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Devops Software Configuration And Continuous Integration Engineer Resume

Sparks, MD


  • Software professional with 20+ years of experience in various domains
  • Around 12 years of IT experience with Configuration Management, Build, Release Management and Quality Assurance using Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server TFS, on Windows environment and 2+ years in Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio Team Services VSTS.
  • Created SCM Process, policies and procedures to follow Development and SQA teams to Release or Deploy highest quality product for the enterprise.
  • Extensive experience in using Build Automation tools and Continuous Integration concepts by using tools like MSBUILD, Visual Studio, VSTS, Microsoft Release Management, and PowerShell scripting
  • Implemented Team Foundation Server TFS as Version Management and Application Lifecycle Management ALM tool for Microsoft Technologies.
  • Extensive experience in setting up baselines, branching, merging and automation processes using PowerShell, and Batch scripts.
  • Coordinated with different teams across the globe to deploy different builds to different environment on parallel development for multiple projects.
  • Full understanding of SDLC, Agile, Scrum, and CMMI Methodologies and process.
  • Strong knowledge on version control and Software Configuration Management SCM.
  • Expert in working with different RDBMS like SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle.
  • Strong experience in Healthcare and Insurance domain.
  • Good analytical, problem solving, communication skills and have the ability to work either independently with little or no supervision or as a member of a team.


Confidential, Sparks, MD

DevOps Software Configuration and Continuous Integration Engineer


  • Design and implement on - premises TFS architecture
  • Install and configure TFS application tier, database tier, Build Controllers and Build Agents, SharePoint services, SQL Server Analysis and Reporting Services in Development / Test / Sandbox TFS environments
  • Implement a branching and merging strategy for better code management
  • PowerShell scripting and automation capabilities to increase TFS efficiency and reduce manual tasks
  • Perform automated code review, including static, security and performance analysis
  • Document configuration management process and tooling
  • Customize TFS Scrum process template, work items; work item queries and Team Portal
  • Manage roles and associated user permissions
  • Automate build and deployment. Install and configure VM Build servers with build controllers / agents. Customize / configure XAML and VSTS build definition templates.
  • Design architecture, implement, and administer Visual Studio 2013 Release Management
  • Design, develop, and implement custom tooling for Visual Studio 2013 Release Management to automate manual tasks such as TFS source control operations during / after release using PowerShell
  • Configure VSTS Release Management agent pools, queues, and release definitions
  • VSTS private pipeline agents installed, configured
  • Automate code documentation generation using Doxygen as part of build and release
  • Configure private VSTS package feed in VSTS. Automate NuGet and NPM package publishing of internally developed components to private VSTS package feed as part of build and release in order to share these components with other development teams within organization.


Azure account co-owner


  • Maintain Active Directory membership / security roles
  • Create VMs in Azure and configure as private build agents with all necessary Dev / Build tools installed and configured
  • Perform HPE Fortify On Demand (FoD) static App Scan on applications as part of automated sprint release using PowerShell
  • Perform Coverity Synopsys dynamic App Scan on applications built using PowerShell

Confidential, Rockville, MD

DevOps Configuration Release Manager TFS Administrator


  • Design and implement TFS architecture
  • Install and configure TFS application tier, database tier, Build Controllers and Build Agents, SQL Server Analysis and Reporting Services in all TFS environments
  • Implement a branching and merging strategy for better code management
  • Scripting and automation capabilities to increase TFS efficiency and reduce manual tasks using PowerShell
  • Perform code review, including security and performance analysis
  • Define coding standards for TFS version control
  • Document configuration management process and tooling
  • Customize work items; work item queries and Team Portal
  • Manage roles and associated user permissions
  • Automate deployment into development, test, staging, and production environments - CI CD using TFS Build and Release Management and PowerShell scripting
  • Design architecture, implement, and administer Visual Studio 2013 Release Management environment, tooling and configuration
  • Design, develop, and implement custom tooling for Visual Studio 2013 Release Management to automate manual tasks such as encryption of web configuration files right after deployment using PowerShell scripting
  • Perform release planning and coordination (including facilitation of release meetings)
  • Lead release meetings
  • Maintain windows service accounts to support application features, automated testing, and application scanning
  • Recommend software tools to streamline application development
  • Create software Purchase Order requests, obtain quotes
  • Maintain software licenses and relationships with vendors
  • Assist with software tools installation and configuration
  • Install, configure, and maintain System Center Configuration Manager Application Monitoring (formally known as AVIcode) to monitor .Net applications in Development, Test, Stage, and Production environments
  • Create and configure Application Problem Distribution Analysis reports and automate them for email distribution to various application teams. Analyze reports on weekly basis
  • Troubleshoot production issues
  • Perform internal IBM App Scan on applications in Dev, Test, and Stage environments to identify potential security vulnerabilities in advance
  • Generate and distribute App Scan report to teams

