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Qa Automation Test Engineer Resume

Norfolk, VA


  • 8+ Years of experience in Software Quality Assurance, which includesexperience in Web Automation, Web Services/API, Cloud and Mobile Testing in domains like Finance, Health Care, CRM and Ecommerce.
  • Expert in STLC (Software Testing life cycle) and SDLC (Software Development life cycle) including Agile Methodology/SCRUM, Waterfall and TDD and developed Test scenarios, Test Suites, Test cases, Test Data, Test procedures, Test reports and documenting manual and automation tests.
  • Experience in developing Test Automation Infrastructure and frameworks for testing Web applications using Selenium, Appium, Rest Assuredand UFT
  • Experience in developing in Core java programming using OOPSconcepts.
  • Good Knowledge in OOPS (Object Oriented Programming System) concepts i.e., Abstraction, Polymorphism, Encapsulation and Inheritance. Good knowledge in Exception Handling, Collection Framework, File Operations, Multi - Threading, Methods of string classes, Conditional and Looping statements.
  • Experience in working with open source tools Selenium (Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, and Selenium Web Driver), JUnit, Eclipse and preparation of automation test framework.
  • Practical hands on experience in different automation frameworks like Page Object Model Framework, Keyword Driven Framework, Data Driven Framework, Hybrid Framework and for a number of projects.
  • Expertise in writing and executing Test Scripts to implement Test Cases, Test Scenarios, and features for TDD (Test Driven Development), BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) using Cucumber.
  • Configured Selenium scripts with Continuous Integration server to perform Sanity Test
  • Expertise in testing REST Web Services using SOAPUIusing Groovy and PostMan.
  • Extensively Automated REST services using Rest Assured API and Java
  • Expertise in writing Test Scenarios, Test Strategy and Test Cases using HP Quality Center.
  • Experience in understanding Process Design Documentation and Functional design Specifications.
  • Expertise in web technologies like HTML, XML, XPath.
  • Used MAVEN to build and run the Selenium automation framework. Once the script got finished, used Jenkins to send the automation reports over email.
  • Expertise in using Jenkins as a Continuous Integration (CI) automation to configure and access the build process and Email integration to email the content of the build status.
  • Used Apache POI to read data from external sources like Excel Spread Sheets to feed locators into the test script and also to configure the Test Framework. Experienced using various TestNG Annotations like BeforeSuite, AfterSuite, AfterMethod, AfterTest and configured Parallel Processing using
  • Expert in using Appium to develop automation testing scripts for web, Mobile and client server applications.
  • Used Selenium automation (TestNG) to different type of browsers to perform Cross Browser Testing.
  • Handled the special mouse events and selected the options from the tab menu using Selenium Action class, mouse hover, and wrote selenium script for taking screen shot for failed test cases.
  • Created POM to store the project data and configure their details using Maven to build the project
  • Proficiency in testing large, complex software applications designed to automate common business processes including manual testing.
  • Responsible for developing, maintaining and compliance of quality assurance testing strategies, policies, procedures, standards, templates and governance.
  • Participated in Requirement review meetings, analyzed requirements, developing test plan and test cases, Requirement Traceability Matrix, Defect Management, Reporting and
  • Tracking.
  • Expertise in writing SQL Queries and performing Database testing including data integrity and data validation testing.
  • Worked with Cross functional testing teams and developers for closing defects.
  • Fast learner capable of quickly grasping new concepts, business and implementing innovative testing strategies.
  • Experience working with offshore teams and coordinating projects end to end.


Automation Tools: Selenium 2.0, Selenium IDE, Web driver, HP Quality Center/ALM, SOAP UI, QTP

Test Management: Quality Center, MS Office, Jira, Rally

Development Environment: Eclipse, Selenium, Appium

Language/Script: Java, Java Script, jQuery, SQL, XML, HTML/CSS, Gherkin, Groovy script

Databases: MS SQL Server 2000/2005, TOAD, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, MYSQL, MongoDB compass.

