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Qa Automation Engineer Resume

Fort Worth, TX


  • Over 5 plus years of experience in Information Technology, specializing in Software Quality Assurance. Proficient in testing Web based, and Client/Server applications.
  • Experience in all phases of Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), Bug life Cycle and Methods like Waterfall and Agile.
  • Experienced in SQA (Software Quality Assurance) including Manual and Automated testing with tools such as Selenium RC/WebDriver/IDE/Grid, Robot Framework, HP Quick Test Professional and Junit/TestNG, Ant/Maven, Jenkins/Hudson, Cucumber/JBehave, Quality Center, JMeter, JIRA, SOAP UI and Version One.
  • Experience in using Java as client library for Selenium WebDriver to design and developed Automation test Framework using Junit and TestNG.
  • Experienced in using Jenkins as a Continuous Integration server to configure with Maven.
  • Extensive experience in using Selenium WebDriver APIs for writing Junit test suites and test cases for testing functionality with the Selenium Server.
  • Proficient in creating Test plans, Test cases, Test Scripts, Test Specifications, Test Scenarios and Traceability Matrix.
  • Expertise in performing different types of Testing like Sanity, functional, regression, smoke, user acceptance testing, GUI/Front - End testing and end-to-end testing.
  • Possess good programming skills and understanding of JAVA, JSP, HTML, Python, UNIX shell scripts, SQL.
  • Proven ability to work with Behaviour Driven Development using Cucumber which integrated feature files, Step Definition and Runner classes in Gherkins language
  • Experience testing SOA with RestFul/SOAP Web Services, created entire architecture for backend testing internal and third party API using Test Complete and Soap UI.
  • Experience in providing the efficient locators strategy like XPath and CSS to run WebDriver script in stable condition.
  • Good experience in Defect tracking tools like, HP Quality Center (QC), JIRA, and BugZilla.
  • Exposure to web technologies like JavaScript, XML, XPATH, AJAX, HTML and CSS.
  • Expertise in backend testing of database applications and writing SQL queries, Joins, and Procedures in Oracle.
  • Experience in Version Control Systems: GIT and SVN.
  • Good understanding of documents such as Test Matrix, Requirement Traceability Matrix, Use Cases, Daily Test Report.
  • Ability to take initiative, prioritizes, and works independently to meet deadlines.
  • Ability to adapt to new environment quickly, strong team player having good communication, analytical and computation skills.


Testing Tools: Selenium RC/IDE/GRID/WebDriver, QTP, SOAP UI, RestAssured, JMeter, Cucumber, Gherkin, Robot Framework

Test Framework: Junit, TestNG

Languages: JAVA, Python, SQL,PLSQL, Java Script, HTML, XML,CSS

Web Debugging / IDE Tool: Xpath, Firepath, Firebug, Eclipse

Project Building Tool: ANT, Maven

Agile: Scrum, Waterfall

Bug Tracking Tools: JIRA, Quality Center (QC)

Project integration tools: Jenkins, Hudson

Database /Database tools: Oracle, Toad, SQL

Source Version Control Tool: GIT, Subversion (SVN)

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux


QA Automation Engineer

Confidential, Fort Worth, TX


  • Analyzed business requirements and functional documents, created the test strategy document that define the test environment, phases of testing, entrance and exit criteria into different phases of testing and resources required to conduct the effort.
  • Developed and Implemented automation using Selenium WebDriver and Java. Used Eclipse IDE to develop & debug the code.
  • Developed and implemented robust MVC Pattern base testing with Selenium WebDriver which cut down the script development time in half.
  • Involved in design and implementation of Selenium WebDriver automation framework for smoke and regression test suites (TestNG and Maven).
  • Extensively developed automation test scripts for regression testing (TestNG).
  • Configured Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, and Maven tool and created Selenium automation scripts in Java.
  • Maintained and executed Maven build files for running automated tests.
  • Developed Automation Scripts using Robot framework and Python.
  • Developed Python scripts to automate the test cases.
  • Involved in the Continuous Integration of the automation framework with Jenkins.
  • Implemented Automated execution of tests (nightly and need based) using Maven and JENKINS.
  • Configured the test suite to Jenkins to make it run on every successful deployment, which helped reduce the feedback loop time to the developers.
  • Worked on BDD Cucumber /Gherkin format for Test Scenarios Using Acceptance Test Criteria.
  • Created automation framework in Selenium WebDriver using behavior driven approach like Cucumber .
  • Create automated tests for web application using Java and Cucumber.
  • Automated the Acceptance Test cases test cases using Robot Framework and supporting libraries.
  • Used Firebug to do web based application testing with selenium for the commands and locator application.
  • Extensively used XPATH, Regular expression and classes to perform UI actions. Exported output/reports for all automated testing results.
  • Responsible for execution of Robot Test cases and reporting defections.
  • Designed, maintained and executed Automated Integration framework of API/Web Services across multiple test and production environments using SOA test.
  • Involved in testing Web services and XML with tool called SOAP UI and using this tool to locate WSDL file on internet, create Test cases and run them.
  • Created data-driven automation scripts for testing API Web Services using SOAP UI.
  • Created Python scripting to test REST API functionality for regression setup.
  • Involved in designing scenarios in JMeter to perform Load and Stress tests and to analyze results.
  • Performed User Acceptance Testing in the final phase of software development process to check the functionality of the software.
  • Performed defect reporting and bug tracking using JIRA and also followed up with development team to verify bug fixes, and update bug status.
  • Performed data accuracy, data validation and data integrity testing by querying the database using SQL queries to check the data table on server.
  • Involved in defect management - Track all the defects raised, conduct defect meetings to update the status of all the defects on periodical basis, publish a consolidated list on weekly basis.

