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Quality Test Analyst Resume

Dallas, TX


  • 6 years experience as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer with strong analytical skills and in - field working knowledge of planning, designing and executing end to end tests for all tiers of software development: frontend (GUI functionalities), backend / Databases (SQL) and business logic tier (API). Some notable use of tools are: JAVA Selenium for Automation, SQL Server/ Oracle and SoapUI for SOAP API / Postman for REST API validation.
  • Complete understanding of Software Development Life Cycle with analysis, design, development and testing of Client/Server and Web Based Applications
  • Fully aware of all types of testing: Black Box, White Box, Grey Box, Functional, System, Integration, Regression, Back End Data validation, Front-End UI and User Acceptance testing
  • Able to create Test artifacts from scratch such as creating Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Analysis Report, Defect Report and Requirement tracibility matrix
  • Extensive experience in designing Test Cases, Test Scenarios, Test Scripts and Test reports of manual and automated tests
  • Maintaining requirement and test repository Quality Center / ALM, Adaptist(TM4J) and JIRA
  • Expert level knowledge in all modules of ALM / Quality Center (Requirements, Test Plan, Test Lab, Dashboard and Defects)
  • Demonstrated ability to work on Work Flow, Entity Relationship and Data Flow Diagrams
  • UI Functional Automation experience in Selenium WebDriver with JAVA as the binding language
  • Automation development using Java in Selenium Page Object Model with Junit, TestNG for reporting
  • Proficient in using SoapUI for testing Web Services and used various types of assertions such as soap fault, Contains etc.
  • Experience in bug reporting tools like ALM, and JIRA.
  • Strong knowledge on SDLC methodologies such as Agile, SCRUM and Waterfall
  • Well versed in different management scenarios like Change Control, Quality Assurance, Defect Tracking, System Integration, and Task Scheduling.
  • Proficient in using basic SQL queries to perform back end testing for data integrity.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, proven team player with an analytical bent to problem solving and delivering under high stress environment.
  • Good analytical and communication skills and ability to work independently with minimal supervision and also perform as part of a team.


Development: JAVA, HTML, JavaScript Agile, Scrum, Kanban; Waterfall; TDD; BDD Geb-Spock

Repository: ALM / QC, Rally, Jira, Adaptist(Test management for Jira)

Automation Tools: Selenium IDE, WebDriver, Selenium Grid

IDE: Eclipse, Intellij

Web Debugging Tool: Firebug, Firepath, Chropath

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access,Aginity, SQL workbench,Lumin

Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome

API Tools: SoapUI, PostmanTest Framework

Junit, TestNG

Build Tool: Maven,GRadle

Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Git, Bitbucket(Stash)

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Unix


Confidential, Dallas TX

Quality Test Analyst


  • Worked closely with production development team to define test requirements and developed test cases based on the Business requirements
  • Responsible for designing test cases according to ongoing requirements from various layers of customers
  • Define, develop, and execute automation test scripts using Java that leverage black and white box testing across functional, non-functional and performance testing
  • Created automation framework in Page Objects design and page navigation framework for readable test script and easy maintenance from developer perspectives
  • Developed Automation scripts for new enhancements using Selenium and Testng
  • Defined test automation strategy, designed automated tests, created automated test cases, test plans and executed tests using Selenium
  • Responsible for setting up the framework and test environment
  • Developed Gradle Build scripts to run Sanity Test scripts developed in Selenium
  • Used Source Tree and Gitbash to commit and merge the Java-selenium test-scripts in Stash to support automation testing
  • Extensively involved in separating automation and manual test cases based on the application and customer requirement
  • Defined automation test-scripts using Geb-Spock Framework to in corporate Behavior Driven Framework
  • Worked on developing manual test cases for automation scripts using Adaptist
  • Used SQL work bench, Lumin (command line) and Postman to support back-end testing as required for the application
  • Used TestNG Annotations in Selenium WebDriver and executed a batch of tests as TestNG suite
  • Involved in executing all Selenium test scripts on different browsers and checked for compatibility
  • Involved in end to end, regression and sanity a testing
  • Supported CI/CD team by loading show-case data set, refreshing environments and deploying codes when necessary
  • Participated in all Scrum meetings/artifacts as demanded by Agile methodologies
  • Actively participated in status report meetings, Document review and other daily meetings for continuous improvement of the tasks to retain quality and stability
  • Worked on Cross Browser testing through Selenium WebDriver by testing the website on different browsers like Chrome, IE and Firefox

Environment: Java, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Jenkins, Jira, PostMan, My SQl Workbench, IE, Firefox, Chrome, Adaptist, Windows, SourceTree, Git Bash, Docker, Stash(bitbucket), Intellij, LUMIN

