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Adobe Implementation Lead Resume


Leader, creative, “outside the box” thinker. Results oriented, web data analyst, business intelligence, web user behaviors. Skilled in media technology, network infrastructure design, creation and optimization, multi - platform integration, project management as well as IT Instruction. Goal is to continue to increase knowledge and experience in a senior level digital marketing analytics / Business Intelligence role.


On: Line marketing strategies, requirements gathering, digital marketing analytics, behavioral and predictive analytics, SPSS (Netgenesis), SEO / SEM strategies, mix modeling analytics, statistical modeling, SAS, SPSS, Crystal reporting, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Omniture / Adobe Insight / Site Catalyst with Discover, Adobe Test and Target, Adobe Tag Manager, regular expressions, regression modeling / testing, CoreMetrics, Unica, WebSideStory, Google analytics, QlikView, e-Commerce strategies, PMO methodologies, AJAX, XML, J2EE, Java script coding Technologies, B2B, B2C, HBX., KPI, creation, MS SQL query creation, web page tagging, data collection, WebTrends 7.0 - 8.5, A/B multivariate testing, Pay Per Click, Organic / paid search strategies, benchmark, user experience, user behavior analysis, customer life cycle strategies, data warehousing, data modeling, technical writing, statistical modeling, mix modeling, data analysis, gap analysis, digital media, customer insights strategies, User Acceptance Testing(UAT), Quality Assurance, Business Intelligence, Business Objects, Cognos, MicroStategy, DART display data sources, E-mail marketing campaign strategies, CRM, Social Media strategies, pattern analysis, dynamic path flows, clickstream analysis, web log file formatting, dashboard and portal creation, ComScore, ad-hoc reporting, MS Excel(formulas, pivot tables, VBA macro), ROI strategies, Mobile/WAP tracking.

WEB DEVELOPMENT / ADMINISTRATION: Adobe CQ5, Iplanet Web Servers, HTML, HTTP(S), Java scripting / coding, Google Website Optimizer, Mozilla Web Development tools, JSP coding, Firefox coding, ASP and .NET development, CSS sheets, Frames, Oracle/WebLogic Portals, SQL coding /server, Flash programmer, / embedding, Ad Operations, Re-directs, 3rd party access, Web administrations, .NET technologies, Web development life cycle methodologies, J2EE, Web 2.0, Enterprise Content Management, Web Portal technologies, IBM WebSphere

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: LAN/WAN configurations, TCP/IP, DNS configuration, DHCP, Data clustering, Check Point FireWall-1, Lotus Notes with Domino server, MS Exchange/ Windows server, MS Office Suite, Technical Writing, IP- Security Protocol, WindowsNT, Banyan/Vines, Visio, Documentum, Mercury Win / Load Runner, UDP, MPLS, SMTP, Oracle 8.x, Hyperion, Cisco Works, Cisco Router / Switch configuration, Citrix implementation / administration, Desktop Technologies, Cloud computing, VPN, remote access, Fast Ethernet, 10Base-T/100Base-T, Token-Ring, MS Active Directory, LDAP, RAID configuration, SAN storage, VMware, CSU/DSU configurations, Solaris 8.0, PMI methodologies, VPN,, CDF, BGP, EIGRP, VOIP Technologies, VLAN configurations, IT Instructor, Lifecycle Technical project management, Technical Writing, Unix Administrator, HP Blade systems, Linux server Administration, People Management, SUN server configuration, IT budget management, Help Desk support, Absence and Tardy Control Plan, Labor Relation Laws, Data / Voice Cabling, CSS Load Balancing, Infrastructure Architect, SDLC, Microsoft Development Tools (MDT), Application Lifecycle Management Tools (ALM), Blackberry Technologies, Tablet Technologies Project Manager, Digital Marketing / Web Analytics / Business Intelligence Independent Consultant (Ongoing)

Description of Services: Web Analytics, Digital Marketing solutions,Business Intelligence, Web Development, HTML, Java scripting /coding, SQL programming, web acceptance testing, UI testing, modeling analysis, statistical analysis, database administration, technical writing, data analysis and data mining, data warehouse technology, web acceptance testing,, database administration, web server implementation



Adobe Implementation Lead


  • Define business and technical requirements,ensure accurate and accepted data delivery and management processes
  • Support analytics team in various ad hoc reporting projects across Confidential properties and domains
  • Translate requirements into tactical tracking requirements,work with development teams to implement site metrics,
  • Refine and test tracking logic, and perform QA testing
  • Assist in the design of data collection strategies based on project goals and objectives
  • Test / debug implementation of web-analytics solutions using a variety of manual and automated tools
  • Work with development teams,creating logic and code to support business and technical requirements
  • Serve as web analytics resource for internal teams through staying up to speed with new and improved capabilities, developing implementation processes to improve operational efficiency and analytics accuracy, and supporting implementation best practices throughout the organization
  • Assist with web analytics reporting through dashboard creation, custom excel templates and ad hoc analyses