Confidential, Columbia, MD

Enterprise Architect


  • Initiated and participated in implementation of Microsoft Forefront Identity Management System (FIM). FIM helped streamline and automate employee on-boarding, off-boarding, authentication, authorization, password management processes, as well as Active Directory (AD) data synchronization with other systems.
  • Using VMWare configured virtualized DEV environments for DEV team members to quickly stand up DEV stations saving week’s worth of installation and configuration time.
  • Lead installation, configuration, and support of Visual Studio Team System TFS 2008 and TFS 2010 . Offered ongoing TFS and other tools and practices training and support to teams including PM, BA, QA, and DEV team members.
  • Automated build and deployment of database, SSRS, Share Point and web application changes to various environments: Dev, Test, Staging, and Prod. Configured security permissions for different roles to restrict ability to build and provision code to specific environments and areas of TFS project rather than simply per build permissions of TFS projects.
  • Developed various utilities to help streamline business processes.
  • Hands-on development, enhancements and maintenance of critical to company business legacy application which was responsible for EDI 837P, 837I, and paper insurance claims creation based on health services provided by nurses managed at over 400 branches throughout US and services being billed to hundreds of partners.
  • Lead new software application development effort of Equipment and Soft Supplies Management System (ESMS ) inventory management and equipment reservation scheduling for clinics throughout US. Designed and developed application architecture, was involved in hands-on coding of most application modules, barcode creation, scanning, and printing. Implemented customized Change Data Capture (CDC) in SQL Server 2008 in ESMS application database to archive history of data changes without affecting application performance. Implemented Visual Studio Database Edition (DBPRO GDR2) to source control as well as deploy database changes with Team System.

Tools: used: DevExpress suite of controls, Visual Studio 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010 Team System, Test, and Database Editions, TFS 2005, 2008, SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, BizTalk Server 2009, Share Point, MOSS,FIM,IIS6,IIS7,OpenID.

Confidential, Silver Spring, MD

Technical Lead / Architect / Build Release Engineer


  • Installed and configured Team Foundation Server (TFS) Visual Studio Team System. Imported source code into TFS from existing Visual Source Safe (VSS 2005) database which previously installed and configured. Created user groups and maintained security access, project creation, and initial project structures.
  • Installed and configured TFS Team Build Server for automated and manually invoked project builds.
  • Installed and configured numerous IIS Web Sites and access in integrated development, test and production environments. Established development and deployment procedures including documented coding conventions.
  • Implemented custom HTTP handlers and HTTP modules to intercept HTTP pipe line events. For example, one of the HTTP modules was developed to intercept requests and assist in flexible configurable Secured Socket Layer (SSL) implementation which enabled web application to secure sensitive areas of the system like login and other security features while allowing less sensitive and public areas non - secure HTTP access in order to improve performance of web application.
  • As part of the SSO solution, Identity Management was developed with Microsoft Membership, Role and Profile APIs using provider driven architecture which allowed easy switch of connection between SQL Server and Active Directory (AD) user stores using LDAP protocol.
  • Application architecture included multiple layers: Presentation Layer with master pages, themes, and style sheets. Business Layer, Common Layer, and Data Layer. Took advantage of Microsoft Enterprise library blocks to standardize, abstract and simplify common programming tasks.
  • Lead software development efforts to design and develop application to integrate FedEx shipping into company systems using XML web services, Xml serialization. As part of this effort, developed large collection of classes based on XML schemas provided by FedEx.
  • Developed console based application to track FedEx shipped packages and enter delivery dates into SQL Server database for accountability and reporting later. FedEx Tracking was implemented as scheduled task running regularly.
  • Took advantage of ATLAS and later AJAX.NET framework to enhance customer experience and make web forms behave similar to windows client forms in terms of responsiveness.
  • Developed complex parameterized Crystal Reports using embedded sub-reports and groups.
  • Lead 508 compliance and implementation.

Technologies used: .NET 2.0, SQL Server, T-SQL, XML, JavaScript, AJAX, Blue Dragon, Windows 2003 Server, Crystal Reports XI, TFS, Visual Studio Team System.

Confidential, Washington, DC

Apps Software Architect


  • Lead development efforts of department wide applications: Confidential
  • Designed and developed conversion and data export of Sybase SQL database into MS SQL Server database as part of existing legacy classic ASP application improvements.
  • Developed windows .NET C# utility to help quickly convert Sybase T-SQL database script file into MS SQL Server compliant T-SQL using regular expressions.
  • Converted in-line ASP SQL into SQL Server stored procedures to increase security and maintainability of application, drastically improved application performance by tuning indexes in database tables, fixed bugs/ issues.
  • Next phase will involve conversion of ASP to ASP.NET.

Technologies used: ASP, VBScript, ADO, C#, Regular Expressions, SQL Server 2000, T-SQL. CCC2 - Designed and developed seamless integration of USDA e-Authentication (SiteMinder Single Sign-On) into existing ASP.NET C# application by modifying existing authentication and authorization process in ASP.NET, and creating new stored procedures, tables in SQL Server 2000 database. Technologies used: ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server 2000, T-SQL.

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