

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Analyzing functional requirements and documented issues.
  • Developing various test plans, such as Master Test Plan, Unit and Integration Test Plan (UIT), User Acceptance Test Plan (UAT), Regression Test Plan, Validation & Verification Test Plan (V&VT) and Test Results and Evaluation Report (TRER).
  • Developing manual test scripts and requirement traceability matrix using TestDirector.
  • Executing test cases manually, validated test results, and reported defects using TestDirector.
  • Creating various reports using TestDirector. Stored them under Configuration Management’s control and sent them to upper management.
  • Involved in User Acceptance Testing, Regression Testing on different versions of the applications.
  • Writing and recorded scripts for Functional and Regression Testing using Quick Test Professional.
  • Involved in Section 508 Testing utilizing JAWS.
  • Writing SQL queries to test Data Integrity, Referential Integrity and performed Database Testing for the applications.
  • Participating in weekly project status meetings and technical review meetings.

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