Confidential, Atlanta, Ga

Adobe Implementation Consultant


  • Gather client business objectives to create Business Requirement Documentation (BRD)
  • Translation of the BRD into a Solution Design Requirement (SDR) or Technical Requirement Document (TRD)
  • Perform technical pre-assessment with Turner IT personnel and assist in development of any risk assessment for new site projects.
  • Consult on custom solutions or metrics required from the Turner Analytics vendor
  • Create new feature cost analysis and process
  • Update the Wiki and create standardized solutions for use across all Turner sites
  • Document issues and best practices relating to specific platforms or configurations
  • Administrator access and responsibilities within the Turner Analytics platform
  • Communicate constantly with sites/resources throughout the project lifecycle, escalating important issues where needed
  • Participate in the Corporate Governance meetings as required
  • Debug implementation problems, JavaScript errors, and product functionality
  • Coordinate with DMT WebDev and QA resources to ensure timely implementation and testing, before and after release
  • Fully understand customer requests, document them, and assign appropriate resources

Confidential, Wilmington, DE

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing Analyst


  • Develop quantitative processes to arrive at optimal decisions and to perform business knowledge discoveries through the use of data mining, process mining, statistical analysis, predictive analytics, predictive modeling, business process modeling, complex event processing and prescriptive analytics
  • Updating standards and procedures documents, web analytics solution designs, KPI creation, and web page tagging using Adobe Tag Manager
  • Create digital marketing, web analytic solutions for all future brand drug development builds including tagging, SEO recommendations, and campaign strategies
  • Transition Unica web analytics data to Site Catalyst
  • Develop process improvement solutions as it relates to web page development, digital marketing initiatives, web analytics solutions and Infrastructure Architecture
  • Develop workflow processes for all functions of Confidential web analytics procedures
  • Satisfy analytics needs for Online operations to evaluate website performance
  • Measure and evaluate digital marketing efforts using google analytics to segment web page components, email and campaign strategies
  • Through extensive data analysis, identify and develop new opportunities by implementing effective strategies that provides a competitive market advantage in the arena of drug brands
  • Assisted in the implementation of the CQ5 server installation, configuring the cluster setup, URL joins for drug brand web content, creating backup and restore zip files,
  • Established Package Manager Configurations and setting up Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) for web content management.
  • Supported 3 CQ5 web developers, re-launching the drug brand sites configuring Site Catalyst tags in CQ5
  • Segmented visitor data and page components for content modification
  • Created A/B multivariate test using Adobe CQ to measure and compare the effectiveness and relevance of medicine brands online content delivery
  • Optimized customer segmentation and content targeting rules for continuous site improvement

Confidential, Hartford, CT

Lead Web Analytics Infrastructure Architect & Data Analyst


  • Validated data from various data sources to meet departmental standards
  • Coordinated, implement, and improve all web analytics infrastructure and data analysis efforts such as data schema conversions, report comparisons, data design creation, server configuration and application testing
  • Provided forward thinking and insightful business and web behavior analysis utilizing a variety of disparate data sources including online customer and operational data
  • Used Google analytics to segment visitors, hits and sessions to gain insights on user behavior
  • Defined actionable insights, identifying trends, influencing decisions across multiple websites
  • Recommend process improvements as it relates to data and infrastructure challenges
  • Implemented Adobe Test & Target, measured effectiveness and relevance of online content
  • Acted as liaison between Confidential and IT team to ensure that the technical infrastructure is valid
  • Satisfied analytics needs for Online operations to evaluate website performance
  • Measured and evaluate digital marketing efforts including email, search and banners
  • Performed technical writing in the areas of data variances, data collection, application counting and reporting, log file formatting data merging, JS tagging, and analysis and report postings
  • Analyzed trends in data warehouse extracts using SQL to help understand customer’s behavior and improve website user experiences and established KPI’s for marketing initiatives

Confidential, Dedham, MA

Director, Web Analytics


  • Lead and trained the web analytics team in an Omniture/Adobe Site Catalyst and Insight platform
  • Performed In-depth quantitative data analysis into KPI’s creating insights for revenue generation
  • Managed team of analysts who supported digital web analysis, strategy and measurement
  • Provided forward thinking and insightful business and web behavior analysis utilizing a variety of disparate data sources including online customer and operational data
  • Aligned metrics and reporting using Google analytics to endure clean and precise reporting
  • Provided actionable insights by identifying trends and influencing decisions across multiple websites
  • Translated success data into requirements using SAS data extraction and reporting application
  • Performed technical writing creating department Wikipedia’s, requirement documents and presentations
  • Partnered with the business to form the appropriate analysis and worked closely with the IT team to ensure that the appropriate technical infrastructure was in place
  • Ensured the appropriate analysis, measurements were in place for key new initiatives and site redesigns
  • Implemented Adobe Test & Target, measured effectiveness and relevance of online content
  • Measured and evaluated digital marketing efforts including email, search and banners
  • Developed and enhanced relationships/partnerships with business and IT
  • Interpreted data, developed actionable business recommendations using SAS statistical analysis
  • Evaluated and setup business intelligence software such as Qlikview, Tealeaf and MicroStrategy
  • Managed resources, budget, time and priorities while driving multiple projects simultaneously
  • Monitored the relevance and effectiveness of campaigns using the Site Catalyst campaign management tool

