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Automation Lead Resume

Mountain, VieW


  • Skilled in providing leadership and guidance to QA team.
  • Proven ability to take initiation and supporting developing Agile QA process and project planning.
  • Skilled in effectively communicating QA issues, testing progress and testing results with metrics.
  • Ensure QA team has thorough understanding of the product/system that they will be working on.
  • Responsible for quality of released product including test planning, executing test cases and documentation review.
  • Skilled automating with TestNG automation framework, Cucumber BDD framework with Java, NodeJs and Python programming.
  • Skilled with various Linux flavors (CentOS,SUSE, Ubuntu,RedHat enterprise linux) and MAC.
  • Skilled with various Databases (Oracle 11g,12c,MYSQL,MSSQL 2012)
  • Skilled with REST and SOAP based webservices.
  • Skilled with Jenkins Continuous Integration server for integrating and running tests.


Operating System: Linux (Ubuntu, Redhat Linux Enterprise, Oracle Enterprise), Solaris

Database: Oracle11g,MYSQL,MSSQL Server, PostgreS

Virtualization: VMWare ESX - Server, VMWare Workstation

Layer 3: QOS, routing

Layer 2: Switching, VLAN

Network Analyzer: OmniPeek, Wireshark

Network Traffic Generator: IXIA, IXChariot

Wi-Fi: 802.11a/b/g/n

Automation Tool: Selenium webdriver, Cucumber,Protractor,TestNG

Version control: Perforce and GIT

Test Management Tool: TestRail, TestLink, QTEST

Programming and Scripting Languages: Java, Python, Javascript, Shell (Bash), REST, JSON, SQL

Defect tracking tool: Bugzilla, Jira

Other Tools: MYSQL Workbench, SOAPUI


Confidential, Mountain View

Automation lead


  • Developed framework using TestNg, Cucumber, Selenium and Java for web automation testing of Confidential .com
  • Developed scripts for regression test cases on both UAT and Production Confidential site supporting multiple locales.
  • Integrated with Jira to file issues for failed test case and sent email notifications to stake holders about the tests report available on central location.
  • Coach and mentor offshore team members and allocate tasks.
  • Developed jmeter suite to tests concurrency for response times per page generating response time graph.
  • Produced pretty HTML reports using cucumber plugin.

Confidential, Sunnyvale

Software Development engineer in test


  • Led all QA activities for CorpSystems which include 5 applications and supporting testing efforts.
  • Automated complete regression suite for a web application using TestNG framework, selenium and Java.
  • Coach and mentor offshore team members and resource allocation
  • Worked with development teams investigating and correcting software bug

Confidential, San Ramon

QA Lead Engineer


  • Automated LDAP supported feature functionalities using protractor, Cucumber BDD framework and selenium webdriver.
  • Developed a JMeter suite for testing concurrency with RESTAPI using regular expression extractor and assertions.
  • Made recommendations for Automation efforts grouping, bug triage, opening a new bug and Acceptance Criteria in a user story
  • Setup lab infrastructure consisting rack of OpShield perimeter and field units and hosted Microsoft Active directory supporting LDAP and LDAPS. Also setup nodes to run Jenkins automated tests.
  • Reviewed product requirement document and functional specification
  • Coached, led and mentored team members.
  • Designed test plans, reviewed test plans and executed test cases for LDAP and session timeout for OpShield product.
  • Performed various types of testing, such as functional, regression, configuration, data & database testing.


QA Lead Engineer


  • Led Process improvement in QA activities and customer escalate issues
  • Defined and implemented of QA phases of testing which include pre - feature complete stage, post feature complete stage, post code freeze stage and QA complete.
  • Developed and documented process model for QA Sprint, QA estimate, Policy for filing issues, testing a Release and Reporting.
  • How the bugs should be categorized and filed.
  • Bugs should be assigned to QA for analyzing and commenting on how to perform testing
  • Each developer should have a reserve time allocated for escalated issues.
  • Product team should analyze the new feature request so triage process goes smooth.
  • Recommended story pointing task aligned with acceptance criteria
  • Suggested mitigation process to be included for QA efforts, Release efforts and Sprint efforts.
  • Led all QA activities from initial requirement to final completion stage.
  • Review / Analyze BRD, solution documents and functional requirements
  • Hands on as well as directed development of test plans and cases based on functional and technical specifications (writing BDD scenarios using Cucumber Gherkin language), including execution (manual and automation using Selenium and TestNG framework) of testing artifacts for white box, black box, regression, UI and performance testing for testing linux platform install, Tablets ( Confidential IOS, Android OS) web based application, webservices: REST and SOAP, JMeter suite to test throughput with concurrent users.
  • Used python scripts to updated rules engine
  • Used AWS instances, VMWare workstation, ESXI server for hosting CentOS, RedHat Linux server, SUSE and Ubuntu instances.
  • Automated salesforce.com application using TestNg framework, selenium using Java.
  • Effectively communicated QA issues, risk associated, test planning, testing execution status and test reporting with metrics relating to defect count per feature.
  • Took on learning new product, planned excellent testing strategy and executed for successful delivery of Xactly adapter with 95% success rate.
  • Coaching & mentoring both offshore(TechMahindra,Bangalore-India) and on-site team members
  • Knowledge transfer sessions to help team product functionality coupled with Expected behavior.
  • Review training progress and refine learning objective
  • Provided QA outsourcing initiative by creating two separate well trained QA teams for 2 products resulting in over 20% improvement of defect detection and organizing work.


System Test Engineer


  • Shell scripted for testing mobility Project and reduced man hours by over 80% .
  • Reviewed product requirement document and functional specification
  • Designed test plans, reviewed test plans and executed test cases for WLAN controller (Wi-Fi -802.11a/b/g/n + Layer 2 + Layer 3), mesh access points, managed switches
  • Performing various types of testing, such as functional, regression, configuration, data & database testing, stress, end-to-end testing and acceptance
  • Used IXIA, IXChariot, Omnipeek, IPERF and Veriwave for traffic generation, performance testing and Wireless network analyzer
  • Reported bugs using Bugzilla tracking system tool & documented test report
  • Worked with development teams investigating and correcting software bugs


Test Lead-Product Validation


  • Responsible for designing, developing, executing quality assurance and control processes
  • Reviewed Product requirement document and functional specification
  • Designed test plans, reviewed test plans and executed test cases for Unified Gateway solution (
  • Layer 2 + Layer 3 + Layer 7), firewall, VOIP-IP-PBX, QOS,VPN, Primary Domain controller etc
  • Tested telecom switch (PBX) with bulk call generator.
  • Generated test scripts for testing various software components
  • Performed functional, regression, acceptance, configuration, data, end-to-end & database testing
  • Reported bugs using Bugzilla tracking system tool and documented test report.
  • Worked with development teams & customers for investigating and correcting software bugs


System Test Engineer


  • Designed and built test bed infrastructure
  • Designed test plans, reviewed test plans, executed test cases and developed test reports
  • Performed configuration, data, functional & system testing of UCLP software using Nortel switches and the Juniper router The switches are connected using OC-12 channel
  • Performed system testing using virtual lab setup using HDXC and ONS15454 switches
  • Developed Meta-TL1 user guide

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