Web Technologies: JavaScript, HTML, XML, HTML 5.0, Asp.net, PHP, Angular JS,Service Now

SOA Technologies: SOAP, REST, WSDL, WADL, Web Services, SOAP UI

Processes: Software Testing Life Cycle, Defect Life Cycle, Testing Methodologies, Black Box Testing Techniques, White Box Testing Techniques, Agile Process

Build/CI Tools: Ant, Maven, Jenkins

Frameworks: BDD/Cucumber Frame Work, Junit, TestNG, TDD, Data Driven, Keyword Driven, Hybrid Frameworks, ATF (Automation Test Framework), Page Object Model, Protractor Framework, Appium.

Operating Systems: Windows, MacOS, UNIX

Others: Git, GitHub, SVN, Firebug, Fire Path, JMeter, Cloud Testing, Sauce Labs


Confidential, Norfolk, VA

QA Automation Test Engineer


  • Participated in the planning, design, estimation and development of software (tools, automation, features)
  • Analyze user stories, Business requirements, Functional Requirements and participated inSprint planning and Scrum meetings.
  • Extensively automated regression and functional test suites by developing test cases, and test suites using Selenium WebDriver, Java and also performed some database validations in MySQL database and MongoDB.
  • Created automated script for REST-API testing, using cucumber to automate services using Rest API framework.
  • Configured Maven for JAVA automation projects and developed Maven. Developed BDD (Behavior Driven Development), ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven Development) using Cucumber Features, Scenarios, and Step Definitions.
  • Developed scripts to compare and validate testing requirements. Setting up Continuous Integration (CI) environment Jenkins , Setting up data, tools, databases, and applications.
  • Reporting QA and automation leadership on agile project teams. Worked with QA Team members to coordinate testing activities and optimize test cycles.
  • Establish collaborative relationships with other teams to ensure success of project test phases.
  • Used Firebug, Fire Path to debug, edit and locate the objects based on ID, Name, XPath, CssSelector, Link, Partial Link, Attributes, and Tags.
  • Handled Selenium WebDriver features like implicit wait and explicit wait under synchronization.
  • Handled Selenium Web Driver features like implicit wait and explicit wait under synchronization.
  • Handled the special mouse events and selected the options from the tab menu using Selenium Actions builder, mouse hover, and synchronization. Performed Cross and Parallel Browser testing on different browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox where multiple states can be executed at the same time.
  • Used the UNIX/Linux commands to verify the server logs for issue debugging purpose.
  • Tracked the software Bugs in JIRA.
  • Application Screenshots are captured and copied the images whenever an exception occurs and also at any checkpoint while execution. Designed and Developed test automation Artifacts like scripts, functions, scenarios and processes using Selenium, Cucumber, and TestNG.
  • Used Hybrid/Data Driven Framework and extracted data from external Excel files using Apache POI and loaded into the variables in the scripted code.
  • Configured testcases to receive input Test Data Sets for the corresponding test cases using TestNG Data Providerannotationsin Hybrid/Data Driven Framework.
  • Partnering productively in a cross-functional team environment with minimal supervision. Multi-tasking across projects and tasks where flexibility will be expected. Comfortable dealing with and taking on ambiguous technical challenges. Managing time, priorities, and negotiating trade-off alternatives.
  • Identified weaknesses in Web testing, Selenium Automation. Suggested & implemented improvements.

Environment: Service Now,UNIX/Linux Selenium Web driver, Java, Eclipse IDE, Apache POI, TestNG, Apache Ant, Oracle 1, HP QC ALM, Rest API, SOAP UI, Microsoft Suite, Jenkins CI, Agile, REST, Restful, Oracle, Java, Ready API Robot, Jira, MongoDB.

