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Qa Lead Resume

Washington, DC


  • An accomplished Lead Automation/Performance tester with 8 years of empirical expedition, enabling me traverse diverse path using a combination of open source/licensed tools that span across project domains like healthcare, banking and telecom
  • Extensive knowledge in consistently delivering robust behavioral and test data driven approach based automation solutions
  • Expert in performance testing various web applications, middleware, web services, Set top boxes(headless testing) and Mobile
  • Proficient with over 4+ years of experience in monitoring/alerting/bottleneck analysis of Servers using different performance monitoring tools
  • An self - motivated, flexible and quick grasping professional with in-depth understanding of SDLC setting up framework, requirement analysis & gathering, complex scripting, aspect oriented execution, application Monitoring, Single handed spinning up of environment, Performance troubleshooting and tuning/recommendation
  • Excellent problem solving ability and Analytical decision maker with experience in root cause analysis and problem resolution
  • I am an effective communicator, smart worker and never ending zeal about constantly enhancing my competence in technical and functional process development to proficiently deliver results.
  • Certified Load Runner professional (HP Load Runner Software HP0-M18 and HP Virtual User Generator HP0-M19) with thorough working knowledge in more than 10 protocol
  • Expertise in testing angular JS application using UFT, selenium and protractor, Sause labs with continuous integration model
  • Extensive experience with Jmeter for web application testing
  • Built javascript based Protractor test framework using node.js.
  • Commendable experience on designing automation framework using page object model, mocking model and maven. Profound sound in implementation of same using selenium
  • Strong logical and analytical abilities, and provided Technical guidance to team. Take authoritative decisions for smooth passage of deliverables as per projected in plan and ensure deliverables meet organization and client quality standards.
  • Excellent presentation skills and exhibited the same in multiple client meets to present the innovation tools created by team
  • Pervasive in implementing and testing complex applications using Load Runner, Performance center, Jmeter, Grinder, Performance Center & ALM
  • Proficient in consistently delivering robust and scalable keyword and data driven approach based automation solution using Selenium, Jmeter and Protractor
  • Experience in all phases of Software Testing Lifecycle containing Functional, Automation, System, User Acceptance (UAT), Integration, Performance, Regression Testing on windows and Web Client/Server based applications.
  • Dexterous in various activities like Requirement Analysis, Functional Studies, Test Planning, Estimations, Test Design and Review, Smoke Testing, Functional Testing, System Integration Testing, Regression Testing, Defect Management, Peer review, Team Management activities and Status reporting.
  • Proficient in integrating and successful implementation of Dev-ops model using open source software’s like gitlab, Jenkins, bamboo, Grafana, Telegraf and licensed tools like saucelabs, qtest
  • Highly organized and experienced scrum master with a proven track record of delivering high-quality software on-time. Proven ability to work efficiently with multiple stakeholders. Demonstrated ability to go the extra mile to do things right and fast on time
  • Specialism in performance monitoring using extensive list of tools like HP Diagnostics tool, nmon, Sitescope, App dynamics, Pinpoint, Grafana, Splunk, Vmstat, and AWR Report Analysis
  • Proficient in Real time workload modelling, Performance Prediction/Simulation, WAN emulation, Production Problem replication
  • Excellent communication skills, committed, quick learning capability, result oriented, smart working with a quest and zeal to learn new technologies.


Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix

Database: SQL server, Oracle 10g,MongoDB

Automation Testing Tools: Protractor, Sause labs, QTP, selenium, Jmeter for API testing, SOAPUI,UFT

Performance Testing Tools: Load Runner 12.5, Jmeter 3.0, Grinder, performance center 12.5

Methodologies: Agile scrum and waterfall

Protocols Used: Web(HTTP/HTML), Web Services, Winsock, java script, java, ODBC 2 tier, Ajax true client, Web Click & Script, Java Over HTTP

Server Side Monitoring Tools: HP Diagnostics, Appdynamics, Grafana, Sitescope, Wireshark, zolokia, splunk, AWR reports, nmon

