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Qa Analyst Resume

Richardson, TX


  • Senior QA Analyst having around 8 years of experience in all phases of Software Developer Life Cycle (SDLC) & Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC). Expertise in preparing Test Strategy, Test Plan, Test Scenarios, preparing Manual test cases and automated test cases by decomposing use cases for specific functional requirements. Diversified experience in Automation, Manual testing and Business Analysis methodologies, serving various domains.
  • As a Software Developer Engineer in Test (SDET) have good knowledge and experience with software testing and automated test techniques with a strong focus on quality throughout the entire software development cycle.
  • Strong knowledge in implementing Waterfall and Agile (Sprint/Scrum) Methodology by analyzing requirement specifications.
  • Experience in preparing Test strategy, Test plan, Test scenarios, Test cases and Test summary reports for both automated and manual testing based on User requirements, System requirements and Use case documents.
  • Experienced in handling Keyboard and Mouse Events, Accessing Forms, tables, and link, using Selenium Web Driver.
  • Hands on experience in test driven development (TDD), Behavior driven development (BDD) and acceptance test driven development (ATDD) approaches.
  • Experienced with Cross - Browser and Compatibility Testing to test whether the web applications are working as desired in different browsers and environments.
  • Designed and Implemented different automation frameworks like Keyword Driven Framework, Data Driven Framework, and Hybrid Framework.
  • Experienced in Selenium Automation using Selenium Web Driver, Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, Java, TestNG, POM framework.
  • Experienced in Web Services testing using SOAPUI tool. Validated request and response XML, SOAP and RESTFUL Web service calls.
  • Extensively used Selenium APIs such as Take Screenshot for Capturing Failed test cases, select for selecting multiple values from list, Action for various key and mouse event, with different Locators (XPath, CSS, id, Link text).
  • Experienced in using Apache POI to read data from external sources to feed locators into the test script.
  • Experienced in creating test script for Continuous Integration and Scheduled builds periodically using Jenkins tool.
  • Developed Test Scripts to implement Test Cases, Test Scenarios, and features for BDD (Behavior Driven Development) using Cucumber.
  • Experienced in Database Testing using SQL Queries with multiple Databases, SQL Server, and MySQL.
  • Expertise in different types of testing like Automation testing, Manual testing, Integration testing, System testing, Smoke testing, Regression testing, JUnit Testing, Black box testing, Functional testing, Database testing, GUI testing, Web / UI and (UAT)User Acceptance Testing.
  • Expertise in working knowledge of Core Java and Object-Oriented Programming Concepts (Inheritance, Polymorphism, Exception Handling, Multi-Threading and Collections).
  • Good Knowledge on Python scripting language.
  • Experienced in using Test Management tools such as QC, Rally, JIRA bug reporting tools to track test progress, execution and deliverables.
  • Conducted meetings with the end-users in order to establish guidelines for UAT. Guidelines included specification of necessary screen components, appropriate message boxes.
  • Hands on experience in using build and project management tools like MAVEN and Configuration management tools like SVN, GIT.
  • Generated test logs using Log4j for various log levels.
  • Good team player with the ability to manage and work independently.


Test Approaches: Waterfall, Agile/Scrum, SDLC, STLC, Bug Life Cycle

Testing Tools: Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid, JUnit, Cucumber, Gherkin, SoapUI

TestBuild& Integration Tools: Maven, Jenkins

Frameworks: Keyword Driven, Data Driven, Hybrid, Page Object Model (POM)

Programming Tools: C, C++, JAVA, JDBC, J2EE, Python, HTML, XML, JSON

Markup Languages: HTML, XML, XPath, CSS Selector

Databases: MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server

Browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari

Operating Systems: Windows 7/8, Ubuntu, UNIX, LINUX

Defect Tools: HP Quality Center, JIRA, Rally

MS Office Tools: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Access

Utilities: Eclipse, GIT, SVN, Firebug, Fire Path



QA analyst, Richardson, TX


  • Performed test- driven /behavior- driven development (TDD/BDD), automated unit testing, refactoring, and extensive pair programming.
  • Executing the test plans on web and mobile (Apple & Android) as per requirements. Implemented simulator for Mobile App Testing in Android Platform using Appium .
  • Follow and contribute to Agile/SCRUM activities (e.g. daily stand-ups, retrospectives, iteration planning, estimate/reporting, acceptance criteria definition).
  • Executed Test cases in the timely manner and Reported defects in HP Quality center (HPALM).
  • Reviewed and transformed business and User Story requirement documentation and created wireframes for stakeholder approval.
  • Collaborated with product managers and a development team to identify and resolve issues, coordinate system requirements, and create project timelines.
  • Experience in using the Page Object Model (POM) to reduce the complexity of code and easy to reusable the code.
  • Extensively used Quality Center and HP ALM for writing Test Plan and uploading and executing the Test cases related to the client requirements, logging and tracking the defects, and reporting Issue logs.
  • Used Appium for native, hybrid Mobile Application Testing for IOS and Android platforms.
  • Participated in Agile sprint planning and coordinated individual and team testing throughout to ensure quality deliverables by the end of the sprint.
  • Attended and participated in design, defect, and deployment meeting to ensure application functions and guidelines are observed.


