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Data Analyst /tableau Developer Resume

New, YorK


  • Over 7+ years of IT experience in in SQL, PL/SQL, Python, SAS, Toad, Tableau, UNIX BASH, Shell Scripting and Web User Interface and Web - based applications.
  • Actively involved in testing new/upgraded features like new Visualizations, Forecasting, Data Blending, Parallelized Dashboard, Hyperlink Objects, Color-coded tabs etc. in Tableau 9 desktop/Server.
  • Created modified reports utilizing different diagram sorts like content tables, bar, pie, Heat maps, line graphs, Area outlines, disseminate plot, double mixes diagrams in Tableau.
  • Designed Tableau Data Extracts for improving visualizations perform better.
  • Strong learning and comprehension of SQL and capacity to write SQL queries.
  • Knowledge in reporting the testing procedure using MS-Office instruments including MS-Word, MS-Excel, and MS-Project.
  • Extensive Tableau Experience of Enterprise Environment, in Tableau 10.1/ 9.x/8.x/7.x as a Developer and Admin.
  • Expert in Data Visualization development using Tableau to create complex, instinctive, and imaginative dashboards.
  • Report on large database utilizing Oracle and SAS in Unix server environment. Base SAS, Proc Report, hash tables, Oracle SQL.
  • Proficient in all periods of the Report improvement lifecycle, including necessities get-together, Design, Development, System Testing and User Acceptance & Support.
  • Designed visualizations of new high-impact visual applications to make data actionable and facilitate decision making for the clients
  • Working with product teams to provide subject matter expertise throughout the production implementation of visually oriented products and applications.
  • Proven capacity to deliver and guarantee achievement in high-weight/high-hazard circumstances.
  • Defined best practices for Tableau report development.
  • Good comprehension of ideas for example, Data Warehousing, Data Marts, ER Modeling, Dimensional Modeling, Fact & Dimensional Tables.
  • Involved in making dashboards and reports in Tableau 8.2, 9.3 & 10.4 Made report plans on
  • Tableau server.
  • Led an engagement for developing automated reporting tools and dashboards using SQL, Teradata, Advanced Excel and
  • Power BI for one of the largest financial data providers, thus reducing the manual effort by 70%.
  • Provided key insights on the events and actions initiated by a public company that resulted in change in value of securities, equity or debt issued by the company.
  • Analyzed reports used for tracking stock splits, cash dividend, scrip options, share issue capital by London Stock Exchange,
  • Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Australia Stock Exchange and Malaysia Stock Exchange.
  • Participated in requirements gathering, reviewed technical requirements and business justifications with internal and external partners to drive multiple parties to align their respective roadmaps
  • Generated recommendations to improve the financial data model resulting in 99.8% accuracy level of our product.
  • Analytical - Comprehensive experience in Business Reporting and Analysis. Conducted live research on several IT projects and built data analysis framework for Piaggio.
  • Worked on projects involving telecom and FMCG clients, which required providing segmented promotional ideas based on customer's data analysis.
  • Acquired data from primary or secondary data sources and maintained databases and data systems.
  • Interpreted data, analyzed results using statistical techniques and provided ongoing reports.
  • Identified, analyzed, and interpreted trends or patterns using complex data sets.
  • Worked on moving Tableau Dashboard from Development to Production Live Environment.
  • Worked broadly with Advance Investigation Actions, Calculations, Parameters, Background pictures, Maps, Trend Lines, Statistics, and Log Axes. Groups, chains of command, sets to make point of interest level synopsis report and Dashboard using Tableau's Advanced Capabilities.
  • Experienced with ETL tools like Informatica, SSIS, SSRS, SAS.
  • Expertise in Tableau Desktop development, inconvenience shooting, report design, execution tuning, determining issues and distributed dashboards, exercise manuals in Tableau server
  • Hands-on improvement helping clients in making and adjusting worksheets and information representation dashboards in Tableau.
  • Specialist in planning Universes and creating complex and Ad hoc Reports utilizing the Business Objects Reporter/Desktop Intelligence and Web Intelligence Tools
  • Expertly took care of information demonstrating (social, dimensional and star construction) and information recoveries utilizing Universes, Personal information records, put away systems and Freehand SQL methods.
  • Extensive experience in modeling and developing logical/physical data models using entity relationship modeling tools like ERWIN
  • Developed perspectives using advanced calculations like channels, Parameters, Actions, Table computations, Logical estimations, date figuring, and Trend Lines.
  • Authorized to work in United States with sponsorship


Programming Language: Python, C++, JAVA, JavaScript, Android Studio, Shell Scripting.