Confidential, New York, NY

Senior Analyst, Web Analytics / Systems Analytics


  • Maintained and Supported the Omniture/Adobe Insight and Site Catalyst web analytics applications and infrastructure consisting of 38 servers, setting up dashboards and portals for daily, weekly, monthly report displays, viewing traffic patterns, conversions and other ROI’s, developing customer insights
  • Provided holistic reporting for 42 magazine sites using MS Excel, Access and SQL queries, importing advanced data sources to create pivot tables, formulas, and VBA macros residing on web servers in a ASP .NET, Windows framework
  • Ensured all company metrics for websites are consistent across application areas using Omniture web analytics, CoreMetrics, WebSideStory, HitBox, SAS, and WebTrax,
  • Identified and tracked trends in metrics to ensure improvements to website usage based on traffic patterns, conducted A/B multivariate testing to improve response rates on direct mail, banner ads
  • Performed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) functions such as keyword phrasing, positioning and advised on search and display ads
  • Performed technical writing in the areas of web analytics requirements, standards and procedures, data analysis explanations, Java tagging/scripting, department Wikipedia’s, and infrastructure diagrams
  • Gathered requirements from magazine publishers and editors to enable meaningful analysis and insights designed to inform overall development and go to market strategy
  • Established standards in the areas of data reporting, log imports, JS tagging, and analysis and reports
  • Implemented Adobe Test & Target, measured effectiveness and relevance of online content
  • Analyzed trends in SQL data warehouse extracts to help understand customer’s behavior and improve website user experiences and established KPI’s for marketing initiatives
  • Applied Google Analytics code to all web pages to isolate subsets of traffic and segment targeted ads and to trace transactions to campaigns and keywords in an e-Commerce environment

Confidential, New York, NY

Director, Web Business Analysis


  • Maintained and supported the software and infrastructure of the WebTrends web analytics application as well as supported internal departmental web analytics applications such as HBX and Google Analytics
  • Evaluated and setup business intelligence applications such as Cognos and Business Objects
  • Performed technical writing creating Wikipedia’s, infrastructure diagrams, and standards and procedures
  • Ensured all company metrics for websites were consistent across application areas
  • Gathered requirements from business owners to enabled meaningful analysis designed to inform overall development and go to market strategies.
  • Performed SEO functions such as keyword phrasing, positioning, advised on search and display ads
  • Established standards in the areas of data reporting, log file imports, JS tags, analysis, report posting
  • Supported Sales and Marketing clientele by creating reports and analyzed traffic using WebSideStory for marketing directory and links
  • Acted as Liaison between the technical support team and TIN department
  • Wrote business cases justifying increase in funding, forecasting capacity for future data growth
  • Created and maintain customer profiles in WebTrends for daily process analysis
  • Wrote Java script tags to track specific areas of websites
  • Applied specific Google Analytics code to perform advanced data analysis for pivot tables and to determine which online marketing initiatives are cost effective
  • Analyzed variances in metrics reports data for Sales and Marketing
  • Setup e-mail marketing campaigns using software packages such as Benchmark and through the use of WebTrends e-mail campaign event tagging

Confidential, New York, NY

Technical Manager


  • Supervised 15 web developers supporting corporate web initiatives in an e-Business architecture, coached, developed, and trained employees in all aspects of web technology
  • Conducted semi-annual performance evaluations, administered the absence and tardy control plan
  • Designed websites using Cold Fusion to integrate web functions and in corporate web portals
  • Tested and Evaluated software for corporate web site improvement and established, implemented, and documented disaster/recovery procedures
  • Assisted in architectural design reviews for new websites, wrote technical specs on design procedures
  • Acted as liaison between the organization and the network architecture group resolving all issues
  • Implemented Documentum for enterprise database repositories and content retrieval and delivery
  • Scheduled production runs for all change control issues such as patches and upgrades
  • Established NetGenesis(SPSS) web analytics application in a Solaris/Oracle environment to measure web traffic, calculating web page hit counts, unique visit information, and click stream trees through the analyzation of web log files, using the HTTP protocols for web access (Introduction to Web Analytics)
  • Created corporate intranet for automated postings of metrics results, for all time frames
  • Presented the explanation of metric results to IT officers and other departments
  • Generated ad-hoc metric reports for interdepartmental use
  • Simulated web server user access for capacity testing using Mercury Interactive LoadRunner

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