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Senior Manager Resume


  • 16 years of hands - on QA experience with proven track record in driving product quality for Hardware/Software Solutions, Customer Satisfaction and process improvements for Confidential 100 and 500 clients in Data Center and Computer Networking industry.
  • Technical Team leader in deploying novel, effective quality improvement solutions, generating multimillion-dollar savings and driving customer satisfaction.
  • Quality Engineering leader, with a passion for formulating clear-cut, metric-driven strategies for increasing productivity, shortening test cycles, and implementing new technologies, motivates teams through empowerment while continually raising the product quality bar, supporting individual career growth and collective teamwork in alignment with business objectives.


  • Global QA Management
  • Automated & Manual Testing
  • Test Methodologies & Planning
  • Metrics & KPIs, Agile/Waterfall
  • Project Management
  • Vendor & Client Relations
  • Data Center Servers & Switches, Storage
  • Cloud Infrastructure, Virtualization, Big Data
  • Lean/Six Sigma, CCNA Certification
  • Customer Escalation
  • Team Leadership & Development


Operating Environments: Confidential IOS/ Confidential OS, Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS, VMware.

Programming: Python, TCL.

Protocols & Technology: TCP/IP, Routing protocols (RIP/OSPF/ISIS/EIGRP), Ethernet, SAN(FC/FCoE), High-Availability (HA), Switching Protocols, L2/L3/Security and Netflow Features

Hardware: Confidential Catalyst 6500 & Confidential 2K/5K/6K switches, Confidential Servers and FI family.

Methodologies/Frameworks: Agile, Waterfall.


Senior Manager



  • Oversee a combined $4M Confidential budget. Direct testing activities for the Confidential and M-series servers, FI-series as well as associated Confidential management products.
  • Performed system/solution testing and firmware upgrade/downgrade testing with end-to-end traffic running from the host VM (running multiple OS's -Windows, Linux, CentOS, and Ubuntu) to the core data center switch ( Confidential 5k/7k/9k) with spine/leaf, VPC architecture using data center topologies and Confidential Validated Design (CVD) in agile environment.
  • Performed automated testing for system testcases with an internally developed Python infrastructure called Qali.
  • Slashed $1.7M off the $2M cost estimate, while completing a new testbed project (Open stack/Ceph Storage/Cloudera Hadoop) ahead of schedule, for an initial $20M private cloud product order. Conducted an exhaustive collaboration among internal stakeholders and vendors. Recognized by the Sr. VP of Hardware and Software for an outstanding effort.
  • Boosted automation coverage from 25% to 75%, manual testing of upgrade/downgrade from 10% to 90%, created first ever upgrade/downgrade matrix test coverage for all applicable software releases with green/brownfield customer use case.
  • Saved $10M by preventing multiple escalation cases going into highest-level escalation. Improved the Confidential Validated Design (CVD) coverage from 10% to 60%.
  • Improved defect resolution by 20%, saving ~$4M/yr with improved prioritization and tracking of customer-found defects (CFD) using qddts+ and Scrubber to track the trends.
  • Analyzed around 1000 CFDs and developed approximately 200 new test cases for addressing previously unresolved problematic areas, found over 600 internal defects. The Sr. Director of QA and Escalation Director both recognized this accomplishment.
  • Led the Confidential 2k/5K/6k Switching Scaling and Performance QA team for layer3-based Unicast (IPv4/v6), Multicast (IPv4) forwarding and layer2 forwarding on the new Confidential 2/5/6K-based data center product-line in agile environment.
  • Oversaw release management for 4 major (NxOS 6.x/7.x) and 10 sustaining (NxOS 5.2.x) releases. Developed the first-ever testbed schedule with 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% milestones, along with individual and team accountabilities; completed all work on schedule and on budget.
  • Improved product quality by 25% with full automation using Python scripts.


Technical Leader


  • Managed, recruited and developed QA team and collaborated with cross-functional teams from hardware, marketing, and development in this start-to-launch of the Catalyst 6K switching Confidential Trusted Security ( Confidential ) effort.
  • Completed 4 major and 12 minor software releases on time and on budget for the hardware qualification, including authoring the test plan and quality verification for the Supervisor Engine 2T and associated line of cards.
  • Teamed with the Technical Marketing Engineering ( Confidential ) team and developed 40% of the new production introduction (NPI) training materials. Served as a facilitator for the training and Q&A sessions.
  • Performed automated testing with an internally developed TCL infrastructure called ATS.




  • Managed, recruited and developed the layer2 and platform architecture test teams for the >$40B installed product base, on the Catalyst 6500 distributed switching platform.
  • Engaged with the field, technical matter experts, and project managers in assisting with customer training and early-adoption issues, meeting a challenging time-to-market schedule. Participated and successfully passed in TL9000 and ISO14000 Audit.
  • Evaluated 3rd party testing tools from Ixia and Spirent; obtained an additional 10% pricing concession.

Team Lead, Senior Software Engineer & Software Engineer (QA)



  • Tasked with leading a team of four, while also serving as contributor on new hardware, software, and maintenance releases associated with the Catalyst 6K security and Net Flow features.
  • Successfully delivered security features including NAC, DAI, DHCP Snooping, RACL, VACL, PACL, Reflexive ACL, OAL, NAT, TCP Intercept, Auth-Proxy, Policy-Based Routing, and NDE.
  • Highest defect finder on the entire QA team. Authored 15 testplans and developed the methodology for conducting 8 test cases/week.
  • Conducted manual testing for Catalyst 6K switching security features and Net Flow. Additionally, served as lead engineer for the ACL-TCAM and NetFlow-TCAM-based security features.
  • Discovered the TCAM hashing algorithm not functioning properly in an ASIC while conducting NetFlow-based testing, requiring a redesign of the ASIC.
  • Performed automation testing using TCL for Catalyst 6K with Supervisor 1 and 2 platforms.
  • Achieved 100% successful runs with re-writes and modifications of scripts with previous 50% success rates, while catching 30% more defects.

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