SDET, Rochester, MN


  • Performed Functional, Integration, regression, positive, negative and UAT testing. Performing Regression test using automated testing tool and Selenium . Automating End to End Testing using automation Tools.
  • Implemented Page Objects model (POM), Apache POI in WebDriver Scripts, Data Driven, Keyword Driven and Hybrid Frameworks using Selenium WebDriver, Junit, and Java.
  • Configured Selenium WebDriver , TestNG, Maven tool and created Selenium automation scripts in java using JUnit prior to agile release.
  • Developed custom libraries for automation using JAVA &Selenium WebDriver .
  • Conducted Data driven testing using data provider method which reads data from excel using APOI and Cross browser testing. Executed regression through testng.xml.
  • Used Appium for test Automation Framework, Cross platform test Automation.
  • Designed and developed UNIX shell scripts as part of the ETL process to automate the process of loading, pulling the data for testing ETL loads.
  • Reviewed the ETL mappings (Informatica) to ensure the transformations are applied correctly.
  • Developed automated scripts for Angular JS application using protractor and Java scripts.
  • Used BDD framework with Cucumber and Java to write behaviors and step definitions and also developed required Selenium support code in JAVA for Cucumber.
  • Involved in creating Branching strategy and Release management on Code Version system such as GitHub.
  • Wrote Python Scripts to handle textbox, dropdown, checkbox, buttons and popup controls.
  • Involved in integrating the test suites to Jenkins to execute them automatically after every successful deployment.
  • Involved in using Maven build tools to manage framework dependency jar files.
  • Responsible for planning, executing and managing the UI automation scripts written in AngularJS using Protractor Testing Framework.
  • Performed agile testing, review the stories and participated in Daily Scrum, Iteration Planning and Release Planning meeting and used Rally Tool.
  • Creation of feature files, Scenarios and Scenario outlines in BDD -Cucumber& Ruby
  • Implemented the BDD framework with Cucumber , Java and the creation of future files with scenario and scenario outline files.
  • Executed web services testing using SOAPUI tool for SOAP and REST Web Services using WSDL and WADL Identified the defects in the application and reproduced for issue resolution.
  • Designed and documented REST /HTTP, SOAP APIs, including JSON data formats and API versioning strategy.
  • Performed API Level testing for web services, enhanced the Test harness and developed many Test suites using XML.
  • Involved in testing the database and data validation using SQL Queries, executed SQL queries to check the data table updates after test execution.
  • Experience in cloud computing using AWS for testing the scalability and availability of the services on cloud.
  • Experience in testing the Amazon Machine images functionality on cloud.
  • Experience in monitoring, management, troubleshooting and issue resolution to systems and services hosted on cloud resources such as AWS.
  • Experience in UI automation testing to test the screen validation, data validation, navigation testing etc.
  • Experience in API testing to test the remote procedural calls, and test web services such as SOAP and REST.

Environment: Selenium WebDriver, Java, Selenium IDE, Jenkins, Rally, SoapUI, HTML, XML, JIRA, SQL, Microsoft Office, Cucumber, Eclipse, Maven, TestNG, Agile, Ruby, SQL, Protractor, REST. SOAP, Python, AWS, Jenkins


Sr. QA Analyst, New York city, NY


  • Designed, developed and implemented Page Object Model Pattern based Keyword Driven automation testing framework utilizing Java , Test-NG and Selenium Web-Driver.
  • Used Selenium IDE for recording and involved in developing new Selenium Scripts using Java API to automate Web Application Testing.
  • Configured Selenium WebDriver , TestNG, Maven tool and created Selenium automation scripts in java using TestNG prior to agile release.
  • Performed Cross-platform, UI testing for Native and Hybrid Mobile apps using Appium
  • Used Appium to facilitate mobile testing by creating mobile Driver class with the required mobile capabilities. Involve in web UI application over HTTP client request protocol
  • Executed the test plans on web and mobile (Apple & Android) as per requirements using Appium tool.
  • Worked in Agile Scrum Development Environment with frequently changing requirements and features set.
  • Worked as ETL Tester responsible for the requirements / ETL Analysis, ETL Testing and designing of the flow and the logic for the Data warehouse project.
  • Executed Backend and Database tests using SQL queries, validating the data for database editing and debugging is conducted using selenium.
  • Written Test Cases for ETL to compare Source and Target database systems.
  • Created and maintain SQL queries to extract data from the database for Backend Testing.
  • Used JIRA as a defect tracking tool for reporting and bug tracking.
  • Wrote Scenarios, Scenario outlines and Step definitions using Gherkin in Cucumber for BDD .
  • Migrated screens as per requirement using Java, JSP, and Servlets and check-in the code to SVN on a daily basis
  • Performed web services/API testing using SOAPUI tool for SOAP and RESTful Web Services using WSDL and WADL.
  • Tested SOAP and REST web services/API using the different assertions like HTTP assertion, security assertions, XPATH assertions in SOAPUI.
  • Used TestNG Annotations in Selenium Web Driver in Python and executed a batch of tests as testing suite.
  • Performed continuous integration automation testing using Jenkin Experience with unit testing using Junit and knowledge of ANT .

