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Software Qa Tester Resume

Los Altos, CA


  • Hands on experience in testing mobile and web applications of different complexity and architecture running on variety of platforms and hardware devices
  • Good understanding of software development lifecycle in both Agile and Waterfall development processes including project initiation, planning, implementation and maintenance
  • Knowledge of commercial and open - source software for test management and bug tracking
  • Experience in problem solving, quantitative, statistical analysis, budgeting, reporting, forecasting, meeting facilitation, documentation and in Microsoft office solution packages
  • Result - oriented, versatile and focused on targets with strong communication skills and strategic planning and have the ability to work in a team and increase productivity of the company
  • US Green card holder


Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X

Mobile Platforms: iOS, Android OS, Windows Phone

Programming: HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, SQL

Test Automation: Selenium WebDriver, Cucumber, Java

Bug Tracking: Bugzilla, Jira/XRay

Web/Mobile Testing Tools: Chrome developer tool , Xpath, Android Studio


Confidential, Los Altos, CA

Software QA Tester

  • Provide manual and automated testing of web-based assessment control application for educational institutions
  • Automated regression and smoke testing with Selenium WebDriver and Java
  • Utilized Cucumber for creating test scenarios for automated testing
  • Studied requirements and recommended some modifications
  • Maintain existing test automation code to reflect changes in GUI and XPATH
  • Report software anomalies in Jira/Xray and verify bugs fixed in new builds
  • Provide REST API (web services) testing with Postman
  • Utilize Github as a version control application for all types of work on the project
  • Execute test cases and analyze root cause of problems
  • Participate in daily standup meetings, sprint panning and sprint reviews
  • Write test cases and test sets for new feature in Jira
  • Performed regression testing on major functionalities of the application

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Software QA Tester

  • Explored the Application by using Exploratory Testing on New Build
  • Created and utilized test-accounts to run Sanity test in both QA and production environments to ensure the critical functionalities work as expected
  • Attended meetings to discuss bug verifications, to clarify on bug behavior and bug duplication
  • Verified Bug tracking database for duplicate bugs before filing new bugs
  • Created bug reports for bugs that were not identified in the previous build
  • Updated the status (Pass/Fail) for test cases in each new build
  • Conducted Positive Functional test to ensure all other surrounding areas were functioning as required
  • Utilized Integration test to ascertain that the links were integrated per requirement and was not affected by the fixed bug
  • Created test cases for gaps in the test plan while performing Exploratory, Integration and Functional tests by using clear language and visual screenshots to ensure clarity for various environments, both for web and iOS and Android
  • Constructed and wrote new negative test cases to provide maximum path coverage
  • Managed testing tasks on multiple modules based upon their severity
  • Participated in meetings with QA Manager along with my QA Team
  • Conducted Regression testing to insure there is no new bugs appeared in the new build
  • Studied the project background and company information to understand the market for the applications
  • Reproduced bugs on various environments to study behavior of the application to verify if it is present across other environments or is isolated to a particular platform/OS or browser
  • When new bugs were identified I reproduced it first then verified with the bug tracking system to ensure no duplication was created for the same bug and learnt that some issues were ‘as designed’ for the application
  • Edited existing ambiguous test case titles, pre-conditions and steps to reproduce for clarity and updated them to match the current build
  • Identified incorrectly posted test cases and brought it to attention
  • Prepared daily summary reports for completed test run and bugs found for management

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