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Senior Software Quality Engineer Resume

Durham, NC


Seeking a position as a Software Engineer. Learning new tools, products, methods is also of paramount importance to me.


Languages: Java, C#, C/C++, Ruby on Rails, CA Confidential, XPath, Visual Basic, Shell scripting, Python (beginner), SilkTest, PHP, CSS, HTML

Platforms: Linux, Solaris, HP - UX, Windows, BeOS, MS-DOS

Software: Selenium WebDriver, RestAssured, Postman, Git, Perforce, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Vertica, Visual Studio, IntelliJ, Maven, Jmeter, VMWare, qTest, Sybase, MySQL, Veritas Cluster Server, Solaris Cluster, SimpleAgentPro, Apache Tomcat, Quality Center, RTC, Jira, CVS, vi/vim

Other Technologies/Methodologies: Agile/Scrum software development, RESTful web service testing, Cisco IOS, Cisco 7200 Series Router, Avaya Cajun P880/550/330 switches, Ethernet, IPsec, SNMP traps, SmartBits, iperf


Confidential, Durham, NC

Senior Software Quality Engineer


  • Built out (and maintains) Selenium framework from scratch using Java, Selenium Grid and page object modeling practice
  • Setup Selenium framework tests to run as Jenkins jobs that run after a development build has been successfully built to meet continuous integration requirements
  • Tests RESTful web services using RestAssured & Postman
  • Mentors junior QA engineers teaching them best practices and providing code reviews

Confidential, Morrisville, NC

Senior Software Quality Engineer & Scrum Master


  • Acted as a Scrum Master for a 10-member development team in addition to a traditional QA role.
  • My duties were running daily standups, weekly story grooming sessions, demonstrating features to customers in sprint reviews, running sprint retrospectives and acting as a liaison for issues that cropped up between scrum teams.
  • Produced (from-scratch) high-quality automated tests using Selenium WebDriver (using C# and Java) and shell scripts.
  • Prior to my initiative, there was no UI automation to speak of. I helped two scrum teams realize the benefits of automated testing and built out test suites using WebDriver and generated “getting-started” guides. I acted as a consultant for engineers interested in writing and running automated testcases.
  • Created “helper” methods that made the code more modular. Examples included handling AJAX-style elements, running SQL queries against the DB to verify that the DB matches what the UI is displaying and enhancing WebDriver methods so that they are even more useful.
  • Wrote and maintained PowerShell and Bash scripts that automated build deployments and handled production DB backup & restore functionality
  • Facilitated a cross-functional automation team that seeks to improve automated testing techniques and methodologies
  • Wrote and executed manual test cases for new features that cannot be readily automated
  • Acted as first line of support for customer inquiries

Confidential, Cary, NC/Framingham, MA

Senior QA Engineer


  • Created high-quality automated tests using Confidential and shell scripts
  • Utilized knowledge of multiple Confidential products to improve non-primary products
  • Developed and executed manual tests on a variety of features of a IT health application
  • Wrote test approaches and test plans for a variety of components of the application including NetFlow reporting, high availability and disaster recovery features
  • Experience managing patch releases for QA team
  • Mentored members of an off-shore QA team
  • Experience working with customers on technical and procedural issues during beta testing periods

Confidential, Boxborough, MA

Co-founder & Lead Developer


  • Designed and implemented a web-based application from scratch that helps brides and grooms plan and organize their wedding
  • Developed web site using Ruby on Rails language
  • Web application also works natively with tablets 7”+


QA Engineer


  • Led test planning and mentoring of business analysts and other QA Engineers on a multi-interface software project
  • Developed an in-house defect management tool with extensive performance charts/graphs
  • Wrote over 300 test cases (averaging around 20 test steps) in around four months time


QA Engineer


  • Performed high-availability testing on production environment utilizing multiple interfaces
  • Helped construct high-availability requirements in order to maximize test coverage in a short amount of time

Confidential, Waltham, MA

QA Engineer and Lead Automation Engineer


  • Wrote and maintained SilkTest automation code for testing a PowerBuilder based application
  • Documented and executed detailed test plans and test cases including UI and data loading components of the product from test specifications and business requirements

Confidential, Westborough, MA

QA Engineer


  • Documented and executed detailed performance, stress and manual test cases including web UI, database and server components of the product
  • Programmed several shell scripts to automate both test cases (including stress tests) and daily tasks.
  • Configured multiple test networks to verify VPN software handled diverse environments including firewalls (SonicWall), Linksys routers and switches
  • Ensured cohesiveness of a small Testing group by assisting and advising team members with testing procedures and networking concepts

Confidential, Cambridge, MA

Development Support/Tester


  • Performed testing on a large-scale commercial PC game
  • Led testing on editor component of the game

Confidential, Acton, MA

Webmaster/Web Site Developer


  • Solely responsible for all web development using HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Maintained and updated the website as needed

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