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Performance Engineering Architect Resume

Atlanta, GA


To serve an organization which provides challenging assignments to bring out the best of my creative potential, which satisfies my desire to constantly learn new things and which supports me to excel in my field of endeavor. A quick learner with the ability to work in team as well individually, flexible and organizes things with optimistic way for the betterment of the organization. Very innovative and a voracious reader with a wide spectrum of knowledge


  • Dedicated, self - motivated and proactive Performance Engineer Architect with 13+ years of work experience in performance engineering and Reliability, of Cloud & On-premises web based, ERP, web services and micro service applications.
  • Strong attitude towards quality, good experience in software quality assurance processes along with thrust to learn new things and willingness to take challenges made me a successful Performance Engineer.
  • Hand on Experience in AWS Cloud Platform Certified Solution Architect- Associate , and RH Open Shift Container Platform
  • Hands on experience with APM tools like Dynatrace, AppDynamics, New Relic, CA Introscope, Zabbix and Amazon cloud watch for AWS cloud services
  • Experienced in setting up Synthetic monitoring using mPulse, Gomez, Keynote Availability & Click path Web checks
  • Extensive experience in Performance testing tools - HP Load Runner 12.5 / Performance Center 11.5/ Storm runner, Soasta Cloud, NeoLoad, Jmeter, Gomez and Keynote
  • Highly efficient in developing scripts using different protocols like Web (HTML/HTTP), Web Services, SAP GUI, SAP Web, SAP (Click and Script), RTE, Ajax TruClient and C Vuser
  • Expertise in performance analysis & Engineering exercise. Identify & Resolve performance issues using tools like Dynatrace, AppDynamic, SignalFx, New Relic, AWS Cloud Watch, JConsole, PerfMon, Splunk, Omniture, HP Diagnostics, HPO, Sitescope, Your Kit Java Profiler, Thread Dump Analyzer, Eclipse MAT, Power tutor, Heap Root, Yslow, HTTP Watch, SAP CCMS and AWR reports
  • Hand on experience in Performance Engineering on Mobile Platform - Android Studio for Android and X-code instrument for iOS
  • Good experience in Service Virtualization using CA Lisa - DevTest 8.0
  • Skillful in end to end Performance Testing Process involving requirements gathering, test planning, test designing, scripting, test execution, servers monitoring, reporting and analysis
  • Good exposure in Work-Load Modeling of an existing system as well as a new system by analyzing trends of load in webserver logs and applying the same to test scenarios
  • Strategize Performance Engineering/Testing approach based on change impact analysis and educated/experienced knowledge on the application and industry trend
  • Experience in breaking down performance issues in complex multi-tier applications and suggesting solutions / providing recommendations to resolve them
  • Experience in Setting up and Managing test environment testing & tools for Performance Testing & Engineering activities


  • Partnering the Client/Project stakeholder to understand the business needs
  • Managing and executing multiple projects simultaneously
  • Preparing and sharing Management Information reports
  • Identifying the scope of work and estimate the same
  • Mange work load distribution and aid work-life balance for the teammates
  • Co-ordinate with offshore teams and manage deliveries
  • Mentor the team in resolving issues


Technical and Cloud services like Amazon web services, Azure, RH Open shift, Amazon Cloud Watch, Android Studio, X-Code Instrument, Azure App insight, Oracle ATG, Sterling, CQ5, Certona, AKAMAI Caching, Dynatrace, NewRelic, Zabbix, Jconsole, Jvisual VM, Splunk, Omniture, TrueView, OEM, Azure Ambari, Performance Center, LoadRunner, Soasta Cloud, Gomez, Keynote, Soasta mpulse, CA Lisa DevTest, JIRA, Jenkins, SVN, Eclipse MATBehavioral courses like Active Listening skills, Articulation Skills, Assertiveness skills, Business Communication, Cross Cultural sensitivity, Customer Orientation, Running Effective meetings, Time Management.


Performance Engineering Architect

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Applications: JAVA, ORACLE, Web Services, RH open shift Platform

Tool: Used: LoadRunner, Jmeter, New relic, Splunk, Jconsole, HP Diagnostic, Yourkit, SOAP UI, Jenkins, SVN, HP ALM, Post-man, CA LISA, Wire mock, AWR Reports, Open-shift web console


  • Educate the stakeholders on nonfunctional requirements and performance engineering/testing
  • Analyze development changes from Performance point of view and do change impact analysis
  • Derive/ Define/ Gather requirements based on business inputs and production stats
  • Define testing and monitoring strategy for Web and Cloud based applications
  • Develop testing and engineering strategy to in corporate Performance driven development in Agile mode
  • Analyze performance bottlenecks using APM tools (New relic, Splunk, Jconsole) and triage it with help of developers & testers
  • Identify the service virtualization requirement and developing the service virtualization using CA Lisa / Wire mock to avoid test d Confidential & down/upstream dependencies
  • Suggest optimal solutions for identified performance issues
  • Engage and manage project stakeholders
  • Prepare Management Information reports and share it with the stakeholders
  • Handle escalations and concerns raised by the stakeholders
  • Mentor the team of 4 and support them with the deliverables

Performance Test Lead

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Applications: PeopleSoft - People Code, ORACLE 12c, ERP Implementation in Oracle PS technology

Tool: Used: NeoLoad, TruView, WebLogic console, People Tool - Performance Monitor, SQL trace


