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Qa Consultant Resume

Fort Lauderdale, FL


  • Senior QA Engineer with 7+ years of extensive Software Testing Life Cycle experience mainly in Pharmaceutical, life Insurance, Health Insurance and Banking domains. Diversified experience in Automation, Manual testing and Mobile automation testing.
  • Expertise in Entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Test Development Life Cycle (TDLC) in Agile as well as Iterative development environments.
  • Strong knowledge in implementing Waterfall, Agile (Sprint/Scrum) Methodology by analyzing requirement specifications and responsible for developing Test Objective, strategies, Scope, Test procedures and Test Matrices.
  • Experience in Understanding the code written in different programming languages Core Java, HTML, JavaScript and CSS, SQL, and databases like Oracle, SQL Server.
  • Good Knowledge in OOPS (Object Oriented Programming System) concepts i.e., Abstraction, Polymorphism, Encapsulation and Inheritance. Good knowledge in Exception Handling, Collection Framework, File Operations, Multi - Threading , Methods of string classes, Conditional and Looping statements.
  • Expertise in Grouping of Test Cases, Test Methods and Test Suites for regression and functional testing using the TestNG annotations like Groups, Parameter, Data Provider.
  • Experience with Cross- Browser and Compatibility Testing to test whether the web applications are working as desired in different browsers and environments.
  • Designed and Implemented different automation frameworks like Keyword Driven Framework, Data Driven Framework and Hybrid Framework.
  • Proficient in using test automation tools such as Selenium WebDriver/RC/IDE/Grid, UFT & Appium to develop automation testing scripts for web, Mobile and client server applications.
  • Experience in doing performance testing of service using Jmeter.
  • Developed Jmeter scripts to performance test web application and API endpoints.
  • Proficient in testing database of applications developed with SQL Server, Oracle and MS Access.
  • Automated functional testing for Oracle E-Business Suite. Integrated platform to create EBS load test scripts. Supports Oracle EBS R12 Supports Oracle EBS R12 (12.0.x &12.1.x) and 11i (11.5.x). Supported both Web & Oracle Forms interfaces & protocols.
  • Developed and executed the Automation Test Scripts with Selenium Java API using Eclipse IDE , performed web services testing, thus ensuring high Code Coverage and security.
  • Responsible for writing automated test cases using QTP/UFT.
  • Create and Execute automated test scripts for regression testing using QTP/UFT.Experience in using Automation Tools like Quick Test Pro (QTP). Automated various manual test cases using Automation tool (QTP).
  • Used Selenium Web Driver , TestNG to run parallel testing by creating groups and categorizing test cases .
  • Experienced in using Maven to define project structure, dependencies, build and test management.
  • Experienced in Web Services testing using SOAPUI tool. Validated request and response XML, SOAP and RESTFUL Web service calls. Experience in writing applications using Java& related technologies such as XML, XSL, HTML, and SQL, PL/SQL middleware technologies such as Web Services, SOAP and WSDL.
  • Performed Back-end testing using SQL Queries to make sure that data entered has been uploaded correctly into the SQL Database.
  • Used Jmeter as load and performance testing tool.
  • Ran SQL queries to verify the number of records and validated the referential integrity rules as per the design specifications. Loaded data to different databases using SQL scripts and maintained a repository for data loading scripts. Involved in testing the XML files and checked whether data is parsed and loaded to staging tables. Experience in Data warehousing integration services: SSIS, Reporting Services: SSRS and SSAS and also involved in the report generation of BI systems using Crystal Reports.
  • Good knowledge in using DWH Tools like SSIS and to execute the batch jobs. Experience testing on XML documents. Extensively used Selenium APIs such as Take Screenshot for Capturing Failed test cases.
  • Action for various key and mouse events, using different Locators (XPath, CSS, id, Link text). Experience in Handset Testing, writing Test plans, and defining Test cases for various module screens of the application, developing and maintaining Test scripts, analyzing results and reporting defects. Experienced in using Apache POI to read data from external sources to feed locators in web application using Test Scripts. Involved in setting up Jenkins to run daily build jobs for regression test suits using TestNG.
  • Developed Test Scripts to implement Test Cases, Test Scenarios, and features for BDD (Behavior Driven Development), ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven Development) using Cucumber. Experience in Expanding BDD Scenarios in cucumber using Gherkin Language. Expert in Mobile testing of manual and automation for both Android and IOS applications. Performed mobile testing using Appium on real and virtual devices and sound knowledge in Perfecto which is a cloud based mobile testing. Good experience in testing the native, hybrid and mobile web applications.
  • Configured and customized Appium tool setting to execute mobile automation test scripts.
  • Created automation test scripts using Appium mobile automation tool. Ability to gather requirements and provide Quality Assurance of detailed user requirements of Mobile applications manually and using automated tools. Experience in Database Testing using SQL Queries with multiple Databases, SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.
  • Expertise in different types of testing like Automation testing, Manual testing, Integration testing, System testing, Smoke testing, Regression testing, JUnit Testing, Black box testing, Functional testing, Database testing, GUI testing, Web / UI and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Experience in Bug tracking and Reporting using Test Director/ HP Quality Center . Experienced in using Test Management tools such as RALLY, JIRA which are bug reporting tools to track test progress, execution and deliverables. Hands on experience in using build and project management tools like MAVEN and Configuration management tools like SVN & GIT
  • Experience with projects that utilized web technologies like XML, HTML, CSS, REST and high-level languages such as Java. Running batch execution and sending status report to higher management.
  • Dynamic and assertive team player with a strong inclination to improve and optimize process development and implementation. Utilized knowledge of Java to create automation test scripts.
  • Knowledge on Perfecto which is cloud based mobile testing either manually or automated for functional testing, and interruption testing.


