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Sdet/qe - Automation Developer In Test Resume

San Ramon, CA


  • Quality Engineer with 9 (Testing - 5, Development- 4) years of experience in Information Technology with hands on experience in Design, development, Testing and Automation of Web Based, and Client/Server, Web Services/API applications in various domains like Banking, Securities, Ecommerce.
  • Expertise in Automation tools such as Selenium Web Driver, Selenium Grid, CVS, Git Hub, Jenkins (continuous integration-CI), Maven, Eclipse, TestNG, JUnit.
  • Very good experience in Software Project Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including requirements analysis, development and testing.
  • Programming expertise in JAVA, C#, J2EE and JavaScript.
  • Experience in designing, developing and maintaining Test Automation Frameworks like Page object Model, Data Driven, Hybrid and TDD.
  • Experience in developing test cases for SOAP and RESTful web services using SoapUI/Ready API, Postman tools. Updated WSDL file as needed fore endpoint, tested request and response XML. Added assertions to validate the response xml with database.
  • Involved in design of framework for testing REST API (XML and JSON based) using Apache Http Client, testNG, Java and using testNG Data Provider. Used and developed framework to test various REST API.
  • Manual and automation testing using Apache Http Client, TESTNG, JXL, Json, Log4j, for testing Web service.
  • Experience in creating page objects by using Page Object Model, developing reusable library functions in java and using unit testing frameworks like Junit, TestNG.
  • Good Experience in using Configuration management tools like Concurrent Version System (CVS), Sub Version (SVN), GitHub, and Build management tools like MAVEN and ANT.
  • Scheduled jobs via Jenkins (Continuous Delivery) and Continuous Integration for automating the build and deploy processes allowing significant increase in test automation.
  • Good understanding of SQL queries to extract and validate the data from the database.
  • Experience in developing and understanding of HTML, XML, CSS and, Java script.
  • Worked extensively on Agile Projects and hands on experience in Sprint Planning, Scrums, Sprint Review, Retrospective, Grooming meetings.
  • Skilled in Bug Reporting and Management using Jira, Quality Center and MS Excel.
  • Significant experience in Compatibility Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Migration Testing, Regression testing.
  • Conducted usability and user acceptance testing (UAT) on behalf of end users. Skillful in Enhancing and optimizing test scripts.
  • Highly motivated team player with analytical, organizational and technical skills, unique ability to adapt quickly to challenges and changing environment.


Web and windows Technologies: Java, JSP, JUnit, Log4j, Web Services, WSDL, SOAP, XML, HTML, CSS, JQuery, XSD, JavaScript, C#, ASP 3.0, VB 6.0, HTML, XML, NET Framework (4.0,3.5,3.0,2.0,1.1), Win Form, WPF, ADO.NET, ASP.Net

Test Automation scripting tools: Selenium, testNG, Junit, Eclipse, Rest API testing (SOAP/REST), Postman, Log4j, JDBC, Firebug/ Fire Path, Jira, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, IE

Operating Systems: MAC, Microsoft Windows, Mainframes, UNIX

Databases: MySQL, SQL Server 2008,2016r, Oracle, DB2, MSBI 2008/2005, SSIS, SSRS

Utility Tools: Microsoft Visio, Test NG

Testing life cycle Tools: HP ALM, JIRA, Rest API Testing (SOAP/REST)

