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Qa Automation Engineer Resume

Fort Lee, NJ


  • Extensive experience in Software Quality Assurance field including GUI, performing System Testing of software systems developed under Lotus Domino and Windows Operating Systems, Oracle DBMS, SQL server, Client/Server,Main Frame and WEB technologies.
  • I have gained extensive knowledge of Test Schedule Planning, Test Case Designing, Test Case Execution, Modification requests, writing Test plans, Functional,Regression, Integration, UAT,Stress,Performance and Volume testing.
  • Analyzed business and functional requirements documents, involved in assembling Quality Assurance teams for a software solution developing company, prepared test cases and assisted in developing test plans, carried out manual tests, wrote SQL queries to test table contents
  • Knowledge and experienced with performance testing and test automation on web - based applications using Selenium & Quick Test Pro, Quality Center.
  • Able to read and understand requirements documents, perform system tests, write test summaries and reports.
  • Utilize performance /load testing methodologies to identify potential bottlenecks and system performance problems.
  • Develop test scenarios to properly Load / Stress the system and monitor / debug performance & stability problems.
  • Interact with the software development teams to analyze system components and performance to identify needed changes in the application.


  • Excellent Technology Absorption Capability.
  • Career reflects Competence, Reliability and Strong Work Ethics.
  • Ability to collaborate effectively in a team environment & accountable for team results.
  • Strong attention to details and quality.
  • People oriented, self starter, self motivated and a Team player.
  • Ability to work on multiple and concurrent projects at a Confidential .
  • Meet dead lines effectively.


Test Management, Test Planning and Estimating, Test Life Cycle, SDLC, Change Management, Systems Integration, Web-Based Applications, Business Process Engineering, Client Relational Database, Strategic Planning, Test Automation.


Language: Java, Java Script,C#, Visual Basic, TOAD, JSP, CSS, VBScript, JSP, ASP, ActiveX, ADO, API, DLL

Networks: Windows NT 4.0, 2000, Workstation and Server 4.0

RDBMS: Oracle, SQL, Sybase, DB2, QMF, and MS Access

OS: Windows XP/2000/98/NT4/95/3.1, UNIX (HP and Sun), Mainframe, DOS

Testing Tools: Lotus Notes,SQA Suite,SQA Robot,ClearQuest,TestManager,Robot,Doors, Quality Center, TestDirector, LoadRunner, Selenium/QTP, PVCS Tracker, STAR TEAM

CM Tools: StarTeam,VSS,ClearCase

Internet: HTML, DHTML, XML, FTP, Telnet, TCP/IP

Software: MS Office, MS Interdev, WordPerfect, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Outlook Express and MS Outlook. Cognos

Hardware: Skilled in repairing, and troubleshooting server and desktop systems.

Server: Web Logic,Web Sphere,IIS,Tomcat.


QA Automation Engineer

Confidential, Fort Lee, NJ


  • Analyzed the Business Requirements Document, created the test plan and prepared detailed test cases for UAT
  • Worked on cucumber on "Ruby on Rails" for one year
  • Around 5 years of experience in Test Automation using Selenium WebDriver
  • Experience in Test Automation, Scripts Preparation and execution within the framework
  • Good Exposure using ANT, generating reports and emailing them through framework
  • Good exposure in Database testing using selenium.
  • Executing SQL queries to view successful transaction for data validation
  • Worked closely with Development team to resolve quality issues
  • Implemented Data Driven and Cucumber frame work using selenium Webdriver,java, Junit, TestNG, maven
  • Extensively automated regression Test suites performed defect tracking & management in Jira worked in highly dynamic, Agile environment and participated in scrum and sprint meetings indentified weakness in QA process, web testing and selenium automation suggested & implemented and improvement
  • Mutual of Omaha life Insurance
  • NYLife
  • Metlife
  • Autoinsurance.com
  • Database testing, Back End Testing
  • OMS: API Testing for qa.autoinsurance.com with Fiddler tool
  • Migration to MS Cloud worked on Salesforce

QA Engineer

Confidential, Upper Saddle River, NJ


  • Analyzed, Documented & Tested the requirements for different modules of the application.
  • Responsible for preparing the exclusive Test plan to execute the test cases on different environment.
  • Responsible to drive the testing Process/Procedure to reduce errors.
  • Involved in Functional testing, Integration testing, Regression testing, Black box testing, GUI testing, Browser compatibility testing on Multi Platforms.
  • Extensively used Track+, Jira for bug tracking
  • Extensively involved in meetings and reviews to resolve issues related to open issues, Agile Methodology

Environment: Windows, Selenium automation, JAVA, HTML, IE, FireFox, chrome Safari, Team Track, Jira

QA Engineer

Confidential, Park Avenue South, NY


  • Analyzed, Documented & Tested the requirements for different modules of the application.
  • Responsible for preparing the exclusive Test plan to execute the test cases on different environment.
  • Responsible to drive the testing Process/Procedure to reduce errors.
  • Involved in Functional testing, Integration testing, Regression testing, Black box testing, GUI testing, Browser compatibility testing on Multi Platforms.
  • Extensively used Track+ for bug tracking
  • Extensively involved in meetings and reviews to resolve issues related to open issues

Environment: Windows, ASP.NET, JAVA, HTML, DHTML, CHTML, XHTML, MLogic, XML,Fire Fox Browser, User agent for the devices, Jmeter, Track+

Sr. QA Analyst

Confidential, NY


  • Developed script modulation
  • Created reusable Functions for reusability of the code
  • Create Recovery Scenarios for handling unexpected Scenarios in the application
  • Used Datatable for the parameterization of test date
  • Created Automation scripts for Function,Regression Testing using QTP
  • Created Objects using QTP for working with Applications Like Excel,NotePad,word
  • Used Descriptive Programming as and when required in project
  • Using QTP develops the automated script to run the application for different school and in different region for regression, Worked on SQL queries to validate the data. Performed GUI and Functionality, Data Driven Testing using QuickTest Pro. Boundary, Penetration Testing

Environment: Windows, QuickTest Pro, ASP.NET, C#, StarTeam.