Confidential, New York, NY

Software Development Engineer in Test(SDET)


  • Coordinated with Project Managers, Development Team, Business Analysts, and End-Users for better quality testing. Worked closely with business team to understand the Requirement Document in creating Test Plan.
  • Extensively worked on test cases involving validation of data at all levels including field level validators and UI validation.
  • Performed functional, regression and UAT Testing extensively used Selenium Web driver.
  • Automated Test cases and Steps by using concepts Overloaded Function, Variable, Array (single and multi-dimensional) and conditional logic to make script more logical and Debug Java Script.
  • Used J2EE for the implementation of script on Eclipse. TestNG and Junit annotation are using for the implementation.
  • Maintained Automation scripts and responsible for code check-ins into GitHub
  • Used MAVEN to build and run the Selenium automation framework. Once the script got over, framework used to send the automation reports over email
  • Developed Automation frameworks like Hybrid and BDD.
  • Used Scenario outline for data driven testing in BDD and background to eliminate the duplicate steps in scenarios and worked very closely with Product owner and Stakeholder and derived negative and positive conditions.
  • Implemented BDD framework first time in the organization by writing features files, step definitions and closely worked with the Product owner using cucumber.
  • Used Firebug/ IE Developer Toolkit and Selenium IDE to capture and validate CSS Locators, html Ids to identify elements.
  • Involved in preparing test cases using Selenium Web driver to validate all UI components, Popups, Browser navigations, Mouse Movements.
  • Used TestNG Parameter, TestNG.xml and Data Provider (Method and ITest Context.) for parameterization.
  • Used Selenium automation (TestNG) to different type of browsers to perform Cross Browser Testing.
  • Created synchronization points in the application to deal with timing problems.
  • Analyzing and developed test script, test cases and performed Manual and Automation Testing like Positive Testing and Negative Testing.
  • Automated RESTful WebServices using Rest Assured Java library and JAVA for different endpoint
  • Implemented data driven by getting the endpoints from the external source Excel and automated multilple endpoints with various methods like GET,PUT, POST etc. and asserted the response data.
  • Implemented CICD pipeline in Jenkins with the help of DEVOPS Team
  • Mapped all the Requirements with the Test Cases using Requirement traceability matrix.
  • Performed Black Box Testing, UAT Testing and extensively used Selenium for Regression, Smoke, Functional Testing and data driven testing using excel file in Selenium.
  • Performed the application compatibility testing in the Versions of Chrome, Mozilla fire fox, and Safari and Internet Explorer browsers using Selenium.
  • Defects were tracked, reviewed, analyzed and compared using HP Quality Center/ALM.
  • Used an Agile model of development life cycle (SCRUM). Used selenium with java, frameworks, design approaches, and various effective implementation techniques.
  • Data Defined and Manipulate (DDL/DML) using SQL Queries in MYSQL
  • Database Testing using SQL Queries with multiple Databases Oracle, SQL Server for data validation testing.
  • SQL Queries writing to extract the data and define data to perform E2E testing.
  • API testing using SOAP UI/Ready API.

Environment: Selenium Web driver, GitHub, Java, Rest Assured, XML, HTML, Jenkins, CSS HP QC/ALM, RESTful, Soap UI, Ready API, Jira, SQL Server 2012, TestNG,Maven Agile, SQL, MYSQL, MYSQL Workbench

