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Software Engineer Resume

San Jose, CA


  • Nearly 5 years experience working as a development test engineer in the areas of layer2 and layer3 networking. Strong knowledge of networking fundamentals, TCP/IP, routing and switching protocols.
  • Highly proficient in using traffic generator tools like Confidential, Spirent.
  • Extensive hands - on testing Ethernet/VLAN/VPN/MPLS technologies and features like ACLs & QoS.
  • Strong knowledge of QA process, ability to write test plans and develop automated scripts using Confidential .


Networking Protocols: TCP/IP, Confidential, GRE, HSRP, EIGRP, OSPF,BGP, RIP, SNMP, Confidential, RSTP, MPLS, IGMP, PIM

Standards: 802.3, 802.1d, 802.1q, 802.1w, 802.1p

Tools: Confidential, Spirent (Avalanche), Confidential ATS, Shomiti Protocol Analyzer/other protocol sniffers like tcpdump, ethereal

Hardware: Cisco 6500/7600/7200/3800/2500/2600 , Riverstone switches (RS3000/1000,SSR2100,SSR8000/8600), Foundry Switch (BigIron 8000), MPS(Metro Packet Switch) like the MPS-AX by Lantern communications

Languages: Confidential /Tk, Expect, Scotty, Confidential API’s, UML

Operating Systems: UNIX/LINUX/Solaris, WINDOWS


Confidential, San Jose, CA

Software Engineer


  • Developed and executed system-level test cases based on product requirements and functional specifications and to qualify the integration of different features across various platforms.
  • Worked on getting Confidential scalability and performance measurement of the crypto blade on the catalyst switches.
  • Closely worked with the development team to debug and verify bugs reported, initiated brainstorming sessions with peer and cross functional team, to evaluate new features, customer found defects and troubleshoot corner conditions seen during testing.
  • Authored and developed config guides at the end of the project cycle.
  • Designed, deployed, tested and debugged site-to-site as well as remote-access Confidential VPNs topologies.
  • Designed and executed system, scalability and performance test suites in order to qualify the scalability of PKI features for various Confidential scenarios on multiple platforms including 7200, 6500 (Cat6k) and 3800.
  • Independently developed Confidential scripts to automate the Confidential PKI scalability testing for cat6k platform and the Spirent/Avalanche tool.
  • Used Confidential and Avalanche traffic generators to simulate real-world traffic and test various hardware crypto engines (such as VSA, VAM2+, VPN-SPA).
  • Worked extensively with the Spirent and Confidential libraries for automation purposes

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

System Test Engineer


  • Performed design verification, scalability testing and performance testing
  • Bug reproduction and verification.
  • Extensive configuration and traffic generation on Confidential to simulate and test customer scenarios. Typical test scenarios simulates large number of users( have 10,000 flows configured, which includes unicast and multicast traffic), rate limiting, configuring VLANs, QOS features- making sure there is no bandwidth leak.
  • Stress Testing the system by having a combination of possible user scenarios like ( switching one of the nodes down and making sure the ring switches, disabling slots, switching the SFMs(Switch Fabric module), activating and deactivating vlans, modifying the rate at which the traffic is sent, including a large number of ports in the configuration and have large number of flows on each of them to stress the system)

Confidential, Mountain View, CA

Network Performance Engineer


  • Developed requirements for network switching and transmission equipment such as switches and routers, in conjunction with parameterization of failure detectionactive path reconfiguration mechanism.
  • Understood equipment architecture strengths and weaknesses such as, switch fabric, queuing scheduler, latency, dynamic load distribution.
  • Qualified a variety of vendor features such as Spanning Tree Protocol, vlans, trunks, filters, SLA & QoS.
  • Designed and executed Logical Wire system test plan, which included all features (leak, traffic profile, fail over, spanning tree) running with stress traffic, excessive network flapping, and large number of logical wires.
  • Managed vendor products and technologies by communicating requirements, implementation, validation, and qualification process.
  • Designed and Developed Automated Test Suites for SLA qualification and Confidential validation for multivendor switches
  • Automated switch configurations using MIBs
  • Used Confidential API's to automate the functions of Confidential .
  • Used Confidential to automate performance benchmark, rate limit, latency validation and report regeneration.

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