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Sr. Software Quality Assurance Engineer Resume


  • Over 8 years of experience in Quality Assurance
  • Experienced in designing Test strategies, Test plans and scripts that effectively test a product /Application throughout its Development and Quality Life Cycle.
  • Have expertise in QA ALM procedures and methodologies such as Waterfall and Agile. Have good understanding of Testing processes and tools. Experienced in testing in Customer Environment and UAT testing.
  • Experienced in various QA testing methodologies like Blackbox Test, Whitebox Test, Integration Test, Functional test, Verification and Validation, Web Testing, Database Testing, Regression test, Stress Test, Internationalization, Performance and scalability testing. Experienced in testing enterprise applications like Siebel CRM, SalesForce, Siebel Quote to Cash module and Siebel Sales, PeopleSoft and eCommerce websites.
  • Experienced as a Technical lead QA.
  • Over 4 years of experience in Automation development
  • Experienced in Front End UI Test Automation using QuickTestProfessional, VbSctript and QualityCenter.
  • Familiar with Java, JUnit, Selenium and TestNg Framework, Oracle OATS, OpenScript.
  • Have experience in working with databases like MS SQL server and Oracle DBMS.
  • Familiar with automating test cases using Data driven and Key word Driven methodologies.


  • Requirement Analysis, Test Design, Test Specification, Test Planning, Test creation, Test Execution
  • QA Process and Methodology, ALM, ALM Tools
  • Front end UI Automation, HP Quick Test Professional, VB Scripting
  • Java, JUnit, Selenium, TestNg
  • Oracle OATS, OpenScript
  • SQL, Database


O/S: Windows, Solaris, AIX, zOS, Confidential, Linux, Unix

Middleware / Server: WebSphere 6x, Weblogic 8x, JBOSS Apache Tomcat, IIS

CRM: Siebel Call center, Siebel Financial Services, Siebel Sales, Siebel OnDemand, SalesForce

ERP: People Soft, Certus SOX. SalesForce

Analytical Tools: Business Objects Enterprise R2 XI, Siebel Analytics

Reporting Tools: Crystal XI

SFDC Technologies: Apex, SOQL, Triggers, Web service

Virtualization: Confidential, ESX

WebServices: SoapUI

Ide: Eclipse

Programming: Java

Web: HTML, XML, XPATH, JavaScript

RDBMS: Oracle, DB2, MSSQL Server, MySql

Automation Tools: WinRunner, QualityCenter, QTP, UFT

WebService Testing tool: SoapUI

Performance: LoadRunner, Oracle OATS Selenium, Junit, TestNg Perl, PL/SQL, Shell Scripts

Requirements Tool: DOORS

Configuration Management: Clear Case, Perforce, SVN

Bug Tracking Tools: Siebel eBiz, JIRA, TestTrack Pro, Rational Clearquest and Team Track

SDLC tools: IBM Rational Clearquest, HP ALM

Methodologies: Waterfall, Agile, RUP.



Sr. Software Quality Assurance Engineer


  • Worked in the area of Finacial services funcitionality .
  • Worked in the area of Insurance Funcitionality.
  • Application Functionality automation, Functional testing, QA Automation.
  • Test Execution, Test Automation.

Confidential, San Francisco

Sr. Software Quality Assurance Engineer


  • Application Functionality automation, Functional testing, QA Automation.
  • Test Execution, Test Automation
  • Wrote test scripts using VB script, UFT for different test scenarios.
  • VB Scripting, Sql, HP UFT, Access, Oracle, HP ALM


Sr. Software Quality Assurance Engineer


  • Application Functionality automation, Functional testing, QA Automation.
  • Test Execution, Test Automation
  • Automation of Website for Mortgage Rates using Selenium IDE:
  • This is a website that provides Mortgage rates for different areas.
  • Wrote test scripts using Selenium for different test scenarios.
  • Automation of Information Website using Selenium WebDriver:
  • Used Selenium Webdriver to run the automation on different browsers. Used Eclipse Ide.
  • Automation of Information Website. Wrote test scripts to test for Knowledge website. Used TestNg framework and Xpath. Used TestNg Pageobject Pattern and DataProvider to develop data driven automation.
  • Eclipse, Java, TestNg, Selenium, XML, XPATH, HTML, Maven
  • Automation of Products Screen using Oracle OATS
  • Used Oracle OATS and wrote scripts to automate Siebel Products Screen Test cases for the Siebel Open UI Customer Order Management Product. The functionality involved selecting items from the Customizable products and creating quote for the same. Wrote functions and scripted a Data Driven code using CSV file using Databank.
  • Eclipse, Oracle OATS, Siebel Customer Order Management
  • Selenium, TestNg, Java, VbScripting, Sql, Html

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Lead Software Quality Assurance Engineer


  • Technical Lead Test Case, Creation, Planning, strategizing and execution Automating Test case using HP quick test professional, and Quality Center, SQL Queries
  • Test Execution, Automation
  • Unix, .Net, C#, J2ee
  • Performed Test design, Test planning, Execution and Automation in their IT Accounting and Results division.
  • Main responsibilities were of understanding the Financial and investment domain, develop test cases and automate.
  • Wrote Scripts using descriptive VB scripting to develop some frame work functions and Test case automation using Quick test professional tool.
  • Wrote scripts to automate several test cases for their MARS (Manager accounting and results System) application.
  • Adapted Data driven methodology.
  • The test cases were mainly functional and UI. Agile model was used

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Sr. Software Quality Assurance Engineer


  • Test Case creation, Planning, strategizing and execution, Functional, integration and regression, UAT Testing
  • Analyzed various functional modules such as Contracts to opportunity, Cash to Order, Billing
  • Test Specification, Design, Execution
  • SQL Queries, J2ee, Apex, SOQL, SalesForce
  • Developed Test cases and executed Testing.
  • Performed Data upload and executed SOQL in the log window.
  • Performed configuration changes.
  • Executed Regression testing.
  • Worked on testing apex integration of these modules.
  • Created new user accounts and configured Confidential to fit security needs at the user and organization levels.
  • Agile model was used.