Environment: Selenium IDE, Selenium Web Driver, Rest, Soap, Ant, Jenkins, Python, ETL, Cucumber, Ruby, Java, Eclipse, SQL Server, HTML, XML, SVN, JUnit, TestNG, Jenkins, SoapUI, Rally, Maven, Cucumber.


QA Engineer, New Jersey


  • Designed, developed and implemented POM based automation testing framework utilizing C#, TestNG and Selenium WebDriver.
  • Working on creating Rest Services using ASP.NET Web API and C# and also generated generate robot results in Jenkins.
  • Framework design and development and enhancements using Coded UI and Selenium Web driver with C#
  • Responsible for implementation of Hybrid Test Automation Framework build using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG and Maven technologies under C# platform utilizing industry leading harness design patterns and approaches.
  • Used C# selenium scripts to develop coded UI automation instead of record and playback options, Automated 3 website using C#/Selenium scripts.
  • Attended the daily test activities through Agile Scrum 'stand - up' meetings, Bug review meetings, weekly status meetings and walkthroughs and interacted with Business Analysts and Developers for resolving Defects.
  • Developed data quality test plans and manually executed ETL and BI test cases.
  • Involved in data warehouse testing by checking ETL procedures/mappings.
  • Reported the bugs through email notifications to developers using TFS
  • Assigning, updating and coordinating the test activities in TFS.
  • Prepared test plans and test cases and coding automation test cases using VSTS, C#.NET, Code UI, and Microsoft Test Manager (MTM).
  • Took care of all customer feedback, issues and log relevant bugs and feature requests inside MTM.
  • Designed and documented REST/HTTP, SOAP APIs, including JSON data formats and API versioning strategy.
  • Used SOAP UI tool to located the WSDL file on the internet, create test cases, and execute test cases.

Environment: Selenium IDE, Selenium Web Driver, Rest, Soap, ETL, C#, Visual studio, Coded UI, MTM, SQL Server, HTML, XML, Jenkins, SoapUI, Rest.


QA Engineer, Salt Lake City, UT


  • Performed manual testing and maintain documentation on different types of Testing viz., Positive, Negative, Regression, Integration, System, User-acceptance, Performance and Black Box.
  • Worked directly with developers to report discrepancies and to resolve defects and track changes to status.
  • Defects were tracked, reviewed and analyzed using Jira.
  • Involved in doing System testing of the entire applications along with team members Applications are tested manually.
  • Used reporter object in QTP for reporting test results in function of code.
  • Identified tests to be automated and converted to Test Scripts using QTP for Functional and Regression testing.
  • Involved in Developing QTP /UFT Scripts and executing these Tests in Quality Center.
  • Designed and developed Test Plans, Test Scripts and Test Cases in HP Quality Center and executed them.
  • Work within an agile and waterfall methodology environment.
  • Developed both Data-driven and Keyword-driven Framework using UFT.
  • Involved in testing the application utilizing the Waterfall methodology.
  • Created VB scripts for regression testing using QTP.
  • Verification and Validation of ETL Mappings and Data calculation via SQL.
  • Perform functional QA of Informatica ETL mappings using SQL queries.
  • Responsible for testing Web Services APIs (SOAP & REST).
  • Extensively used QTP integrated environment like Data Table, Actions, and Recovery scenarios.
  • Performed Manual Functional testing with QC and Regression Testing with QTP.
  • Tested the response format of Restful Web Services in JSON, XML format.
  • Analyze test cases and functional specifications to determine best approach for automating scripts.
  • Reviewed the test cases written based on the Change Request document and Testing has been done based on Change Requests and Defect Requests.
  • Developed Test Objectives and test Procedures.

Environment: XML, JSON, Jira, QTP, Manual testing, ETL, SQL.


QA Engineer


  • Project is developed using waterfall methodology.
  • Involved in preparing the Test Plan and Test Cases based on the business and functional specifications.
  • Involved in writing the SQL Queries.
  • Participated in Integration, System, Smoke Testing.
  • Involved in manual testing of the application, creating test plans, test cases and documentation.
  • Performed manual functional testing for system change requests, defects, and requirements.
  • Wrote Test Cases and performed Manual Testing like Positive Testing and Negative Testing.
  • Participated in complete software Development Life Cycle and QA Life Cycle Methodologies in waterfall model.
  • Experience in ETL Data Warehousing, database testing using Informatica for Workflow process.
  • Written several complex SQL queries to validate the Data Transformation Rules for ETL testing.
  • Used Quality Center as the test repository and used it for executing the test cases and scripts and logging.
  • Used Quality Center for requirements management, planning, scheduling, running tests defect tracking and managing the defects.
  • Perform Manual testing as well as functional testing, Integration testing, Regression testing and End to End testing of SOAP/REST web services using SOAP UI tool.
  • Performed Web Services testing and Validated XML request/response data using SOAP .

Environment: Quality Center, JAVA, XML, Manual testing, SOAP, REST, MS SQL Server, SQL, MS Office.

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