Confidential, Raleigh, NC

QA Analyst


  • Analyzed Business Requirement Document and Technical Specifications Document and scripted the test cases. Wrote Test Plan and Test Cases according to business requirement.
  • Tested application under the agile, scrum and sprint development and process. Used agile systems and strategies to provide quick and feasible solutions, based on agile system, to the organization.
  • Wrote Test Cases using MS Excel. Creating and updating test cases based on new and/or /updated functional or interface requirements
  • Performed requirement traceability by setting automatic alerts for tracing changes in the requirements and system maintenance. Implemented Data Driven Frameworks to create parameterized test scripts and generate XSLT reports using Selenium Web driver and TestNg framework.
  • Used Selenium IDE for Open source web testing using Java writing automated scripts in Java using Eclipse and also using Maven for Test Build Management.
  • Functionally validated Web Services delivered in SOAP XML format as provided in specification document.
  • Modified and Edited the XML to validate the SOAP UI Services. Manually performed functional testing based on the specification documents.
  • Performed Cross Browser testing by running application on different Browsers and version of Browsers. Imported test cases from MS Excel, MS Word to Quality Center.
  • Responsible for conducting Functional, Integration, Regression, and UAT testing of CRM’s Relationship Value Management Applications. Performed Regression Testing. Analyzed and documented test results and made necessary recommendations.
  • Created Test data for testing various scenarios involving the creation of Packages, Customers, Accounts.
  • Constantly tested SQL for joins and contexts for new object creation. Used shell scripting to run the scripts as a part of creation of test environment and then validate the data.
  • Participated in weekly meeting with the management team and walkthroughs
  • Tested applications and documented results and bugs including documentation of information useful in the debugging process
  • Generated the test execution report in Quality Center to be reviewed by the QA Manager and development team. Used XML (API) for transferring the data from the client to the server
  • Attended weekly defect report meetings and presented progress update status.
  • Worked with different modules of Quality Center such as Requirements, Test Plan, Test Lab, Defects module. Performed Database testing using SQL queries.
  • Used SQL queries to validate the data between the backend and the front end.
  • Created test cases for various modules in MS Excel and exported them to Quality Center for Test Case Management.
  • Reviewed extensive SQL Queries with complex multi-table joins and nested queries. Experience in performing end-to-end User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Set-up, co-ordinate & conduct system & UAT testing with Business Analysts and end-field users after the applications were all set. Conducted reviews with clients and User Acceptance Testing teams. Performed Functional Testing, Smoke testing, Integration testing, UAT Testing, Backend Testing, Regression Testing, End to End Testing and System Testing

Environment: HP Quality Center, MS SQL Server, XML, Selenium, TestNG, UAT, Java, HTML, DB2, Windows, Etc.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Sr. QA Tester


  • Participated in identifying the Test scenarios and designing the Test cases.
  • Demonstrated ability to solve complex automation challenges involving Ajax, dynamic objects, custom object types, unexpected event handling. Interacted with development and product management teams for the quick resolution of reported bugs and various technical issues.
  • Performed Cross Browser compatibility testing on Chrome, Firefox, IE browsers using Selenium Grid with Sauce Labs Cloud Integration.
  • Understanding requirement and developing end to end automation test scripts using seleniumWebDriver with TestNG framework.
  • Developed and maintained automated regression test cases in Selenium WebDriver using Java
  • Used Maven build tool to implement the framework dependency jar files.
  • Executed test cases relating to mouse hover using Action class and found hidden elements id, name, cssSelector, xpath, className, linkText, using the firebug and firepath.
  • Saved remarkable time and cost of testing by automation using Selenium WebDriver, JAVA.
  • Implemented the selenium synchronization using wait and sleep methods.
  • Implemented test automation for handling pop-ups and alerts on webpage.
  • Used updated extent reports dependencies to generate more pictorial reports
  • Developed and implemented Data Driven and Page Object Model automation testing framework Reviewed Test Reports and Preparing Test Summary Report.
  • Performed Smoke, End to End and Regression tests in Test environment and Production support environment.
  • Implemented test Management tools such as JIRA bug reporting tools to track test progress, test execution and deliverables.
  • Implemented the mouse and keyboard events using the Actions class.
  • Used Apache POI to read data from Excel sheets and testing the test scenarios.
  • Used Jenkins tool for continuous integration server to configure with GitHub and Maven.
  • Executed test cases automated in UFT tool using VB Script, migrated UFT scripts to Selenium
  • Involved in Developing and creating detailed test plans and test cases for the system covering design document, reviewing them with the developers and finalizing the test cases.
  • Performed functional testing of SOAP and RESTFUL Web Services using SOAP UI Tool.
  • Identified mobile elements using Appium Inspector, UI Automator Viewer.
  • Automated few test cases for Mobile application using Appium and Selenium by configuring the android development kit and created emulators

Environment: Java, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Apache POI, Extent Reports, Cucumber, Eclipse, Appium, Windows, Oracle, Maven, SQL server, JIRA, SOAP UI, UFT.

