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Software Developer In Test (scrum Master) Resume


  • Sr. Agile Coach Scrum Master/ CSM/CSPO/ Investment Banking Mobile, Facilitation for a Functional, End - to-End, System Integration, Sanity/Smoke, Regression, UAT, PROD and Automation testing. I Define expectations clearly to make validation extremely effective in SQL databases & MongoDB, Sybase, Teradata
  • Expertise in behavior-driven development (BDD) for Health Care, Ecommerce and Transportation domains in HDFS Hadoop with Aginity, SaaS, XML Scraping, ETL, Cassandra CQL, Spark SQL, SpringXD BI//Sprint planning, backlog grooming, Story lines refining during Three-Amigo scheduled sessions
  • Solid analytical and dynamic troubleshooting skills JIRA Software getting every team member to plan, track, release great software and grow accountable for each other’ success


Languages: Java 8, Groovy, Scala in Apache Spark, Python(Beginner) . Net, ASP, T-SQL, CICS/DB2, JCL, Cobol/CICS, SQL, PL/SQL, JavaScript, JSP, VB script, XML. ORACLE APEX - FORMS, Sybase, DB2, QMF, FILE-AID, ISPF/TSO

Personal Emphasis: Scrum Process improvement by supporting & coaching teams thru retrospectives changing specific behavior and internal communication between the teams

Testing Tools: JBehave, Aginity Workbench, SoupUI, TestNG, Junit, WinRunner, Test Director, Team Share, Clear Case, IBM Rational Robot. ORACLE APEX - Apps Express. Jira, Confluence

Databases: MongoDB, DataStax CQL. Cassandra, Spark SQL, TERADATA, SQL Server R2, PostGreSQL, Oracle 11g, DB2, SYBASE, and Microsoft ETL Business solutions delivery

Operating Systems: Windows 7 (95, 98, 2000, NT), HTML/DHTML, MVS/ES, OS/390, 0Z/2, OZ/390, Linux

Methodology: Agile, KANBAN/SCRUM, ScrumBan, Waterfall


Software developer in Test (Scrum Master)



  • Coached team of developers to deliver best quality app
  • Collaborated with the legal and marketing teams to solicit Confidential data
  • Empowered my team to research, and analyze a set of legal documentation to correct data
  • Initiated multitude of interviews with business stakeholders to actively and dynamically design Epic, user story and further specifications to be reflected in a Product and release backlogs
  • Trained and assisted offshore teams to prep for the Demo-review session
  • Ensured team full Daily Standup participation
  • Trained team on rules inspection and adaption /daily team motivation follow up
  • Collaborated with QA to regress system in Real Time streaming data Alerts for Scala in Spark project/ for direct and indirect Clients done thru SaaS calls
  • Coached team members to make improvements in a weekly scrum process
  • Helped teammates to find a pair test developer for Updates and reads of the Oracle tables to store and secure public data. Executed pair programming sessions
  • Coached team members to ensure highest quality code is delivered. Defining team development practices, development tools, and process improvements working with cross-functional groups
  • Coordinate all Scrum events and facilitates refinement sessions between PO's and Dev Team.
  • Managed dependencies and removed impediments for the team whenever is necessary.
  • Maintained daily communication channel with my Program Manager
  • Schedule and organized team around production implementation to market BI solutions for better business decisions placing an emphasis on SpringXD, Apache Kafka, DataStax Cassandra CQL improving data cleaning iterations.
  • Empowered teammates to create specifications and user stories
  • Assisted tech Managers to create specifications in Jira to Load tested web requests and tested steps APIs to screen scrape XML implementing Python scripts for business intelligence analysis, Consumer Data Credit Score to prioritized Confidential products.
  • Refined Sprint Backlog to reflect changes of the business flow consistent in scrum process and company goals

Environment: Agile web-services development, SoapUI Pro v.5.0, Java8, Jira, Confluence /MongoDB, Groovy, JBehave, Junit 4.1, ORACLE Exadata 12C RDBMS, IntelliJ IDEA, Scala in Spark

Scrum Coach



  • Supported team spirit in times of a great effort to win projects and deliver on time
  • Executed Retro sessions to investigate ways of improvement
  • Investigated limits under the contract to split a large team into 2 Scrum duos to deliver hardening tests on time
  • Presented design for user stories to reflect technical and business flow
  • Facilitated retrospectives to get commitments from both teams to complete sprint on time
  • Facilitated one on one sessions to prep developers for a Sprint Review/demo
  • Scheduled demo and sprint retrospectives to press emphasis on process improvements to limit issues and get to the goal of the sprint completion
  • Shared strategy to tech documentation to WEB apps 2plan and test execution.
  • Shared an idea to use specifications for manual validation of a backend solutions, updates and columns metadata extracted from input devices using Toshiba Embedded Firmware.
  • Collaborated with DevOps team to define standard practices for continuous integration and delivery
  • Interviewed experts on integration with Jenkins and create bots to perform automated tasks
  • Attained visibility of all production issues in TEPCO team, consisting of multiple legacy applications, and provide weekly updates to higher management.
  • Assumed support responsibilities from past team members and build our team's knowledge base.
  • Identified issues which have known solutions and move them to higher level support.
  • Lead daily stand-ups to elevate commitments, and schedule a pair programming helping teammates to get to the sprint goal
  • Prepared and executed test strategy for moving data from unstructured sources including static collectors(with Embedded Firmware ) to RDBMS using MS BCP using Aginity Amp™ software to create, and analytics assets which been reused by TEPCO & TOSHIBA
  • Facilitated the execution of the ETL jobs/scripts to load the data into Target Database helping QA to complete test hardening sprint.
  • Created and customized repository documentation for Data Warehouse usage. Conducted manual testing and identified the test cases that can be automated for regression testing.

Environment: SoapUI Pro v.5.0 MSDN TFS, SoapUI v5.1,Visual Studio 2012, Jira for Agile; ORACLE Exadata 12C DB, SAP BW

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