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Quality Assurance Engineer Resume

Naperville, IL


Thrive on complex assignments, work within tight time constraints and deliver on - time results. Provide excellent QA results with thorough understanding of quality assurance fundamentals and software development life cycle. Plan, manage, execute, train others and report test cycles with ease from years of skill development. Lead and participate in test teams comfortably and professionally, due to excellent interpersonal skills. Advocate for customer needs based on interaction and assessment. Quickly learn new tools, systems and processes. Communicate fluently in English and Spanish.


  • Quality Assurance Fundamentals
  • Testing Automation and Management
  • Agile Software Life Cycle Management
  • Measurements: Latency, Memory, CPU Use, Network Stability
  • Computer Software and Tools Proficiency with Quick Mastery
  • Unit, Breakage, Feature, Regression, Load, Stress and Fault Testing


Languages: C, C++, UNIX, Shell Scripting, Perl Scripting, Visual Basic, Basic SQL, some Java and Javascript, Soap XML, Diameter SH, Diameter RF, Diameter RO

Platforms: HP C7000 Chassis running Linux (Redhat, Fedora, Ubuntu); HP G9/G8/G6 Servers; Nokia 5900 Media Resource Function (MRF) servers (G6 through G8); Nokia Radisys Media Servers; HP T60s running proprietary softphones over Microsoft Windows; HP chassis configured as telephony application server and as Internet Media Server; Microsoft computers; basic Apple computers and tablets

Applications: Microsoft Office Expert Level, Microsoft OS, Linux, Wireshark, TCPDump, proprietary Test Management System, (TMS) TestCase TMS

Databases: SQL; Subscriber Database Manager (SDM)

Protocols: Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), ISDN User Part (ISUP), ISUP-SIP, CDMA. ANSI. ETSO, SHRF, RF Billing

Tools: Bugzilla, Jira, Scrum and Agile, SIPP, SIPP-E, YAML-based heat scripts

Heat: scripts (Heat-templates), Cloudband stacks, YAML population, SOAP XML


Confidential, Naperville, IL

Quality Assurance Engineer


  • Performance, Reliability, and Capacity Tester
  • Learned proprietary tools for provisioning subscribers on and pushing stress-level traffic onto paired equipment, to prove CPU and memory in all connected equipment operated smoothly at every traffic level.
  • Verified maximum calls-per-second could be consistently maintained.
  • Proved that intense loads in 1 area did not affect smooth functioning in another area and that 99.999% of calls could be consistently completed.
  • Provided proven stability over extended periods for perpetual use in customers’ high volume networks, enabling clients to offer lucrative services to millions of patrons.

Laboratory Configuration and Installation Engineer



  • Assumed additional QA responsibilities. Used installation, configuration, and maintenance skills to equip cloud-based laboratories with routing, media, application servers, and databases.
  • Ensured installation procedures worked for customers in field environments.
  • Proved customers’ calls could be processed with same features more efficiently in new cloud-based environment.
  • Managed concurrent assignments. Assessed feature and capacity updates across paired resources. Used field equipment and simulators to verify resource and media servers.
  • Proved servers worked as required with new software and hardware upgrades under load conditions, or iterated with developers until complete, allowing Lucent to deploy working systems to large telephony customers, meeting consumers’ needs.
  • Imported and installed testing simulation tool developed with international and domestic counterparts to verify application server and supporting periphery sanity under stress using performance KPIs, resulting in flawless operation and positive customer experiences.

Integration, Feature and Fault Tester



  • Orchestrated feature testing during extended test cycles and reported integration outcomes, delivering proven full system updates, allowing Confidential 500 customers to offer products and services globally.
  • Wrote, executed and tracked end-to-end test plans, verifying requirements for newly developed features, resolving all issues, passing all customer acceptance tests, and delivering on time and as required.
  • Ensured alarms fired as required and not unnecessarily by using skills developed for reading GUI output.
  • Measured bit framing and reported alarms, ensuring peripheral signaling remained sane as faults were injected.

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