Data Visualization and Reporting: SQL, PL/SQL, MYSQL, SAS, Tableau server, Integrating Tableau with R server.

Environment: Windows NT, 2000, XP, DOS, UNIX.

Databases: SQL, PL/SQL, MYSQL

Testing Tools: HP ALM, Quick Test Pro 9.0/10.0, Win Runner, Rational Clear Case, Rational Test Manager HP Quality Center,UFT,Selenium, Cucumber, Ruby, Jenkins, GIT

Tools: and technologies: CVS, Git, Tortoise SVN, Microsoft Excel, Google PLX, Tableau.


Data Analyst /Tableau Developer

Confidential, New York


  • Collect, cleanse and provide modeling and analyses of structured and unstructured data for Confidential .
  • Create visually impactful dashboards in Tableau for data reporting using roll-up tables and publish them on server.
  • Extract, interpret and analyze data to identify key metrics and transform large raw data into relevant, actionable information using PL/SQL & SAS.
  • Configured and established connection with Vertica Database using Oracle Data Integrator 11g or 12c studios.
  • Expertise in transforming business requirements into analytical models, designing algorithms, building models, developing datamining and reporting solutions that scale across a massive volume of structured and unstructured data.
  • Develop UNIX scripts and CRON jobs to automate the monthly updates of PME related tables.
  • Optimize data collection procedures and generating reports on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.
  • Conduct data mining, business intelligence and present findings to the team to improve strategies and operations.
  • Involved in requirements gathering, process and data flow design and documentation
  • Involved in creation of Healthcare Requirements Documents pertaining to data collection and transformation.
  • Work on ad hoc queries and reports for the department, internal and external audits.
  • Analyzed business user requirements, analyzed data, and designed software solutions in Tableau Desktop based on the requirements.
  • Developed and reviewed custom SQL queries with use of joins clauses (inner, left, right) in Tableau desktop to validate and reconcile data.
  • Worked as Tableau Server Administrator and Tableau desktop developer. Responsible for Preparing the Report Design specifications based on the User's requirement.
  • Assisted users to publish and collaborate reports via a web browser & embed Tableau views in other web applications like SharePoint.
  • Implemented security configuration including user / group setup, permissions, security roles, configuration of trusted ticket authentication
  • Applied various types filters like Data source filters, Quick filters and Context Filters. Extracted data from various sources and performed data blending.
  • Created Custom Admin Views for the server Using Postgre SQL Database to track detailed view of usage, user activity, server activity etc.
  • Created complex data Views Manually using multiple measures, also used sort, Filter, group, Create Set functionality.
  • Generated high detail oriented views using multiple measures, Individual Axes, Dual Axes and Custom Geo-coding.
  • Created Stories using Tableau as part of report presentations to Business.
  • Created visualizations reports on sales quotas, attainments and performance on various categories to ascertain the overall sales effectives of each program.
  • Extensively involved in creating graphs by using measures and dimensions data from various databases by using data blending concept.
  • Developed Tableau data visualization using Cross tabs, Heat Maps, Box and Whisker charts, Scatter Plots, Geographic Map, Pie Charts and Bar Charts and Density Chart.
  • Worked creating Aggregations, calculated Fields, Table calculations, Totals, percentages using Key Performance Measures.
  • Created Dashboards with interactive views, trends and drill downs.
  • Used excel sheet, flat files, CSV files to generated Tableau Ad-Hoc reports.
  • Developed different Geographic visualizations using map box services
  • Generated dashboards to compare the expected weekly ticket sales Vs projected sales used dual axis for comparison.
  • Creation of metrics, attributes, filters, reports, and dashboards created advanced chart types, visualizations and experience with Level of Detail Expressions (LOD) for complex calculations to manipulate the data.
  • Worked on dashboards using extracts in server.
  • Performed Tableau Admin duties that comprised adding users, groups, managing licenses and data connections, scheduling tasks, embedding views in the Tableau Server.
  • Tested Dashboards to ensure data was matching as per the business requirements and if there were any changes in underlying data. Scheduled data extracts daily.
  • Resolved end user reporting problems through collaboration with IT and Operations.

Environment: Windows XP, Linux, Windows 7, Tableau, Tableau Server, SQL Developer, MS-SQL 2008 R2, MS-Access, MS Excel and SQL, Java, JavaScript, SQL, VB.

