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Senior Test Analyst Resume

Broomfield, CO


  • In depth knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), STLC processes, Automation Testing Life Cycle ( A TLC) and Bug Life Cycle (BLC)
  • Skilled in static testing and finding defects right from the beginning in SDLC
  • Knowledgeable and comfortable to work in the windows 10/8/7, XP and Unix platforms
  • Experienced in working under the methodology like agile (scrum), iterative and waterfall
  • Proficient in creating test plans and understand its importance in software development lifecycle
  • Comprehensive knowledge on writing test cases, doing peer review and update the test cases if required
  • Adept to design the test cases to mark the maximum test coverage of the application
  • Expertise in smoke test on test set (suite) to check if all the high - level functionality is working
  • Proficient in creating the traceability matrix i.e. matching the test cases with the requirement covered to avoid test escapes
  • Involved in entrance criteria, verified unit testing followed by execution of the self-authored or other test cases
  • Competent in performing the black box, white box and grey box testing to verify requests from front end went through middleware to the backend as desired by the end user
  • Confident in middleware (web services), XML (extensible Markup Language) and API (Application Programming Interface) testing and well acquainted with the tools SoapUI, REST API
  • Well versed in GUI testing, component testing, system testing (end to end testing), middleware and back end testing
  • Conversant in integration, retest, regression, functionality testing and UAT (user acceptance test)
  • Sound knowledge in SQL Server and expert in writing different queries required for back end testing and GUI mapping
  • Expert on using different project, test or defect management tools like quality center, ALM, JIRA, spira test, Bugzilla
  • Knowledgeable about the defect lifecycle and different phases of the defect in the SDLC
  • Acquainted with validation and verification as well as authorization and authentication processes
  • Well versed in mobile device testing like functional testing (gesture), interruption testing
  • Well exposed to Selenium web driver with Test NG and Junit framework for automating test cases, record and play and create, modify or enhance the test scripts (Java, Python) self-authored or provided
  • Fair Hands-on experience using Xpath functions and page object model. Experience with Jenkins integration for continuous integration.
  • Proven ability in designing and creating automation frameworks for J2EE based applications using Java, JUnit/ TestNG, Selenium WebDriver/IDE/Grid, ANT/Maven and Jenkins.
  • Using Spring Framework written Java Coding for API Testing using Post. Performed Java Web Services testing for REST API Calls. Performed API Testing using Rest Client and SOAP UI.
  • Efficient to work in time limit (crunch time), multi-task, moreover product-oriented way in work
  • Critical thinker, think outside of the box, relentless and fast in finding defects
  • Ability to respond to critical issues in an appropriate and systematic manner


Testing Tools: ALM, Selenium Web driver, QC, TFS, Spira test, SOAP UIBugzilla, Post man, Swagger

Programming/Scripting Languages: C, C++, Java, Python, HTML, SQL, PL/SQL, XML

Operating Systems: Windows10/8/7/ XP/ 2000/98, UNIX

Databases: MONGO DB, Oracle, My SQL Server, MS Access

DB Browsers: Toad, SQL Server Management Studio, Heidi SQL


Confidential, Broomfield, CO

Senior Test Analyst


  • Practiced Agile Scrum methodology to deliver the stories approved and committed for the sprint
  • Participated in Agile Scrum meetings like daily stand up, Sprint planning, Backlog refinement, retrospective to analyze the progress made and things to do better in upcoming sprints
  • Tracked Defects in ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) and participated in meetings to set ALM in an efficient way to structure Test Lab and Test Plan
  • Also used ALM to log Change requests for missing requirements or update in the acceptance criteria
  • Performed functional, integration and regression testing, also ad-hoc, black box and exploratory testing when required in order to deliver the reasonably bug free stories to UAT/Production
  • Demoed the stories tested, to have them signed off by Product Owners before release to UAT
  • Attended lunch and learn sessions, which was intended to develop the team progressively
  • Executed test cases for Boarding API, modified the base files to include all the Terminals and compared the outcome with the other boarding Apps like ELAPP/ On Trak applications
  • Used swagger, to test the change of the API function, from SOAP call to REST
  • Worked as a team lead for one of the projects (OCT REGS, used to happen in turns within the team)
  • Tracked the test progress, scheduled meetings with the team and reported to Test Director
  • Reached out to Release Management department to troubleshoot the environmental issues, logged ICDs, SRs and updated the POs about the impediments QA had
  • Transmitted an application to board Merchant online using ELAPP and validated the XMLs sent to App Trak in MAS and PPM; validated the application was successfully passed on to Terminal Trak
  • Tested PowerBuilder applications, App Trak, Help Trak, Maintenance Trak etc.
  • Worked with UAT testers on creating the UAT test plans and strategies and facilitated the UAT testing

