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Quality Assurance Automation Lead Resume

Austin, TexaS


  • Seeking a challenging position to utilize years of QA professional experience & technical skills in software development industry as a Software Test Engineer and Analyst.
  • In - depth knowledge of all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Expertise in Health, Telecom, client-server, web-based, mainframe and mobiledomain.
  • Experienced in writing System Test plan, Test cases, and developing Test scripts.
  • Experience in managing teams both onsite and off-sites effectively, and delivering results.
  • Knowledge of all phases of SDLC using testing methodologies i.e. waterfall and iterative (agile)
  • Experienced with different type of testing process such as Functional, Integration, Backend, Regression, Black Box, GUI, UAT, ETL, XML, Reporting, and data warehouse testing in SIT and UAT.
  • Expert in Coded UI, Web Performance, HTTP Level, load, and performance testing.
  • Expert in techniques and procedures of data validity, integration and data driven testing.
  • Performed Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) of different work products.
  • Experienced in using MS Project Management software and Content Management Systems (CMS).
  • Experienced in Web-based and Client-Server applications on different environments.
  • Expert in many test scenarios (positive and negative) that are likely to occur by end users.
  • Expert in SQL queries/subqueries, and all complex joining to perform database testing.
  • Strong administration knowledge of UNIX, Linux, Windows, Mac and IOS Operations.
  • Excellent texting experience on Blackberry, iOS and Android native apps.
  • Backend Testing/Data warehouse testing/ ETL testing, using Big-Data, Web services/SOAP UI testing
  • Scheduling tools Control M, Windows schedulers, and MS Project
  • Prepared documentation for all stages according to company standards.
  • Excellent organizational & communication ability with great analyzing skill.
  • Strong commitment to deadlines, delivery, accuracy and quality of assignments
  • Ability to learn quickly and retain and apply the knowledge across multiple scenarios
  • Great at prioritizing along critical path and meeting project milestones and deliverable


Team Foundation: Server of Visual Studio, HP Quality Center, MS Project, MTM (Microsoft Test Manager) QTP, Rational Functional Tester, ReqPro, ClearQuest and Selenium web driver. HTTPWatch, Web performance, Visual Studio Ultimate TFS, and Load Runner.

Database Technologies: Oracle 11g, 10g, 9i, SQL Server Management Studio 2000, 2008, DB2, and Access

Defects Reporting Tools: Quality Center, Test Tract, Clear Case, Bugzilla, and Test Manager.

Web Technologies: CodedUI, VB Script, Java Script, HTML, HTML5, and CSS.

Operating Systems: Centos, Linux, Solaris, Ubuntu, Windows legacy and latest additions.

Languages: C, C++, C#, ASP.NET, SQL, PL/SQL, VB, PERL, CSS,HTML, DHTML, XML, Java, JavaScript, VB Script, SOAP,WSDL

Apache Openoffice, MSWord, MS: Excel, MS-Access, MS-Visio, and Apache Tomcat webserver, Cloud application. Technical Writing. Adobe Photoshop


Confidential, Austin, Texas

Quality Assurance Automation Lead

  • Smoke testing with the latest builds on both Android and the iOS on the car sharing application.
  • Regression testing on the admin website and make sure all the components are working properly after latest builds deployment.
  • Thoroughly System Integration Testing on participant website once new features are added.
  • Changing the ONSTAR agreement in the website and verify the updates replicated to the mobile devices.
  • Writing the shared steps in MTM and executing those shared steps in Coded UI for Automation.
  • Meeting with the product owner in an upcoming project on a daily basis and executing necessary work in the hierarchy as per as the requirements.
  • API testing on the host while collaborating with the developers on the upcoming project using the Postman to validate the add viability of the application.
  • Executing API test cases using VUgen on the participant website and the admin website.
  • Leading bug triage meetings with the teammates attending across US on a daily basis.
  • Executing task from (TFS) and put them in bucket for weekly work and give statuses.
  • Using Visual Studio for version controlling purpose i.e. check in and checkout builds.
  • Discussing with User Story owners for more clarification based on the BRD and write use cases.
  • Documenting test cases in excel and subsequently transfer those to MTM for automation.
  • Further clarifying with onsite/offsite Developers/teammates before writing bugs or defects for resolution.
  • Providing demo to the product owners and management on Coded UI automation on a weekly basis.
  • Using SQL DML queries to make sure data are saved in the table as user enters those at frontend.
  • Working on multiple projects simultaneously and prioritize them accordingly based on severity.
  • Integrating Test Suites into the Test Management system i.e. (MTM) and work with the devops teams to integrate QA automation with build management tool i.e. (Visual Studio)
  • Setup and schedule automatic build runs for SIT environment during off hours using VMWare Virtualbox.
  • Conducting performance testing using virtual users with VS2013 by using web performance test cases.
  • Using Selenium Cross Browser Testing add-in to automate the website on the Firefox and Chrome.
  • Having hands on experience with subversion with Visual Studio and TFS.
  • Utilizing Visual Studio and GIT to collaborate with the team using Team Foundation Server (on-premises or on Visual Studio Team Services), or on a third-party service such as GitHub or Bitbucket.
  • Having practical coded UI experience with VSTS on a daily basis and also skillful at reusing functions in order to make the test scripts reusable, robust and maintainable in Coded
  • Doing the cross-Browser testing on Chrome and Firefox on Coded UI and Building or extending new test frameworks autonomously
  • Checking the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) functionalities in various models of GM cars once accessories has installed in the car.
  • Entering issues/defects using ATLASSIAN tool i.e. Jira and maintain those through various stages.
  • Coding Selenium scripts using Java to add various checkpoints i.e. assertions to QA application.
  • Detecting and measuring the URL Redirection performance using the JMeter.
  • Having hands-on Knowledge in Basic Unix commands, including shell scripting and applying as needed.