Test Approaches: Agile/Scrum, Waterfall, SDLC, STLC, Bug Life Cycle

Testing Tools: Selenium WebDriver, UFT, TestNG, Selenium Grid, JUnit, Cucumber, SoapUI, Jmeter

Test Build& Integration Tools: Maven, ANT, Jenkins, SVN

Frameworks: Keyword Driven, Data Driven, Hybrid, Page Object Model

Programming Tools: JAVA, JavaScript, C

Markup Languages: HTML, XML

Databases: MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, SQL

Browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari

Operating Systems: Windows 7/8, UNIX, LINUX

Defect Tools: HP Quality Center, RALLY, JIRA, ALM

MS Office Tools and other tools: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Access, Eclipse IDE


Confidential, Fort Lauderdale, FL

QA Consultant


  • Defining the testing activities for subordinates - testers or test engineers.
  • To check if the team has all the necessary resources to execute the testing activities.
  • To check if testing is going hand in hand with the software development in all phases.
  • Prepare the status report of testing activities.
  • Executing test cases (manual or automated) and analyze results.
  • Evaluating the product code according to requirement specifications.
  • Creating logs to document testing phases and defects.
  • Reporting bugs and errors to development teams and helping them to troubleshoot issues
  • Conducting post-release/ post-implementation end to end testing
  • Updating project manager regularly about the progress of testing activities.
  • Working with cross-functional teams to ensure quality throughout the software development lifecycle
  • To read all the documents and understand what needs to be tested.
  • Based on the information procured in the above step decide how it is to be tested.
  • Inform the test lead about what all resources will be required for software testing.
  • Execute all the test case and report defects, define severity and priority for each defect.
  • Carry out regression testing every time when changes are made to the code to fix defects.
  • Developing and executing the product testing strategy and plans.
  • Identifying the appropriate test strategies, test environment requirements and activities based on application-specific technical and functional characteristics
  • Working with the team to architect application test frameworks and infrastructure
  • Managing and maintain test plans and test cases covering functional product, integration, performance for automated and manual testing
  • Planning of test execution cycles to meet product release schedules
  • Drive to continued adoption of test automation strategies and technologies, staying abreast of current industry trends and best practices. Working to integrate automated testing into the Agile SDLC.
  • Overseeing the ongoing development of end-to-end automated regression test suites; expand test coverage through constant monitoring of the regression test suite
  • Assess readiness and deviation of product/ project performance based upon test results and product specifications
  • Certifying and approve the product releases for delivery
  • Defining the document and improve our QA testing standards, tools, procedures and guidelines
  • Implement the strategic initiatives to reduce time to market, increase quality and expand test automation.
  • Conducting trend and root cause analysis and determine risk mitigation strategies
  • Adopting the latest quality metrics and tracking mechanisms.
  • Creating dashboard(s) that provide increased visibility into key metrics and trends. Identify actionable items from this data analysis and use to drive the appropriate improvements across the development team
  • Managing the performance test team to be efficient in simulating production load and stress on our systems
  • Collaborating with DevOps in the management of multiple application environments, including QA, UAT, Staging, etc., and the code contained therein.
  • Ensuring the testing of vendor products meets our standards
  • Demonstrating behaviors consistent with the Company s Vision, Mission, and Values in all interactions with customers, co-workers and suppliers.

