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Senior Quality Engineer Resume

San Mateo, CaliforniA


  • Extensive experience in Agile Methodologies, Scrum stories and sprints experience in a Java based environment
  • Working experience in Waterfall and Agile/Scrum structure, procedure and processes
  • Very Proficient in Software Development Lifecycle handling, designing, developing Test plans and hence providing Test Estimations in the waterfall model.
  • Working and testing in Web development using testing tools like Firebug , obtaining the Xpath , and Chrome Console.
  • Solid Experience Leading offshore team members on new Software projects
  • Good experience in testing of iOS and Android Mobile Applications and Mobile devices
  • Creating Test Cases based off Test plans and strategies generated from use cases supplied by the business analysts
  • Expertise in developing, estimating, documenting and executing test cases manually and generating automated scripts using Selenium WebDriver and Appium.
  • Soap/Restful Web Service testing with SoapUI and Testing performance using the Jmetre tool.
  • Good understanding of Web services creation, development, design and functionality testing.
  • Extensive experience in functional testing, Cross browser testing, Unit testing and Integration testing
  • Involved in User Acceptance Testing in pre - production environment for a new software project
  • Working experience with automation testing using Selenium Web driver on Eclipse.
  • Involved in data base testing on Linux platform and Extensive use of SQL to perform data integrity testing
  • Implement excellent problem solving skills by searching, analyzing and reporting software errors and deviations using various defect management systems like JIRA and HP ALM
  • Extensive Experience with Cucumber frameworks and Steps definition creation.
  • Generating WSDL requests/response and in order to test Soap web services with SoapUI
  • Software Testing Lead and updating all project status with daily reports.
  • Retesting of processes initially found defective to ensure processes meet requirement specifications
  • Solid experience with Soap and Restful web service testing with SoapUI for defective purposes


Operating Systems: Windows XP, 7 & 8,10 Macintosh, Linux, Unix

Mobile: Windows Mobile, IOS, Android OS

Programming languages: Java, C/C++, Css, Html

Databases: Sql server management, MySQL, Microsoft Access

Test Automation: Selenium Web driver, Eclipse, Test Ng Framework, Cucumber, Appium

Defect Management/Tracking: Jira, Hp Quality Centre

Browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari

Web Services /Performance: Soap, Restful, SoapUi, Jmetre


Confidential, San Mateo, California

Senior Quality Engineer


  • Designed Automation Test cases using Selenium WebDriver, Java, Junit, Maven
  • Developed BDD tests by using CUCUMBER, writing behaviors and step definitions and also developed required selenium support code in JAVA using Cucumber Used Selenium Grid to run test cases in multiple browsers and Platforms.
  • Responsible for implementation of Hybrid Test Automation Framework, Page Object Model using
  • Selenium WebDriver, TestNG and Maven and Java.
  • Integrated Automation scripts (Selenium WebDriver API) in Continuous Integration tools (Jenkins) for nightly batch run of the Script. Developed automation script for Mobile Native applications (IOS, Android) using Appium, Java Used emulators and IOS simulators to perform the manual Mobile Testing
  • Prepared the functional test cases using test design techniques data validation concepts
  • Equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis Prepared test data document and Involved in generation of bug and test case execution reports
  • Strong experience with SOA architecture which include Soap and Restful Web Services Testing.
  • Responsible for Setting up Web Services & web Portal UI project using WSDL in SOAPUI and provided setup help to other team members
  • Performed web services testing with SOAP UI by validating request and response for XML, Json Files using SOAPUI Involved in testing of services SOAP UI, Groovy Script /REST services using
  • Created Automated scripts - Load Runner Web Services, Soap UI, XML
  • Performed data driven testing by using JDBC and Groovy script as a data source in SOAP UI and configured SQL queries to fetch data from the Oracle database.
  • Involved in Acceptance criteria submission. worked with Business Users in UAT testing /Definition of Done criteria.
  • Wrote JBEHAVE Scripts to develop automated scripts and frame works
  • Executed Java and Python scripts to automate the test cases Logged and managed defects using Rally defect management tool
  • Experienced in load and performance testing tool JMeter WroteSQL Queries for backend/ETL testing.
  • Involved in implementation of Test Automation Framework build using Selenium WebDriver, protractor, TestNG and Maven technologies under Java platform utilizing industry leading harness design patterns and approaches
  • Developed test code in Java language using Eclipse, IDE and TestNG framework
  • Prepared manual & function test cases on web and mobile applications (Apple & Android) as per requirements.

Confidential, Concord, CA

Senior Automation Engineer


  • Automation engineer monitoring quality assurance and testing processes in Agile environment
  • Prepared Test Plan and Test cases executed test scripts . Worked in a scrum environment
  • Validate Soap Responses of web service using SoapUi
  • Led Testing and Monitored Testing processes involving multiple platforms
  • Created and executed SoapUI test cases for web service testing
  • Working extensively on UNIX/Linux environment to execute the shell scripts.
  • Was involved in Test plan, test execution and test suite creation for SoapUI for payment web service
  • Create Test Scripts (Java, Selenium WebDriver) with eclipse to automate testing process
  • Create Testng Test suites and test cases to properly organize and execute tests
  • Run multi browser Selenium Web driver automated tests to test browser functionality
  • Query the database using complex SQL queries
  • Tested a hybrid (web and mobile) easy and secure application designed for streaming online content via connected devices such as Apple TV, Roku and Amazon FireTV on iOS and Android phones, offering various features
  • Testing and database tools used are JIRA, Android Studio, XCode, Appium, Jenkins, GitHub, and GitLab
  • Used Appium integrated with Selenium WebDriver to do automation testing of apps
  • Tested both mobile (Android & iOS) as well as web-based components.
  • Led and Performed Load test, regression test, stress test and executed goal oriented and manual scenarios
  • Added and monitored assertions to SoapUi responses
  • Authoring/monitoring test plans, test cases and review of the test cases authored by team members.
  • Testing database backend by writing and executing SQL queries to validate the data in the database
  • Attended status review meetings, interacted with developers to enact defect corrections
  • Performed and executed Regression testing for new builds and modifications in the application using Selenium WebDriver
  • Conducted Multi-platform Testing, bordering Windows, OS, and Android platforms
  • Experience Running tests on a Linux environment
  • Logged defects detected into HP Quality Center (ALM) and monitored for retesting
  • Worked with Cucumber Frameworks coupled with Selenium Web driver
  • Categorized bugs based on the severity and interfaced with developers to resolve them.
  • Mock Service with SoapUI and used google Postman to call the service

