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Test Data Management Lead Consultant Resume

Fargo, ND


  • 13+ years of IT industry experience with expertise in CA Data Maker and Confidential Confidential Test Data Management on both Mainframes and distributed systems.
  • Successful implementation of CA Data Maker and Confidential Confidential for Test Data Management, Data Privacy in testing environments for large clients
  • Served the roles of CA Data Maker and Confidential Confidential Consultant, Data Analyst, ETL Test Analyst, Quality Assurance analyst and Production support.
  • Experience in Data Analysis, Data Mapping, Data Modeling, Data Entity Relationship Diagram and strong understanding of Relational DBMS.
  • Extensive experience creating Confidential access definitions, relationships, column maps, table maps, and performing extracts, conversions, exports/imports, inserts/loads.
  • Handled multiple applications on different data sources like DB2 for iSeries/AS/400, Oracle, SQL Server, XML files, DB2 for LUW and flat files using OLE DB/ODBC
  • Scripted and executed SQL queries to retrieve information from the database based on the input values.
  • Presented workshops to Client Application teams to showcase Sub - Setting & Masking solutions
  • Lead POC with Confidential Confidential Test Data Management for delivering Data Masking & Sub-Setting solution.
  • Collaborated with Confidential & BTRG (Implementation Partner) to deliver Data Privacy solution.
  • Interviewed application teams to understand and document Application Architecture, Configuration, Dependencies, Data sources, Services and other interactions.
  • Implement Test Data Management for 3 biggest applications and databases at BCBS.
  • Provisioned multiple environments where database and applications can be tested & deployed.
  • Created multiple data repositories in the test environment for Health Care clients.
  • Categorized Power MHS (iSeries/AS/400) tables in Sub-set, Full-set or Exclude for Sub-setting effort.
  • Categorized 4700 Power MHS tables in several modules to include tables in Confidential Confidential Access Definitions logically.
  • Strong knowledge of ITIL standards and Atrium CMDB. Experience in customizing ITSM applications with CMDB such that business requirements are met and application functionality are enhanced.


ETL Tools: Informatica Power Center 9.1/9.0.1/8.6.1/ x (Power Center Repository Manager, Designer, Server Manager, Workflow Manager, and Workflow Monitor), Power Exchange 9.0.1, Informatica Analyst

Data Modeling: Relational and Dimensional Modeling (Star Schema, Snow-Flake, Fact, Dimensions), Erwin, MS Visio

Databases: Oracle 11g/10g/9i, MS SQL server 2012/08/05 R2, MS-Access, Teradata V12

Programming: SQL, UNIX, SQL Tuning/Optimization, C, PL/SQL, HTML, JavaScript, ASP, JAVA

Tools: SQL *Plus, SQL* LOADER, MS Office, ILM, Active Batch, TOAD, Data Studio, PuTTy

OS: Sun Solaris, Windows 7/98/95/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista.


Confidential, Fargo, ND

Test Data Management Lead Consultant


  • Lead Advisory and Transformation Project for Test Data Management
  • Design TDM solution closely integrated with Test Automation and Environment management
  • Design Data Encryption and Decryption solution to meet PHI and HIPAA compliances
  • Test Data Management Strategy and Planning for Pre-production environments
  • Analyze current state for Test Data Management and Environment management
  • Identify issues with previous un-successful TDM implementation for Data Masking
  • Identify gaps and challenges in current Lower environment design
  • Design TDM process for successful and sustainable Data Masking solution
  • TDM product recommendation for successful Data Masking implementation
  • Design TDM Implementation Road map
  • Resource planning for TDM implementation
  • TDM Roles, skills and responsibilities planning
  • TDM future state design for long term sustainable solution

Confidential, Chevy Chase, MD

Test Data Management Consultant


  • Implemented Test Data Management Proof of Concept design using CA Data Maker
  • Installed CA Data Maker 3.8 suite of products for Data Sub Setting and Data Privacy
  • Auto Policy application understanding for Copy and Clone functionality
  • Umbrella Policy Clone and Copy workflow development using CA Data Maker
  • Data Masking using CA Fast Data Masking for Production to Lower environment copy
  • Data Sub-setting using CA Data Maker to Copy data from Production to Staging environments
  • Load Test environment architecture design to combine Auto and Umbrella policies data
  • Document data flow from several key applications like Policy, Billing, Reporting, BBS and BCS
  • CA Javelin automation development to design Copy workflows
  • Gold Copy design and legacy data synchronization using CA Data Maker
  • Data Masking validation automation for source and target databases
  • Discover and Identify data relationships across applications
  • Create New Projects, Versions, Data Sets, Data Groups, Extracts and Data Pool in Data Maker
  • Documented testing and development procedures and operational tasks activities