Sr. QA Test & Analyst

Confidential, NY


  • Used QTP and Quality Center for creating Test Cases and generating test scripts.
  • Manually performed Integration testing, Functional testing, Black Box testing, User Acceptance testing, Boundary value testing, Positive/Negative value testing, Cross Browser/Environment Testing.
  • Created QTP scripts for Regression testing.
  • Involved in Data validation, Data analysis, Test Data preparation.
  • Maintained the Defects using Quality Center
  • Query database for accounts meeting criteria for test scenarios, Check Point Verification, File verifications, Database verifications, Verification of the bills and, opening trouble tickets. Boundary Testing, Penetration Testing
  • Interacting with execution, environment, and development teams to resolve the issues before the code is shipped to production.

Environment: Environment consists of mainframe, mid-range, client/server, batch, online and GUI. Testing the following systems: Applications Concierge, 5x Growth and RDDB, Online and GUI, java, JavaScript, Windows, Cobol, JCL, File-Aid, TSO, QTP, Quality Center.

Sr. QA Analyst

Confidential, NY


  • Reviewed Business Requirement Documents and the Functional Specifications.
  • Documented test plans and test cases corresponding to business rules and requirements.
  • Manually performed System, Security, UAT, Functional, Regression Testing.
  • Maintained and executed test cases and test scripts using TestDirector.
  • Reported & tracked the bugs, performed E-mail notifications to the developers using the TestDirector. Worked on SQL queries to validate the data.
  • Performed Stress, Volume Testing, generated the Web Vuser scripts with VuGen for the business scenarios using LoadRunner.
  • Created scenarios and executed the tests for each of the Vuser and analyzed every result document.
  • Monitored SQL and Oracle Server Resources through Server Monitors to analyze the database bottlenecks.
  • Provided analysis graph for latency (transaction response Confidential ), throughput, pages per sec served and system resources graph for key objects, like CPU utilization, Memory, and Thread usage .

QA Tester & Analyst

Confidential, NY


  • Developing test plan and test strategy for the following applications and involving writing manual test cases and test execution and using automated Tools (Quick Test Pro, Test Director) eRRP (Registered Representative profile)
  • Analyzing the Functional Requirements and Design Specifications documents to ensure that the system met all of the technical and business requirements.
  • Involving in Analysis of system requirements, and developing detailed test plans. Involved in Manually and Regression testing, and System testing during various phases of the development for Reliability, GUI, and Security functionality of the system.
  • Evaluating application features and preparing several Test plans and Test cases, Test scripts for System and Regression testing.
  • Developing automation Test scripts using QuickTest Pro.
  • Boundary Testing, Penetration testing

Environment: Windows, Unix, Oracle,PL/SQL, SQL Plus,Test Director,QuickTest Pro,J2EE,VB,VB Script,.NET,ASP

QA Test & Analyst

Confidential, NY


  • Developed Test plan and Test strategy for the following applications and involved writing manual test cases and test execution and used automated Tools, PeopleSoft Archive Manager for Test data management Interfund Transfer and Allocations (Release 6.0)
  • Responsibilities were to write the Test cases and conditions for Internal fund Transfers and allocations via Omni. Testing conditions were developed according to the scenario shown below:
  • Allocations Changes, Redistribution Transfer, SWAT Transfer, confirmation statements- paper copies, pl and omni integration, Legacy transfer, small sum transfer Real Estate transfer, cutoff times, Annuity only Transfers and all associated rules, Excessive transfers, Validate confirmation statements. Those conditions and cases developed under the plans and sub plans were DA, RA, GRA, GSRA, SRA, IRA, Roth IRA, SEP, Keogh IRA, MDO (minimum distribution option), SDA (Self Directed Account). Custodial agreement 403(b) which is invested in mutual funds. Testing included upstream and downstream interfaces to the ledgering information from Omni and pass to people soft and so on.
  • Involved in writing and implementation of Test plans, various test cases and test scripts.
  • Performed Black Box Testing of the in-house application.
  • Involved in writing Test cases for Manual and Automated testing.
  • Involved in Interfacing with the management to develop user profiles to simulate real Confidential workload.
  • Involved in developing test strategies for Integration, Regression, Performance and End to End Testing of Windows System images.
  • Involved in implementation and documentation of standard procedures for TestDirector.
  • Performed GUI and Functionality,Data Driven Testing using QuickTest Pro.
  • Interlaced with the Users for the User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Involved in Data Preparation and validation.
  • Performed extensive SQL Queries to compare the database and periodic reports.
  • Reported bugs using TestDirector.
  • Investigated software bugs and interacted with developers to resolve technical issues using Defect Tacking system TestDirector.
  • Performed Configuration Testing with different operating systems and different hardware equipment.
  • Executed and analyzed tests scripts.
  • Responsible for weekly status updates showing the progress of the Manual Testing effort and open issues to be resolved.
  • Uncovered, reported, tracked, and followed-up on system defects to Project Manager, Developers, SMEs, and other QA/Test Team members.
  • Analyzed and documented the actual results against the expected results.

Environment: Windows,Oracle, Developer,PL/SQL,Unix,C++,Java Script,ASP,.NET,Doors,TestDirector,QuickTest Pro,HTML,XML.

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