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Quality Assurance Engineer Resume

Marlborough, MA


  • Senior software quality assurance engineer with 12 years of manual testing experience and light automation testing experience. Expertise include:
  • Highly adaptable and flexible to various business types and rapidly changing environments
  • Vast problem solving skills
  • Making decisions when facing ambiguity
  • Simultaneous management of projects in SQA process from inception to implementation
  • Capable of organizing irregular data using visually interactive methods
  • Adept in both traditional - waterfall and agile SDLC methodology
  • Conscientious and articulate test plan and test case writer


Manual Testing and Defect Tracking Tools: Confidential ALM, Altessian JIRA with Zephyr, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Test Manager

Programming Languages: HTML, XML, novice in SQL, VBScript, Java

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, Linux, iOS, Android

Databases: DB2, Oracle

Database Analysis Tools: Altova XMLSpy, Splunk, Toad

Remote Access Tools: VMware vSphere, RealVNC VNC Viewer, DUO Two Factor Authentication

Web UI Technologies: Java, .Net, Flash

Versioning Control Software: GitHub Repositories, Apache Subversion

Web Application Cross-Browser Testing: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, MS Internet Explorer

Network Protocols: HTTP, TCP/IP, VPN, FTP/SFTP

MS Office Applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Others: MS SharePoint, Serena Business Mashups, Salesforce


Confidential, Marlborough, MA

Quality Assurance Engineer


  • Lead ownership over the QA process of the most widely used public safety software suite within the New England region of the United States.
  • Served as the primary QA conduit in the approval process of code changes for bug fixes and new feature implementation before inclusion in multiple upgrades for an application generating millions of dollars in total annual public safety sector revenue within North America.
  • Created robust Quality Assurance documentation via Microsoft Test Manager within an environment where extensive test plans and detailed test cases were required to support the intensive operational demands and various government mandated changes that directly impacted the capability and delivery of public safety services.
  • Supported users via phone, email, and remote Bomgar sessions to assist in obtaining and relaying pertinent information to assist developers troubleshooting potential customer issues during prerelease testing performed live at customer sites.
  • Collaborated closely with all members of the engineering team to oversee successful resolution of immediate customer issues to ultimately ensure successful end user experiences, quality and continuity of services provided to the public, and a reduction in incoming customer support requests.
  • Mitigated functional issues found during customer beta testing while simultaneously installing upgrades to test systems and undergoing preparation for enormous major yearly releases.
  • Validated aspects of functionality for proprietary mobile application stability using both iOS and Android devices.
  • Presented new features and discussed aspects of testing efforts performed for the purpose of final code approval during product review meetings held between engineering and product development management.

Confidential, Boston, MA

Lead Quality Assurance Engineer


  • Supported and later lead ownership over functional, regression, usability, cross-browser compatibility, and smoke testing of a legacy Flash- based platform web application that generates millions of dollars in total annual revenue for the largest and most widely recognized educational publishing company in the United States.
  • Contributed towards assisting millions of young, disadvantaged students overcome educational challenges in efforts to learn required skills in both literacy and math curriculum administered within customer classrooms.
  • Constructed unique datasets and data relationships for both specific and broad manual testing efforts of a graphical user interface which ensured the successful integration of new and upgraded customized software modules administered through subscribed web services to students in grades K through 12.
  • Improved usability and validated functionality for several new automated data import and export enhancements that provide school district administrators with the ability to more efficiently manage classroom roster data.
  • Assembled and ran improved automation test scripts with Maven and JMeter to validate the flexibility, stability and accuracy of a new service oriented server architecture while using Splunk to run database queries when issues were encountered, and pushed valid code changes for test scripts to Github repository.
  • Installed new versions of educational software modules via ISO files using remote access software to connect with both Windows servers via vSphere client and Linux servers via VNC client.
  • Created and modified constantly evolving elaborate test plans in MS Excel for tracking progress of test case execution conducted by both onsite and offshore teams in an agile development environment.
  • Ensured overall quality of pre-existing test cases used for manual regression testing through extensive modification, and wrote entirely new manual test cases to validate new enhancements, with depth of detail needed for any QA Engineer with limited product knowledge to execute independently.
  • Analyzed details of Github pull request status of code revisions for defects by referencing information logged by developers, and collaborated with team Development Manager, Product Owners, and Field Support team members for triaging the priority of issues found during test cycles.
  • Researched software defects by monitoring and analyzing server call activity with Charles Web Debugging Proxy.

