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Lead Qa Resume


7 years of experience in owning Quality for major product releases—primarily mobile features, and including Linux embedded systems and test automation systems. I've written automated test suites, created testing tools for fellow teams, trained junior QA members, and of course designed and executed comprehensive test plans. I have an affinity for handling communication & reporting between software engineers, project managers, and other test teams. I have experience in diverse areas of testing, including blackbox, whitebox, integration, performance, RESTful services, and API testing.


Test Automation: Python, Selenium, Appium (with Python hooks), Confidential ’s UIA, Android Espresso. I've most recently written automation frameworks and automated suites in Python. These used Jenkins to schedule tests that exercised API's and Linux embedded products.

Leadership, Communication, & Organization: Excellent skills in leadership and facilitating communication within a group. Led many ad - hoc teams in tracking & reporting for large projects, creating end-to-end test plans, tangible quality improvements on areas in danger, and development of internal tools. Trained and mentored groups of new team members.

JIRA, TestRail, and experience in various Dev Environments from Agile to Waterfall: Experience with tracking progress in terms of both sprints and milestones, managing JIRA databases and workflows, designing suites in TestRail, and working in environments that range from Agile to Waterfall, including environments that just break down into a hot mess.

Product Responsibility: Strong ethic of personal responsibility for the products I’m covering. This means living with the product during its development, imagining use-paths for customers who are like and unlike yourself, and anticipating what might be a point of contention for customers once it’s out the door.

HTML, PHP, JavaScript, SQL: Built several internal websites used to host various productivity tools.

C#, C++, Obj-C, Java: I’ve used each of these languages for various stretches. I code for personal projects in my free time, and am always looking for ways to in corporate them into my current position. I pick up new languages quickly.



Lead QA

This project was a companion/controller app for a wireless video product (similar to a TV receiver box) and wireless speakers—which were both Linux embedded products. I soon moved to be Lead QA for both iOS and Android, and then started working heavily on the embedded devices themselves. Being the only QA Engineer with deep knowledge of both sides of the system (mobile app and the product's OS), I took charge of integration testing. The mobile apps communicate with the devices primarily via WebSocket notifications and HTTP requests, so it fell to me to do testing, teaching, and documentation of the API as well. I got heavily involved with test automation efforts, and wrote the framework and automated test suites (mostly in Python) to exercise both the API and the product’s OS.


QA Engineer

This project was a companion app used to control a Mesh WiFi system. Created the Mobile test plan from scratch for both platforms, tested Mobile API's, and kept releases on track by taking charge of bug prioritization for sprint planning, even in the midst of a poorly managed Agile environment.


Quality Engineer

Held direct responsibility over the quality of brand new features in three major iOS releases and minor releases between. This meant challenges such as driving work & communication between multiple groups, creating comprehensive test suites and leading others in testing efforts, building tools and systems to catalyze testing, and doing daily manual black - box & white-box testing.


QA Engineer

This position involved iOS and Android mobile testing, and API testing between client & server.

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