Environment: Agile, Windows 7, Windows 10, C++, C#, JAVA, HTML, Java Script, Python, Visual Basics, CSS, Angular JS, XML, JSON, SSMS, XAMPP, SSRS, SSIS

Confidential, Englewood, CO

QA Analyst


  • Created and executed testcases on many different features including happy path and negative scenarios in complete AGILE environment (daily stand-ups, Sprint planning, UI review meetings both internal and with Business/Product owners, sprint review, retrospectives, backlog grooming)
  • Attended requirement collection meeting to have the better understanding of the features
  • Tested thoroughly the rating engine; starting with quotes to the contract level. Validated the rates in the BE and FE to make sure there are no issues with tax percentages and other price disbursement
  • Analyzed data from Customer level to quote and policy level via spot checks and sql commands against the UI records and the database records especially in the converted/ migrated Data
  • Launched the time saving task prior to conversion/migration program, whenever there was changes in the rates, disabled Halo App pools in the environment where the migration was to be kicked off
  • Ran the conversion/migration program, monitored and did troubleshoot the program whenever required
  • Validated the data migrated after the conversion program (migration) was completed, made sure the distinct counts values were matching and the corresponding row/column values
  • Scheduled many JAMS jobs to process batch files and validated them if the job were processing all the files that must have been in the batch and if they were processed the right way
  • Validated XMLs generated that HALO sent to DANNI (the claims site) via one of the Jobs (API calls)
  • Designed and documented REST/HTTP, SOAP APIs, including JSON data formats and API versioning strategy
  • Conducted automated and manual load of XMLs from Kylie/PAT to test Server after conversion or whenever the nightly processes failed
  • Deployed code to QA environment, ran the necessary scripts in Visual Studio, if mentioned in build release
  • Tracked down the bug lifecycle and bug volume daily and reported to my manager
  • Co-ordinated with BAs in Backlog Grooming and managed the status of the PBIs in QA
  • Executed the stored procedures to validate the outcomes and verified with another query to make sure that all the conditions in the stored procedures are fulfilled and outcomes are correct
  • Involved in validating the table valued functions the Nightly Jobs were using
  • Led the team on payment functionality test following both black box and white box testing approach
  • Confirmed the payment were landing right into designated tables with right values and were reflected correctly in the finance details section details in the UI
  • Designated the team to certain amendments to get the General Ledger (GLs) for every different type of transactions and scenarios verified
  • Provided the test data to FBIT/QBE to have the scenarios and the XMLs validated on their end
  • Delivered timely test reports to BAs, product owners about the test coverage following the target test approach
  • Worked with BI team to have the COGNOS reports, created at intervals of time, validated
  • Attended UAT test plan meetings, prepared the UAT test plan and strategies
  • Led the UAT team to set the expectations and define scope of the UAT
  • Determined the Entrance and Exit criteria for the UAT and trained/ mentored the UAT team
  • Assisted the UAT testers to document the test progress and report defects in TFS
  • Co-ordinated the backups and restores of the DBs with DBAs whenever required
  • Tested some production issues on AGIS application

Environment: Agile, Windows 7/8, HTML, CSS, Angular JS, C #, JAVA, XML, JSON, SSMS, XAMPP, SSRS, SSIS