Tableau Developer /Data Analyst

Confidential, Des Moines


  • Interacted with business users for gathering requirements and look and feel of the applications to be developer.
  • Developed various dashboards, used context filters, sets while dealing with huge volume of data.
  • Used excel sheet, flat files, CSV files to generated Tableau adhoc reports.
  • Designed dash boards for actionable, non-actionable complaints from Multidimensional database.
  • Generated dashboards to compare the expected weekly registration and physician specific registrations used dual axis for comparison.
  • Generated Dashboards by joining multiple complex tables.
  • Generated dashboard for Billing and Deposit Systems
  • Provided security and user roles for all the users of the various modules
  • Used filters, quick filters, sets, parameters and calculated fields on Tableau reports.
  • Provided multiple demonstrations of Tableau functionalities and efficient data visualizations using Tableau to the senior management at the client as part of the BRD.
  • Involved in data validation of the results in Tableau by validating the numbers against the data in the database tables by querying on the database.
  • Dashboards from Tabular Models to help managers to identify critical KPIs and facilitate strategic planning in the organization.
  • Designed and developed the most suitable User Interface such as Dashboards, multiple charts types, Trends, custom requests for Excel Export and objects for Management Dashboard reporting using Power Pivot.
  • Developed complex calculated fields for the business logic, field actions, sets and parameters to include various filtering capabilities for the dashboards, and to provide drill down features for the detailed reports.

Environment: TableauDesktop10.4/9.3, Tableau server/Administrator, SQL developer, Impala SQL, Microsoft Excel 2007, MS Access, Windows 2007 server, Microsoft office and Java script.

Tableau Developer

Confidential, Seattle, WA


  • Gathered user requirements, analyzed and designed software solution based on the requirements.
  • Involved in creating database objects like tables, views, procedures, triggers, functions usingT-SQLto provide definition, structure and to maintain data efficiently.
  • Played critical role in establishing Best practices for tableau Reporting by conduct meeting with the clients for gathering reporting requirements; identify the KPI's and developing POC Dashboards.
  • Developed Complex dashboards and used advance chart visualizations in Tableau like Pareto Chart, Dual Water Fall charts, Axis, Bullet Graphs, Bubble Charts, etc. to assist business users in solving complex problems.
  • Worked extensively with Advance analysis Actions, Calculations, Parameters, Background images, Maps, Trend Lines, Statistics, and Log Axes. Groups, hierarchies, Sets to created summary level and detailed Reports.
  • Conducted Load and Performance Testing using TabJolt and resolved performance related issues on affected Tableau Reports.
  • Connected Tableau server with SharePoint portal and setup auto refresh.
  • Worked closely with the ETL Team to automate the Data load process, create required aggregate tables, indexing and table portioning for performance optimization of Reports.
  • Managed Users on Unix/Linux and Windows systems.
  • Develop reports using formulas and to query the database to generate different types of ad-hoc reports using SSRS.
  • Developed various operational Drill-through and Drill-down reports using SSRS.
  • Good knowledge in developing and designing reports through SSRS and Excel.
  • Strong experience with MS Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Visio.
  • Restricted data for particular users using Row level security and User filters.
  • Developed Tableau visualizations and dashboards using Tableau Desktop.
  • Developed Tableau workbooks from multiple data sources using Data Blending.
  • Provided 24/7 production support for Tableau users.

Environment: Tableau 8/9, SQL Server 2008/2008 R2, T-SQL, SQL Server Management Studio, UNIX, Business Objects 3.1, Microsoft Excel.

Tableau Developer

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Perform Requirement Analysis to make sure those serves business goal and appropriate enough for developer to implement
  • Work within the Portfolio Delivery Metrics team to design and develop, effective and useful dashboards for improved operation's and oversight of the Scaled Agile Framework rollout.
  • Design and create innovative and valuable visualizations in Tableau to track KPI's, metrics and other key data points.
  • Used different Data Migration Services and Schema Conversion Tool along with ETL tool.
  • Used different custom housekeeping utilities and monitoring services to have the cluster running efficiently.
  • Developed end to end SQL queries to validate huge volume of data and validate all possible joins and lookups for business requirement.
  • Performed data analysis and data profiling using complex SQL on various sources systems through ETL process
  • Build many Tableau reports using Bar Chart, side-by-side bars, stacked bars, maps, tree map, pie charts, line charts, interactive reports using Tableau Desktop and Dashboard.
  • Evaluate existing reporting to identify opportunities to recreate in Tableau.
  • Develop a solution/framework for provisioning data for consumption by business users who are looking to utilize Tableau.
  • Responsible for data preparation, data blending, and the creation of data models / sets using Alteryx.
  • Help to design and document guidelines for visualization development.
  • Partner with other technical teams to in corporate data security within Tableau.
  • Experience in Creating Tableau calculations, table calculations, LOD calculations, blending, actions, time period functions, parameters based on requirements
  • Experience coding and modifying SQL/ETL/Alteryx based on dashboard requirements in Tableau Designing and developing data source, dashboards in Tableau
  • Suggesting new Viz based on data and analysis
  • Improving data processing speed by optimizing SQl and tableau viz.
  • Experience and exposure on Data Warehousing and Big Data Ecosystems.
  • Participate in visioning sessions and design reviews to develop wireframes.
  • Support ad-hoc requests for visualization and dashboards.
  • Perform other related duties as required by management.
  • Expert in reconciliation of Data Movement between Source vs. Datamart & Business Objects reports
  • Reviewed business/system requirements change requests and design specifications to identify gaps and ensure requirements/business rules are clear, consistent.
  • Extensively involved in data replication thru Informatica data replication (IDR) from oracle to data warehouse.