Confidential, Bloomington, MN

Sr. Software Automation Engineer


  • Assessed & analyzed user stories and participated in Sprint planning, Review Sessions & Scrum Meetings.
  • Configured Maven, Log4j configuration files, prepared documentation for setting up Selenium and Eclipse Environment on Local Work Spaces.
  • Developed JavaScript to automate the test cases.
  • Developed automation scripts for automating Functional and Regression testing using Selenium WebDriver, Eclipse, TestNG, Java, Maven, Log4j and JDBC.
  • Excelled in Integration and Regression testing to check new functionality doesn't break the existing functionality of the application using Selenium.
  • Used Apache POI to extract test data from external Excel files.
  • Developed TestNG framework to retrieve test actions, test data from Excel files and SQL Databases.
  • Designed, developed and implemented POM based automation testing framework utilizing JavaScript, TestNG and Selenium Web Driver.
  • Attended daily Scrum/Agile standup meetings with the team to discuss status.
  • Handled Selenium WebDriver features like implicit wait and explicit wait under synchronization.
  • Scripted using Eclipse, coding on Java and develop Selenium WebDriver- page pattern framework to execute test scripts.
  • Performed Cross and Parallel Browser testing on different browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox where multiple states can be executed at the same time.
  • Managed the framework dependency jars using Maven. Used Maven to perform build from Jenkins Continuous Integration.
  • Executed test cases using TestNG parameters, data providers, suites, parallel suites and groups.
  • Extensively worked in locating a web elements using ID, name, class name, CSS selector and XPATH.
  • Extensively used XPATH, Regular expression and classes to perform UI actions. Exported output/reports for all automated testing results.
  • Generated the extent report and Excel file with status for the selenium automation scripts as per the requirements.
  • Integrated with CI tools like Jenkins and deployed the code in version control system tools like GIT/SVN.
  • Automated the Restful - API’s using Selenium with java.

Environment: Java, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Eclipse, Oracle, JavaScript, GIT, Maven, Jenkins, JIRA, Apache POI, SVN/GIT and Restful API’s