Confidential, Englewood, CO

Software tester


  • Followed agile methodology throughout the project (daily standups, sprint planning, retrospective, backlog grooming were the part of the methodology)
  • Analyzed the requirement and authored test cases including happy path and negative scenarios on the scorer module; practiced static testing principles and techniques
  • Participated in peer reviews providing and receiving appropriate suggestions, making changes to the test cases (if required) for both modules
  • Conducted smoke test and participated in entrance criteria on the test cases and the build
  • Verified unit testing was done by the developers, scanned the build notes, then commenced functional testing of the application
  • Executed the self-authored test cases on scorer module and other test cases on admin module
  • Logged the bug (defects) in test case management tool spira test and tracked them on JIRA
  • Involved in retest and regression tests in corresponding build when the bug fixes were done
  • Imported test scripts provided for 15 players with corresponding player id, assigned them to different teams and performed white box testing
  • Participated in planning and developing test strategies and plans for Functional and Performance tests
  • Designed and developed automation frame work using Java, Selenium web driver, JUnit, Maven, Ant, SVN
  • Performed backend testing by writing complex SQL Queries using Oracle TOAD
  • Performed Web Services testing using SoapUI
  • Created scripts using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, GRID and setup with Jenkins to run after deployment is done
  • Participate in documenting Automated Test Strategy and assist the Testing Team with on-going Automated Test Execution
  • Performed integration testing in scorer module by assigning four officials; two umpires, one referee and one third umpire
  • Configured Selenium and GRID scripts on Virtual machines
  • Created common methods useful for different customers testing using Hybrid framework
  • Performed multi browser testing to check application can work on IE, Firefox and Chrome browsers
  • Prepare TestNG XML, build XML to work for automation scripts and run them in remote systems
  • Create and maintain the Selenium scripts for automation
  • Demonstrated grey box testing simultaneously as matches were being created, fixtures and squad were added to check if the requests from front end were stored in the back end
  • Used SoapUI to confirm and validate the web services in admin module whilst fetching the player id
  • Created SQL queries to verify new match details were correctly stored in the database
  • Validated integration testing by checking the database entry of both admin and scorer modules
  • Logged in as scorer and chosen the match assigned by the admin user to validate the backend processes
  • Verified black box testing and white box testing were done for almost every component in the scorecard
  • Scored the match choosing one team to bat and the other to bowl and field and ran the xml to verify if the request from front end was being carried to back end and applied test harness to verify the flow of requests from front end to backend through middleware
  • Conducted functionality testing, system (end to end) testing on sorer module
  • Accomplished UAT (user acceptance test) to avoid test escapes prior to deployment
  • Applied non-intrusive tests on batsman retired hurt feature of the application
  • Maintained status report in JIRA to “in progress, in QA or done”

Environment: Agile, Windows 7, HTML, CSS, Angular JS, JAVA, XML, JSON, My SQL, XAMPP, Apache, Tom Cat, Heidi SQL, My SQLworkbench


Software Tester


  • Worked in waterfall methodology and then worked on iterative methodology (methodology was changed after 3 months)
  • Analyzed the requirement of client thoroughly and performed the static testing
  • Created test cases for the login, register buttons including happy path negative scenarios
  • Participated in review with peers and made changes to the test cases created as per discussion and suggestions received during review
  • Lead other testers to write high level test cases for price, stock location, port, make and model sections and performed smoke test
  • Performed GUI Testing (GUI mapping) by checking the results for requests in the front end for make and model drop down box and mapping it with the search results in backend
  • Conducted non-intrusive test on login and register pages for both happy path and negative scenarios
  • Executed the test cases on automobile, machinery and equipment and parts section
  • Conducted integration testing to verify the vehicles selected were in stock by executing the test cases for the price, make and model drop down boxes
  • Checked the middleware by executing xml codes and validated the web services are functioning as required, under the sections machineries and equipment &tools
  • Conducted backend testing by running SQL queries to verify all the countries are displayed in the drop-down box ‘stock location’ under automobile section
  • Logged bugs(defects) found in Bugzilla
  • Performed retest and regression tests on bug fixes under automobiles section
  • Prepared status report in MS-Excel and was reviewed periodically

Environment: Waterfall and Iterative, Windows 7, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Apache

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