Confidential, Plano, TX

QA Automation Tester


  • Involved in analyzing Business Requirement Documents and Technical Specification document and developed test plan and test cases for testing the application
  • Participated in requirement reviews and analyzed Modification requests and Enhancement requests.
  • Tested independent and dependent modules individually and prepared Test Matrix to keep track of the requirements and the test cases
  • Strong understanding of different systems and connection between POS, Epsilon and Payment Systems
  • Prepared test plans to identify test strategies and resource
  • Define, develop, and execute automation test scripts using Java Selenium using Page-Object model for functional and non-functional testing
  • Integrated Automation scripts (Selenium WebDriver API) in Continuous Integration tools (Jenkins) for nightly batch run of the Script.
  • Developed test automation scripts using Selenium WebDriver for regression and performance testing of the various releases of the application
  • Performed manual testing of each build and then regression testing using Selenium WebDriver.
  • Used Eskry to do web based application testing with selenium for the commands and locator
  • Developed Test Framework in Selenium for UI Regression Test Automation and when necessary, and potentially execute Unit Test automation (Java)
  • Done SOA testing( API) using SOAP UI and Java framework for web services testing
  • Developed data driven test scripts to check the same functionality with multiple sets of data
  • Used TestNG Annotations in Selenium WebDriver and executed a batch of tests as TestNG suite
  • Performed Assertions like Schema Compliance, XPath and SOAP responses
  • Developed Selenium scripts in TestNG for parameterization using Data Provider annotation.
  • Conducted System Testing and User Acceptance Testing for client and Conducted Backend testing writing basic SQL queries
  • Checked the data flow through end to end and used SQL queries to validate the data from the database
  • Involved in documentation as to how to maintain and run scripts for future enhancements. Responsible for testing the application against different environments in QA, staging and production
  • Analyzed the business requirements, developed test plans and created test cases in Jira

Environment: Java, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Jenkins, Quality center, SoapUI, Java Script, SQL Server, IE, Firefox, Chrome, Aginity, Windows, UNIX.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

QA Automation Tester


  • Responsible for preparation of Test cycle/progress reports, analysis of defect metrics & implement improvement actions for next iterations
  • Performed different testing task using various test scripts on Selenium WebDriver and Junit
  • Developed test code in Java language using Eclipse IDE and Junit framework
  • Involved in designing and implementing of hybrid automation framework using Selenium WebDriver
  • Used Java language and Junit framework for scripting
  • Integrated with Continuous Integration tools Jenkins for running test on nightly basis automatically
  • Designed and executed the Automation Test Scripts using Selenium WebDriver and Junit
  • Developed UAT Regression automation script and Automation of functional testing framework for required modules using Selenium and WebDriver
  • Performed Data driven testing using Selenium WebDriver, Junit functions and JDBC Connections which reads data from scripts using property and Excel files
  • Involved in Web Services Testing using SoapUI
  • Performed data driven testing by using JDBC as a data source in SOAP UI and configured SQL queries to fetch data from the Oracle database
  • Involved manual testing of various test cases with respective test scripts on Selenium and generate analysis report with Quality Center
  • Basic Data Validation and testing using SQL with Oracle.
  • Conducted backend testing using SQL queries to validate data for database and for retrieving data from database for executing user specific test cases
  • Defect logging and tracking using Quality Center (QC) and updated the test defects status with results
  • Used QC bug tracking and reporting, also followed up with development team to verify bug fixes
  • Closely involved with development team, maintenance team and business team regarding changing requirements, builds and releases

Environment: Java, Selenium WebDriver, JavaScript, Jenkins, Junit, XML, HP Quality Center, SoapUI, SQL, Oracle, Windows.

Confidential, Mount Laurel, NJ

QA Engineer


  • Worked closely with developers and other QA members to define test requirements and developed test cases based on the Business requirements and System requirements
  • Responsible for design and development of requirements collected from the customer
  • Involved in preparing test plans to identify test strategies and resource
  • Seperated test cases for manual and automation test scripts for effective test scripts using Selenium
  • Defined test automation strategy, designed automated tests, created automated test cases, test plans and executed tests using Selenium
  • Responsible for executing manual test cases in the given test environment
  • Developed Maven Build scripts to run Sanity Test scripts developed in Selenium
  • Extensively involved in Soap API testing using WSDL file to verify the response for effective output for the user
  • Involved in executing all Selenium test scripts on different browsers and checked for compatibility
  • Involved in System-wide Integration, regression testing, sanity testing
  • Raised defects whenever necessary to improve the quality of the product
  • Worked in Manual and Automated testing of applications on Windows and UNIX/Linux Environment
  • Actively participated in status report meetings and interacted with other team members for issues

Environment: Java, Selenium, Junit, XML, HTML, Fire Path, Firebug , Eclipse, Sql, Windows XP,ALMEducation

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