Environment: Confidential Confidential, Confidential Discovery, CA Data Maker, CA Javelin Workflow Automation, MS SQL Server 2012, Toad, PL/SQL, Excel, MS Visio, CA Agile Workflow

Confidential, Bloomfield, CT

Test Data Management Consultant


  • Designed frame work for Data Masking Proof of Concept for several Application teams.
  • Confidential Confidential Designer Installation, Configuration and Administration
  • Confidential Discovery Installation, Configuration and Administration
  • Data Sub-setting from Production and Pre-Production environments
  • New Pre-Production Environment Build, Configuration and Administration
  • Data Sub-setting from source using data
  • Data Sub-setting from source without data
  • Discover and Identify data relationships across applications
  • Revised Data Masking Exits and Functions to remediate previous flaws and to prove successful Data Masking capabilities in Development region.
  • Used standard & customized Exit routines for Masking Dentacom Applications using Confidential Confidential
  • Held information gathering workshops with Application team leads and Subject Matter Experts.
  • Responsible for analyzing different applications for Mainframes and Servers to locate sensitive and restricted data while using a test environment that needs to be fully protected to ensure security of client information at all times.
  • Designed Data Masking PHI (Personal Health Information) Masking Function worksheet with application specific data type.
  • Completed Data Masking and Sub-Setting Pilot successfully Dentacom Application teams.
  • Worked with several applications SMEs and DBAs to understand and document custom tables
  • Data Discovery performed for various applications on Oracle, DB2 and I-Series using Confidential -Discovery tool to identify key relationships and mappings for Data Masking.
  • Completed Data Masking for all applications and data bases with sensitive customer information across pre-production environments to meet set guide lines and government policies.

Environment: Confidential Confidential, Confidential Discovery Studio, Oracle 11g, SQL Server 2008, CA LISA, Hadoop, Flat Files, XML files, Windows 2003, RFC for Change Requests, Erwin 3.5, Toad 7.0, Unix, MS Visio

Confidential, Durham, NC

Test Data Management Consultant


  • Interviewed and Evaluated Data Masking and Service Virtualization product vendors like CA, Informatica, Solix, Confidential, HP and Voltage for initial LRS 1 project startup.
  • Project Lead for Test Data Management for LRS (Lower Region Strategy) 1st & 2nd phase projects for Confidential of North Carolina for Data Sub-Setting and Masking of Non-Production environments
  • Managed Data Masking and Sub-Setting Pilot successfully for Siebel-Service First, PowerMHS (iSeries/AS/400) and One View in phase 1 of LRS project.
  • Completed Proof of Concept with Confidential Confidential Test Data Management for delivering Data Masking & Subsetting solution.
  • Held workshops with Confidential Confidential Test Data Manager for Data Masking on-going solution.
  • Performed Data Sub-Setting using Confidential Confidential 9.1 to Sub-set One View, Siebel and Power MHS applications used by BCBSNC in Pre-production environment.
  • Surpassed BTRG results independently by delivering a 52% size reduction for One View transaction data size.
  • Redesigned and reduced target region size initially achieved by Confidential - BTRG professionals by re-designing Confidential Access Definitions and Extract jobs.
  • Debugged application issues in Habitat for the current LRS 2 project.
  • Confidential InfoSphere Confidential 9.1 trained by BTRG experts for more advance Confidential Confidential techniques, Config file creation, Node and Database cataloging from Confidential DB2 Command Line Processor.
  • Created Federated Server Nicknames for PowerMHS (iSeries/AS/400) tables to connect to Confidential
  • Used custom developed Import utility to import Access Definition, Primary Keys and Relationships in Confidential from spreadsheets.
  • Masked DB2 data, sequential files, and VSAM files on the Mainframe for Confidential Confidential Pilot.
  • Utilized Erwin, Toad and Data Studio for Reverse Engineering and Data Modelling.
  • Worked with BCBS Subject matter experts to identify Sub-setting strategy for specific applications.