Confidential, Glastonbury, CT

QA Automation Test Engineer

Responsibilities -

  • Responsible for defining testing scope, approach, strategy, test entrance and exit criteria and defect management strategy
  • Recorded scripts in Selenium IDE, created test suites
  • Reviewing & analyzing test scripts and cross team interaction
  • Designed Hybrid framework from the scratch by creating different packages like reusable libraries,config file, Object repository, reports driver script,datasheets etc.
  • Identifying the bugs and interacting with the development team to fix it
  • Performed automated testing using Selenium Webdriver & Java JUnit on various applications like enrolment, claim and billing management.
  • Executed automation test script against the functional specifications, Create and executed SQL scripts for data conversion validation using Source to Target database mapping details.
  • Automated regression test cases using Selenium and writing API and web service test cases using Soap UI, involved in testing the functionalities of the application and validated against the requirements using test result analysis and database testing by performing SQL queries and commands.
  • Gathered data hub requirements and responsible for creating test cases and test scripts under Quality Centre test plan and modules.
  • Created and executed test scripts for approved ‘Change request’, logged their test results and related documentation in Quality Centre.
  • Used SOAP UI tool to test SOA based architecture application to test SOAP services and REST API.
  • Execution of test scenarios, analyzing the actual results against the expected results on different web browsers (Chrome, Firefox)
  • Used the Xpath expressions for grabbing the data as the tool used Xpath to extract the information
  • Used Quality Centre (ALM) to run manual and automated test cases and save the execution results.
  • Reporting and tracking defects in ALM during executions.
  • Worked on Keyword hybrid framework.

Environment: Java, J2EE, TestNG, Selenium IDE & Webdriver, Eclipse, Bugzilla, HTML, SOAP UI, Vb.Net, SQL Server 2005/2008, JIRA, SVN, Maven, QTP


Java Developer


  • Participated in Business meetings, involved in gathering requirements, analysis, design and implementation phases of the project.
  • Followed Agile software development methodology and completed several iterations which are helpful for the application development.
  • Written several scripts using XML.
  • Gained extensive knowledge of J2EE Architecture and Design Patterns.
  • Worked on XML, XSD, XML, XSTL and XPATH.
  • Experience in developing web applications using MVC and design Patterns.
  • Experience with production support. Fixed several issues by handling tickets on time.
  • Developed applications using Eclipse IDE and Tomcat Server.
  • Gained experience in programming with OOP concepts such as collections, Multithreading, Exception Handling, and Serialization.
  • Involved in designing UI using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JSP, JSTL, and Ajax.
  • Client-side/Server-side Validations are performed using JavaScript.
  • Connected DAO with Application using Spring MVC files
  • Gained good exposure on Restful and SOAP webservices.
  • Used Angular JS for databinding and in creating Single Page Applications.
  • Used Spring security for Authentication and Authorization of application.
  • Used Spring MVC for handling Presentation, Business Logic and data embedded in the project.
  • Created tables, views, stored procedures, functions, triggers, Indexes in Oracle and MySQL databases.
  • Developed Junit test cases for validating several fields.
  • Used Log4j for logging several errors and exceptions in the project.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Design Patterns, XML, MVC, Eclipse, Tomcat, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular JS Bootstrap, JSP, JSTL, Ajax, SOAP, REST, Oracle, MySQL, Spring MVC, Junit, Log4j

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