Confidential, Andover, MA

Quality Assurance Engineer


  • Key member of large project team responsible for the ongoing essential enhancements for Confidential ’s primary r evenue generating website for the retailing of storage area network devices.
  • Provided extensive manual software user acceptance testing to support the development and implementation of new features delivered in numerous iterative code releases for a web based user interface within multiple environments.
  • Lead ownership of a software quality analysis process requiring organization and interpretation of large quantities of complex technical information to assist in improving the means by which engineers use a graphical user interface to update and research data relationships of software and hardware components.
  • Designed, created, and evolved methodically expansive Use Case and Test Plan documentation to enable accuracy and stability and functional usability of an API and code changes performed though the entire software development testing life cycle until successful, timely delivery of new features within a production environment.
  • Deciphered validity of indistinct results of manual and automated tests to submit, prioritize, triage, and track code change requests using Confidential Lifecycle Management defect repository.
  • Collaborated directly with Developers, Senior Business Analyst, and Project Manager to contribute to the rollout of new features and escalate critical issues that would pose detrimental risk if not identified immediately before release.
  • Analyzed associations of database contents using prepared standardized XML queries for the contrivance of automated test scripts and researched various automated testing tools for evaluating feasibility of use according to team needs.

Confidential, Woonsocket, RI

RxConnect Quality Assurance, Test Analyst


  • Protected the quality of life for customers of a leading pharmaceutical retailer via certification of enhancements to pharmacy application functionality, regulatory compliance, and usability.
  • Provided analysis, planning, execution, and documentation for the testing of a Java platform operating in parallel with multiple hardware peripherals and virtual interfaces used in performing daily retail pharmacy operations.
  • Assured that business requirements were met through system unit, user acceptance, and regression testing in conjuncture with utilization of Confidential Quality Center for identifying issues in an agile development environment.
  • Validated Oracle database using intermediate SQL skills on TOAD.
  • Documented system behavior and replication steps for software defects using Serena Business Mashups.
  • Maintained HIPPA compliance throughout all testing procedures.

Confidential, Marlborough, MA

SPOCK Website Team, Data Migration Specialist


  • Provided extensive data analysis, migration, and web application software usability testing supporting the development, implementation, launch and management of a new revenue generating user interface used for the retailing of storage area network devices.
  • Lead software quality analysis consultant team through an agile development process-initiated website project, requiring a large migration of data to assist in creating strategies for database structuring, while maintaining company web policies and procedures.
  • Researched, interpreted, and logged correct relationships of products and product names with MS Excel to identify and create standard naming conventions to manage the detritus of data created between engineering and marketing terms that evolved in parallel, before singular naming conventions for products were required .

Confidential, Franklin, MA

QA Project Analyst


  • Internal consultant for multiple components of a mainframe conversion to a mid-tier environment vendor specializing in commercial application software and storage services for multiple industries.
  • Business analysis and system unit testing for deployment certification of new software.
  • Saved millions of corporate dollars by streamlining processes and creating visually interactive MS Excel spreadsheets to ensure proper data integration for the continuance of a particular service quality standard.
  • Analyzed the design of complex system enhancements, updates and/or changes as a result of user requests, client conversions, and/or implementation of multiple divisional initiatives to ensure quality and functionality of applications.
  • Collaborated with various business units, division management, and Information Systems Division employees to determine user needs and streamline processes to increase customer satisfaction through use of Sharepoint.
  • Reviewed project specification documents and developed testing scenarios based on quantitative knowledge of system, workflows, processing procedures, user requirements, and enhancement specifications.
  • Performed manual and VBScript automation testing of web- and mainframe-based software upgrades and enhancements while providing documentation to meet audit requirements.
  • Assured that business requirements were met through user acceptance testing in conjuncture with utilization of Quality Center for identifying issues and recommended enhancements to prevent an adverse impact on workflow or implementation plan.
  • Provided assistance, training, and support to coworkers in troubleshooting and resolving user requests regarding daily production and development issues.

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