Environment: Confidential Data Studio, Confidential InfoSphere Confidential, CA LISA, Oracle 10g/9i, MS SQL Server 7.0/2000, Flat files, Main Frames, SQL*Loader, Hadoop, Erwin 3.5, Toad 7.0, Unix, windows 2003, UNIX.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Test Data Management Consultant


  • Involved in Remedy CMDB Data Modeling and Asset Management for Animal Health project.
  • Asset management for several teams of Confidential spread worldwide for site consolidation project.
  • Managing reconciliation of applications environments, software components, infrastructure hardware, servers, mainframes and network hardware.
  • Assisted Team leads and Project managers in managing SDLC which includes Requirements gathering and Project Planning, Generate Design, Functional Specs, and Test scripts.
  • Assisted in Testing and debugging and custom developed Test and Bug tracking system.
  • Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM Version 8.2) and BMC Pro-Active Net Performance.
  • Monitored SIEM Dashboard to identify suspicious activities that need to be investigated.
  • Updated Knowledge Articles and SOPs for tier 1 and trained teams in batches.

Confidential, Reston, VA

Production Support and Data Governance


  • Involved in Installation, patching, maintaining and supporting the Remedy AR Systems Administration.
  • Successfully customized ITSM modules Such as Incident Management (HD), Problem Management, Change Management (CM), Asset Management (AM) and modules according to client Requirements.
  • Effective use of the Migrator tool to identify differences and move workflow from Development, Testing and to Production.
  • Worked on ITSM Customizations for Incident, change, Problem Management.
  • Successfully implemented Customizations to ITSM Notification engine and developed few new Notifications to Change Management and Task Management Modules.
  • Developed Custom Applications as per the client requirements and to support ITSM customizations.
  • Developed Remedy workflow, forms, reports and filters and workflows for custom automation within forms.
  • Successfully loaded foundation data into ITSM 7.x with the help of Data Management Tool.
  • Integrated ITSM Incident and Change Management Modules with 3rd party apps by publishing Web services.
  • Other Activities Include Remedy Application Support, On-Call Support, preparing documentation as per the customer requirement.
  • Worked on different bug fixes within Incident Management, Change Management, Asset Management and Problem Management.
  • Successfully created new Vendor and View forms for different Customizations in Incident, Problem and Change Management modules.
  • Provide technical support for the BMC BladeLogic Client Automation 8.2 (formerly called BMC Configuration Management or Marimba) distribution system and general application troubleshooting.
  • Worked on Mid-Tier Configuration as per the requirement.
  • Worked on In-Depth log file analysis of AIE and Reconciliation activities.
  • Customized the CMDB Classes and Asset forms according to Customer Requirements to Store Client Specific information.
  • Worked on CMDB reconciliation and merged the data sets.
  • Good knowledge of Change Management Approval process and Assignment engine.
  • Worked on Remedy Notification Engine and the email engine including the within-application email system and modified Template models.
  • Worked on Customized email functionality for incident management.
  • Worked on customizations of Change Management and Incident Management templates.
  • Monitoring email alerts concerning suspicious activities that need to be investigated.
  • Provided 24x7 Incident Management support of the application.
  • Performed OS/Network Administration tasks.

Environment: BMC Remedy AR System 5.x/6.x/7.x, BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite (ITSM 7. x), BMC Remedy Service Desk 7.x, BMC Remedy Change Management 6.x/7.x, BMC Remedy Asset Management 7.x, BMC Remedy Mid-Tier 6.x/7.x, BMC Remedy Email Engine 6.x/7.x, BMC Remedy Migrator 6.x/7.x, BMC Remedy Data Management Tool, BMC Remedy Import 6.x/7.x, Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 2005

Confidential, Washington, DC

Production Support and Data Governance


  • Development and implementation of Help Desk (HD), Change Management (CM) according to business requirements.
  • Perform Remedy ITSM 7.x System Administration.
  • Assisted Team leads and Project managers in managing SDLC which includes Requirements gathering and Project Planning, Generate Design, Functional Specs, and Test scripts.
  • Assisted in Testing and debugging (also created user friendly custom developed Test and Bug Tracking system).
  • Involved in support processes including the ability to submit, monitor, and manage help desk cases, change requests, and asset inventory records.
  • Developed Reports using Crystal Reports.

Environment: BMC Remedy AR System 5.x/6.x/7.x, BMC Remedy Action Request System 5.x/6.x/7.x, BMC IT Service Management Suite 6.x/7.x, BMC Remedy Service Desk 7.x, BMC Remedy Change Management 7.x, BMC Remedy Asset Management 7.x, Crystal Reports XI, Windows Server 2003, UNIX, Oracle 10g, 9i, PL/SQL, SQL Server 2000, IIS server 6.0, MARS 6.0.

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