Confidential, Los Gatos, CA

Sr. Verification and Validation Engineer


  • Test Case Creation, Planning, Strategizing and Test execution, Requirement Analysis
  • J2EE, XML, Oracle, MS Sql Server 2005 WebSphere 6x
  • St. Jude Medical is a company that manufactures Medical devices such as implantable heart devices. They had a Patient care network which will enable monitoring Patients with such ICDs. It is a java based application that used IBM WebSphere as middleware. The application also had a drug store from where the drugs could be prescribed to a patient. It is a java based application that used IBM WebSphere as middleware.
  • Job role here was to work as Sr. QA engineer. Performed Functional testing, verification of their Patient care network, Calibration and Prescriptions module. It was a FDA regulated environment. Provided recommendations on their requirement, testing and logged bugs.

Confidential, Redwood City, CA

Sr. Automation Engineer


  • Test Case Automation, VbScripting, Automation Execution
  • QTP, VbScript, ADO, CDO, SQL, Perl, XML, WebServices, Team Track, Quality Center, SQL Server 2005
  • Confidential have a product called as Serena Business mashup. This is an application that enables customers to combine Webservices with in the process of a business frame work. The Mashup composer is based on .net and C#. The Mashup administrator was based on Ajax and J2EEE.
  • The project was to automate the test cases and build a frame work using QTP.
  • Job role here was mainly automation. Used QTP and Vbscript to automate test cases.
  • We had a Perl script Frame work. Wrote scripts to automate their manual test cases. Built a tool to generate functions and used these functions in the test cases. Test case was entirely built on function calls to the Function Library. Adapted Data driven methodology. Automated several complex test scenarios. Executed Sql queries on the MsSql server database

Confidential, Cupertino, CA

Lead Software Quality Assurance Engineer


  • Technical Lead, Test Case Creation, Planning, Strategizing, Execution, Customer Support, Resolve issues, QA Metrics,
  • Test Planning, Test Design, Test Execution
  • J2EE, XML, Crystal Reports, Business Objects, SOX, Oracle, SqlServer 2005, WebSphere 6x, Weblogic 8x, JBOSS, Tivoli, iPlanet LDAP, HP WinRunner, JIRA, VbSript, MS Project, SalesForce
  • Certus System makes J2EE based software that helps companies in their compliance with Sarbanes - Oxley regulations.
  • The software help companies in developing their COSO based controls and compliances. It helps them in getting the major SOX s like 302 and 906. Companies can execute internal audits and exercise proper governance.
  • Worked as a lead Quality Assurance engineer leading and managing an offshore team consisting of 10 people.
  • Major responsibilities involved, hiring, team building,, project management and guiding the team.
  • Provided QA metrics to the management.
  • Helped the company in many versions of product releases.
  • Provided test strategy and technical leader ship in executing the test cases.
  • Also managed them on a daily basis through daily stand up scrum meetings.
  • Analyzed many customer issues and provided recommendations.
  • Company was able to substantially increase the product quality.
  • Provided support for technical and functional issues faced by the customer.
  • Took customer calls and provided live online support.
  • Interacted with customers in resolving their issues that involved installation execution and other technical issues.


Sr. QA Automation Engineer


  • Test Case Creation, Planning, strategizing and execution
  • Automating Test case using HP quick test professional, and Quality Center
  • Test Execution, Automation
  • Unix, .Net, J2ee, SQL Queries
  • Confidential delivers a product which enable users to best utilize their computer resources.
  • This is based on virtualization technology.
  • They mainly used Confidential for this. They had product that would enhance the features of VM ware and provide lab management abilities.
  • Used QTP to test the UI of the application.
  • This also involved writing VB scripts. Wrote automation scripts to automate the installation.
  • Also wrote test cases for installation.
  • Executed the automation scripts. Set up environments with VM ware and used them in automation.
  • Used Quality center as a Central test case and automation script repository.


Sr. Software Quality Assurance Engineer


  • Confidential made web based Enterprise applications for Customer relationship management. Worked on different projects involving Siebel Tools, Siebel Financial Services, Siebel Call Center, Siebel workflow, Siebel Remote, EIM, EAI
  • Test Case, Design, Planning, Strategizing and execution
  • Automating Test case using HP quick test professional, and Quality Center, SQL Queries, Customer Update testing
  • Environment C++, IIS, Solaris, Aix, Zos, SqlServer, DB2, Oracle
  • Worked on different projects while at Siebel. Performed QA Functional Test of the following modules: Siebel server administration, Siebel Remote, Siebel Workflow, Siebel Assignment manager, Siebel Enterprise Application Integration, Siebel Application Installation and Configuration, Siebel EIM, Siebel Anywhere, Siebel Upgrade, Siebel Tools and Application configuration
  • Functional modules - Siebel Sales, Siebel Call Center & Siebel Financial Services Nexus, Insurance
  • Tasks involved understanding the Architecture, write strategy and test design document based on the MRD, write Test cases to comprehensively test the Task Module, testing the Tasks Module. Automated testing web services using LoadRunner. Worked as a lead with offshore team and managed a group of 5 people. Set up environments with VM ware and used them in automation. Used Quality center as a Central automation script repository.

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