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Construction Coordinator/field Engineer Resume

Fairlawn, NJ


Results oriented professional with comprehensive experience in all areas of Wireless cell site construction and Management. I have problem solving skills with the ability to set priorities to ensure favorable outcomes. Proficient in reading drawings and blueprints. Good knowledge in industrial robots, electronics, and pneumatics. I am bilingual and proficient in English and Spanish.


Confidential, FAIRLAWN, NJ

Construction Coordinator/Field Engineer


  • Assigned to the Confidential & Confidential UMTS and GSM projects supervising General Contractors assuring that they are in compliance with Confidential quality requirements and Confidential safety and quality standards building cell sites for Confidential and Confidential & Confidential Wireless communications, ordering Equipment and Supplies for the Confidential .
  • controlling quality and costs, interpreting plans and specifications doing redline drawings. electrical installations and upgrades enforcing safety and security regulations { Confidential } for 0 accidents, to assure construction is done in a timely manner and within budget, submit progress reports to Upper Management.
  • Reading and approving sweep tests for cell sites. Preparing Turnover packages when sites are completed

Confidential, Houston, Texas

QA/QC Inspector


  • Inspection of Central Office Communications Installations co - locates in Confidential, Confidential, and Confidential for wideband services voice, data, video, and internet through-out the central United States to assure Quality Work to industry standards by contractors, and summiting reports via computer to Head Office.

Confidential, Virginia

Electrical Installation Supervisor and Senior Communications Installation Technician


  • Supervised the electrical installations for the communications systems from electrical vaults to highly sensitive equipment cabinets in over 35 buildings for the relocation of the Confidential Southern Command Confidential.
  • Termination and testing of a variety copper and fiber optic cables.
  • Installed communications trays and conduit in rehabilitated buildings under less than ideal conditions.
  • Configuration of communication rooms, installation of patch panels, racks grounding and bonding to engineered specs.

Confidential, Manati, PR

Technical manager


  • Supervised electrical installations for industrial factories, residential and commercial establishments.
  • Supervised the installation of automated sewing equipment .
  • Scheduled over 10 technicians to different sites according to their abilities

Confidential, Vega Baja, PR

Manager/Technical Sales


  • Oversaw daily functions for a company providing sales and service for industrial machinery and related equipment.
  • Increased sales from $55,000 to over $12,000,000 per year.
  • Expanded sales to include mass markets

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