Client Side Profiling tools: Httpwatch, Fiddler, Firebug, Charles proxy & Chrome Developer

Tools: Implemented Dev: ops Model telegraf, Zolokia, sauselabs, GitHub, Bamboo, Jekins, InfluxDB, qtest, grafana,Jenkins

Defect and Status Management tools: Quality Centre, JIRA, version one, confluence

Mobile Testing Tools: Perfecto mobile

Network Simulators & Virtualization Tools: Shunra & HP Virtualization(basics)

Languages/Others: C, Java, Visual Basic, Perl, JavaScript, shell(basics),XML,HTML,REST


  • Excellent communication skills, committed, quick learning capability, result oriented, smart working with a quest and zeal to learn new technologies.
  • Used BDD test framework like jasmine along with selenium wedriverjs for UI test execution assertions.
  • Comprehensive experience in performance Testing and Excellent knowledge in Banking, healthcare and telecom in Waterfall and Agile Software Development methodologies
  • Extensive experience in understanding System and Technical architecture.
  • Experience in testing of Client-Server, thick client, Web Services and Web-based (J2EE, Oracle, .Net) applications on different environments.
  • Identified and prioritized test cases to automate in addition to raising bugs using JIRA
  • Created parallel and nonparallel based master config files for protractor, to enable customized execution from different browsers.
  • Deeply involved in complex scripting,debugging,maitainence activity with multiple protocols using Loadrunner - Web (HTML/HTTP, Java User, Java Over HTTP,and Ajax True client, Java script, Java,Web Click & Script, Oracle 1 tier and Web Services
  • Used Component based approach to develop automation scripts, this approach reduce the cost of maintenance and maximize the re-use of existing test scripts.
  • Pervasive years of experience in Performance Monitoring for high response time, high CPU issues, JVM tuning, thread issues, Memory leak issues and bottleneck issues root cause analysis
  • Implemented Continuous integration dev ops model using various deployment and monitoring tools, to have minimal human intervention. Tools used were Jmeter, protractor, GitHub, Jenkins, bamboo, sauce labs, qtest and Grafana
  • Performed self and peer review of the test artifacts and attended defect prevention meetings and ensured high quality deliverables with best industry standards complete responsibility to prepare test framework, design test Process, Team setup, Time estimation and Tracking
  • Ability to handle multiple projects at the same time individually and as a team.


Confidential, Washington, DC

QA Lead

Tools: Jmeter, protractor, bamboo, qtest, Gitlab, selenium, Sause labs,UFT


  • Vital role as automation tester for Confidential which covered API services and UI based testing for applicants’ page and Dean’s workstation based applications
  • Took complete in-charge of understanding the application and collecting the Automation requirements
  • Create/update automation scripts for Web based applications using UFT,Protractor and Jmeter
  • Collaborated with developers, testers and/or end users to determine appropriate solutions and ensure test planning adheres to the proper requirements.
  • Validation of Scripts and reviewing of scripts duly to ensure exact emulation of live, with multiple assertions and validation checks
  • Custom bean shell scripts in Jmeter and object model in protractor for ideal UI/PAI emulation with use of object model and fragments framework
  • Continuous integration with Qtest, Sause labs and Bamboo was initiated as Pilot project and ended up with successful implementation
  • Implemented Shell scripts to collect the logs from protractor and Jmeter and push them into Qtest for easy analysis and projection
  • Implementing jobs in Bamboo to kick start the automation scripts once the master Branch has been updated with latest code
  • Mocked the source code for Protractor based testing, and customized the framework to work exclusively with the code as source (instead of server). This enabled easy testing, during development phase
  • Updated Sause lab to run multiple browsers in desired Confidential model with the targeted test.
  • Effective test data management and estimation work for parallel execution projects. Triaged defects and stirred out solution


QA Lead

Tools: Load Runner 12.5, Jmeter 3.0, performance center 12.5, HP Diagnostics, Appdynamics, Grafana, Site scope, SOAPUI, Vesionone, quality center