Environment: SQL Developer, MS-SQL 2012 R2, MS-Access, MS Excel and JavaScript, Oracle, MS SQL Server. Windows XP, Tableau 8.

Data Analyst



  • Developed Tableau dashboards with various complex worksheets that help the market planners, regional executives take important decisions on branch transformations.
  • Developed python script to load the Excel data to SQL tables as a ETL process.
  • Worked on creating Python scripts to automate the Teradata scripts.
  • Worked Extensively with Databases, Tableau and Azure.
  • Use SQL (SSMS) to create stored procedures and interactive, parameterized reports (SSRS) to programmatically find cost savings based on healthcare contract configuration and sourcing for high-profile clients across several different industries.
  • Developed Teradata scripts to update the data infrastructure that feeds the Tableau reports.
  • Worked with SAS as an ET tool to extract and load the data into Teradata table from excel data sources.
  • Developed and continuing to provide support to the most widely used data product "Micro Market Monitoring" which involves loading and extracting >1TB of data, creating complex reports which provides data analysis in every dimension.
  • Performed Performance Tuning for Tableau refresh, which extracts close to 37 billion records.
  • Performed testing for data products (Tableau reports and Teradata data infrastructure).
  • Created user guide documentation for all the data products.
  • Developed proof of concept to replicate the processes and reports using cloud technologies.
  • Lead the data Correction and validation process by using data utilities to fix the mismatches between different shared business operating systems.
  • Performed Data Quality and Data Modelling.
  • Utilized Teradata SQL queries to collect and evaluate data elements from data providers to ensure quality of data and translate the data into reports for marketing department.
  • Verifying data quality after every deployment and perform extensive analysis for the data variance pre and post implementation.
  • Good knowledge and experience in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and its phases: Requirement gathering, Analysis, Design, Implementing, Testing, Deployment, and Maintenance.
  • Used various approaches of SDLC like Agile, RUP, and Waterfall
  • Experience in design, development, testing, implementation and support of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Process Modelling Notation.
  • Create Functional Specification Documents and Data Mapping Analysis for System Integrations.
  • Supported upper level management with financial data analysis by developing data drill reports and Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards.
  • Developed in MySQL database. Used Excel and MS Office suite for generating weekly and monthly presentations. Also acquired the data from primary, secondary data sources and maintained databases.
  • Monitored performance and quality control plans to identify improvements.

Environment: Teradata, SQL Server, Oracle, Tableau, Python, SAS, ETL, Machine Learning Model, SSMS, SSRS, Agile.

Assistant Engineer



  • Worked as Configuration Assistant Engineer in Bharti Airtel India Project, Network management involving critical and high-impact configurations, Database Modification and troubleshooting.
  • Worked on Relational Database involving database design, development, modifications and maintenance.
  • Worked on several “Change Requests” by the client to include additional functionality into application s and on various “Intelligent Network” nodes which requires regular interaction with the client, determining impacts of change and enhancing the application to accommodate the required functionality.
  • Gathered business requirements and converted it into SQL stored procedures for database specific projects.
  • Participated in all phases of data acquisition, data cleaning, developing models, validation and visualization to deliver data science solutions.
  • Developed report using SAS to extract clean and validate data from Oracle or Excel into SAS.
  • Developed numerous programs for Internal Audit group to provide cross platform UAT reports using SAS.
  • Performed Database and ETL development per new requirements as well as actively involved in improving overall system performance by optimizing slow running/resource intensive queries.
  • Analysis of various performance issues by analyzing logs and data of application and database servers using
  • SAS/SQL, providing solutions for the same.
  • Developed working skills of PLSQL, SAS, Shell Scripting, XML, LDAP queries, FTP/SFTP. • Operational Excellence involving works which require technical as well as management skills.
  • Analysis of various performance issues by analyzing logs and data of application and database servers, providing solutions for the same.
  • Conducted meetings with business teams to on-board new scorecards on existing platform.
  • Created project metrics and analytics dashboards each month to measure node statistics and performance.

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