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Qa Software Engineer Resume

El Segundo, CA


  • Broad - based technical experience with Set-top box software and hardware testing & validation.
  • Hands-on knowledge of Linux / UNIX environments & Oracle d Confidential base tool to create simple as well as complex SQL.
  • Extensive Hands-on knowledge of programming such as Perl and C++.
  • In-depth knowledge of networking principles; experience setting up small LAN and virtual networks, setting up routers and switches.
  • Excellent written & verbal communication, problem solving &analytical skills.
  • Ability to quickly learn; can work independently as well as flexible team player & adapt to new and challenging environments.


Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows XP, Linux (Ubuntu) MATLAB, Oracle D Confidential base Management (SQL).

Programming / Scripting Languages: Perl, C++, Basic understanding of Shell scripting

Network protocols: Frame Relay, TCP/IP protocol suite, SMTP, POP, PPP, TFTP, SSL

Bug tracking software: Quality CentreSCS tool to create XML script to run on Set-top box

Network Tool: Packet Tracer, WireShark, GNS3 network emulator, Tera Ter


Confidential, El Segundo, CA

QA Software Engineer


  • Design / implement automated integration test utility that is used to aid the hard task of finding the root cause of spontaneous reboots, lock up & other anamolies. This utility is integrated as part of the STB firmware and can be used to save, retrieve and analyze critical d Confidential . The utility also has the important feature to allow collection of runtime d Confidential that can be used for performance testing of important features (i.e. channel change performance) and for determining performance impact of a given task due to adding new features to the software.
  • Design and draft integration test plans based on architecture documents for new feature requirements.
  • Integrity/Stability check and approve new builds before releasing to customer
  • Work closely with hardware manufacturers and middleware developers to investigate driver related issues.
  • Created, drafted & Executed XML script on set top boxes by using SCS scripting tool for target testing
  • Worked closely with product owner to manage the product backlog to achieve set milestones
  • Helped team members stay on track by eliminating impediments and minimizing external distractions.

Confidential, El Segundo, CA

Software Test Engineer


  • Tested Linux based set top boxes (HD, SD and DVRs), conducting defect investigations and change request activities, including impact assessments, analyzing logs, core files, system processes.
  • Major responsibility includes to validate the STB software by executing performance testing on Pace, Samsung, Technicolor & Humax Set Top Boxes.
  • Assisted Root Cause Team to investigate the issues occurred/affecting field by identified possible root cause factor & Analyze your cause-and-effect process, and identify the changes needed for various systems.
  • Analyzed test plan & suggest to improve add test procedure to uncover the issues.
  • Setup & Maintain the stress rack & Performance rack for to improve test ability for future challenges.
  • Performed Specification testing under comprehensive as well as regression cycle to validate software before going out to clients.
  • Assisted the development team in investigation of hardware and firmware defects
  • Designed, drafted and executed test plans based on architecture documents for new feature requirements.
  • Analyzed and verified specifications and product testability of new designs.
  • Defined test procedure requirements, implementation, and documentation.
  • Lab setup: created network layout and work with installers, satellite signal infrastructure setup.
  • Advice management & team by providing new innovation and idea to improve the test performance & steam line the test process.

Confidential, Clarksburg, MD

Test Engineer


  • Performed Hardware & Software testing on set top boxes (HD, SD and DVRs), conducting defect, Creating defect, investigations and change request activities, analyzing logs, system processes.
  • Designed, drafted and executed test plans based on architecture documents for new feature requirements
  • Performed Stress testing on Pace, Samsung & Humax Hardware thru the comprehensive as well as Regression testing cycle.
  • Organized, Configured racks & performed ETC (Enhanced Test Cycle) & ATC (Advanced Test Cycle) test cycle on Sky Brazil & Latin American hardware to validate the hardware & identified the software issue by capturing log using ‘Tera Term’
  • Assisted Test team by creating batch file by using ‘DOS programming’ to performed ‘Automated Remote Desktop Connection’ through the VPN to monitor test in fastest way on 70 servers & Created batch file to copy & backup file from 70 servers to network drive Confidential specified time.
  • Captured signal to analyze software download issue by set up & performed the wireshark on computer.

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