  • Study project artifacts and identify Non- Functional Requirement(NFR) for Performance testing and engineering scope
  • Gather requirements from client/business to prepare highly informative performance strategy and estimates
  • Review estimates of Performance Testing activities
  • Review automated scripts and design the scenario with defined workload
  • Review performance test results and support test engineers and developers in resolving performance issues
  • Schedule and run project meetings, collect status of the project and prepare project status report
  • Manage and review the deliverable of the team and defect reports of the project
  • Manage the expectations of client stakeholders and handle the escalation/concerns raised by them.
  • Evaluate the workload of the offshore team and assign tasks and deliverables to them. Also, plan for resources rotations across projects
  • Engage offshore team with project stakeholders to execute project activities
  • Mentor offshore team on the project activities
  • Work with a team of 5+ offshore team members

Performance Engineering Architect

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Applications: Angular JS, PEGA, ORACLE 11g, DB2, Mainframe based applications

Tools: Used: HP Load runner 11, Performance Center 12, Gomez, Quality center, CA LISA, Dynatrace, Splunk, Omniture, Elastic Search


  • Educate the stakeholders on performance engineering practices and nonfunctional requirements
  • Gather / derive nonfunctional requirements from business team and site statistics tools
  • Gather project requirements, built performance testing/engineering strategy and review the project plans prepared by the team
  • Prepare estimates based on the scope of the work and team required to handle it
  • Build the team structure and select member for the team based on requirements
  • Partnering with clients/ project stakeholder and build relationship with them
  • Engage in projects and manage project stakeholders
  • Prepare Management Information reports and share it with the client & stakeholders
  • Handle escalations and concerns raised by the stakeholders and clients
  • Mentor the team and support them with the deliverables
  • Appraise the performance of the team members and recommend promotions and salary hikes for them

Mobile Performance Engineering Lead

Confidential, Denver, CO

Applications: iOS X 10.9 & Android 4.2, X-Code and Java NDK, Mobile Native Application

Tools: Used: X-Code Instrument, Android Studio, Charles Proxy, Power Tutor, Eclipse MAT


  • Study end to end CTVA application and architecture
  • Identifying critical business scenarios and derive the workload based on production log
  • Develop performance engineering strategy and reviews for mobile experience
  • Identified and set up the Environment for both iOS & Android devices
  • Capture Performance metrics/Result and Analysis the results with application consultant and developers in resolving performance issues
  • Prepare performance Engineering Report with observation & Recommendations for both iOS & Android platform.
  • Schedule and run project meetings, collect status of the project and prepare project status report
  • Manage and review the deliverable of the team and defect reports of the project

Performance Test Analyst / Lead

Confidential, Beaverton, OR

Applications: Oracle ATG, Sterling, Mdex search, Java Applications, Oracle Coherence, Exad Confidential, CQ5

Tools: Used: HP ALM, SOASTA Cloud Test, Gomez, New relic, Keynote, CA LISA, Quality center, Splunk, Omniture, Soasta-mpulse, Charles Proxy, SQL developer, X-code instrument and Android Studio


  • Setup performance testing lab and performance practices for Commerce and Digital Sports department of Confidential
  • Design / Build dedicated performance testing environment
  • Install / Setup monitoring tool New Relic in the dedicated performance testing environment and strategize production monitoring and alerting methodologies.
  • Communicate with Business and development team and educate them on Nonfunction Requirements and Performance testing and Engineering
  • Create Automated Test scripts in LoadRunner, Soasta, Gomez and Keynote
  • Performance evaluate WebSphere Commerce and Java application hosted on JBOSS 5 and communicating with ORACLE Coherence and ORACLE 11g on EXAD Confidential
  • Monitor performance of the servers using New Relic, Splunk, Coherence using RT view and EXAD Confidential 11g d Confidential base using OEM during the test.
  • Load Test and Product Launch Test execution using LoadRunner and Soasta Cloud
  • Analyze the test results; Tune the code with the help of development team.
  • Working with Development team and Infrastructure team in fine tuning the applications and Environment
  • Involved in the development and implementation of TSAM Ecommerce tool. It’s helped to setup products and update the inventories in the Ecommerce c Confidential logs which reduced the manual effort in the product setup. Mainly used for the Ecommerce business product launch which helps for all Ecommerce application to identify and root cause analysis the end user performance without manual intervention
  • Involved eCommerce Performance engineering, Mobile Performance Engineering and Java Performance Engineering activities to propose and implement tuning recommendations.

Performance Test Analyst

Confidential, Plano, TX

Applications: SAP/R3 System, DB2, J2EE & TIBCO Message queue

Tools: Used: HP Performance center, HPO, Quality center & DB Visualize


  • Involve in non-functional requirements gathering from client/stakeholders
  • Identifying critical business scenarios and preparing business flow documents
  • Setup performance testing process while defining activities to be performed in each phase
  • Create process and technical templates like efforts estimation, efforts tracker, workload modeling sheet, etc.
  • Interact with clients to understand the performance testing needs, demand and align resource availability as per project needs
  • Prepare test plan and test estimation document
  • Prepare traversal flow document
  • Test scripts development/validation and test executions (WEB HTTP/HTML, SAP GUI, JAVA Vuser and C Vuser) using HP LoadRunner.
  • Capture SAP transaction response times, DB calls & Server stats and compare between releases in order to help performance tuning.
  • Capture JProbe CPU and memory snapshots for all critical JVMs for each release and compare.
  • Publish all results to the Production Support team and Architects for detailed analysis

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