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

Software Automation Engineer / Mobile Tester


  • Analyzed the Business Requirements Document (BRD), developed Test cases and Test scripts for application under test. In depth understanding of Object Oriented Programming and skilled in developing automated test scripts in Selenium. Created automation framework and test scripts using Selenium Web-Driver for multiple platforms and cross browser testing.
  • Implemented TestNG automation framework for Smoke Test to ascertain that the crucial functions of the application work and also implemented Regression Test to detect bugs after enhancement and configuration settings of the code.
  • Developed automation test cases, executed these test scripts from test lab and logged defects in JIRA.
  • Creation of JavaScripts on selenium to automate the testing.
  • Used Several TestNG Annotations to take advantage of test lifecycle.
  • Configured Selenium Web Driver, TestNG, Maven tool and created Selenium automation scripts in java using TestNG prior to next quarter release.
  • Involved in preparing test cases using Selenium Web driver to validate all UI components, Popups, Browser navigations, Mouse Movements.
  • Experienced in Apache POI Jar for reading Excel file using Java IO operations.
  • Used Auto IT for uploading and downloading the files.
  • Reviewed database test cases according to assigned Requirements to validate reports by retrieving data with complex SQL queries from SQL Server.
  • Developed Test Cases and SQL Queries to perform various Validations.
  • Designed Hybrid framework in Selenium and captured data dynamically from web controls.
  • Performed functional testing to identify various critical points in the application and automated it by using Selenium WebDriver with TestNG.
  • Used Firebug/ IE Developer Toolkit and Selenium IDE to capture and validate CSS Locators, html Ids to identify elements.
  • Performed BDD (Behavior Driven Development) using Cucumber Features, Scenarios and Step Definitions in Gherkins format.
  • Conducted UI testing, Functional testing, Regression Testing and verified the results with expected results using Traceability Matrix. Involved in the usage of BDD framework with Cucumber Step Definition, Scenarios and Features for UAT testing. Implementation of ATDD technical practices (e.g. Automated testing, TDD, continuous integration) create a robust/reliable /repeatable automation test bed.
  • Used ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven development) approach to write feature files using Gherkin format. Implemented Test driven development (ATDD and BDD) framework using cucumber tool with Gherkins Language.
  • Performed Integration and Regression testing to check compatibility of new functionality with the existing functionalities of the application using Selenium.
  • Demonstrated ability to solve complex automation challenges involving Ajax, dynamic objects, custom object types, unexpected event handling.
  • Tested compatibility of application for dynamic and static content under various cross browsers using HTML IDs and XPath in Selenium.
  • Tested the mobile app with emulator for different versions.
  • Performed Regression testing by retesting the functionality after defect fixes on mobile application.
  • Involved in Functional and Integration testing of Mobile App using IOS and Android devices.
  • Created automation test scripts using Appium mobile automation tool.
  • Expertise in development of test cases, scenarios and strategies for mobile testing.
  • Performed functional testing of SOAP and RESTFUL Web Services using SOAP UI Tool.
  • Involved in Web services testing using SOAPUI Tool. Validated request and response XML.
  • Created Scenarios using Cucumber and tested in BDD.
  • Responsible for Integrating Selenium Tests with Jenkins for Continuous Integration.
  • Used JIRA as a bug tracking, issue tracking and project management software
  • Used SVN as Version Control Tool for maintaining code in the repository.
  • Reported defects to developer and discussed about the issues in weekly status meetings.
  • Prepared user documentation with screenshots for UAT (User Acceptance testing).

Environment: Selenium Web driver, Eclipse, JIRA, Cucumber, Java, JavaScript, HTML,XML, CSS, X-path, Maven, Windows, Test-NG, SVN, SQL,SOAPUI, Fire bug, Fire Path, IE Developer Toolkit.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