Confidential, Westlake, CA

Quality Engineer II


  • Prepared Test Plan and Test cases executed test scripts. Worked in Agile / Scrum methodology
  • Proficient in creating Test cases , Test procedures and Test Scripts based on use stories and Change Request documents
  • Created Test Scripts ( Java, Selenium Web driver ) with eclipse to automate testing process
  • Monitored generating of test scenarios, test cases and test scripts
  • Documenting the manual and automation test results and providing to the QA managers .
  • Creating Traceability matrix between requirements and test cases.
  • Used automation framework through Selenium WebDriver integrated with Appium
  • Performed applications testing for quality assurance of functional compliance using Quality Center (ALM)
  • Participated in daily Scrum meetings
  • Ran SQL scripts to resolve database issues
  • Wrote complex SQL queries using joins (Inner, Outer, Left and Right) to verify data.
  • Conducted black box testing of the web application (responsive) and mobile app using iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Participated in sprint planning meetings and test requirement definitions
  • Was Involved in Sprint Review and sprint Retrospective meetings in Agile environment
  • Also Performed compatibility testing in Linux operating systems
  • Created and executed automation scripts with Java and Selenium Web driver
  • Data driven testing with Apache POI api using Selenium WebDriver and JAVA language
  • Update Requirement Traceability Matrix for every new changes/enhancement in the requirements
  • Generation of the step definition in Cucumber framework using Selenium Web driver
  • Document tests performed, test results, and update detail test case reports.
  • Logging defects, assigning defects and Generating bug reports
  • Generated schedules for system and integration testing for each release. Also Developed Requirement traceability matrix.
  • Automated test scripts to help in Functional, GUI, Regression , and Data Driven testing.
  • Tested web services using SOAP UI via request-response XML using different scenario.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Quality Engineer


  • Prepared Test Plan and Test cases executed test scripts. Worked in Agile / Scrum methodology
  • Created scripts ( SQL , Java ,) to augment manual testing, and match database fields against expected results
  • Created Scripts ( Java , Selenium Web driver ) with Eclipse to automate testing process
  • Responsible for Test case credibility and testing coverage of tasks
  • Created Test plans and Used Selenium Web driver to automate test scripts for constantly repetitive test cases
  • Conducted Mobile App testing on iOS and Android platforms and devices (phones and tablets).
  • Creating Testng Test Suites Xml documents for proactive setup and flow of test process
  • Involved in migration of test cases from open source Test management tool Jira to Hp Quality Centre
  • Primarily responsible for automation of few modules and manual testing of the application from desktop (web), iOS and android platforms
  • Developed test plans, manual and automated test scripts from scratch using Selenium WebDriver and Appium.
  • Developed and executed test cases for login, user components, user tabs/fields and registration process
  • Carried out Data Driven Testing for some scenarios which involved iterating with different sets of data for different test methods
  • Performed manual testing on some modules
  • Created multiple test cases and logged defects in Hp quality center
  • Participated in Daily scrum meetings indicating testing status and updates
  • Involved in unit, front end, back end, regression and final integration testing
  • Testing of the Soap Payment web service with SoapUI
  • Partially Participated in writing SQL queries to retrieve data from database
  • Involved in automating tests for application scalability, reliability and overall functionality
  • Analyzed the Functional Requirements /specifications documents and attended Change Request meetings to document and implement changes to test procedures.
  • Created automation scripts in SOAP UI using Groovy Script for web services testing.
  • Monitored Requirement Traceability Matrix on hp quality to ensure update in new changes/enhancement in the requirements
  • Updated Changes to test plan, scenarios/cases and processes due to an adjustment in requirements at our change request meeting

Confidential, Boston, MA

Quality Engineer


  • Analyzed requirements against test plan for inconsistencies.
  • Prepared Test Plan and Test cases, executed test scripts. Worked in Waterfall methodology
  • Worked with analysts to assist in generating test strategy based on requirements specification documents
  • Manually Creating detailed Test Cases in accordance with the test plans we generated
  • Designed and Presented test cases to analysts for approval making changes where need be
  • Created daily and subsequent weekly status reports on testing progress
  • Wrote and executed manual test cases on Web applications and Android OS/ iOS (iPhone, iPad).
  • Tested processes and detected Defects in software processes and logged into Jira
  • Reported defects using Jira and assigning to developer involved
  • Validation and Verification of fixed defects by performing multiple tests
  • Performed unit and integration testing in the test environment and pre-production environment
  • Charged with constant Soap/Restful web service testing using soapUi
  • Testing web service intermittently, hence providing feedback to service provider
  • Involved in the cross-browser testing (I.E, Firefox and Chrome) to ensure consistency and compatibility.
  • Cross platform testing to ensure the integrated software worked across specified platforms.
  • Attended and was Involved in User acceptance testing of the product

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