Software Methodologies: SDLC, Waterfall, Agile/Scrum

Web Servers: Apache Tomcat, Web sphere application server

Development IDEs: Eclipse, Edit plus, Notepad++, Visual Studio 2012/2008/2005


Confidential, San Ramon, CA

SDET/QE - Automation Developer in Test


  • Worked with Business Analysts and Developers for requirements review and developing Test Scenarios, analyzed business requirements, use cases and worked on automation and manual testing of the application.
  • Responsible for all types of tests like Functionality testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), browser compatibility testing, Integration testing, Performance testing.
  • Automated Web Application using Selenium Web Driver and REST API with Apache HTTP Client, Test NG, Apache POI, JAXB, GSon and Log4j Framework.
  • Created automation test cases for various modules, added /improved / re-factored the existing tests while performing automation testing for Scrum Enhancements.
  • Used Xpath, id, name and CSS locators, Firebug, Fire Path to test the web application.
  • Responsible to Create hybrid framework using Selenium Web Driver 2.0, Page Factory Pattern, JXL& Test NG.
  • Worked closely with developers for every sprint to automate their features.
  • Functional and Cross Browser Testing using Selenium in various operating systems.
  • Experience in creating, executing and debugging automated tests using programming languages such as Java, JavaScript.
  • Design, develop, maintain and execute data-driven API test suites for Web Services (SOAP and REST) using SOAP UI for functional testing and schema validation.
  • Worked on distributed test automation execution on different environment as part of continuous integration process using Selenium WebDriver/Grid/Jenkins.
  • Implemented Page Objects, Data Driven, frameworks using Selenium WebDriver, JAVA, TESTNG.
  • Performed Web Services testing (SOAP and RESTFUL) using SOAP UI and validated messages using xPath. Also, created and maintained functional test suites.
  • REST API Testing using Test NG and various parsers.
  • Used Assertions (contains, not contains, message content assertion, valid and invalid, HTTP Status codes, SOAP response, response SLA, XPath match) to validate the test results in SOAPUI.
  • Developed and maintained functional and regression tests.
  • Used TestNg reports to generate reports.
  • Developed and executed SQL queries check data integrity and accuracy in the back end with input and output at the front end.
  • Helped in creating high level documents like test plan, automation script design document.

Environment: Agile, Selenium Web Driver, Core Java, Fire Bug, Apache POI, Log4j, MAVEN, Eclipse, TestNG, CI/CD Jenkins, HTML, Java Script, CSS, XML, Web Services, SOAP and Restful, SQL, Linux.


SDET/QE - Automation Developer in Test


  • Design, develop automated functional, regression test scripts for backend services for REST and SOAP API written in Java.
  • Used test tools like Apache HTTP Client, Eclipse, test NG and Postman to perform API testing both manual testing and automation scripts.
  • Involved in solving complex automation challenges and troubleshoot issues in testing process.
  • Enhance, extend and maintain test automation libraries and frameworks.
  • Define, maintain and promote test automation best practices, standards in the Agile methodology.
  • Participated in Agile software testing process with regular QA meetings to discuss major features of the application, test cases to execute and blocking points.
  • Coordinate and manage automated testing efforts for projects and software releases, including coordinating test automation schedules, environments and configuration requirements for assigned testing activities.
  • Used Jenkins (Continuous Integration tool) to validate the sanity jobs on different environments.
  • Developed test cases and suites of the web services using Data Driven pattern.
  • Document and evaluate test results. Provides test automation estimates and timelines.
  • Establish and manage traceability of requirements through test plans and cases.
  • Communicate and report on status of test automation activities.
  • Participated in regular project team meetings to discuss testing procedure and assignments.
  • Generated TestNG reports and also data provider for creating test data in few scripts.
  • Validates test results using T SQL Scripts (SQL server databases), Excel database and Mongo DB database.

Environment: Eclipse, Java, test NG, Selenium, Maven, Jenkins, Jira, Agile, Postman, Soap UI, Mongo Db, MS SQL Server 2014, GIT, Apache.


Application developer in test


  • Created maven project with POM dependencies (Java rest-assured, testNG and Jackson- data bind, JSON path and JSON Schema Validator) and used given resources to invoke the API and used rest assured methods GET, POST, PUT, DELETE and PATCH for CRUD operations.
  • Automated Web Application testing using Selenium WebDriver and REST API with Apache HTTP Client, TestNG, Apache POI, JAXB, GSON frameworks.
  • Worked on Selenium GUI Object / element verification is done through XPath, CSS locators. Written test scripts using Selenium WebDriver and Java and tested switching between windows, frames, alerts and popups.
  • Used MySQL Server database extensively to validate the backend data.
  • Used TestNG Annotations in creating test suites for validating Restful web services.
  • Validated XML and JSON responses using JAXB and GSON parsers.
  • Created automated tests for extracting JSON responses, response for different nodes and extracted response times
  • Wrote manual and automation test scripts using Apache Http Client, TESTNG, JXL, Json, Log4j, for testing Web services and validated using SOAP UI Tool and Postman.
  • Using Postman checked status, time and size for the response; checked Raw and JSON response and matched with the expected responses from the provided APIs response.
  • Scheduled jobs via Jenkins (Continuous Delivery) and Continuous Integration for automating the build and deploy processes allowing significant increase in test automation
  • Used agile development methodology to test and release quality product faster.
  • Developed test plans, test cases, test Scripts, test strategy, test Scenario, test reports.
  • Performed tests for functionality, regression, End to End, System, and backend.
  • Involvement in efficient and optimum test planning strategies, taking into account various constraints.
  • Participated in regular team meetings to discuss testing processes, results and resolve issues. Also worked closely with developers to resolve issues.
  • Generated TestNG reports and also data Provider for creating test data in few scripts.
  • Reviewed Functional Requirement Specifications and created tests based on test scenarios drawn from functional requirements.
  • Classified the defects according to severity and priority levels and prepared test status reports.
  • Prepared defect prevention (DP) reports and conducted DP meetings with test team.