Sr. Automation Engineer


  • Analyzed the user stories based on detail acceptance criteria for the corresponding Sprint.
  • Run Defect Triaging and review the Test Plan, Test Scenarios, and Test Cases with Project Team.
  • Involved in creating, updating and executing of test cases according to requirements.
  • Developed and maintained automated regression test cases in Selenium Web Driver using Java programming language, MAVEN and TestNG.
  • Designed and developed Page Objects using Page Object Design Pattern and Selenium Web Driver.
  • Configured Maven for JAVA automation projects and developed Maven project object model (POM).
  • Executed System Test Cases/Scenarios in DEV environment and make sure that user stories are working as expected.
  • Developed Keyword Driven framework to retrieve test actions, test data from Excel files and Oracle Databases.
  • Identified the correct web elements uniquely by using different types by locators like Id, Name, Link Text, CSS, DOM, and XPath.
  • Used Ajax Call Synchronization in Selenium Web Driver, used Implicit, Explicit waits to handle the execution flows.
  • Identified Iframes in the web application to test the nested images, banners and other embedded web pages in it. Used switchto () to switch from the existing web pages to iframes, other windows and alerts.
  • Used TestNG framework, covering different types of test designs like a unit test, functional test, end to end test, UI test and integration test.
  • Integrated with TestNG to perform Cross Browser Testing using parallel processing, groups and annotations.
  • Designed, coded and executed automated tests using TestNG and generated tests using Log4j in various output targets.
  • Proven ability in developing BDD scripts with Cucumber and writing step definitions for behavior.
  • Participated in continuous integration using Jenkins.
  • Developed Automation framework implementing Page Object Model, and Data Driven Test for certain Test Cases.
  • Built Test Suite in XML for functional and regression test.
  • Implemented Spring Content Negotiation concepts to provide response in XML and JSON.
  • Tested these Web services using SOAP UI and Postman.
  • Performed application compatibility testing using different mobile devices and Android Virtual Device installations.
  • Monitored the jobs which could be SVN checkout using Jenkins. Used Jenkins for Change Support to generate the list of all changes done to the repository, for Email integration to email the content of the status of the build.
  • Executed the test cases and reviewed the results with Business to get the Business approval for UAT
  • Co-ordination between Technology and Business to ensure all the outstanding issues are being addressed, fixed and retested.
  • Used Android and IOS tools to develop the Mobile Application.
  • Performed browser compatibility testing.
  • Developing scripts for Mobile UI Testing using Appium.
  • Executed the test plans on web and mobile (IOS & Android) as per requirements using Appium.
  • Involved in testing Web services (SOAP and REST) and XML with tool called SOAP UI PRO, for the local WSDL / with URL and created test cases, run them, do load testing.
  • Integrated the test suites to Jenkins to execute them automatically after every successful deployment.
  • Performed data driven testing by using JDBC as a data source in SOAP UI and configured SQL queries to fetch data from the Oracle database.
  • Conducted backend testing using SQL queries to validate data for database and Used SQL queries for retrieving data from database for executing user specific test cases.
  • Extensively involved with backend testing by writing complex SQL queries.
  • Performed cross-system consistency checks while doing the integration testing where data pay load received or send to the Upstream and/or downstream applications and validated the data integrity by writing effective SQL statements.
  • Involved in Web Services Testing using SOAP UI.
  • Involved in the regression test planning for the project and identified the critical regression tests
  • Executed the automated regression test cases during every release and also executed the daily regression test suites
  • Involved in debugging of the existing automation script
  • Experience working in Agile/ Scrum methodology for SDLC and working on Test management tools like Rally.
  • Participated in daily Scrum meetings.
  • Involved in preparing monthly QA metrics and Weekly status reports.

Environment: Selenium WebDriver, Selenium GRID, Java, Web Services, SOAP, SQL, Quality Center, AGILE, SVN, HTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS, Eclipse, Oracle, Windows, UNIX/LINUX, MS Word

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

Sr. Automation Engineer


  • Analyzing and reviewing the software requirements, functional specifications and design documents.
  • Developed automated test scripts for Regression testing based on the requirement documents using UFT.
  • Leading a team of 3 offshore resources on the development of the scripts.
  • Developed test scripts for GUI, functionality and regression testing using UFT.
  • Created Data Driven Testing framework to test the application for different sets of data using UFT
  • Created Reusable actions and functions for complex functionalities using UFT
  • Used Component/Modular based approach to develop automation scripts, this approach reduce the cost of maintenance and maximize the re-use of existing test scripts.
  • Prepared automation low level design document based on the requirements, explaining the solution.
  • Prepared the documents related to the framework and coding standards and the transition/training documents.
  • Validating the fields based on XML files using XPath.
  • Web services testing included, reading the response XML file and validating the data as per the expected result.
  • Developed reusable actions and functions & debug and fix the failed automation scripts.
  • Executing and maintaining automation test cases directly from HP Quality Center

Environment: Windows, VB Script, SQL Server 2005/2008, Oracle, UFT 12.02, Quality Centre, XML, SharePointSVN

