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Inspection Specialist Resume

San Mateo, CA


  • Software Test Engineer experienced creating test cases with Python, PERL, Ruby, and SQL. Accomplishments include using Python to extend Robot Framework, and creating a Jenkins job to run multiple instances of web validation tool. Also created SQL queries that contained joins, used Linux commands for system administration, utilized Git for source code control, and worked in an agile environment.


Confidential, San Mateo, CA

Inspection Specialist

  • Employed by Robert Half to staff a project to inspect documents at various Bank of America locations.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

System Validation Engineer

  • Add automated Python test cases to existing test harness.

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

Maps Test Engineer

  • Examined back - end test failures, fixed incorrect test cases, and created defect reports.
  • Created a Python script to extract test data from log files.
  • Utilized Python to generate automated tests based upon a list of locations.
  • Performed manual testing of the iOS map application on mobile devices.
  • Merged test code updates into Git/Github.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Test Engineer 3 (QA Engineer)

  • Utilized Firebug, a browser based debugging tool, to examine test failures.
  • Used Git/GitHub for code control and Rally for agile task management.
  • Updated user stories as part of working in an agile environment.

Confidential , Palo Alto, CA

Systems Test Engineer (QA Engineer)

  • Utilized SQL to validate database changes made during customer registration.
  • Used Linux commands to examine log files.
  • Tested mobile application and web pages.
  • Wrote test plans, defect reports, and updated internal wiki pages.

Confidential, Burlingame, CA

QA Engineer

  • Used Python to create Robot Framework library routines for adding and removing network failures for failure recovery testing.
  • Developed a script to use with Jenkins, a continuous integration tool, to automatically run multiple instances of a link validation tool.
  • Utilized Python's subprocess module to launch and shutdown multiple viewers of a video feed during stress testing.
  • Automated the comparison of link validation test results with a PERL script.
  • Utilized Subversion for source code control, and Jira for tracking defects.


Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Created and performed procedures for validating improved error handling, fault tolerance, failure recovery , and the upgrade of the Confidential database server.
  • Utilized PERL, Python and SQL for test automation.

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