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Senior Software Engineer Resume



  • Senior Software Engineer well versed in the full cycle of software development for embedded real time communications systems, including wireless satellite applications.
  • Specialist in communication system management configuration in Simple Network Management Protocol ( Confidential ).
  • Experienced in the full spectrum of software and systems testing.
  • Lead analyst of interactive military training simulators including full scale development testing.
  • Active security clearance.


Languages: ASN.1, C, C++, C#, Java, DXL, Perl, COBOL, Expect, C Shell

Operating Systems: Windows 95, 98, 2000, 2007, 2010, XP, Windows 7, Red Hat Linux

MIB Browsers: Epilogue Emissary, HP OpenView, MG - Soft, Castle Rock SNMPc, AdventNet Web NMS, SimpleTest, Net- Confidential ( snmptranslate, snmpwalk, snmpget, snmpset, snmptrap, Agentx, mib2c )

MIB Compile: r Epilogue Emissary

Confidential Protocols: SNMPv1, SNMPv3

Networking Protocols: IPv4, IPv6, TCP / IP, UDP

Routing Protocols: PPP, OSPF, IGMP, BGP, CIDR, GateD Routing Package, ACL

Compilers: MS C / C++, LINUX C / C++, gcc, GNU G++

Utilities: PowerPoint, Visio, Microsoft Office Components, FrameMaker, CodeWright

Database Tools: Merant PVCS and Tracker ( Software Discrepancy Reports, Configuration Management ), CVS, CVS Tortoise, DOORS ( Software Requirements, Requirements Traceability Matrix ), Tortoise SVN, GIT, JIRA, Agile, Scrum, Bit Bucket


Confidential, NJ

Senior Software Engineer


  • Enabled Confidential usage to control operational parameters through creation of database storage for the Confidential ’s run-time configuration parameters which was accomplished by organizing and creating an ASN.1 Management Information Database ( MIB ), for both IPv4 and IPv6.
  • Generated real time access and configuration of the Confidential ’s MIB control parameters and other Confidential products by formatting, developing, and installing application agents that pass MIB data via Confidential .
  • Reduced development timeframes for MIBs, agent code and test procedures 75% by using standardized object type templates combined with compiler options.
  • Promoted Confidential usage throughout Confidential military radio product line by implementing various Confidential technologies and Client / Server Applications leading to future contracts with customer.
  • Installed friendly fire safeguard technologies on the Confidential by updating Radio Based Situational Awareness ( Confidential ) with GPS coordinates.

Systems Tester



  • Loaded and tested Confidential 's SRW Waveform onto BAE radios using JTRS tool sets by creating JTRS repositories and software builds with Green Hills IDE. Established small networks and ran point-to-point, point-to-relay-to-point, and network performance testing.
  • Verified customer requirements through system level and regression testing on both the tactical router Confidential plus combat networking and voice radios ( SINCGARS / ELPRS ) in a simulated U.S. Army tactical network.
  • Reduced regression testing times on isolated radio networks using Expect automated test scripts.

Test Engineer



  • Validated Acceptance Testing for Formal Quality Tests ( FQT ) and Critical Design Test ( Confidential ) through testing and evaluating results as witnessed by Confidential SQA and government representatives.
  • Verified software requirements through reviews and updates of systems test plans.

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