Environment: Coded UI, TFS, MTM, Postman, Visual Studio, HP Loadrunner, Sql Developer, Selenium, Jira, and Java are among many other tool.

Confidential, New York, NY

Quality Assurance Lead

  • Gathering documents, analyzing requirements, and conducting analysis from client/business analysts.
  • Working with internal customers to understand the business environment, logistics, and needs.
  • Creating automation test plans, test reports, test procedures and test cases from requirements documents and system design walk-through, for testing among all major components of Single Stack.
  • Providing level of efforts for respective release on regression test cases.
  • Analyzing scope of automation i.e. how much regression test cases can be automated for that product.
  • Identifying test cases for automation for functional testing on web app.
  • Scripting SQL queries and DB objects to bind into test cases for unattended runs.
  • Entering test cases in Microsoft Test Manager/MTM and scripting Coded UI using Visual Studio.
  • Conducting performance testing using virtual users with VS2010 by using web performance test cases.
  • Scripting Web performance Test to measure HTTP level requests and conducting load testing.
  • Testing behavior of the application and database running on MS Windows Server.
  • Generating Crystal Report and measuring web page performance against SLA using HTTPWatch tool.
  • Automatically executing functional components and verify expected results using SQL and MS Excel.
  • Scripting Ordered tests with set of Coaded UI test cases for build automation.
  • Scheduling and deploying nightly automated builds for multiple projects.
  • Setting up test controllers, agents, build agents in physical and virtual machines.
  • Testing ICD10 codes in front end and backend to validate codes are associated with proper descriptions.
  • Validating ICD9 code has comparable ICD10 codes for disease and procedures codes
  • Validating and Maintaining build versions using change-sets check in and checkout methods.
  • Providing training on MTM and VS2010 to manual testers and check progress and keeping up to date.
  • Breaking down complex situations to discover and resolve root cause of an issue.
  • Analyzing test results each day and providing results to manual testers and application developers.
  • Creating bugs/issues in TFS (Team foundation Server) and Test-Track systems.
  • Gathering weekly progress status reports from direct reports and verifying and providing feedbacks’
  • Securing stakeholder approval of validating process prior to production.
  • Providing instructions and directions to direct reports on weekly/monthly/quarterly deliverables.
  • Preparing schedules, work plans, net meeting for testing team and organizing status meetings.

Environment: Windows, SQL server, DB2, Visual Studio, MTM, TFS, PL/SQL, HTTPWatch, C#, CodedUI, Netezza, Control M, Test Track, Clear Quest, RQM, Rational Functional Tester, MS Project, and DB2, crystal reports, and SoapUI.

Confidential, Ashburn, VA

QA Analyst Sr.

  • Creating test plans, test reports, test procedures and test cases from BRD, TSD, and walk-through.
  • Leading multiple complex projects simultaneously for D2D test effort severe with resource constraint.
  • Performing D2D testing before releasing built for formal QA testing
  • Interface testing among different applications and making sure data is flowing in designated iterations.
  • Doing integration testing among different modules to verify the modules are communicating properly.
  • System testing to make sure the product is conformed to desired standards.
  • Performing regression testing for potential breakings after new features had been added to the old build.
  • Performing end to end testing using flow-through testing diagram and documentation.
  • Using Toad/SQL Developer on Oracle to query and validate the data integrity for front and back end.
  • Creating and modifying complex SQL queries on Linux/UNIX platform.
  • Using shell scripting for back-end testing and i.e. to query and modify batch processing file.
  • Executing scenarios, identifying and validating issue resolution in staged environment prior to PROD.
  • Performing bug/defect tracking, working with developers, clients, and systems analysts to troubleshoot.
  • Using Selenium Ide/Win Runner to automate regression testing.
  • Identifying bugs and defects and maintaining defect reports using Quality Center.
  • Mapping client requirements to use-case and test case using Rational Requisite Pro and Quality Center.
  • Preparing Project Plan, Status Report, Summary Test Report, Readiness Matrix, and RTM.
  • Attending software requirements and development review meetings and providing QA feedback.
  • Identifying relevant design, processes and specification issue from groups located onsite and offshore.
  • Working closely with the development team to understand software requirements and recommending improvements or corrections and communicating with them with the latest issues and resolved them.
  • Documenting work-flow and process-flow using Snag-it application and updating it periodically to reflect latest changes and using DocoWIKI to share knowledge and peer reviewing for research purpose.