Confidential, Eden Prairie, MN

Automation Engineer


  • Analyzed and evaluated complex client requirements and converted them in to suitable Automation test suite.
  • Created functional automation test scripts using selenium Web driver with TestNG framework.
  • Identifying the correct GUI web elements uniquely by using different types by locators like Id, Name, Link Text, CSS, DOM, and XPath.
  • Used Ajax Call Synchronization in Selenium Web Driver.
  • Used Implicit, Explicit waits to handle the execution flows.
  • Handling special keyboard and mouse events using the Advanced User Interactions API .
  • Involved in testing various business rules User/Customer functionalities, and Change Processes.
  • Developed re-usable functions using TestNG for the Test Automation.
  • Developed Jmeter scripts to performance test web application and API endpoints.
  • Experience in developing SQL queries using joins, unions, aggregate functions, etc.
  • Good knowledge of Oracle, MS SQL and MySQL databases.
  • Used SOAP UI tool to test SOA based architecture application to test SOAP services API.
  • Developed SQL Scripts for Backend Testing to validate the data as per the Business Rules.
  • Prepared user documentation with screenshots for UAT (User Acceptance testing).
  • Designed, developed and executed the entire test suite.
  • Responsible for writing automated test cases using QTP/UFT.
  • Created and Executed automated test scripts for regression testing using QTP/UFT.
  • Test Scenarios preparation using QTP.
  • Participated in test requirement gathering and Test Plan review meetings.
  • Demonstrated ability to solve complex automation challenges involving Ajax, dynamic objects, custom object types, unexpected event handling. Interacted with development and product management teams for the quick resolution of reported bugs and various technical issues.
  • Prepared QA matrix and status reports.
  • Monitored the jobs which could be SVN checkout using Jenkins.
  • Worked in Agile methodology.
  • Used Rally for Defect reporting and tracking.
  • Conducted Regression Testing after the defect corrections.
  • Tested the backend of applications using SQL developer.
  • Involved in the Defect Review Meetings.
  • Performed Backend testing to test the validity of data using SQL Queries.

Environment: Java, Selenium Web Driver, UFT, TestNG, Eclipse, Rally, Windows, SVN, Jenkins, SOAPUI, MySQL.


QA Analyst


  • Analyzing the Business Requirement Document, High level and Low-level design documents.
  • Create and review - Test scenarios, Test suite preparation, Test Data creation, Test case execution and Defect logging.
  • Wrote automation scripts using Selenium web driver.
  • Automation of functional testing framework for all modules using Selenium Web Driver.
  • Preparation of Test scripts using Selenium Web driver (Automation tool) with java for Functional Test cases.
  • Automating the regression & project cases using Selenium.
  • Performing Failure Analysis for the regression failed cases using Selenium.
  • Organize weekly meetings with Client leads & Onsite manager regarding the Automation status.
  • Point of contact for Process related activities like Metrics reporting & Operation clarity.
  • Review - Defect prevention plan and Software configuration management plan.
  • Automation Framework implementation for UFT / QTP.
  • Independently creating and executing UFT / QTP scripts.
  • Custom Programming of the Quality Center/ALM API, Data Models, Objects, and Methods.
  • Modify existing HP QC/ALM/PC, AGM Workflows (defects, reporting, etc.) and create new one as needed.
  • Responsible for all aspects of project delivery (Test Design, Test execution and Test summary report) and management (Test metrics and Risk analysis) to client partners, offshore manager and Onsite manager.
  • Organize weekly meetings with offshore managers, Onsite Coordinator & Onsite manager to discuss the Project goals and report the health of the overall project status.
  • Updating the application down time in Environment Tracker during test execution phase.
  • Performed Integration Testing in Vendor Development environment and System Testing in SIT environment and User Acceptance Testing in Pre-Production Environment.
  • Involved Preparation of Traceability Matrix and mapping the Test Cases with the requirements and
  • Test Metrics in Quality Center.
  • Reported bugs in Quality Center with server logs information from Web and DB servers.
  • Performed Regression Testing as part of every build.
  • Developed SQL Queries for testing various Database validations.
  • Involved in pilot project for automation using Selenium IDE/RC.
  • Implemented Selenium using Junit frame work with Java.

Environment: Quality Center, Windows, Java, SQL, Oracle, Selenium (WebDriver, RC, Grid), Junit/Java, Eclipse, Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera.

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