  • Vital role as Lead for RTM LOB (4 members) which covered web services based testing for middleware/mobile testing and web page regression testing
  • Took complete in-charge of understanding the application architecture and collecting the Non-Functional requirements
  • Create/update performance scripts for Web based applications using Load runner and Jmeter
  • Validation of Scripts and reviewing of scripts duly to ensure exact emulation of live
  • Creating the realistic load model equivalent scenario, executing the load test, Soak test and monitoring the performance. Created excel based load modelling utility to enable exact work load modelling.
  • Analyze servers, Measure resource consumption of components and processes and latency at measurable points in the systems under test
  • Effective test data management and estimation work for parallel execution projects. Triaged defects and stirred out solution
  • Involved in Performance engineering activities by identifying multiple application bottlenecks and assisted engineers with improving application performance and reducing latency. Prepared a case study based with top 10 bottleneck issues (before and after implementation of fix) and gave demo to offshore team
  • Communicate performance testing results and identify areas for improvement with stakeholders at all levels. Test closure walk through and sign off
  • Provide interim reports as well as a final report that summarize results to senior management
  • Performed POC with open source tools, on completion of which, we started replacing licensed tool with open source tool for monitoring and scripting purpose ( Grafana, Jmeter instead of HP Diagnostics and LR)
  • Underwent training for service virtualization which equipped in self creation of SV for web and REST services calls.


Tools: HP Load runner v11.0, HP Performance center 11.0, quality center, version one, QC, QTP

QA Lead


  • Received accolades from BT Client & QA Managers for displaying outstanding capabilities
  • Found more than 90 defects single handed for the ECOS R1 R1.1and R2 project.
  • ECOS R1, R1.1 zero defect leakage in Production
  • Used automated scripts thereby reducing 50% manual effort in execution
  • Understand the new requirements quickly for PDA and delivered on time
  • Track and map defects in QC for all test cases
  • Involved in the process of creating, Publish and delivery the claim documents in Guide wire Claim centre
  • Involved in automation test data setup and Finding the root causes for the defects
  • Tracking System Test defects and Defect logging in QC
  • Extended support during execution on weekends
  • Huge Change request templates are delivered on time
  • There was no NC during Audit since all the documents were maintained even it was an agile project
  • Scripting was fully hand coded based on wire shark analysis, as there is no UI for set top box, which can be accessed via web and recoded with LR.
  • Extensive production stat analysis at onshore with clients and planned the test volumes based on the previous month’s peak load volumetric data at busiest hours.
  • Several rounds of brain storming sessions with design to make scripts and scenario model representative of live, and go final sign off
  • 1.5 m - 3.0 million customer base loads was generated as part of NFT testing.
  • This performance testing activity had immense visibility across the client's higher management, which was executed in three phases on the Pre-prod environment.


Tools: HP Load Runner v9.52, Version one, JIRA, Quality Center

Scrum Master


  • Facilitate sprint planning, daily scrums, retrospectives, stakeholder meetings, and software demonstrations.
  • Protect development team from outside distractions, impediments or team conflicts, and maintain focus on product backlog and project timeline.
  • Work closely with project owner in backlog management and continuous delivery of features.
  • Educate and reinforce scrum methodology and agile framework to team members and key stakeholders.
  • Direct and lead development team from project initiation through delivery of final product.
  • Scripting was performed in a complex way by integrating ODBC drivers with SQL analyzers to make load runner connect and work with 10g databases.
  • Test data management was the biggest challenge. “CMS data preparatory” tool was created in Perl script together with java and Excel to fully automate the data preparation part for CMS.
  • Retrieved results from each of the test tools after every test and analyzed the results. We developed several customized tools using excel macro and Perl scripting to condition the results from raw data. Performance graphs were generated using them.


QA Lead

Tools: HP Load Runner v9.52, QC, JIRA, Quality center


  • The biggest challenge in scripting was the replication of the xml files transfer using Java Protocol by embedding the XML file within the java script and sending it across the servers, thus eliminating the usage of web servers and JSP pages.
  • Initiation of the Buynet client from HP performance center was another challenge, which was broken by developing an exclusive batch job, which can be called from LR scripts when executed from HP Load generators

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