Environment: Java, Python, Selenium WebDriver, Jenkins, Cucumber, Gherkin, Robot Framework, Maven, TestNG, SOAP UI, JMeter, Quality Center, Git, XPATH, CSS, HTML, Java Script, XML, SQL, Oracle, Windows.

QA Automation Test Analyst

Confidential, Louisville, KY


  • Analyzed business requirements, functional requirements, use cases and provided feedback for clear understanding of each requirement.
  • Identified test cases to automate and develop automation test scripts using Selenium WebDriver and Java.
  • Involved in creating the functional testing framework using TestNG and using Selenium WebDriver for writing Automated Scripts with Java.
  • Developed new and updated existing Automation test cases using Selenium WebDriver and TestNG, used Git and Source Tree as VCS for a Java based Web application, used Maven as build tool and Jenkins to create and run deployment jobs.
  • Followed Test Driven Development (TDD) as much as possible and written test cases using TestNG for every relevant class.
  • Performed the Acceptance testing and Acceptance test Driven Development using Test automation Robot Framework for applications.
  • Configured and Installed Selenium Webdriver, TestNG, Maven and Jenkins for Continuous build cycles.
  • Worked closely with Agile Scrum team to ensure product testability while running E2E Regression tests in Selenium WebDriver using TestNG and maintained test environments used for white box testing during new product releases.
  • Involved in developing Test automation Framework for the application using Selenium WebDriver with Maven.
  • Designed and developed User Interfaces for Python users as per requirements.
  • Developed Scripts using Python Selenium WebDriver combo for user module application.
  • Reviewed the automation scripts and created Continuous Integration Jobs in Jenkins.
  • Involved in functional testing, Integration testing, User Acceptance testing, Regression testing.
  • Implemented and worked on Acceptance Test Driven Development (TDD) agile methodologies completing releases ahead of schedule.
  • Wrote Scenarios, Scenario outlines and step definitions using Gherkin in Cucumber for BDD (Behavior Driven Development) and TDD (Test Driven Development)
  • Involved in Agile (Scrum Process) methodology based on Project Planning, Test Planning and Coordinating on all SDLC phases.
  • Develop Python scripts to automate the test cases.
  • Performed API Automation testing using RestAssured.
  • Developed test scripts for web services using SOAP UI and worked with XPATH.
  • Tested request and response XML's based web services interfaces using SOAP UI.
  • Recorded JMeter user scripts implementing parameterization both manually and by data driven wizards in JMeter.
  • Used Quality Center for bug-reporting, tracking and to create and execute various scenarios, generate graphs, overlaid graphs for comparison, and analyzed the results.
  • Validated the data in the database by using SQL queries.
  • Performed Backend Testing by Executing SQL Queries against Oracle and SQL database.
  • Responsible for the Team performance, and preparing & submitting the graphs and metrics to the higher management.

Environment: Java, Python, Selenium RC/IDE/GRID/Web Driver, JavaScript, Cucumber, Gherkin, Robot Framework, AGILE, MAVEN, TestNG, Jenkins, JMeter, GIT, HTML, CSS, XML, XPATH, SOAP UI, SQL, Oracle, Windows and Linux.

Software Testing Engineer

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI


  • Joined as a Software QA Engineer and responsible for testing web based applications using Selenium tools.
  • Interacted with Business Analysts for requirement gathering.
  • Involved in Design and Implementation of Business Logic functions and Technical requirements.
  • Performed automated testing using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG on various applications.
  • Performed Functional testing to identify various critical points in the application and automated it by using Selenium WebDriver on different module of corporate web site.
  • A very good understanding of programming language Java and its Object Oriented Concepts.
  • Interacted constantly with Developers and QA leads to write Test Cases and Plans in the most effective way possible.
  • Involved in writing SQL queries using Toad for retrieving and manipulating Databases.
  • Performed Front end GUI testing of the application which includes testing correct error message, color scheme, scroll bar, tool tip, font consistency, spellings, tab index, working of links, correct values in combo box, Help manual, shortcut keys, Boundary Analysis.
  • Developed generic Selenium API to be reused by different teams.
  • Worked on Page Object Model framework in particular to encapsulate the internal state of web page to a single page object.
  • Used Soap UI tool to located the WSDL file on the internet, create test cases, and execute test cases as well as performing load testing.
  • Validated SOAP responses by using assertions like XPath match, schema compliance, contains, SOAP fault etc.
  • Used Cucumber automated testing to test new and existing functionality.
  • Use Firebug for the web based application testing with Selenium WebDriver for the commands and locator applications.
  • Preparation of Weekly Status reports and attending weekly project status meeting to provide testing status.
  • Used JIRA as a mode to log bugs and communicate with managers and developers with issues regarding closure of bugs.
  • Worked in the Agile Development Environment with frequently changing requirements and features set.

Environment: Java, Selenium IDE/WebDriver, TestNG, JIRA, XML, HTML, Cucumber, SQLServer, Eclipse, SOAPUI, Agile (Scrum) Methodology, Page Object Model Framework.

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