Environment: Oracle, Siebel, SQL, Windows 2003, .NET, Quality Center, Winrunner, Selenium, Java, C++, HTML, XML, VB Script, UNIX, VB and Windows, Putty, VS 2008, In house developed tool F&E, TComs, SNM, CAMEO, VDDS, COMS, OrderPRO, NetPRO were used as well.

Confidential, Reston, VA

QA Analyst

  • Analyzing document based on Application under test (AUT) and collaborate with the businesses and development team to create technical design documents and functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Assessing functional requirements, Design and Requirements documents, use case and test cases.
  • Performing functional testing on Digital content using both in-home and externally developed tools.
  • Hands-on mobile testing against specified requirements with local and using Device Anywhere.
  • Performing white box and black box testing on application developed with C##, ASP.Net.
  • Creating test plans, test procedures, test reports and test cases for testing qNet (a state of the art multi tier platform in development using ASP.Net, C#) and QTones (Existing platform in ASP) applications.
  • Testing integration between various modules of qNet and QTone application suite.
  • Writing Test cases & Test scripts for the landing page.
  • Creating automation scripts using Quick Test Professional, for Functional and Regression testing.
  • Preparing UAT test strategy documents, test cases, and ensuring UAT test scripts are aligned properly.
  • Identifying and validating bugs in system through Issue manager.
  • Preparing Project Plan using MS Project, Status Report, Summary Test Report, and Readiness Matrix.
  • Testing membership information on existing built and regression testing when released to QA.
  • Using equivalent partitioning and boundary value analysis to identify relevant test cases for coverage.
  • Informing about newly reported problem to the appropriate developers and alerting them on new bugs.
  • Helping in designing embedded software for telecom database and landing pages using ASP.Net, C#.
  • Interacting with creative management group to test landing and affiliate pages.
  • Working closely with developers and marketing representatives to gather missing business requirements.
  • Providing training to team members, inputting performance evaluations, and coordination of tasks.
  • Administering Issue Management System (Issue Manager) or tracking issues in applications.
  • Providing direction, instructions to team members on day to day operation of which they are a part of.
  • Identifying and organizing test scenarios for UAT and defining end to end work-flow process.
  • Developing and maintaining effective communication skills in working with both technical and non-technical team members and attending weekly QA status meetings.

Environment: Agile/Scrum, ASP.Net, C#, Java, HTML, XML, SQL server 2008, Quick Test Pro, Issue manager, Device Anywhere, MS Visio, and POS.

Confidential, New York, NY

Quality Assurance Test Engineer Intern

  • Reviewing Use Case, functional requirements, technical specification documents, mockups & prototype.
  • Writing Requirements & Test Cases, and involving throughout Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) by following both technical & business specs to tests and log defects.
  • Preparing test data, test matrix and execute test cases and verifying actual results against expected results.
  • Supporting sprint by determining the number of test cases needed to verify the AUT from Sprint Backlog.
  • Performing Exploratory Testing & Acceptance of new features as part of story-driven agile process
  • Conducting smoke testing on POS to see it behaves the way end client’s requirements.
  • Testing manually and convert reusable test cases into functional test scripts with Selenium.
  • Implementing modular and data-driven approach of automation and creating scripts based on functions.
  • Creation of automation framework using selenium and execute those unattended during off-peak hours.
  • Developing and maintaining Regression test suites by creating selenium automation scripts in Java.
  • Working with deployment team to create nightly automation regression execution builds.
  • Utilizing common approach for cross platform testing for different OS i.e. using UNIX, Windows, Mac
  • Performing Security/penetration Testing (User, Customer Service Representative, security roles, etc.)
  • Performing Smoke, Functional, and Regression Test whenever a new Build was deployed.
  • Analyzing test scenarios to figure out dependency for each component based on the prototype.
  • Executing test scripts to test for functionality and regression testing, GUI testing.
  • Reporting test planning, test execution, defects statuses and updating stakeholders using various metrics.
  • Attending various progress meetings and providing presentations and demos to all level of management's.
  • Scheduling, monitoring, maintaining and analyzing batch files and generating status report on the outputs.
  • Creating data pool for multiple sets of data and performing smoke testing in the system.
  • Communicating with BA, SA, developers, program managers, and customers software meets benchmark.
  • Communicating with development team and business owner regarding the status and potential impacts on the delivery date and/or expected quality of the tasks and/or the projects.

Technical Environment: POS, Java, J2EE, JSP, XML, HTML, Windows 2K, UNIX, Quality Center, and Selenium, MTM, Jira.

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