Environment: Java, Selenium Web Driver, TestNG, Junit, Jenkins, Postman, Apache HTTP Client, Agile, Eclipse, Firebug, HTML, JSON, SQL, TFS, JUnit, JIRA, SOAP and REST web services.


Software developer in test


  • Developed test scripts, test conditions, expected results for one or more test plans for, system and integration testing. Developed, updated testing Standards and Procedures.
  • Performed GUI testing (Font Size, Spell Check, Proper Labeling, Tab order for the form fields)
  • Performed Usability Testing (duplicated elements, misleading labels, information tabs, etc.)
  • Conducted Functional Testing (required field, valid input in the data fields, maximum inputs)
  • Involved in the execution of the test scripts and defect reporting.
  • Interaction with the developers for resolving critical bugs and functionality modifications.
  • Used SOAP UI tool to test to test SOAP services.
  • Execution of manual tests and automation test scripts using testNG through all phases of development life cycle (Integration, Functional, and Regression testing)
  • Verify the production logs file for checking exceptions after testing the application.
  • Tested Enterprise SOAP and Restful Web Services using Postman and automation scripts using Apache Http Client.
  • Managing requirement change requests and implementing procedures for test changes. Worked on minutes of meetings.
  • Attended weekly AGILE team meetings and updated team lead and manager on status.
  • Responsible to Track, Document, Capture, Manage and Communicate the Requirements using Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) which helped in controlling numerous artifacts produced by the teams across the deliverables for a project
  • Created and executed manual test cases. Investigated application issues, identified their causes and initiated troubleshooting methods for immediate resolution.
  • Active participation in Database analysis and optimization.
  • Create required test data in database to be used in test automation activities.
  • Participate in standup meetings and provide valuable suggestions/solutions.
  • Researched and reported software defects and reported them into IPM defect tracking tool
  • Performed regression testing for every new build.
  • Document and evaluate test results. Provide test automation estimates and timelines.

Environment: Java, Selenium Web Driver, testNG, Junit, Jenkins, Postman, Apache HTTP Client, Agile, Eclipse, Firebug, HTML, JSON, SQL, TFS, JUnit, JIRA, SOAP and REST web services.


System Analyst/ Developer/Offshore coordinator/ Tester


  • Requirements gathering, analysis and documentation of the same.
  • Contribution in Design, and Implementation of UI using ASP.NET, AJAX, C#, Custom controls.
  • Prototype development and finalizing user requirements, updated design documents.
  • Extensive use of User controls (.ascx) to make UI reusable, modular and maintainable. Datasets are used to maintain data presented on the screen and passed between components.
  • Writing Stored Procedures in SQL for DB transactions.
  • Maintaining High quality of code through peer code reviews and having 100% test coverage for code.
  • Involved in project estimation and helping team to achieve the project time line.
  • Develop data flow diagrams and sequence diagrams.
  • Identify problems by testing, and client feedback, correct defects or report it to concerned person.
  • Implementation of Web Services and, coding for the same.
  • Writing NUnit Tests.
  • Use of events and delegates, use of typed Dataset to fetch data in Access database.
  • Use of Abstract classes/Sealed classes and other OOP concepts.
  • Mentoring younger members in the team, Task allocation & tracking.
  • Involved in documentation for UI screens, and prepared User manual/help document for few modules.
  • Management of daily project activities like work allocation, estimation, schedule planning.
  • Participated in regular project team meetings to discuss testing procedure and assignments.
  • Responsible for code review and code optimization, trouble shooting and debugging.
  • Creating small and easy to use applications.
  • Responsible for Testing, Deployment and post go live support.

Environment: Visual studio 2005/2008 C#, SQL Server 7.0, Ms Access, Vss, NUnit, Log4Net.

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